Mar 22 2020
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For event organisers, delivering a space themed, out of this world experience for guests means your can let your imagination run wild. From glamorous galactic experiences, to Star Wars inspired pop ups and the Milky Way ceiling installations, there’s something to appeal to everyone’s sense of exploration and wonder, and of course our playful inner child.
Let’s explore ways to create an unforgettable, outer-space themed event that will transport your guests to a galaxy far, far away. Start with a Space Colour Scheme Colours can evoke a mood. Done right, they create mood and emotion and are one of the best vehicles for setting the scene.
Choose blues, blacks with silvers, shiny metallics, purples and all the colours that depict an intergalactic atmosphere.
Additionally, shadows play a part in creating suspense and an unknown environment. Create them with areas of dark and light greys. Set The Scene With an Entrance to Another World The entryway into an event enables you to create excitement for what is to come.
Our first vision of something out of the ordinary stimulates the brain’s transmissions of excitement and curiosity. Set the scene by creating spaceship tunnels, the interior of a rocket ship or even the deck of the Starship Enterprise. For a simple and cost effective entry feature, you can line the walkway with illuminate orb balls in various sizes to mimic the planets in outer space. Cloak the entry walls with twinkling star cloth and you can give guests the feeling they’re at the start of an unforgettable journey into an unknown universe. Sounds can be incorporated to enhance the atmosphere. Roaring engines, robotic voices and whirring machines add an auditory experience. A Starry Backdrop with Clever Drapery Once inside the venue, creative backdrops are the room’s decorative foundation.
Create the space effect with the use of star cloth and dark fabrics draped around the walls of the venue both on and behind the stage.
Add a further dimension with the use of fabric with starlight and shimmering materials. This will appear to extend the room’s length and create a sense of vast space. Stunning Space Theme Set Design With all eyes on the stage, this is where you have the opportunity to design an incredible stage look for your space themed event.
For a recent The Million Dollar Lunch gala, Encore designed and built a fully custom stage set to resemble the inside of a spaceship. Using an array of Hex Panels and clever projection mapped content, the end effect made the audience feel as though they were peering through the spaceships windows out into space. Another space inspired stage set our team designed for the Think Brick awards was inspired by a glamorous, galactic brief and created using 12 LED screens, configured into four arms. The huge screen configuration resembled a futuristic spaceship and was rigged above a central stage, allowing for all guests to have clear site lines of the stage and on-screen content. A simple, yet highly impactful stage set for space themed corporate events can involve Encore’s Floor to Wall LED Screen. The effect of the content and crystal clear resolution can make the presenter appear as though they’re standing on a planet or flying through space. At a more basic level a space themed stage set can be achieved by using an internally-lit Event Backdrop, custom printed with stunning space themed visuals which pop in the darkness. Combine your set with up-lighting on 3D Scenic Panels for a futuristic look. Use Multimedia / Content Multimedia is the most effective way to transform a venue into your perfect space-themed event. Use space inspired designs to make your on-screen content come to life. • Use every blank surface and turn them into a futuristic space scene with the use of projection mapping. Project planets visuals onto spheres to create the solar system. • To truly transport, use table projection mapping to turn dinner settings into a futuristic odyssey experience. Any surface in your venue offers the opportunity to be themed with digital styling. Remember, every piece of content whether it be digital or printed should be on theme. Twinkling Galactic Ceiling Installations What do people do when they think of outer space? They look skyward.
Don’t waste the chance to give your guests an awe-inspiring encounter. Have them looking to the stars with a galaxy inspired ceiling design or installation. You can create stunning galaxy ceiling installations using crystal beaded curtains above guests at a space themed gala dinner. For a corporate end of year celebration in New Zealand, Encore used drapery, star cloth, lighting and fans to emulate the stunning Northern Lights. Adding an extra dimension, our Kinetic Lighting system can turn your events ceiling into a moving masterpiece. Use our sphere LEDs to recreate planets or the Solar System. Star Wars fan? Our baton Shaped LEDs make the perfect lightsabre inspired ceiling installation. Where the budget is limited, small scale decoration can be just as effective. Use blow up planets and rig to the roof to create a solar system. Combined with the right lighting effects this can be simple yet effective. Space Themed Centrepieces Depending on how you want your tables to be decorated, the choices for themed centrepieces are numerous. Spaceships or astronaut figurines offer an easy and usually inexpensive decorative option. You can’t go wrong with Star Wars figurines for an iconic space theme centrepiece. Everyone knows them, even if guests are not sci-fi fanatics, they certainly deliver and on-theme look. If models and figurines are not your preference, try using crystal beads in a glass vase with colour pin spots for a cool galaxy-like atmosphere. The idea is to be on theme will all decorative items.
Centrepieces are often an immediate talking point. Guests who may not be well acquainted are given an easy way to break the ice with this engaging theme to talk about. Lighting Design Here’s where things get interesting. The correct use of lighting can seriously ramp up your outer space theme, add mystery and excitement. • Lasers, haze and lightsaber installations can be used with great effect to create a futuristic setting. • Gobos projecting space-themed objects across the venue walls and floors • Add more layering by mixing lighting with smoke and low fog machines for that dancing on the clouds effect. • Or even use lighting to create the effect of the ground being moon-like in appearance. Whether you’re going for a futuristic feel, iconic space or a romantic galaxy mood Encore’s lighting designers can create the perfect setting for your event.
Sound FX and Audio Design
There are so many audio options, so listen up! Take the time to watch a few episodes of a favourite spaced themed movie or TV show for sound inspiration. The clicks of communicating aliens, the roaring of rockets blasting off, voices from astronauts from days gone by, or just plain spooky atmospheric sounds all work to create a space-feel environment. Use sound throughout the night to build momentum at the start, and add drama and suspense before performances or speeches.
Work with your AV company to implement some clever audio design and play with sounds from different speakers to create that immersive audio effect. The sound of a rocket drawing closer can be achieved through clever audio design. Space Themed Performances & Entertainment Now depending on your budget, this can be truly an unforgettable experience. Take your guests to another dimension with an alien invasion or a NASA inspired planetary exploration with rockets and satellites abound!
Have your guests greeted by astronauts at the door, or seated by an array of Star Wars characters, the choice is yours.
Encore have even projection mapped beautiful imagery onto dancers turning their performance into a moving part of the visual story. Having your entertainment interacting with your set is possible thanks to holographic and gesture control technology. Imagine having your presenter appearing on stage as if they are speaking as a hologram from outer space, or sitting in a rocket, all are possible thanks to our holographic projection screen. Neon Tube dancers are also a great way to introduce roving acts which provide colour, light and movement to any event.
Aerial artists can perform with the Kinetic Lights around them to make them appear as though they’re in space or surrounded by lightsabres if you’re using the baton shaped Kinetic Lights. Another form of roving entertainment is, of course, the purposeful attention-grabbing performance by costumed roving actors. Adding roving acts to your event offers next level memories. Whether there to entertain, or roaming among the guests randomly, the interaction level increases dramatically and gives guests a great photo opportunity. Speak to the space theme experts Encore are experts at designing truly unique space themed corporate events. We combine our state-of-the-art AV technology with our limitless imagination to turn a blank canvas into an immersive and transformative space setting. No matter your type of event, budget or venue, with over 35 years in the business you can count on Encore to design the perfect space inspired event to achieve your objectives. Ask us to show you the best ways to transport your guests to a memorable out of this word experience.
Contact us today for an obligation free discussion about your event. May the force be with you. (It had to be said). … Read More

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Improve Sustainability and Reduce Your Event Footprint - All You Need to Know

