Light Equals Drama!

The sophistication and technical possibilities of LED event solutions have been advancing at the speed of light in recent years, which is why Encore is leading the charge announcing the purchase of the largest inventory in our industry.

This purchase includes a vast amount of mobile and modular LED capable of creating a stage set of almost any size, dimension or configuration, curved or convex, 2D or 3D construction, even giant cubes or cylinder shapes which can be stage-mounted or suspended from the ceiling.

The new inventory is suitable for any event type, from smaller conferences and meetings to Hollywood-scale award ceremony style sets for events on a grand stage!

In our previous blog we investigated the many benefits of this technology, as well as demonstrating how customer demand for flexibility is driving the need for mobile LED solutions for stage set design. This investment is sure to see more amazing event designs utilising this in-demand technology.

The new screens on the scene

LED screens have been around for a while, but our tech wizards have discovered ways to use them for unforgettable experiences, utilising immersive vision and audio techniques. The possibilities are endless, so we’ve expanded our inventory to offer a vast array of LED solutions to enhance the impact to any event.

Super-sized mobile LED

3D Cube

Encore’s technical teams have been busy discovering and developing the latest LED technical solutions to create stand-out events for our client. They recently introduced 3D LED cubes into our inventory, but they’re so much more than just a screen to display multimedia. Think of it as a three-dimensional display consisting of high-definition pixels which can be used to animation or graphics to life seamlessly all around a 3D surface.


LED Totems

Modular, mobile LED

Not only can our screens show content moving around any 3D shape, but they can also be used to create the physical silhouette of the content you want to show. Imagine an 2D LED constructed in the same shape as a city landscape. So rather than displaying the design on a flat, rectangular screen, your LED formations become part of the physical construction.

Mobile, 135 Inch LED Display

For presentations
For innovative screen displays

Nothing beats our fine pixel pitch direct view LED solutions for high-detail content viewed from closer distances. They are super-thin, adjustable-height and mobile, so you can use them anywhere for a innovative visual experience for your attendees.

The screens are mobile and pre-assembled for instant use. Plus, they are super slim and sleek and enable the ingenious feature of being foldable, so you can move them easily between locations, then fold-out to their full, impressive width. Want more? They have a built-in stand with motorised height adjustment to suit your presenter and stage and include impressive audio speakers.

Use them for presentations, smaller conferences, meetings, exhibitions or just about any event for which you need a crystal-clear, professional screen option. Impress your audience everywhere from boardrooms and reception areas to auditoriums, and other large venues.

Multimedia design for LED screens

Our custom-sized and multi-shape screens enable you to deliver a new frontier in content and vision for your display. Encore offers a vast range of multimedia solutions to tell your story. From dramatised award ceremony videos creating suspense, to adding life to any surface imaginable through custom screen multimedia and the LED displays, our expert designers will produce the perfect multimedia content for your event.

Benefits of LED

Transport audiences to worlds beyond belief — Create a high-production look. Take your participants on an adventure to different places, emotional spaces or even planets, right from their chairs. With LED, you can personalize the environment of any space to heighten your programming.

Deliver clear, high-resolution visuals in any space — LED enables you to deliver vibrant visual content whether your event is indoor or outdoor, in dim light, under bright stage lights, or even in daylight.

Support meaningful networking — Create a more engaging networking space! Transform any surface into a multimedia billboard of key ideas to spark new possibilities for your participants to connect with your content and each other.

Create an attention-grabbing display for promotions — Hoping to sell or promote a certain product? Spark interest by using LED walls to create an interactive display behind it. Any extra plus? Unlike traditional solutions, you won’t have to worry about someone walking through the cone of projection.


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