A guide to leveraging colour psychology in event design

Step into the vibrant world where hues transcend mere aesthetics and become orchestrators of emotion, behaviour and perception. In event design, colours wield an extraordinary power to mold experiences and provoke responses from attendees. This post unravels the captivating realm of colour psychology, exploring how strategic use of colours can evoke specific emotions, incite certain behaviours or influence perception.

As event planners, understanding the dynamic interplay of colours becomes pivotal, as it empowers us to curate immersive experiences that resonate with our attendees on a profound level. Join us on this journey as we delve into the psychology of colours, providing insights and ideas to breathe life into your event designs and create unforgettable moments that linger in the hearts and minds of those who partake in the chromatic tapestry of your events.

The Science Behind Colour Psychology

Colours are not just a matter of aesthetics; they can have a profound impact on us emotionally. Research in this area has confirmed what we have long suspected: that colours can influence our internal physiology and create unconscious reactions.

The colours we see trigger signals in our brain, releasing chemicals that influence how we feel. Consider the neurological effects of warm versus cool tones. For example, warm colours like red, orange and yellow can stimulate the release of adrenaline, inducing excitement, happiness and passion.

Contrastingly, cool colours like blue and greens may prompt the release of oxytocin, associated with calmness and feel soothing. This intricate process combines evolutionary, cultural, and personal associations, shaping our emotional reactions to the colours we perceive. Harnessing this science, event planners strategically use colours to create atmospheres that inspire specific emotions, guiding our experiences and perceptions in a kaleidoscope of feelings.

The sway colour has on our mindset and behavior has become so renowned, in fact, that prisons have even used a specific shade of pink, known as “drunk tank pink,” in efforts to calm violent prisoners.

This fascinating field of research shows us that, not only does the presence of colour affect our cognition and mood, certain hues affect how we internalise information and interact.

How different colours influence us

Green, associated with nature, induces a sense of balance and calm. It fosters feelings of harmony and tranquility, tapping into the psyche’s connection with growth and renewal. Green’s calming effect is beneficial for reducing stress and promoting a sense of well-being.

Blue, known for its calming properties, invokes a sense of stability and reliability. Psychologically, blue stimulates a tranquil and focused mindset, fostering clear communication. It elicits trust and professionalism, making it an ideal choice for events where trust and concentration are crucial.

Red, a dynamic and attention-grabbing colour, triggers heightened emotions. Psychologically, red stimulates excitement, urgency, and energy. It increases heart rate and creates a sense of urgency, making it effective for events aiming to evoke passion, energy, and action.

Pink, a softer hue, evokes feelings of warmth and compassion. Pink is associated with love and nurturance. It induces a calming effect and can alleviate feelings of aggression. In events, pink promotes a sense of gentleness, making it suitable for gatherings focused on relationships or emotional connections.

Purple, often linked to creativity and luxury, stimulates a sense of sophistication. Purple sparks imagination and signifies uniqueness. It encourages a creative mindset and adds an air of exclusivity, making it ideal for events seeking a touch of luxury or artistic ambiance.

Yellow, a colour of optimism, promotes positive energy and happiness. Yellow stimulates mental clarity and encourages communication. It boosts creativity and social interaction, creating an atmosphere of warmth and enthusiasm suitable for lively and uplifting events.

Orange, a vibrant and energetic colour, invokes feelings of enthusiasm. Orange stimulates socialization and creativity. It encourages interaction and conversation, making it a lively choice for events seeking a dynamic and engaging ambiance.

White, symbolising purity and simplicity, creates a sense of cleanliness and clarity. White enhances a feeling of openness and neutrality. It provides a blank canvas, allowing attendees to focus on content, making it suitable for a variety of events.

Black, associated with sophistication and formality, adds a touch of drama. Black creates a sense of mystery and intrigue. It adds depth and contrast, making other colours or design elements pop and command attention, enhancing the overall psychological impact.

Gold, symbolizing luxury and success, induces feelings of opulence. Gold is associated with prestige and accomplishment. It stimulates a sense of celebration and grandeur, making it an ideal choice for upscale events or occasions where indulgence is highlighted.

