Nov 30 2022
Encore Research

How effective venue and in-house event production relationships create the perfect combination for exceptional events. By Encore National Sales Director, Michael Magafa. Events typically involve highly emotional decisions. Whether you’re organising a conference on behalf of a client, or the Executive Assistant wanting to impress your CEO, and most definitely the bride – they’re often …

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11 ways to enhance in-person events with technology

Nov 25 2022
Encore Research
Corporate events forge connections. Whether you’re hosting a sprawling conference, an industry awards night or a small team workshop, you’re bringing people together in new and inspiring ways. Yet a great theme, venue and run sheet can only take you so far. To ensure attendees value their time in the same room, you should  use ...

Creating agile venues of the future

Nov 14 2022
Encore Research
As the events market ramps back up to full speed, it’s worth asking an important question about use of space. Instead of just picking up where we left off, could we find a more suitable way to set up staging, technology and more in event venues? Looking at what our customers really want from their ...

Humpty Dumpty Foundation's Sponsor Dinner 2022

Sep 29 2022
Encore Research
Long-term client of over 20 year, the Humpty Dumpty Foundation approach Encore to again deliver their annual Balmoral Burn Sponsors Dinner. This year was to be particularly special as it was the 20th anniversary of the event. The Balmoral Burn is a gruelling 420m run up Awaba Steet in Mosman, one of the steepest hills in ...

Planner Pulse Insights: Hybrid is here to stay

Aug 28 2022
Encore Research
More meeting and event professionals are actively booking or sourcing new events now than any time since 2020. According to the Encore Summer Planner Pulse 2022 report, that number represents 71% of 461 survey respondents, who represent a diverse swath of corporate, association, administrative, marketing, third-party, independent and special event producers and organizers. More than ...

The future of event tech and production in hotels

Aug 16 2022
Encore Research
Industry trends and technology never stand still for long. This means that to produce the best possible events, every party involved will have to change with the times. Such a major shift may seem daunting, but it’s really just a question of getting in step with new expectations to craft great, memorable experiences. By Scott ...

How to choose the best event platform

Jun 28 2022
Encore Research
A Guide to Finding the Right Platform for Your Event Spoiler Alert: It all boils down to how much lead time you have. Since the start of COVID, we’ve noticed event planners are juggling shorter lead times and tighter budgets. So whilst you mightn’t have the luxury of a generous planning window to organise your ...

Table Projections Stun at Gala Dinner

Jun 21 2022
Encore Research
When you need to deliver an experience that’s immersive and exciting, something truly unique that leaves guests speechless…who are you going to call? Encore! The Event Brief That was the brief from longstanding client TRIBE to Encore earlier this year when they were tasked with designing an event to reward and motivate a leading financial ...