May 15 2024
Encore Research

Harnessing the Power of Creativity In a dynamic world driven by innovation, creativity stands as our guiding light, navigating us through change and evolution. Join me, Julz Partington, a seasoned event designer and creative director, as we embark on a journey to harness and magnify the spark of creativity, transforming it into a powerful spotlight. …

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Immersive Audio Experiences: creating soundscapes with cutting-edge technology

Apr 12 2024
Leveraging AV to create soundscapes of engagement Step into a realm where sound isn’t just heard—it’s felt. From heart-pounding effects to finely tuned audio, discover the art of sculpting emotions through sound. Just think about it: the crackle of thunder in a movie sends shivers down your spine, while a nostalgic melody instantly whisks you away ...

The Secrets of Event Success

Apr 11 2024
Encore Research
10 Must Ask Questions for your Venue Site Visit. When it comes to choosing the perfect venue for your event, a site visit is invaluable. Beyond just visualising your event space, it’s an opportunity to engage with your potential venue team and gain insights crucial for success. Amidst the hustle of space constraints and catering ...

Colours Matter: Harnessing the power of colours to captivate audiences

Apr 10 2024
Encore Research
A guide to leveraging colour psychology in event design Step into the vibrant world where hues transcend mere aesthetics and become orchestrators of emotion, behaviour and perception. In event design, colours wield an extraordinary power to mold experiences and provoke responses from attendees. This post unravels the captivating realm of colour psychology, exploring how strategic ...

Lights, Cameras, AI-action: Next Gen Technology to LEVEL UP your events

Mar 11 2024
Tech Innovation Roundup Get ready to LEVEL UP your events in 2024 with Encore! We’re committed to empowering you with cutting-edge technology and world-class services to create extraordinary moments and engaging experiences. Check out our latest inventory updates and get ready to take your events to the next level! On this page: AI-tech for enhanced ...

10 misconceptions about Design Thinking

Feb 28 2024
Design Thinking is not what most think it is… Design Thinking is invaluable for event organisers because it brings a user-focused, creative, and integrated approach to the event planning process, ultimately resulting in more engaging, more memorable, and more successful events. In our previous blog we covered what Design Thinking is, the key principles and steps ...

Design Thinking: a dynamic approach to creating immersive events that captivate, educate and engage

Jan 15 2024
Design Thinking: where problems become opportunities, ideas transform into solutions and unforgettable experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of attendees.  Imagine a colourful kaleidoscope where diverse thoughts and experiences converge, creating a mesmerising pattern of possibilities. Design Thinking is the ultimate innovation jam session. It’s like conducting a symphony of ideas, turning every brief ...

There's no reward quite like international incentive events

Jan 9 2024
A multi-generational perspective to motivating and rewarding employees Motivating and rewarding employees in today’s competitive business landscape is pivotal for sustained success, especially in a diverse, multi-generational workforce. The current workplace environment is a fascinating blend of different generations: active Baby Boomers, advancing Gen X, establishing Millennials, and the emerging impact of Gen Z. Having ...