Jun 12 2024

Illuminating events with creative and innovative content As Vivid Sydney, renowned worldwide for its dazzling fusion of light, music, and ideas, captivates audiences, the festival illuminates the enchanting world of projection mapping. So, we’re celebrating the creative artistry and technical mastery at the heart of Vivid. At Encore, we’re privileged to have orchestrated breathtaking projection …

Encore expands industry-leading inventory of LED with a raft of new, creative solutions

Aug 22 2023
Encore Research
Light Equals Drama!   The sophistication and technical possibilities of LED event solutions have been advancing at the speed of light in recent years, which is why Encore is leading the charge announcing the purchase of the largest inventory in our industry.   This purchase includes a vast amount of mobile and modular LED capable ...

Customer demand for flexibility driving need for venues to be more agile

Aug 21 2023
Encore Research
As our industry rapidly returns to full activity, we’ve seen an increased demand among our customers for more bespoke solutions to their event designs – an industry adjustment to how we envision both our space and asset allocation. Having flexible space to provide unique solutions, designed specifically for customers’ event designs, will be the way ...

7 Benefits of using a Mobile LED Display for your Event

Aug 15 2023
Encore Research
Light equals drama! LED displays have garnered immense popularity due to the multitude of advantages they provide to both event organisers and attendees, thereby making it an indispensable feature at events of types and sizes. Here are seven of the top benefits that mobile LED displays can offer at events. 1) Crystal clear vision Immerse ...

How to Transform your Immersive Event using Encore’s Latest New Products

Jul 4 2023
The Latest Trends in Event Technology What’s it all about? We’re providing our valued site visitors with exclusive insight into the latest products in technological solutions for immersive events! An event approach that has increased in popularity in recent years as event organisers seek new and innovative ways to engage their attendees through interactive experiences.  Get ...

How to choose the best event platform

Jun 28 2022
Encore Research
A Guide to Finding the Right Platform for Your Event Spoiler Alert: It all boils down to how much lead time you have. Since the start of COVID, we’ve noticed event planners are juggling shorter lead times and tighter budgets. So whilst you mightn’t have the luxury of a generous planning window to organise your ...

How to produce a hybrid event on a budget

Jan 18 2022
Encore Research
Learn how to master your event budget for hybrid events By now we’re all well and truly familiar with the concept of a hybrid event. They became a life raft for many events throughout the COVID pandemic and continue to help forge the path back to recovery. For some event planners, the benefits of a ...

Event Trends for 2022

Dec 14 2021
Encore Research
Looking back at 2021, Encore shares predictions for what’s staying in 2022. Virtual and hybrid events aren’t going anywhere. Even after Covid, they’re expected to be a firm fixture of the event industry. 73% of event planners agree so. That means that any event planner worth their salt needs to know the top trends for ...