Feb 13 2020
Encore Research
So you’ve decided to look into having more sustainable events with the admirable aim of a reduced carbon footprint. Congratulations. It’s a responsible and positive move. As an event planner, you have an opportunity to show others the way to lessening the impact on our valuable resources. This is not a passing trend, but rather a mindful practice at the heart of any business strategy and future goal planning. “Between air travel, energy use, and excess food (not to mention booth installations, printouts, and giveaways), the average 1000-person event reputedly produces 530 metric tons of CO2e emissions.” Julius Solaris, Event Manager Blog Thankfully, sustainability is achievable and may be easier than you think. Why it’s Important to Know Your Impact To make constructive changes, event planners need to gauge their current practices. Why? Knowing the impact events may be having on the environment points to specific areas for improvement. This is not a lesson in how bad you might have been, but instead it’s something far more positive. Awareness. Knowing the facts gives you an idea of what to measure and helps focus your energy onto specific areas to change or improve. The end result is being able to see clearly how your practices contribute to improved sustainability. Sustainable Events: Where to start Not sure where to begin? Try looking at these points. Most event planners will recognise many, if not all of these aspects of their daily lives. Right from the start The beginning of any event plan has many contact points. The first phase impact can be reduced by cancelling meet & greet travel plans and replace with video conferencing. The good news here is you’ve also just saved on travel and accommodation costs as well as improving our event’s footprint. The Paper Trail It’s an obvious one, but going paperless can be the easiest way to start minimising waste. Use an event app, build an event website, or stick to emailing. Encore offers a free event app called Cumulus which gives you and your attendees the convenience of easy access to all event information at any time, everywhere you go so reducing paper waste is easy. Use this free event app specifically built to ensure delegates have easy access to all event info and live updates before, during and after the event, without the need for excess paper use. When all else fails, stick to email. Power Consumption Does your AV and event technology provider actively take steps to reduce their energy use? Overuse of power and underutilising of more eco-friendly options is one area constantly under the microscope. Where possible use renewable energy sources and switch all lighting to LED and lower power efficiency systems where possible. Your AV technology provider should be willing to rationalise inventory to minimise redundancy and over-engineered AV solutions. Have the conversation with them to see how you can both achieve a reduced footprint for your event, there’s often cost savings involved to. Venue Locations & Transportation Hosting your event at a venue with accommodation facilities immediately cuts the need for transportation. Your guests will appreciate not having to think about cab-charges and Uber rides to get to their hotel safely. This is a great opportunity to really consider your venue options. Easily walkable venues, and those close to public transport assist significantly. Where combined/local event venue and accommodation are not possible, offering shuttles are a great alternative. One vehicle transporting many attendees reduces the impact of several vehicles in the traffic at once. In addition, clearly conveyed information about public transport sent out to registered attendees will be greatly appreciated. Also, when scheduling your event, take into account peak travel times to avoid the traffic. Faster travel means less impact and happier commuters. Modern Day Conveniences Encourage alternative transport. Have bike racks, bike storage areas or bike concierge at your event. We’ve all seen more and more bicycles in the city. People making their own stand on reducing their personal footprint will likely remember an event where this is on offer. Having change areas, private shower facilities and lockers at your event also makes life even easier for those choosing peddle power. Food & Beverage Catering companies using eco-friendly utensils is a simple way to make an immediate change. Choose providores and caterers that are committed to using sustainable fish, organically grown fruit and vegetables, and locally sourced hormone-free meat. Ditch plastic for biodegradable or reusable cups. Another tip with catering is to not over-cater the event. The guest list should be quite specific in terms of numbers, and dietary requirements, so you can cater for your guests’ needs. If you find yourself with an abundance of leftover food, consider the many companies that accept donations in the area. Waste Disposal Have you confirmed your venue has the facilities, and the mindset to recycle waste? Everyone should be well aware of the need to re-use and recycle in order to reduce landfill and the overall impact on our environment. Ensuring there are adequate recycling bins and general waste bins around the venue will safeguard against any issues with imposed clean-up fees or removal costs. Go Digital Use online registration platforms to be more sustainable. Not only is it cost-effective, but will save delegates time enrolling on the day. Send e-mail notifications and create e-tickets to be scanned from their smartphones to eliminate the need for endless paper printouts. Use digital signage at your event, rather than one-off pull-up banners. Build a website or an event app. This goes a long way to reducing the need for excessive amounts of printed badges, programmes, posters and brochures. Putting your event sustainability plan into action Ok, so you know what is possible, now’s the time to translate it into your reality and transform yourself into more than just someone whose intentions are good. Create a List Put the ideas in order, beginning with those things where you can have an immediate impact, through to those which will require more thought, planning, and discussion with others. For you, maybe using less paper, and having more Skype meetings is completely do-able in the beginning. For every point you’ve made, add the goals. Be Realistic This is not something that can happen overnight, so don’t have the expectation that you can save the world in a week. Plans that are rushed or ill-considered will be doomed to fail, or worse, not even see the light of day. Review and Monitor Over time, add and remove where necessary to make each goal stronger. Long term, consistent and thoughtful objectives are the way to go. Sustainable event inspiration Check out these three events Event Brite shared that have put their suitability goals into action. Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014 A little known fact is that these Games were the first to secure the ISO 20121 sustainability standard. This measure of sustainability is voluntary and is a promise to all those watching that this event leaves behind a path of positive footprint reduction. All the venues where the competition was held were completely car-free. In addition, the organisers used a local company to provide efficient and clean energy. They also ensured the headquarters for the Games were on an energy supply recognized as a Green Tariff. Baseball All-Star Games Major League Baseball requires its members to be a member of the Green Sports Alliance. Providing sustainability guidelines, the Alliance ensures the following happens: Teams collect recyclable items throughout each game. Solar panels are installed at events where possible. The aim is to have each game powered by 100 per cent renewable energy. Traditional ‘Red Carpet’ events are now referred to a ‘Green Carpet’ by the use of eco-friendly materials for the carpet. Any food prepared at events that remains untouched is donated to their preferred charity for those in need of a meal. The Show Goes on at the Shambala Festival England's four-day carnival-like Shambala Festival has taken steps to ensure much of its single-use plastics are eliminated entirely. Individual water bottles are encouraged for refilling onsite to reduce bottled water housed in plastic. For those who forget, the sale of stainless steel bottles adds to driving the point home on the reduction of harmful and wasteful synthetic materials. Other Helpful Resources for Sustainable Events Want more? Check out these additional places to go. Sustainability in Events - Event Manager Blog Checklist to a Sustainable Event - Climate Wave How to make an event more sustainable - Event Brite To have an environmental conscience is commendable. Putting these goals into action wherever possible during your event sets you apart. This is not just about you as an event planner feeling better about your impact, but an ongoing commitment your company and its guests will bear witness to. In a world full of rhetoric and promises, actions speak louder than words. Let’s begin your action points today. Our experience can show you the way to more sustainable event planning. Contact us for expert advice on your next event by sending an online enquiry today and we'll get right back. ... Read More

Introducing Pixel Totems: New Set Design Solution Creating Impact for Your Event

Jan 27 2020
Encore Research
Elevate your stand or event with Encore’s latest eye-catching visual display solution, Pixel Totems. Impactful in their presence, with options regular banners cannot match, Pixel Totems give your message or event imagery a new and exciting platform. If you’re not familiar with the medium, this form of visual digital display is simple and flexible yet highly impactful. For event planners and set designers, your life just got better and brighter. What is A Pixel Totem? Essentially, Pixel Totems are tall LED screens displaying static, or video content. They are a great alternative to small to medium-sized format displays such as pull-up banners, way finding signage or feature screens for stages and are designed for use in both small and large events. Event planners have the option to use them as individual panels showing individual images, video and messages or combine them for an impactful display. The display can be configured to show content on one screen or spread across multiple totems and you can have the creative freedom to display the same content or different content across each totem. Use as a main set design for smaller events, or added digital impact for larger events and conferences. Pixel Totems pack a punch and will grab attention however they’re used. Older style banners are tried and tested staples for any event, and will likely remain, but now there’s a new kid in town. This is the set design solution for the next age. Vivid and impressive, with the ability to cater to your vision for the event. Whether you are setting a corporate mood, selling a dream or telling a story, Pixel Totems offer creativity without bounds. What Events Can Pixel Totems be Used For? The applications for integrating Pixel Totems in your event design are endless but in the spirit of offering inspiration, consider the following possibilities. Way-Finding Perfect for registration desks, or events, Pixel Totems can be used to highlight the path to different areas, show people where to sign up or simply where a communal meeting point is. For larger groups of people, this can be invaluable in getting people to their seats or to clear specific areas at varying times such as where their specific talk or breakout session is. Impactful Branding and Messaging At conferences, charities and galas, event sponsors can use Pixel Totems to display their brand’s message. Use all screens for the one voice or several for different sponsors. Going Once, Going Twice – Charity and Auction Displays Auctions are the perfect place for Pixel Totems to showcase individual items. Their brightness illuminates any piece and offers enticement for potential bidders. Show an item in its true beauty or convey the plight of a charities’ ultimate beneficiaries through the use of one or many totems. Dynamic Speaker and Presenter Bios Ditch the pull-up banners for Pixel Totems for your speaker bios. Take advantage of the static or video capability and display the Speakers’ images, bio and fun facts in an interesting way that get’s the audiences attention and briefs them on the speakers background and qualifications and excited to hear them talk. Budget-Friendly Backdrops When costs are stretched to the limit there's no need to compromise. Pixel Totems offer suitable LED backdrops by simply using a network facility. Link up ten unit’s together for an impressive light show for every budget. The great thing about the Totems is they are so flexible in their display options. Highlight the Sporting Heroes Show our sporting heroes in action with Pixel Totems. Display each player's photo, achievements or personal best times to create an impactful design and enhance the hype. For larger sporting gatherings and new team launches, player profiles, club history and competitor facts and figures all enhance the event look and increase engagement. For corporate Melbourne Cup events you can use Pixel Totems to build excitement with panels depicting jockey, trainer and horse information. All of which can be static or animated. Dress The Stage Pixel Totems are an affordable and high impact solution for injecting interest into a conference set design. The Pixel Totems can be spread across the stage to complement the main screen or clustered to a form a wall. Their design gives you a simple and flexible way to visually enhance with the messaging with static or animated imagery But wait there’s more. The ability to change the display at any point during the event gives freedom and a creativity that other forms of banners simply cannot. Imagination is the only limit! Why Pixel Totems? The stage holds people’s gaze, so why not liven things up. Pixel Totems are a great way to enhance your event and display super bright content to capture attention. Event planners are taking advantage of the way different displays and messaging during an event can be changed from hour to hour or from one topic to another, and clients are loving it. Creative use of digital visual tools for event and stage planning has never been more attainable. From glamorous charity dinners and annual corporate events to sporting registrations and club award nights, Pixel Totems offer it all. Move over pull up banners, it’s time for the new guy to take the spotlight. Let our LED Pixel Totems tell your story. Want to find out more? Register your interest in Pixel Totems and one of our helpful team members will be back in touch with more information. ... Read More

