Amazing uses of Extended Reality to deliver powerful virtual events

Before we delve into what Extended Reality can do and it’s impact for events, we firstly need to explain “What is Extended Reality”? Extended Reality is the umbrella term for an environment that blends the physical and virtual world together combining Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality. Extended reality has many applications for enhanced … Read More

Encore launches new contactless check-in service

With in-person events beginning to return, meeting organisers are proceeding cautiously and looking to their event services partner to deliver events safely and responsibly Encore recently partnered with the Canberra Region Tourism Leaders Forum Group and delivered their Tourism Advisory Forum for 90 attendees at the National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC). The group were focussed on delivering their event while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 for industry delegates. The Encore team utilised a contactless, QR code scanning, check-in product to minimise infection risk from close contact with standard check-in systems. The contactless system delivered a fast and seamless experience for attendees while checking in, to avoid long lines and close contact with others. It required attendees to scan a QR code located on a poster or LCD screen at entrance points, which then linked to a landing page for entry confirmation. Attendees took on average just 10 seconds to register at multiple locations! The on-site team at the NCCC also delivered the event in accordance with Encore’s MeetSAFE guidelines which were developed with key areas of focus in mind: event design, room layout, traffic flow, technology enhancements, and cleaning guidelines. Carla Huetter, Director of Sales & Marketing at the NCCC commented, “We feel very strongly in collaborating with our industry partners to achieve the very best results for all delegates trialling new technologies. It’s an opportunity for true innovation as the meetings industry reshapes in the current circumstances”. “The check-in system gave us the piece of mind that attendees would be safely distancing, which was our priority. The technology was quick and easy to use and worked brilliantly. The team did a great job of delivering the event in a safe way giving our delegates the peace of mind that the venue was clean and all measures were in place for social distancing.” Stuart Buchanan, General Manager ACT at Encore commented, “Contactless Check-In worked perfectly. Not only was it effortless in execution, it also delivered in speed and ease of setup, while security on who was attending was easily monitored by our onsite team who acted as VIP concierges, monitoring via tablets. We could see who was onsite and who was yet to arrive.” ... Read More

Encore enables the UNHCR World Refugee Day to pivot to virtual

Encore delivered the annual United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees World Refugee Day gala, but this year’s event was different. It was delivered as a fully virtual event with 700 guests in attendance from their homes and was the first time the event has ever been delivered virtually. The event celebrates refugees and their stories and raises much needed funds for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Agency’s global operation against corona virus. The goal was to raise $150,000 for refugees in crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Yemen, Bangladesh, and other regions in need around the world. It also celebrated the charity’s 20 years achievements and work for those in need. The evening saw a number of speakers including VIP Australian actors Cate Blanchett and Marta Dusseldorp accompanied by Japanese Australian journalist Kumi Taguchi as MC. The brief was to deliver a production quality webcast with the ability to bring in virtual speakers from around the world and enable audience members to interact with others at the event. After detailed discussions, Encore produced the event webcast from their production studio and utilised a green screen showing an abstract background of UNHCR branded to create a professional look for the MC’s virtual stage. From there Kumi Taguchi was able to introduce the event and speakers virtually from their location. Other speakers were live streamed from their homes or other locations. The Encore team created a webpage for attendees to sign in on and to watch the event via the webcast's live stream. The solution also included the ability for viewers to network with other attendees via a chat function and donate, plus customisable web skin designed using the UNHCR’s brand guide lines. The evening was a total success. All the individual elements and presentations worked together seamlessly and the fund raising goal of $150,000 was exceeded. Leigh Zimmermann, Events and Community Fundraising Manager with UNHCR Australia was delighted with the result, “The webcasting platform was fantastic! The team were amazing and made every request I had easy to achieve. They were so responsive. Cannot fault their support and delivery on this event. This online event was a brand new way of doing things for us and it was very nerve wracking hosting something online when we never had before. They helped in every way, allowed us to multiple tests, answered all questions and concerns. I would recommend and definitely use the platform again” Michael Magafa, National Sales Director at Encore commented, "As this was the first time the client had delivered the event virtually, it was vital that we supported them every step of the way and made them feel comfortable. The event was inspirational and genuinely created an atmosphere of community and celebration despite being virtual." Find out more about Encore's Virtual and Hybrid event solutions ... Read More

Delivering Australia's largest conference in ten years

The 105th Rotary International Convention was confirmed to be held in Australia for the first time since 2003. The event brief outlined the four day event schedule featuring two opening plenary sessions , 5 plenary sessions, 1 business session and 28 breakout sessions with the overarching brief to deliver an event that was intrinsically Australian. ... Read More

Techie Tuesday: Telephone Hybrid Units explained

Each week we aim to demystify the world of AV equipment and event services lingo and reveal exactly what those techs are talking about. In this weeks #TechieTuesday we look at Telephone Hybrid Units, those magical little machines that broadcast your call over the radio!. Welcome to another edition of Techie Tuesday! Each week we aim to demystify the world of audio visual equipment and event services lingo. Ever wondered how you can hear a talk-back caller speak on the radio from their own phone? Or perhaps how a news correspondent can be heard on television when they’re reporting from a remote location without a camera? This is all thanks to the Telephone Hybrid Unit. AV Discipline: Audio AV Category: AV Equipment AV Jargon: Hybrid, Phone Interface, THU What is a Telephone Hybrid Unit? In its simplest form, a telephone hybrid integrates a telephone call into an audio system, allowing the event to extend outside of the function room. It is typically positioned at the Technician’s control desk for ease of access and connectivity with other audio equipment. Hybrid units enable presenters to deliver their speech remotely over the phone, with the live audience listening in the function room, or allow remote participants to listen into a live presentation via the phone. How Does it Work? When you want to present or broadcast a telephone conversation, the telephone hybrid is used to convert the call into a particular format that is compatible with audio systems. For example, when a listener calls a radio station’s talk-back line, the phone is connected to the telephone hybrid unit which gets activated by the on-air announcer ie the DJ. With a simple switch of a button on the hybrid unit, the phone signal is converted into an audio compatible signal which gets fed through the station’s live broadcast and out to the listeners. The AV technician will have individual control over the send and receive signals, ensuring no unwanted feedback (echo or high-pitched robotic noise) is present on the telephone call. Why do you need a Telephone Hybrid Unit? Event types such as Conferences, Product Launches and Annual General Meetings commonly use this device to connect delegates into the event, when they are unable to attend in person. Just like a normal phone call, the telephone hybrid allows for two way communication. The only difference is that instead of using a handset, an audio system with microphones and speakers are required. While other technologies such as video conferencing and web casting have the distinct advantage of being able to use visual elements to communicate, the telephone hybrid is the simplest and easiest method of connecting a remote presenter or audience. It also doesn't rely on internet connection, so for events in remote locations, a telephone hybrid may be the best solution. When you’re next at a conference listening to a speaker present remotely, you‘ll be one of the very few who knows how they do it! If you have any words, terms or lingo you would like our AV experts to demystify for you please send your suggestions through to Written by Andrew Thorne, ANZPAC Manage Safety & Training, Staging Connections. Andrew Thorne drives our training programs at Staging Connections, including our Certificate III in Live Production and Services Program for our new trainees. Related Blogs Techie Tuesday: Talk Back Systems Optimise your event communication with design and production Techie Tuesday: What is a Graphic Equaliser and why do I need one? Love learning the latest lighting and AV techniques? Download our range of free White Papers today. ... Read More