Silver, representing modernity and innovation, adds a sleek and contemporary vibe. Silver stimulates a sense of sophistication and cutting-edge thinking. It imparts a futuristic feel, making it suitable for events with a modern or innovative theme.

How colour enhances attendee engagement


Humans are more sensitive to the impact of colour than you may expect, something that grants you a unique capability to strategically influence audiences. How? By leveraging this aspect of your meeting or event design, you can boost engagement to strengthen the power of your programming.

“There has been a lot of research dedicated towards neuroscience recently and one really neat finding as it relates to our business is that when the right colours are added to a meeting, attendees are more engaged, message retention increases and the overall atmosphere is improved.

“What this means in layman’s terms is that by using certain colours within the meeting space, we can adjust an audience’s mood to best match the content being presented…”

– Encore Global’s Product Manager, Tom Drozd.

Combine these findings with research that demonstrates 80-85 percent of our perception, learning and cognition is mediated through vision, and it’s clear to see how being purposeful about colour use can work in your favour.

Looking ahead for 2024: Colour of the Year

In 2024, Pantone introduces “Peach Fuzz” as the colour of the Year, a velvety, gentle peach enriching mind, body, and soul.

This compassionate and nurturing shade, embodying a desire for togetherness, presents a fresh approach to softness. With a subtly sensual and heartfelt touch, Peach Fuzz communicates a message of caring, sharing, and community. Perfect for event design, it creates an inviting, uplifting atmosphere, fostering positive interactions and enhancing the overall attendee experience. Understanding the psychology behind this peach hue allows event planners to infuse gatherings with warmth, connection, and a sense of collaboration.


Amplify your impact with vibrant technology solutions


Having the optimal technology solutions and expertise on your side can ensure you’re showcasing the right colours, at the right moments, using the right technology. This enables planners to use lighting design to shape the participant journey and reach new levels of success in achieving your meeting objectives. Adding colour through lighting and projected content is the starting point for most events. So what is available beyond these?

Enter LED technology.

Whilst LED technology has been around for years, the sophistication and technical possibilities of LED event solutions have been advancing at the speed of light in recent years. This is why Encore has introduced a whole range of new and exciting LED solutions perfect for adding ultra bright, dimensional lighting to events.

Encore’s inventory now includes a vast amount of mobile and modular LED capable of creating a stage set of almost any size, dimension or configuration, curved or convex, 2D or 3D construction, even giant cubes or cylinder shapes which can be stage-mounted or suspended from the ceiling. Below are some ideas for how you can hardness the high-power of LED to cast colour with crystal clear precision at your events.

Using technology to inject colour into events:

LED technology is a perfect way to incorporate greater use of colour at indoor or outdoor gatherings. LED Screens enables you to cast screens or even full walls in colour, delivering striking visual content in high resolution, regardless of surface or image size.  

LED table lamps are cost-effective way to add colour to your tablescape. Position the LED lights above or below the tables and you can even change the colour throughout the event to evoke different moods from the attendees.

LED Uplighting let’s you enhance the energy of an exhibition booth or line the red carpet for a truly grand entrance. LED lights allow you to leverage colour psychology to set the tone of your event.

Astera LED Titan Tubes are LED lights that radiate powerful and ultra-bright light which are wirelessly controlled to change colour to match the design of your event, mirror your brand or enhance the ambience. These are perfect for a striking coloured lighting installation.

No matter your event’s theme or purpose, LED technology provides you with a rich palette to play with. Using this lighting in place of a traditional incandescent fixture allows for endless colour mixing, including saturation and intensity. Change the ambiance of your event space at any time — colour mixing is executed seamlessly.

See Encore’s latest LED technology to spark your colour creativity.

Encore expands industry-leading inventory of LED with a raft of new, creative solutions

Add A Splash of Colour to Your Event with Encore

Whether you’re planning a large-scale event or small meeting, our experts can help you choose the right colour-creating tech to captivate and impress audiences. Plus, by partnering with a full-service provider like Encore, you’ll have an industry-leading team on your side to provide guidance on enhancing your meeting or event design, creating stunning content, and managing technology before, during and after the production. 

Want to discuss your meeting or event needs? We’d love to offer a free consultation on how we can help deliver a memorable experience that leaves audiences amazed – get in touch.


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