Holographics – Your Event in Another Dimension

Nov 24 2019
Encore Research
Hologram technology is now well within reach for creative even planners looking to make an impact at their next meeting, event, or brand experience. The ways to use holograms are only limited by the imagination. Here are some favourite examples of the holographic mesh screen in action which our technical teams have created. Holographics used for Presentations Add excitement to a presentation with both 3D illusions and interactivity. At the recent Top Secret Dinner at Canberra’s National Convention Centre Canberra (part of the InterContinental Hotels Group), Encore used a holographic mesh screen to create the illusion of a hot air balloon, synonymous with Canberra’s Enlighten Festival, hanging above the stage. Later in the evening, the presenter interviewed himself as a hologram. These illusions perfectly showcased the NCCC as a destination for events and conferences with state-of-the-art technical capabilities. You can use this technique to bring a speaker onto the stage who can’t attend in person and have them present as a hologram, how cool is that?! It also has the added advantage of not paying for transport and accommodation for the speaker, plus they only have to be available for the time it takes for their presentation. Holographics can be used to enhance any presentation; add a hologram of the product being released, project videos by guest speakers, showcase projects, or animate simulations. Even data and graphs could be made engaging with 3D computer animation! Performances enhanced with holographic technology As recent concert tours and AV shows attests, holographic technology is perfect for an amazing performance. One of Encore’s most impressive uses of the technology used a combination of holographic mesh, real-time motion tracking, projection, and dance. At the Australian Hotels Association annual awards, a dancer performed a duo with herself creating an amazing effect. Her movements were captured on camera and motion tracked, with a computer turning her outline into a 3D animated graphic in real-time, which was then projected onto the holographic mesh. Set Design using holographics 3D animations and images can be incorporated into any set design. Deploying at almost any size, anywhere, you’re only restricted by lighting and background. Encore have created custom set designs using holograms for companies such as Moutai China, who were treated to the illusion of a giant bottle of Moutai spirit hovering in mid-air on a 20m x 5m holographic screen. The technique can also be used for events like product launches or trade shows where oversized holograms would be ideal so that it can create a larger-than-life effect of the product being promoted. Speak to the event design experts about a holographic experience Holograms open up a huge range of creative possibilities to amaze your event attendees. You can use it to bring your brand to life, entertain, enhance stage performances and bring remote presenters on stage in an amazing visual way. Advances in technology and manufacturing mean that holographics are not just for big budget events - they’re with the reach of nearly any event producer’s reach. Encore have adopted the most flexible, creative mode of holographic tech available in the event market; send us an online enquiry to find out more or talk to your Encore representative today about how to get your event into the Third Dimension! ... Read More

Top 10 Tips for Effective Video Conferencing

Nov 10 2019
Encore Research
Face-to-face meetings can be the most effective way to get your point across, but the corporate world has to move with the times. Overcoming growing distance, cost and time issues, businesses now demand solutions for video conferencing. As a result, venues, speakers, event planners and employees must be prepared and confident to host these types of online meetings. More solutions enter the market each year. That’s a good thing. Contrary to opinion, a variety of solutions should not confuse, but rather provide a video conferencing solution that is tailored to the needs of the user and runs seamlessly. From basic free applications such as Skype to professional cloud-based video and audio conference platforms, like Encore Connect, event planners and businesses are spoilt for choice. Whether you're arranging an online meeting or remote presenters for your event, here are some helpful tips from video conferencing experts to ensure you’re maximising the technology. 1. Select a reliable video conferencing platform When it comes to technology, it’s best practice to choose a well known provider that is reliable, has a support team and a robust offering that can meet your needs. This is especially true with video conferencing platforms. When you use a trusted provider, you get the peace of mind and confidence your meeting or event is in the best hands and will run seamlessly. Encore offers a first-of-its-kind rehearsal feature with our video conferencing solution, Encore Connect, where a technician will on-board you and your presenters to ensure they’re comfortable presenting remotely and know how to use the platform. It’s this kind of concierge service you won’t get when using a free platform. 2. Choose a suitable venue room There are a few things to consider here which can all be resolved by doing a site visit or at least seeing images of the room prior to the event. Ensure the room has adequate lighting and seating for all parties to the meeting. Natural light has its advantages but can have its own set of issues. Be aware of areas of shade and any potential distractions that open windows bring, like passers-by or pigeons pacing up and down the windowsill. A general rule of thumb is consistency and uniformity. No dark spots in the room and no powerful bulbs which leave people seeing spots. What about microphones or the acoustics in the room? Can the presenter’s voice project? Is the room noisy? Does it suffer from thin-wall syndrome? All of these points can be addressed by a simple site visit or talk with your on-site events team. Encore proudly offers Encore Connect in all our venue partners – that’s over 100 world-class venue options around Asia Pacific for you to choose from. So you’re spoilt for choice. 3. Clear Audio There’s nothing more frustrating when video conferencing has poor audio quality. The aim is to have people hear you clearly, without crackling and dropouts. Look for good quality headsets and microphones which help reduce noise and disruptive echoes. When in doubt, run your set up by your audio visual provider to test. For multi-party conferences, mute your microphone when you’re not speaking to avoid adding any additional background noise. If you are hosting, make sure everyone is on the same page. Check your participants and lead the way. For a larger event, your audio visual partner will test the audio levels of the room and work with the presenters prior to ensure both the audio input and output are set for optimal quality. Wherever possible have a practice run. The best video and audio conferencing partners will do exactly that. 4. Test your set up to find the perfect angle Obscure camera angles might work for Tarantino, but in a meeting environment they can be very distracting. Webcams should be at eye level and if for some reason you need to move around the room, ensure it is steady as she goes. This is particularly important if you are using a mobile device for your video calls. To avoid unflattering or distracting angles, we recommend using self-view mode to test the angle of your camera prior to the video conference. 5. Time Zone Awareness One of the great benefits of video conferencing is the ability to overcome distance or time zone barriers. With this in mind, it is important to consider your attendees and/or remote presenters time zone when arranging it. But what about the delays you didn’t anticipate, such as plane delays and cancellations, a last minute commitment? Offering remote presenters the option to video conference in means your event will continue to run as planned. 6. Remove Potential Distractions Distraction is the number one killer of concentration and engagement. Clear lines of sight without interference are essential for attendees and presenters. Similarly so are unwanted sounds – so remember to switch your phone to silent and in multi-party meetings ask attendees to do the same. Cameras pointed in the direction of anything that has the potential to distract will render it a focal point and eventually, if human nature serves me right, be more popular than a viral cat video. 7. Proper meeting etiquette for video conferencing Just like a meeting face-to-face, there is a certain way of hosting and presenting online. It’s called meeting etiquette. If you’re recording the meeting, it’s polite to let everyone know ahead of time you are recording and remind again when it commences. This will also help keep it professional and on-track with personal conversations saved until afterwards. Possibly the most important feature of any conference is the ability for everyone to hear and be heard. Ask everyone to introduce themselves at the beginning, and if on audio only, ask them to state their name before they speak so everyone knows who is talking. A popular tactic for ensuring the meeting stays on track and avoiding everyone from speaking over one another is for the host to hold comments or questions until the end. And again, avoid distractions by kindly reminding attendees or remote presenters to turn mobile phones to silent mode or switch them off. 8. Dress Appropriately Dressing appropriately is particularly important if you’re presenting online. With all eyes on you, you’ll want to avoid wearing an inappropriate or distracting outfit that will become more memorable than your presentation. Avoid clothing that may flare on camera such as tiny stripes, sequins or glittery clothing. Similarly, don’t wear loose tops or shirts that gape and it goes without saying, wear professional pants. We’ve heard all too often of instances where a presenter or meeting attendee stands up to get a drink of water only to reveal they’re still in their pyjamas! Sometimes the simple things are often overlooked. 9. Stay on track with a well structured agenda A well-structured agenda can be your best friend. Not only can it set a tone, but a well-written agenda prepares invitees for what's in store. Ensure you include the item “All other business” as the last point on the agenda, followed by a decent amount of time for Q and A. Keeping everyone on track with an appropriate and well-worded agenda greatly assists with maintaining conference timeframes and actionable points. 10. Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse again This seems like a no-brainer but like any technology, testing and rehearsing will provide your best chance for success when presenting remotely or hosting a meeting via video conference. Take advantage of the exclusive rehearse feature offered by Encore Connect, which unlike free or basic platforms, gives you dedicated time with a technician to test your set up and ask any questions. Knowing your video conference is in expert hands means you can get on with the business of organising the event or meeting itself. Speak to the Video Conferencing Experts An increasing number of organisations and event planners are enjoying the benefits of video conferencing. Encore has developed our own solution to accommodate the rising demand for video conferencing in small meetings and large events for remote presenters. Encore Connect is powered by Zoom, one of the most well-known and trusted platforms in the market and you can find it across our entire venue network. If you are interested in finding out more about our video conferencing solutions get in touch by calling 1800 209 099 or sending an online enquiry and one of our friendly team members will get right back. ... Read More

