Light equals drama!

LED displays have garnered immense popularity due to the multitude of advantages they provide to both event organisers and attendees, thereby making it an indispensable feature at events of types and sizes. Here are seven of the top benefits that mobile LED displays can offer at events.

1) Crystal clear vision

Immerse yourself in the captivating content displayed on our mobile LED screens and experience an unprecedented level of visual clarity. Be it the glaring daylight or ambient light, our display screens exhibit an exceptional picture quality. Furthermore, owing to their remarkable resolution and exquisite pixel pitch, these cutting-edge mobile LED displays are ideally suited for a diverse range of events, ranging from intimate meetings and breakout sessions to grand conferences.

Encore Mobile LED Display - Benefits of Mobile LED Displays

2) Display content on-the-go

The versatility of event LED displays knows no bounds. At certain events, the ability to conveniently transport a screen to the precise location where the audience is headed can prove to be immensely advantageous.

3) Affordability

When one embarks upon a comparative analysis of mobile LED displays and their custom-built modular counterparts, it becomes evident that the former presents a more cost-effective alternative in the realm of event technology. Not only does the rental price tag prove more favorable, but also, there is no compromise in terms of picture quality. Leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of contemporary mobile LED systems, organisers have the liberty to select from an array of pixel pitches and resolutions, thus ensuring the delivery of crystal-clear visuals that augment the overall event experience for attendees.

4) Adaptable stand and transport-anywhere road case

The advent of LED displays has ushered in a revolution within the market, primarily owing to their inherent flexibility.  Our remarkable 135” displays are ingeniously mounted on a stand that can be effortlessly adjusted, raised, or lowered to seamlessly accommodate the characteristics of any given room, stage, or presenter. Furthermore, their unparalleled foldability renders them capable of being neatly tucked away into a compact road case, facilitating their transportation from one room to another or even to diverse venues.

Mobile LED Displays offers great flexibility and adds to your dynamic presentation - Encore Event Technologies APAC

5) Ease of use

The true potential of this remarkable event technology can be fully harnessed, courtesy of its intuitive and user-friendly design. Mobile LED displays have been meticulously engineered with the end operator in mind, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free user experience. While they boast of simplicity in operation, our team of technical experts remains at your disposal to diligently manage the setup, content upload, and overall operation of the display. This allows you, as the host, to wholeheartedly concentrate on curating an unforgettable and truly spectacular event.

LED Display solutions by Encore - LED Cylinders .

 6) Everything you need to see, hear and integrate

The utilisation of Encore’s mobile LED solution encompasses much more than a mere showcase of visual content or images; it transcends into the realm of integration with every essential element required for a holistic viewing experience. Furthermore, it presents a wireless content sharing solution that facilitates the seamless transmission of data from mobile devices to the display over wireless networks, regardless of the scale, be it one-to-one or many-to-one. Equipped with an embedded operating system and Wi-Fi connectivity, users find themselves able to effortlessly navigate within a familiar PC environment, thereby enabling a multitude of functionalities such as app installation, web browsing, multimedia playback, wireless device connectivity, and various other applications. The display also comes with inbuilt audio for simple convenience and usability, great for video and streaming.

7) Get more eyeballs on your message

In a concerted effort to augment the visibility and reach of your message, mobile LED displays have the unique capability to transcend the confines of traditional static locations and bring your brand or sponsor message directly to your target audience. The unparalleled potential to expand the number of impressions garnered by your sponsorship logos and messaging subsequently leads to an increase in sponsor opportunities. These displays are particularly indispensable in well-illuminated entrances, high-traffic areas, and lobbies, where they effectively serve as a means to acknowledge and communicate the partnerships forged with sponsors.

To conclude

The prominence of mobile LED displays in the realm of streaming remarkable event content cannot be overstated, as they have rapidly emerged as one of the most sought-after choices owing to their myriad of benefits. Irrespective of the magnitude of the event you are organising, these versatile displays possess the ability to effortlessly adapt to any setting, enabling you, as an event manager, to streamline your responsibilities while simultaneously making an indelible impact on the audience.


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