10 Must Ask Questions for your Venue Site Visit.

When it comes to choosing the perfect venue for your event, a site visit is invaluable. Beyond just visualising your event space, it’s an opportunity to engage with your potential venue team and gain insights crucial for success.

Amidst the hustle of space constraints and catering details, it’s important not to overlook the importance of connecting with event production partner. Yet, on your next site visit, making time to engage with them and ask these essential questions can make all the difference in ensuring a flawless event execution.

1) How can we maximise impact within our budget?

This question aims to leverage the expertise of the AV team to find innovative solutions that align with your budget while elevating the event experience. By tapping into their knowledge of the space and technology, you can unlock creative possibilities that may not have been initially considered.

2) What additional services do you offer beyond audio-visual?

Exploring the range of services offered by the AV company can streamline your event planning process by consolidating multiple aspects under one provider. From content design, theming and styling to technical and production services, understanding their full suite of offerings will simplify logistics you need to manage and potentially save costs.

3) Are there any new cutting-edge technologies we can incorporate?

By enquiring about emerging technologies, you open the door to innovative solutions that can enhance attendee engagement and overall event experience. Whether it’s artificial intelligence for audience engagement or technique for immersive experiences, staying informed about the latest tech offerings can differentiate your event.

4) Who will be our main point of contact, and how involved will they be?

Establishing clear lines of communication and understanding the level of support provided by the event production team ensures smooth coordination leading up to and during the event. Knowing who to reach out to for assistance and their level of availability can prevent misunderstandings and address issues promptly.

5) What information do you need from us to ensure a successful event?

Fostering open dialogue allows the event production team to gather essential details about your event objectives, technical requirements, and logistical preferences. By providing comprehensive information upfront, you enable them to tailor their services effectively and anticipate potential challenges.

6) Can you provide examples of similar events you’ve supported in this venue?

Reviewing past event experiences helps gauge the event production company’s familiarity with the venue and their ability to overcome potential challenges. Insights from previous collaborations offer valuable reassurance and may inspire new ideas for optimising event execution.

7) Do you offer on-site technical support throughout the event?

Knowing whether the production team will have dedicated on-site staff available for assistance reassures event planners and attendees alike. Prompt technical assistance can address any issues promptly, allowing the event to proceed smoothly without interruptions.

8) Can you recommend any venue-specific enhancements or optimisations?

Leveraging the event production team’s familiarity with the venue, this question encourages suggestions for maximising the space’s potential and optimising technical setups. Their insights may unveil hidden opportunities or address logistical considerations unique to the venue.

9) Are there any cost-effective strategies or package options available for our event?

Exploring cost-effective solutions and package deals tailored to your event requirements can help optimise budget allocation and maximise value. By collaborating with the production team to identify cost-saving measures, you can achieve your event goals without compromising quality or impact.

10) What makes your venue unique compared to others?

Understanding what sets the venue apart can provide valuable insights into its capabilities and potential for creating memorable event experiences. Whether it’s architectural features, technological innovations, or unique amenities, knowing the venue’s distinct qualities can inform your event planning decisions and enhance overall guest satisfaction.

At the end of the day communication is a two-way street.

A final question to end on…

What information do you need from me?
Your event manager may have some questions for you as well that will spark some ideas. This important conversation will make sure they have a full understanding of what you’re trying to accomplish up-front to avoid complications later on.

Equipped with these insightful questions during your venue site visit, you can confidently navigate the selection process and forge a collaborative partnership with your event production partner. It lays the groundwork for a seamless event execution, ensuring your vision comes to life flawlessly, right from the start.


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