Amazing Examples of Virtual Reality in Events

Oct 24 2019
Encore Research
Designing transformative experiences using Virtual Reality at corporate events Virtual Reality (VR) is one of the most hyped technologies of the last decade. Global giants Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook have all invested billions in building the hardware, creating software, and developing applications. Event professionals are jumping on the trend and realising the potential of VR in transforming their events. The short; VR in the event space is here to stay and its the ideal environment to utilise the technology’s potential. We’re seeing VR restaurants pop up, car manufacturers turning mundane road trips into action-packed theme-parks, sensorial VR tours of breweries and some confronting education on road safety thanks to VR experiences. VR totally takes over your guests’ senses. It is about completely commanding your audience’s attention. It offers unparalleled engagement and concentration when compared to a video or spoken presentation. If you’re seeking to entertain, connect and delight, it enables total freedom of imagination. There are several off-the-shelf VR experiences such as real-world simulations of climbing Everest, diving on the Great Barrier Reef and the like. If they fit with the theme of your gala dinner or topic of your conference, they’re a great ice-breaker and novelty to get your guests talking. This is as tangible as you get in a virtual world. Experiencing touch, excitement fear and curiosity. How can events benefit from using Virtual Reality While consumer adoption of VR for gaming and entertainment at home has been much slower than expected, savvy operators in the event space and enterprise have been the quickest to realise its potential. VR applications for Conferences and meetings Virtual reality can be an excellent vehicle for team building exercises and business activities aimed at strengthening goals and creating a strategic focus. A shared VR activity is a perfect icebreaker for attendees that haven’t met. There are many off-the-shelf VR puzzles and games that get people working in teams and are perfect for this. More businesses want to show their audience instead of just addressing them through words or endless PowerPoint slides. During a keynote address, instead of just talking about a subject, why not immerse the audience? The presenter asks the crowd to put on the headsets and continues to address them as they explore a simulation of the content under discussion. The CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, kicked off the CES 2017 conference with an incredible VR experience cementing themselves as heavyweights in the area. Intel placed 260 VR units in chairs for all press attending the event where they embarked on an incredible journey starting with a wingsuit flight over Moab, Utah where they then landed on the desert floor. Shortly after, the flyers were shuttled to Vietnam to take in the sights of Ban Goic waterfall. After experiencing more spectacular scenery the VR tour ended with court side seats at an NCAA basketball game. Once they removed their virtual reality helmets, they found themselves sitting back in the audience at the event in Las Vegas. This example shows Krzanich and other industry leaders use virtual reality at events to completely change the way attendees experience exhibitions. VR technology has also enables connectivity for conference attendees spread interstate and internationally. It enables virtual attendance for those who can’t be there to experience the presenters and multimedia live while wearing headsets at home. VR lets people from around the world meet in the same place at the same time simply by putting on a headset. Meetings and breakouts can also be run using VR conferencing tools like Facebook Spaces. VR for Fairs, Exhbitions or Trade Shows Get visitors to your stand or display excited about engaging with your brand via a VR experience. Give them an exciting branded challenge or demonstration that gets their adrenaline pumping; it’s a great way to stand out and be remembered. One insurance provider used VR to promote its products in a rather unusual way. NRMA Insurance designed a car crash simulator to show how car safety features have improved over three decades. “Victims” put on a VR headset, climb behind the wheel of a showroom car, then (virtually) crash into a barrier at the same speed that actual crash tests are conducted. The user then goes through the same simulation, only behind the wheel of an older car with fewer safety features. Users have firsthand experience of being in a major car accident and walk away unscathed at the end, but left with a lasting impact. A large U.S. home improvement company, Lowe’s, helped customers bring to life their design vision with Holoroom. Customers can design their kitchen or bathroom and view it in VR using Oculus Rift in-stores, and take-home a free Google Cardboard viewer to enjoy their room design whenever and wherever they choose. This application of VR could be applied for various products and services to help generate sale and new leads at exhibitions and trade fairs. They say doing is far better for learning than just seeing or hearing. And when you can’t physically demonstrate the new product, service or solution VR is the next best thing. VR is an excellent training platform because it’s cost effective and the closest you’ll get to doing it in real life. Any simulations feel real to the user. Users can make a decision that feels impactful, but it can still be changed or reset entirely. This is particularly useful for the medical industry where a wrong action can result in death. VR provides an effective vehicle for learning new applications, technologies or sales training on new products such as a latest car model. The possibilities are endless. Since 2018, German logistics company Deutsche Bahn uses VR for immersivetraining experiences using an application called Engaging Virtual Reality. Recruiting Talent at a careers fair Like with any media, using the right technology to appeal to your target market will make your campaign more effective. It’s no secret that VR is more popular among younger users. 50% of users between the age groups of 20-29 and 30-39 are veryinterested in virtual reality, with only 6% expressing no interest at all. So when German railway company Deutsche Bahn wanted to recruit young talent they turned to VR experiences at a careers fair. Candidates could experience first-hand the lives of train conductors, electricians, and construction workers. The recruiting team found that exposing candidates to this experience resulted in higher-quality applications and candidates who were interested in the positions. “The idea is to give people a really good insight of the jobs at Deutsche Bahn. We want applicants to get a close look over the shoulder of an electrician or a train driver. That is something that makes the application process very tangible and very satisfying. We can show how fascinating jobs are in the real world,” says Kerstin Wagner, head of talentacquisition at Deutsche Bahn Mobility Logistics. VR for Charity Events Show your donors the actual impact of their contribution in a way they can almost touch and feel. Guide them through a ‘before and after’ experience that illustrates exactly what you can achieve together. A VR campaign does something many cause-driven organizations all over the world struggle to achieve. Virtual Reality can show donors exactly where their money is going and the outcome it achieves. Toms: Virtual Giving Trip. Toms, a popular shoe company, is well known for donating one pair of shoes to a child in need every time a customer buys their own pair. The charity found a new way to inspire its customers to give by taking them on a journey while wearing a VR headset. The Toms Virtual Giving Trip is narrated by Blake Mycoskie, the founder and Chief Shoe Giver of Toms, and one of his colleagues. As they describe the story of Toms’ founding, their VR experience takes viewers on a trip through Peru, where Blake and the shoe-giving team visit a school of children who are about to receive the shoes they need for the first time. VR for Sales Events and Launches From a virtual factory tour to product experience, VR can amp up a sales force and help them truly understand the product and your objectives. Beyond the event, a portable VR version of the content can be used to inspire their customers! Some companies aren’t limiting themselves to brining just products to their tradeshow, instead they’re using VR technology to bring the entire building with them. What better way to immerse customers into your brand. In 2016, Anheuser-Busch gave SXSW attendees a VR tour of their Budweiser St. Louisbrewery that involved seeing, hearing, and even smelling different parts of the facility. Users wore VR headsets and were led on a tour of different rooms to learn about the brew. When they toured near the hops that went into the beer, brewery employees held actual hops under the attendees’ noses. And of course, attendees got to taste the beer afterwards. Have you considered VR for your event Create an immersive experience that’s more engaging, interactive and persuasive than mere video. It’s more interesting and better at holding attention than simply presenting in the traditional form. VR is a perfect platform to take your audience deep into where you want their minds to be. The most important factors to consider in using VR at your event is what purpose does it serve, what story does it tell, and how are you going to obtain, customise, or create it? Avoid using VR purely as a gimmick. Instead, provide real value to attendees and stakeholders. The most important part of adopting any technology is the impact it will have on your strategic goals. Ask yourself what the goals of your event are first and then see how you can leverage VR to help get you there. Here’s some questions to think about when considering VR: Will utilising VR equipment help you attract and meet more contacts at your trade show booth? Do you want something to set you apart from other exhibitors? Would VR take your attendees to a location you are talking about, transport them into a building that is being proposed? Do you need to provide your audience with a more immersive way to experience your videos, photos, or games? Would your employees gain a deeper understanding of their training? Will VR show your donors how their investment can transform someone’s life. The goal is to make the experience more useful, impactful or memorable than what has been done previously, no matter what your event. The gear and the content VR can be experienced with something as simple as a cardboard holder for a smartphone paired with VR apps, or a high-tech immersive helmet and hand sensors wired up to a supercharged PC. The biggest emerging category of hardware in VR is stand-alone glasses, where the computer, vision, and sound are all contained in one battery powered lightweight device with wireless capability. A leading example of this is the Oculus Go, which is the model that Encore Event Technologies deploy on our events. Keep in mind the realities of the space required if you’re using VR for a competitive team challenge. If attendees are expected to swing, duck and dodge you’ll need to allocate enough room to avoid any ‘real-world’ injuries! Find out more about using VR in your events Many industries are now awash with great examples of VR and although it’s a little too soon to call it mainstream, it appears that we are reaching the tipping point. The technology is becoming cheaper and the number of companies producing these experiences is growing, which can only mean we will see it more not only at events but for a widening number of applications. Business investment will likely be a strong driver with demand to create virtual meetings in a time-poor world. There are already products coming to market that enable meeting attendees to dial into a boardroom and see, hear and interact with each other as if they were present. The question now is not if, but when and how you will be using VR in your events. At Encore we love finding ground-breaking event applications for new tools like VR. We’ve already produced experiences for many event types and purposes and are thrilled at the possibilities it presents. This is event planning on a new level. The ability to put your event ahead of the game offers memorable occasions not soon forgotten. Contact us to explore how we can take your next event to virtual new heights. ... Read More

