Apr 11 2024
Encore Research

10 Must Ask Questions for your Venue Site Visit. When it comes to choosing the perfect venue for your event, a site visit is invaluable. Beyond just visualising your event space, it’s an opportunity to engage with your potential venue team and gain insights crucial for success. Amidst the hustle of space constraints and catering …

Colours Matter: Harnessing the power of colours to captivate audiences

Apr 10 2024
Encore Research
A guide to leveraging colour psychology in event design Step into the vibrant world where hues transcend mere aesthetics and become orchestrators of emotion, behaviour and perception. In event design, colours wield an extraordinary power to mold experiences and provoke responses from attendees. This post unravels the captivating realm of colour psychology, exploring how strategic ...

There's no reward quite like international incentive events

Jan 9 2024
A multi-generational perspective to motivating and rewarding employees Motivating and rewarding employees in today’s competitive business landscape is pivotal for sustained success, especially in a diverse, multi-generational workforce. The current workplace environment is a fascinating blend of different generations: active Baby Boomers, advancing Gen X, establishing Millennials, and the emerging impact of Gen Z. Having ...

Humpty Dumpty Foundation's Sponsor Dinner 2022

Sep 29 2022
Encore Research
Long-term client of over 20 year, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation approach Encore to again deliver their annual Balmoral Burn Sponsors Dinner. This year was to be particularly special as it was the 20th anniversary of the event. The Balmoral Burn is a gruelling 420m run up Awaba Steet in Mosman, one of the steepest hills in ...

Table Projections Stun at Gala Dinner

Jun 21 2022
Encore Research
When you need to deliver an experience that’s immersive and exciting, something truly unique that leaves guests speechless…who are you going to call? Encore! The Event Brief That was the brief from longstanding client TRIBE to Encore earlier this year when they were tasked with designing an event to reward and motivate a leading financial ...

Disco themed Glamour for Crown Melbourne's New Year's Eve Gala 2021

Apr 6 2022
Encore Research
Crown Melbourne rolls into 2022 with glamorous NYE Gala Encore and the events team at Crown Melbourne hosted an incredible, hotly awaited New Years Eve Gala at The Palladium at Crown to usher in 2022! Over 1,000 executives and VIPs attended the glamorous “21st Century Disco” themed event and their expectations were greatly exceeded. Anticipation ...

Navigating Lockdowns Mid-Event: What you can learn from this last minute pivot to virtual

Aug 15 2021
Encore Research
An unexpected lockdown during a multi-day event is the new nightmare keeping event planners up at night. So when this situation arises during your event, what should you do? That was the dilemma the team at Hanson Australia were faced with when a sudden COVID outbreak caused a state-wide lockdown during their 5-day event in ...