Benefits of Video conferencing: Discover meetings without borders

Sep 3 2019
Encore Research
Distance, varying time zones and the cost of accommodating travellers has led event managers and meeting planners to rethink how they bring people together. If a business is to stay connected, forging new paths is essential for retaining and maximising relationships without the need for a traditional face-to-face. It can be done. Video conferencing offers a solution. It’s the next best thing to being there, without the stress or expense. For events large or small, we've got you connected. Venues are recognising the need to accommodate this rising demand in video conferencing and as such all of Encore’s venue partners now have the capability to offer dedicated video conferencing platforms both for meetings and large events such as conferences. What is Video Conferencing? Video conferencing is the technology that allows you to hold online meetings with several participants who are located in different places while seeing and talking to them in real-time. It is different from simple video calling, which is normally one-to-one video communication. It can also be used for remote presenters at events to present to the audience from another location. What does it mean for you? If you’re are an EA or the one in charge of meeting arrangements, we’ve got news for you and it’s all good. Meetings can now be pre-planned over months or be instant and on-demand. For the large event organisers, this means you can overcome travel expenses or unexpected delays for your presenters by using video conferencing for them to present via. Here are our top reasons to embrace the business-minded benefits of video conferencing. Benefits of Video Conferencing for Events We’re busier than ever and more spread apart, but the need to stay connected has never been stronger. With more keynote speakers doing the international circuit event planners need a solution to overcome conflicting schedules and travel costs incurred with getting them to your conference or corporate event. The best video conferencing solutions strive for and deliver that sense of connectivity, conveniently and support you to ensure a professional, stress-free connection. Encore Connect can beam in your presenter in full screen from any location at a fraction of the cost it takes to bring them in from interstate or from all over the world. Your panel of experts need not even leave their desks for a truly collaborative experience. Use a professional service to take travel problems away. The unforeseen doesn’t have to ruin your event. The reality is people miss planes, get delayed both interstate and overseas. The expense can be a huge burden. Having to accommodate people in hotels, reschedule flights and make further travel arrangements need not be a concern any longer. What makes presenters the most nervous? The great unknown. Unfamiliar platforms or high-tech equipment can have people distracted from their purpose. Remove the anxiety with a video conferencing partner that understands you need your presenter to be focused and the audience to see and hear them perfectly. Take advantage of Encore’s exclusive first-of-its-kind rehearsal and on-boarding service with one of our expert technicians. This means you or your remote presenter can ensure you’re set up correctly, solve any vision or audio problems and confidently use the platform. You can’t ask for more peace of mind than that. Benefits of Video Conferencing for Small Meetings Today’s work environments have undergone some of the most progressive thinking since the invention of the humble office chair. With global companies offering workers varied locations and working arrangements, the need to communicate effectively and instantly no matter what the geographical location is essential. Smaller meetings can also benefit from video conferencing. No longer is it necessary for a business to go to the expense of bringing people in for a one-off conference, meeting or a one-day workshop. Diary conflicts? No problem. EAs and event planners don’t need to spend hours finding a future date that suits all parties which can often push important decision-making meetings out by weeks. Now all parties can run the meeting online from wherever they are, exactly as they would have done face-to-face. Small meetings aren’t exempt from the same complications of organising large ones. You may still need to overcome travel expenses, or deal with unexpected delays. You may need to organise the meeting instantly for those important decisions… all of which can be facilitated seamlessly with video conferencing. The convenience and quality of live video conferencing technology for small meetings means workplaces can be more productive and move faster. With Encore Connect, you and your colleagues can share ideas while seeing each other in HD quality. And with nearly 100 locations across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, finding a venue with Encore Connect is easy. Why Choose Encore Connect It’s no longer a matter of if you will use video conferencing software, but when. With the help of an experienced conferencing company, presenters are beamed in from any location, in real-time and fully versed in the technology they are using Thankfully businesses are not alone with conferencing venues recognising the demand to accommodate changing needs. Encore’s venue partners have the capability and the know-how to offer dedicated video conferencing service for any event. An all-in solution with no sacrifices. Sound good? Contact Encore Event Technologies for the best video conferencing service for your business. Our venue partners have the capability and on-site Encore team to offer a dedicated video conferencing service. Large or small, interstate or international, we've got you connected. Send an online enquiry or speak to us right away on 1800 209 099. ... Read More

How to Design an Enchanted Garden look for Your Event

Aug 12 2019
Encore Research
Having a theme in mind is one thing. Bringing it all together to create a memorable event is something quite different. One of our favourite event concepts is creating an enchanted garden. The theme gives our event designers the creative freedom to design a magical setting across all elements of the room. And who doesn't love magic?! An enchanted garden or forest is a popular theme because it taps into fond childhood memories where our imagination ran wild. And the goal here is to replicate these warm feelings of nostalgia with subtle triggers thanks to creative event production techniques. Our expert event styling and design team have put together these helpful ideas and inspirational tips to make your enchanted garden or forest themed event something to be remembered. So, where’s a good place to start? Try the entry door. A Portal to Paradise – An enchanting entry feature The doors leading into the venue can be just as much a part of the experience as what’s behind them. Inviting entrances are key to creating a sense of initial excitement and setting the tone for what’s to come. More traditional forest themes would see vines creeping up the doors along with foliage real and artificial coupled with lighting to evoke mystery. For something a bit different you may want to go with the not so obvious. Think Narnia. The wardrobe was the entrance to another domain. Take inspiration from any of these kinds of fictional stories to create any entryway seemingly unassumingly. Your guests’ interest is piqued from the start. Who knows? Behind those doors may be another world. An enchanting entry way featuring lots of lush foliage, ornate mirrors, golden urns and a red carpet. Sound and Vision – Creating a magical event atmosphere Bring everything together as one. Designing an event that feels cohesive and seamless is the ultimate goal of an event designer and can be done with some thought and incorporation of great audio visual solutions like the following. Lighting Use warm colours to accentuate the magical feel of an enchanted forest. Fairy lights are your best friend, as are star covered cloths. The use of gobos will add movement and create layers of texture and ambience. Chandeliers add extravagance and enhance the sense of a setting being something quite opulent. Candles or tea lights always work well to soften and create a mood and add warmth to your table styling. Fairy lights and chandeliers offer warm and elegant lighting options for enchanted themed events. Green,amber and gold lighting and decorative gobos are clever ways to fill the room with a magical atmosphere. Ceiling Installations The appearance of lowered ceiling height will create a sense of intimacy. A warmer more magical feel can be created using draped fabrics, low hanging vines, florals and even tiny twinkling lights. Real foliage, ferns and leaves will add authenticity. Floral installations are a great way to create depth and make the space feel intimate. This garden ceiling installation was created using a mixture of real and fake foliage, green fabric and crystal beading. The Use of Backdrops Any stage can be transformed into a raised clearing on the edge of your enchanted forest with beautifully designed event backdrops. Walls of plants used purposefully with other greenery props and golden ornamental mirrors. Giant screens depicting forest creatures, or scenic imagery with cameras panning from the tops of trees to the forest ground. Dressing the stage with greenery, mirrors, chandeliers and gold decor creates a an elegant, enchanted look. Purposeful Sound FX This is where you can transform your guests. We are all visual but our sense of hearing can be our most powerful sense so combining your event audio and sound FX with your visual elements will complete the picture for your guests. Whistled breezes, animal sounds both sweet and alarming, or rain beating on leaves will have your guest stop and listen and transport them to your magical world. Table Styling Think about your guests when considering your centrepiece design. Obscured vision can be an oversight and dramatically affect a guest's experience. Decorate with a purpose to have the seating blend in with the rest of the room. Branches, ferns and vines can all create the right feeling. Let’s not forget about the scent of the forest. Tea lights and scented candles are an option where individual table adornment is preferred. Incorporate natural materials like woods, and twisted willow branches and avoid potent fragrances. Subtle works much better. Green foliage for table centrepieces are a go-to for an enchanted garden look. Remember line of sight is key for guests so consider tall vases or structures to hold the greenery. Twisted willow trees decorated in glass ornaments are another great centerpiece option for an enchanted garden theme. Performance Matters - Performance ideas for events For an enchanted forest setting, roaming entertainers play a large part in creating the right atmosphere. Wolves, deer, fairies, real and even mystical creatures can set the event apart. A successful theme will show them to be in their natural habitat. Remember the performers should flow and be unobtrusive. This is another world your guests have entered. Allow them to be in a place where they are free to leave reality at the door. The types of performances you choose is limited only by your imagination. From roaming acts, to magicians, aerialists to choirs and ballet acts. Anything goes. Design a visual story Connect with your guests from the very beginning. Set the stage and create a start that will be remembered well past the event date. What you can’t create in the room, you can on-screen. Design a presentation that carries the theme and continues the story. Imagine a huge screen backdrop with a pack of wolves running through the forest or gigantic treetops filled with twinkling fairy-like creatures. These powerful visuals can pull the event together and keep your audience’s attention on stage all night. Encore boats an incredible in-house team of multimedia designers who can turn your presentation slides into dynamic visual stories. With this immersive mindset, you have the capability to transport people somewhere far away, to affect their senses and create an unforgettable experience. It’s the subtle art of connection through ambience and tone. That’s a very powerful thing. Partner with the creative story tellers Transforming a blank canvas into a magical world takes creativity, the tools and a lot of skill. An experienced event production and technology company, with the knowledge and talent, will take your ideas and bring them to life. Encore Event Technologies have had the pleasure of transforming spaces into enchanted forests, kingdoms and gardens for clients around the Asia Pacific. It’s one of those event concepts that you can never get tired of. If you are looking to transport your guests to a magical world, we have the ideas, the production solutions and the experts to make your event the success you imagined. Make your enchanted garden event a reality with the help of an experienced audio visual and event production company. Get in touch with us today so we can start discussing your event requirements and share ideas on how to bring it to life - Send us an online enquiry and one of our team members will be back shortly. ... Read More

Latest Events: Our biggest event this year, an Enchanted Garden, a glamorous awards night in Auckland and more.

Jul 16 2019
Encore Research
Check out the latest highlight events our team have delivered across the regions. From our largest show to delivered this year delivered up in Far North Queensland for Amway China, across to a vibrant 3 day conference held in tropical Fiji, down to a gorgeous vintage theatre themed awards night and an enchanting forest in Adelaide. Our teams have been super busy flexing our creative muscles and pushing the boundaries with innovative event technology to design the unforgettable. Below you’ll see a snapshot of some the amazing work our teams produce to help inspire your next events! If you have any questions about the events or our solutions please get in touch with our National Sales Director, Michael Magafa . QUEENSLAND Amway China Seminar and Incentive Program Venue: Australian Artillery and Armoury Museum (AAAM) Encore produced a spectacular nature inspired leadership seminar for 6,000 guests, who arrived in 7 waves, in Cairns for Amway China. . Amway China returned to Australia for the sixth time with more than 6,000 guests for their annual 2019 Leadership Seminar, this time held in Cairns. Seven waves of guests attended the 4-day seminar and incentive program between 21 March – 15 April. Designed and organised by Encore Event Technologies, the business sessions and concluding Gala Program treated guests to a spectacular experience including a special blended reality sequence created using layered multimedia, holographics and choreographed robotics show with a live performer. The 'Rainforest to Reef' themed Gala Program was a highlight for the destination incentive, allowing Encore to design four totally bespoke immersive experiences - Rainforest, Beach, Reef and River - using creative technical production. Each environment was themed using a gigantic 270-degree screen that wrapped around the inside of the venue, table-styling which incorporated lighting design, customised soundscapes and roaming performers. Within each of the four environments was a key performance sequence that brought it to life. The opening 'Rainforest' environment concluded with a spectacular thunder and lightning performance by the edgy Million Volt Man - one of the most extreme live performances that involves stunts using a high-voltage Tesla coil. This then transitioned beautifully into the second environment 'Beach' which included an artistic Fabric Ballet performance featuring 18 DMX controlled fans with beautifully choreographed dancing and costuming designed by the talented Katie Kermond. The third sequence 'Reef' featured an entertaining game simulation of an underwater treasure hunt made possible using a range of AV techniques, collectively referred to as blended reality. The journey saw a live performer participate in the underwater adventure using layered multimedia with a holographic mesh screen, LEDs, and choreographed robotics show. A major highlight of the Gala was the performance in the 'River' sequence - the final environment for the evening's journey. The ‘Fish Medley’ act included a singing and dancing animated multimedia fish on computer controlled Robotic LED screens that moved with the music. Custom designed tropical reef inspired centrepieces decorated each table, each individually lit with both intelligent pin-spotting and wireless DMX battery powered lighting for every table. In addition, at the completion of the four performance segments, delegates were treated to an amazing high energy performance by The Voice China star Uni Yeh performing with a live band and a team of local dancers. Encore also supplied delegates with fun, luminous head dresses so they could feel part of the theming for the event. “The guests were blown away by the 270-degree multimedia projection, holographic projection and synchronized robotics. The creative event design was matched with cutting-edge use of technology to create an amazing experience for guests,” said Encore’s Show Producer, Andrew MacColl. Amway chose to enhance the attendee experience by selecting a new and unusual venue for the event and the newly constructed wing of the Australian Artillery and Armoury Museum (AAAM) was perfect for both the Gala Dinner and Business Sessions. The venue is the largest military vehicle museum on the southern hemisphere. The delegates were treated to a specially created Tank Show in the parklands behind the museum featuring some of the best of these rare and historical vehicles, including dramatic gun blasts and explosions created with pyrotechnics. However, this unique venue presented major challenges as an event venue; it came without rated rigging points, three-phase power, guest Wi-Fi facilities nor air-conditioning. “Working in such a unique venue had its challenges, but also many benefits in that it allowed our team the opportunity to maximise their creativity to bring to life a blank canvas. Special Event Director, John Schryver designed a truly unique and immersive experience which will undoubtedly be remembered long after the event. The team bought his design to life and delivered the series of events flawlessly,” said Mr MacColl. Tony Chamberlain, Managing Director, Encore, said it was an honour to work with Amway China again especially in such an iconic and unique Australian location. “The team have been engaged in meticulous planning for months after winning the bid to manage this event. On-site we managed 20 days of install and rehearsals. Then the team delivered both Business Sessions and the Gala Dinner for each of the seven waves. “Our goal was to create an event that showcased the beauty of Far North Queensland while also demonstrating what is possible for a creative business event. Our talented team achieved all this and more, in a challenging venue. This event will go down in Encore history as one of the best,” said Mr Chamberlain. VICTORIA Tourism Australia Accommodation Awards (VIC) Venue: Grand Hyatt Melbourne Encore designs a fresh take on "A Night at the Theatre" For nearly a decade, Encore have had the pleasure of working with Tourism Accommodation Australia (VIC) to deliver their annual awards. As with every year, the brief is to deliver a totally new and immersive experience, and this year's theme gave Encore the permission to deliver just that. The TAA (VIC) Awards for Excellence recognises Victoria’s finest accommodation hotels and venue staff and celebrates dedication and achievement in the hospitality industry. Nearly 500 esteemed guests, nominees and representatives from Victoria's finest accommodation hotels attended the awards night at Grand Hyatt Melbourne in late June. Driven by the night's entertainment Encore were engaged to design an evening to emulate the experience of attending the theatre. Guests were treated with an array of beverages upon arrival. As they entered the room they were transported into a 1920’s theatre. Gold draping and all the elements of the front and “back of house” in a functioning theatre were strategically placed around the Savoy Ballroom by the Encore Design team. Key elements for the evening was the digital banner and the interactive stage set. The intention behind the digital banner was to create maximum impact on entry by incorporating 3 6mW x 1.2m H projection surfaces that emulated the exterior of the theatre with in-house multimedia loop that featured a ‘NOW SHOWING’ animated banner with the name of the event. Taking a fresh approach to a 'theatre' themed stage set, Encore chose to incorporate both the back and front of house of a theatre as a homage to those in the room. Looking not only at the glitz and glamour, but all the hard working people behind the scenes. The 'front of house' half of the stage was beautifully draped in gold with a sparkling chandelier the “Stage” also housed surprise tab track reveal for opera singers, mid way through the event. Whilst the remaining 'back of house' section took on a darker, more industrial look dressed with truss, lighting bars, ropes and hessian bags to mimic the workings of backstage. The black pressed metal bar acted not only as a make up station for the actors, but the lectern itself. A light haze filled the room with sophisticated lighting design and thoughtfully positioned pin spotting to accentuate the lush, green herbaceous edible centrepieces created by both Executive head chef Dane Clouston and Encore. The creation of animated presentations for all award nominees and winners followed the theatre theme throughout the evening. Guests marvelled in the creative flair displayed by the Encore Multimedia team. All multimedia for the event was thematically considered and painstakingly developed to enhance the theatre experience and celebrate those in the room – both finalists and winners. Our Multimedia team was responsible for the delivery of all on screen content for the evening. Walk in animated feature on the projection marquee 16:9 Animated Holding slide Sponsors loop Opening package featuring their hotels and nominated accommodation staff All finalists packages All winners packages Working in conjunction with Grand Hyatt Melbourne’s leading chef, we seamlessly incorporated a level theatre glamour onto the tables, with our Smokey Mirror cubes giving sparkle amongst a table bursting with potted herbs, which set the scene for the fresh and local menu for the evening. A refined menu of share plates was presented to the tables for both entree and mains, allowing for interaction between guests and conversation about how good the dining experience actually was! After the formal proceedings had concluded and many a glass of chardonnay consumed, guests made their way back to the PFA where they were treated with a creative array of desserts. Post sweet sensations, anyone who was up for cutting some shapes, or to socialise and network, made their way to the Grand Hyatt Residence space where Encore provided some stylish lighting to accompany the DJ who was playing all the bangers! As 1am rolled around the last of the true hospitality party animals respectively made their way to the taxi rank or we lucky enough to be retiring to a suite upstairs. All in all guests experienced a truly enjoyable and encompassing night of sleek production, food, wine and entertainment. From the client, "I want to extend a big thank you to Encore for all your help and dedication on our TAA (Vic) Awards. Your flexibility with last minute changes, and an ever changing event brief, all the video content – I know it was a lot to ask, and you really made the whole process so easy and flawless come the event night. Thank you. We look forward to next year!" SOUTH AUSTRALIA Adelaide Crows Annual Gala Venue: Adelaide Entertainment Centre Every year the Crows host a fundraising event in support of the Adelaide Crows Children's Foundation. The event is one of the Club’s largest events of the year. This year was a visual extravaganza with a croquet theme, a fun play-on-word on the Club’s name, the Adelaide Crows. As the club’s official audio visual partner, Encore was thrilled to be delivering the event at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre for another year. The brief was to design an elegant gala event with a croquet club, garden party theme for 1,000 guests. Here is what we delivered. The size and height of the venue made it possible to design and create an amazing ceiling installation which was created via two giant circular truss hung from the roof. An 8m circle of 50 Scenic Panels framed the installation and encased an inner 6m circle of beautiful foliage. Below this hung beautiful crystal balls which twinkled in the lights. The ceiling feature extended throughout the room with 600m of festoon lighting and 400m of bunting. The stage comprised of three 16ft tall portrait style screens interspersed with 8 x 7m totem formation of up-lit Scenic Panels matching the ceiling installation and flanked by two giant screens at either side. The stage continued the croquet theme with white picket fencing, green grass carpeting and a lectern complete with croquet hammers and foliage. The team delivered a complete event production solution, encompassing all audio, vision, lighting, staging, multimedia creation, styling and production management. The event theme was brought to life as soon as guests arrived at the venue. An entrance feature and photo opportunity was created comprising light up letters spelling AFC. The area was encased with picket fencing and decorated with on-theme props including a grass carpet, croquet hammers and plants. MC for the evening was Ryan Fitzgerald (Fitzy), players and past coaches accompanied him on stage and were supported by Nathan Casserly and Alex Ouwens from OC Real Estate as the Auctioneers. Entertainment for the night was provided by Brian Ruiz plus band. Around the room were silent auction areas framed with additional festoon lighting and count-down screens. A Toyota RAV 4 was the lucky door price for the evening and finalists were invited to come on stage for a croquet challenge, with the winner of the car generously donating the prize back to the charity. The annual Crows Gala Auction is a hotly anticipated event for the Encore Adelaide team. The event gives us the opportunity to create truly immersive experiences and we love jumping through hoops to deliver something completely different each year and look forward to next year’s creative brief! From the Adelaide Football Club, "The Events team here at the Adelaide Football Club look forward to this Annual Event as much as Encore. We have an extremely strong working relationship with Encore which allows us to deliver events such as this. When we met with Encore the theme was decided and we discussed all elements of the event from styling, multimedia requirements and production. "With so many elements involved including a vehicle on stage, MC, a multitude of performers including a five piece band and two Auctioneers, it was smooth sailing from bump in to bump out. Encore handled last minutes run sheet changes during the event without a hitch. "The feedback from our guests and Executive has been overwhelming in relation to the entrance and the room. We believe this set the scene for the night and contributed to our overall result." FIJI Annual Sales Conference Venue: InterContinental Fiji Gold & Spa Resort A wonderful setting in Fiji for The Wonderful Company's year's sale conference Encore in Fiji were engaged by leading US health food company, The Wonderful Company, to deliver their annual sales conference for 200 high-performing team members in tropical Fiji. Held between 3 - 7 June 2019 at the InterContinental Fiji Golf & Spa Resort, as the in-house AV and event services partner, Encore collaborated with Rosie Hollidays who provided all the styling, decor and concept for the event. The event program comprised a Welcome Dinner at Kama beachfront, followed by two full days of conference sessions, a White party dinner on Thursday before a final day of conference sessions before flying home. The event vision was clear from the outset and the client’s prior production experience helped make the process run smoothly. The final concept was significantly larger than what was initially proposed as The Wonderful Company grew more excited about the event and more confident in Encore’s capabilities. The Welcome Dinner held on the foreshore of the resort was all about setting the tone for the event to come. There was lots of vibrant, colourful lighting to echo the tropical surroundings with guests even treated to a special ‘welcome drink’ in a kava ceremony - a traditional Fijian welcoming ritual. The tropical vibes continued into the design of the main conference in the Ballroom; the stage was dressed with a cane matting, the bright palm-tree imagery on the large 20ft x 11ft rear projector screen, as well as the suspended hollow wooden hearts which were used as a branding device. Across all of the events, The Wonderful Company's heart-shaped logo was incorporated in various ways from a gobo projected onto the roof at the Welcome Dinner, the suspended wooden hearts in the conference design and a special custom-made 5m flaming heart for the closing White Party. The scope and production management involved with delivering this event on the 4th tee of the golf course presented many challenges for the Encore team to overcome. There was actually a pro golf tournament happening at the time, which meant Encore had to coordinate the bump-in to occur at a specific time and work around their schedule. An event of this scale meant we were coordinating 9 external suppliers, with a tight turnaround on a remote location, definitely presented many challenges. However the event went off without a hitch – even the ‘59 Chevelle car used for as a photo prop made it through Fijian customs just in time. Lighting was key to the event. We started the night with a blue wash, cloaking the event and which made the all-white guests and décor stand out. Then as the night progressed we continued to changed the lighting colours and effects using our wirelessly controlled uplighting to suit the mood and energy as the event continued into the wee hours. As the big finale guests were treated to a spectacular fireworks display. A wonderful ending to The Wonderful Company’s sales conference. SOUTH AUSTRALIA Red Ball (SA) 2019 Venue: InterContinental Adelaide Encore transformed the Ballroom at InterContinental Adelaide into a lush Enchanted Forest for the Fight Cancer Foundation's fourth annual Red Ball Adelaide held on Saturday 1 June. The gala gave Encore's styling & design team in Adelaide a chance to flex their creative muscles, not leaving a stone in the ballroom unstyled, so to speak. After guests journeyed down the red carpet they were greeted with a beautiful fern-covered archway with decadent gold plinths and spiral topiary plants either side. This was the first clue as to the kind of evening they had instore. Once they entered what used to be a room, the guests were dazzled by the glowing fairy lights, chandelier-filled ceiling and lush greenery all around the room. The stage backdrop was styled beautifully using an array or mirrors, chandeliers and gold mirror frames floating against a tall planter wall. Tables were styled with alternate centrepieces; a mixture of gold twisted willow trees decorated with glass ornaments and tangled in fairy lights with the other being styled a large arrangement of fresh ferns by Botanic Poetry with red beads at the bottom of each vase to incorporate the Fight Cancer Foundation's colour red. Encore projected the night's content onto two 13ft screens flanking either side of the main stage and used the InterContinental Adelaide's Mh5 Moving Head pin spots to cast beautiful coloured lights and patterns around the room. The enchanted evening was hosted by Adam Giles and included a special performance from Glenn Shorrock. The gala was a huge success, raising more than $116,000 to support South Australian children living with cancer! "I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Encore again….. particularly this year and would have no hesitation in working with you again if circumstances permit and to recommend you both. I have had so many wonderful comments about the event….so thank you again for working with me to make it such a success." Jennifer Carnell, Fundraising Coordinator South Australia, Fight Cancer Foundation AUCKLAND Barfoot & Thompson Annual Awards 2019 Venue: SKYCITY Convention Centre Auckland Our Encore team in Auckland partnered with leading real estate brand, Barfoot & Thompson, to deliver their annual awards night in recognizing high performing staff and offices. Held in the Ballroom at SKYCITY Convention Centre Auckland, we delivered a very grand, decadent awards setting for 520 guests. Providing an end-to-end solution for this long-term client, we designed a big Hollywood awards style evening – big custom stage set, with custom on-screen content, red carpet, lots of gold and warm tones. Encore provided a total production solution from initial concept through to execution and management on show night. Upon arrival guests were ushered down a glamorous red carpet posing in front of the 4m media wall to have their 'paparazzi' shot taken. Being an awards night, the hero of the event design was the bespoke stage set comprising of 2 x 15m wide screens, 8 hexagonal panels and a large 15m x 4.5m low res LED screen - the entire design spanning a total of 32m wide! A challenge in the production process was finding projector fabric large enough for the screens, leaving our team to import it from the UK as there is no seamless fabric tat large in New Zealand. Leading up to this impressive stage set, our team built a custom grand staircase in a hexagonal shape to complement the hexagonal screen panels and the gold wire hexagonal table centrepieces. We collaborated closely with B&Ts marketing agency who was responsible for producing their on-screen content. It was important we met week in the lead up to the event to review the content and provide technical feedback to make sure it was feasible and provide creative insight as to what could be possible. Our production team brought this content to life on stage using our Watchout media server and some of the largest projectors in the country - 4 x 30K projectors - which included some projection mapping prowess to line up the single image across the entire set including the hexagonal panels. Lighting design comprised of static, amber-coloured pin spots lighting each onto each table, 8 profile lights rigged to the ceiling with 16 from the floor, casting beams of light around the room with gobo beams breaking them up. During each award a ballyhoo lighting effect was used giving it that Hollywood awards feel “similar to a lighting drumroll effect”. We created a beautiful canopy effect on the ceiling using luxurious gold draping interspersed with warm fairy lights with black draping to dress the venue walls. Guest were treated to a mesmerising performance by a trio with the Grand Piano as we all as a special performance from popular New Zealand singer-songwriter Lizzie Marvelly. The choice of gold tones, warm lighting, a flashy dramatic stage set with big, orchestral music all worked beautifully together to create one memorable awards night. -- Partner with the production specialists for your next event At Encore, we believe in turning ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. With Australia's largest range of event production solutions at our fingertips, we have the creativity and technology to bring your event vision to life. From conferences, galas and exhibitions to sale incentives, product launches and touring roadshows; we have the network, experience and equipment to deliver your event seamlessly. Get in touch with us today to start discussing the requirements for your upcoming events. ... Read More

Event Ideas: Using AV solutions to enhance event performances

Jul 4 2019
Encore Research
Do you think you’ve seen it all before? Think again. Performances at events are common place. From dance troupes, magicians, quick-change acts to aerialists, bands and more. It can be a challenge finding the right entertainment to re-energise and captivate your guests. And thanks to social media, the challenge of discovering a new experience is only amplified as anything worth sharing is shared; to hundreds, thousands and millions of people in an instant. So what’s the answer? Creative technical production to cast a new light on these performances, elevating them from something you’ve seen before to something never experienced. Are you ready? The Point of Engagement So, why does your event need enhanced performances? If you’ve held events before, you’ve figured out putting on a great display goes beyond a disco ball and a spotlight. The connection between an on stage performance and what’s going on in the background has the powerful ability to build excitement in the audience and confidence in the performer. When it’s done right, performers will thrive on what’s happening around them, while the guests are left with an experience they won’t expect. Any venue can become a part of your presenter’s performance, not just simply accommodation for a captive audience. Below are some ideas on how event producers are building this connection between performers and the event environment using a combination of audio visual greatness and a healthy dose of creativity. The Fine Art of Light and Sound In terms of event planning, delivering something unexpected for guests has become increasingly difficult as each year passes. The good news is new technologies and the latest in crowd-pleasing AV techniques give us a vast number of ways to deliver something extraordinary. Lighting design with flair Lighting creates mood. Actually, it has the ability to alter mood, which is a very powerful thing, when you think about it. When it comes to performances, the effect of lighting goes far beyond simply shining a light on them. Clever lighting design can shape a performance. There are a myriad of lighting equipment and techniques to set the tone of a performance such as static and moving pinspots, ballyhoo, uplights, hazy smoke effects and more. Combining light and colour can alter a room’s ambience, synchronising seamlessly with the performance for dramatic impact. And sometimes, no lighting at all at the right time during a performance can have the biggest effect of them all. They all have their place. Enhance the atmosphere with sounds Music and sound also have the ability to transform. There’s not too many of us who don’t have memories attached to certain sounds, music or a particular song. The right combination can create the perfect atmosphere to complement any performance and take guests on the journey. Set the Stage and the Performer Imagine a room where you can be transported into the eye of a storm, a sea filled with jellyfish, or even a rainforest. The same room can take your guests back in time with large scale imagery of days gone by. Your set design can give your performances the backdrop they need to elevate their impact. We’ve created wide vistas of jungles for rope artist performance, of the Italian coastline for a Bond themed dance and custom designed a set to replicate a large ship for a dance performance as part of an HMAS themed gala. Lighting that moves Kinetic lighting is new addition to our lighting arsenal. By using a combination of mechanics and lighting, movement prevails, synchronised and relevant to your events theme or your soundtrack. Kinetic Lights are a lighting system that is rigged to the ceiling and turns any vast space into a dazzling light display. The lights are programmed to change colour, flicker, glow and can be choreographed to move up and down in sync with a performance. We’ve used them to enhance an aerialists performance, a band and even to amp up the crowd for high-energy opening act of a gala dinner. Wall to floor imagery If large screen TV’s are your thing, then you’ll love the latest in wall to floor LED screens allowing for an incredible 3D experience. Latest LED screens allow content to seamlessly extend from the wall down to the floor creating an immersive 3D effect. This is the perfect backdrop to transport your performers to distant places, back in time or underwater – any setting is possible with our team of in-house designers. But wait, there’s more. Mind-bending illusions with projection mapping and holographic technology Want to change the appearance of the performer’s outfit to blend in with the background? You can, thanks to projection mapping. Depending on the type of performance, projection mapping 2D and 3D content onto the stage set or another object they interact with, is another way to enhance the performance and tell the story. Our team in Sydney used projection mapping to change the outfit of an aerialist for a gala in Sydney. We’ve turned a static stage set into a moving alien world for performers to interact with at the launch of a new video game. We’ve even used projection mapping to change the backdrop behind performers, continually transporting them to different spaces as the performance transpired. What about creating a holographic-like experience to have a performer appear to be swimming in underwater? For a large destination incentive, our team created an entertaining game simulation of an underwater treasure hunt made possible using a range of AV techniques, collectively referred to as blended reality. The journey saw a live performer participate in the underwater adventure using layered multimedia with a holographic mesh screen, LEDs, and choreographed robotics show. Holographic mesh screen & Holograms enhance the event by offering the once thought impossible. In Canberra we used the holographic mesh screen to make the presenter appear on stage interviewing himself as if there were actually two of him. This holographic effect can even be used for dance performances. Dancers projected onto a backdrop, with the help of sensors, can interact and even mimic what’s happening on stage, making it appear as though their shadow was dancing. Immerse your audience in the performance by combining these innovative solutions with creative lighting design and sound FX. So how is it done? Smartly. Creatively. Intuitively. Leave Everyone Wanting More This is not about distracting your guests from what’s happening on stage, but rather soaking them in the entire atmosphere and transporting them to another world, even if it’s only for a few hours. A performance supported by the right creative production goes beyond something you witness to something you experience. And that’s where unforgettable moments resonate. From a return on investment point of view, if you’re spending big dollars on getting the big names to perform at your event, give them the experience that even they’ll never forget with creative production. See for Yourself: Speak to the AV experts for your next event At Encore, we understand how long it takes to plan and organise the type of events that become the talk of the town. You want the lighting to be perfect, the visual messaging to be strong, the audio to be mesmerizing, and the live performances to truly shine. There's no room for half measures, especially when your audience is comprised of individuals who've been bombarded by all kinds of media and have likely seen it all. The only way to impress them is with an all-encompassing solution that consists of the most cutting edge AV technology and techniques available. Bringing the right solutions to your brief requires expertise. That’s exactly what Encore Event Technologies has in abundance. Contact us to have your ordinary event transform into an extraordinary experience. ... Read More