Nov 30 2022
Encore Research

How effective venue and in-house event production relationships create the perfect combination for exceptional events. By Encore National Sales Director, Michael Magafa. Events typically involve highly emotional decisions. Whether you’re organising a conference on behalf of a client, or the Executive Assistant wanting to impress your CEO, and most definitely the bride – they’re often …

11 ways to enhance in-person events with technology

Nov 25 2022
Encore Research
Corporate events forge connections. Whether you’re hosting a sprawling conference, an industry awards night or a small team workshop, you’re bringing people together in new and inspiring ways. Yet a great theme, venue and run sheet can only take you so far. To ensure attendees value their time in the same room, you should  use ...

Creating agile venues of the future

Nov 14 2022
Encore Research
As the events market ramps back up to full speed, it’s worth asking an important question about use of space. Instead of just picking up where we left off, could we find a more suitable way to set up staging, technology and more in event venues? Looking at what our customers really want from their ...

The future of event tech and production in hotels

Aug 16 2022
Encore Research
Industry trends and technology never stand still for long. This means that to produce the best possible events, every party involved will have to change with the times. Such a major shift may seem daunting, but it’s really just a question of getting in step with new expectations to craft great, memorable experiences. By Scott ...

The Future of Hybrid Events

May 10 2022
Encore Research
Although face-to-face events are back in demand, hybrid events are going to be a part of the events landscape for good, say Michael Magafa, Encore Event Technologies’ National Sales Director and Brien Keys, the company’s Regional General Manager for the South West. The desire is to have an in-person element to events wherever possible. But ...

IWD 2022: Women making waves in the AV and event production world

Mar 8 2022
Encore Research
International Women’s Day 2022 – Breaking the Bias Today is International Women’s Day and we celebrate talented Encore women around the globe who help us create events that transform. At Encore, diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational to our culture and core values. We promote an environment that thrives on embracing our differences. Happy International Women’s Day to the great women in the events and hospitality industries around ...

Post-COVID meetings and events: What the future holds

Feb 11 2022
Encore Research
Since the start of COVID-19, thousands of events have been postponed, cancelled or pivoted to virtual platforms. While the vaccine has allowed many businesses to resume events and meetings as usual, new variant waves have continued to stall the return to face-to-face encounters. So, what does all of this mean for the future of in-person ...

How to Plan a Hybrid Annual General Meeting

Mar 2 2021
Encore Research
4 Questions to get you started With majority of events turning to a hybrid format, so too are company Annual General Meetings. Hybrid AGMs have even been endorsed by Australia’s Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, who weighed in on the debate last year around virtual AGMs confirming the government’s preference for a hybrid event model. As reported ...

Choosing the best seating style for your audience

Feb 17 2021
Encore Research
So you have found the perfect venue for your next event, now you need to start to think about the room layout and in particular the seating style for your audience. 11 Seating Arrangements Used for Events As discussed in previous blogs, the communication factor on any event is critical. Whether you are setting up ...

7 steps to choosing an engaging conference theme

Aug 15 2018
Encore Research
Theming is fundamental to the conceptualisation and delivery of every successful event – your theme sets the tone for the entire experience and drives all subsequent planning decisions. The theme is the first impression people will have of your event. So how do you choose a conference theme that is fresh, appealing and on brand? A meaningful concept behind your event helps to direct your planning, keeps your messaging on track, drives audience engagement and delivers on your business objectives. Try to formulate your theme in the form of a question, a statement, a challenge or an idea. Select a theme that can be interpreted loosely, is relatively abstract and open to interpretation. A good conference theme can be carried throughout every touch point of the event including visual design elements, topics, and merchandise and can offer a sense of direction for your speakers. It must be aligned with your company or industry and be consistent with your brand image. Here’s some simple steps to help you choose a theme that will bring your next corporate event to life and create a lasting impression. Define the event goals and purpose Establish the intent of your conference or overall message. Determine what the "takeaway" from the conference should be – what do you want your attendees to remember after they leave? A clear message and intent is key to developing an effective theme for your conference. Ensure your theme is relevant to your target audience Identify your target audience – who do you want to attend your event, and why? How old are they? What is their cultural background and customs? For example, a Business Chicks corporate event will have a theme very different to the Petroleum Gas Conference. The reason for this comes down to who are wanting to attract to your event and what message you are communicating. Then the challenge is finding a creative way to tell that message that will resonate with them. Your theme should be intelligent, inclusive and appealing to attract a high audience attendance rate. Consider your budget and the event parameters Where is the conference being held? What is the duration of the event? How many attendees are you expecting? The theme for a local one-day conference can be slightly more specific and targeted as opposed to a longer, three-day international forum. Review the theme's requirements in line with your budget. An elaborate theme that requires lots of touch points to be effectively communicated may not be in your budget scope. Review your theme in relation to your company’s values, branding and purpose Company Values – Understand what your company stands for and choose a conference theme that reflects those values such as honesty, customer centricity or excellence. Branding – Can you draw any concepts or associations from your brands’ logo, colours or general branding creative and shapes? Company Vision or Purpose - An event theme that incorporates your overarching mission is a great way to reinforce your positioning and help build brand advocacy. Look to industry trends, topical news or popular culture Take inspiration from external sources to facilitate brainstorming and to gather ideas. Sport-related themes are popular amongst conferences and corporate events, such as “Batter Up!”, “Teamwork Wins the Race", or "Winning is a Habit; Success is a Choice." Other themes can be inspired by historical events or eras; such as Prohibition or First Man on the Moon; or from pop-culture, such as Harry Potter, Casablanca or Alice in Wonderland. A theme can also come from music or inspirational quotes from the likes of music legends like Elton John, David Bowie or Adele. Ensure your theme complements your industry or company and keep your theme consistent with your image. Keep it simple Remember less is more! A good conference theme should be inherent in every aspect of your conference – from the speakers and their topics, to the event design and AV, the food, breakout sessions and activities, all the way to the final gala dinner. Keeping the theme simple and to-the-point also prevents miscommunication of the overall message of the conference. Think ‘Opportunity Knocks, ‘Commitment to excellence’ or ‘Building for the future’. It could also be relevant to your industry – if you’re a funds management company “It all adds up!” may be the perfect theme for you. Integrate the theme into every touch point - before, during and after your event A simple theme, clearly communicated, aligned with your brand and with the conference's purpose will inform prospective attendees and reinforce your message. A theme unifies objectives and provides focus for the event, as well as setting the tone for presentations, speaker content, activations, etc. Incorporate the theme onto your invitations, programs, brochures and electronic marketing, name tags, signs and conference-related gifts or memorabilia. Your theme should identify the conference and its attendees clearly and specifically. Order giveaway items with the theme and logo on them, such as t-shirts or other memorabilia to really impress and add value for guests. Get ideas from the conference experts Deciding a conference theme can be one of the hardest decisions conference producers face. That’s where we come in. Let us work together to uncover a brilliant theme that perfectly ties your brand and message into an engaging experience. Encore Event Technologies have been executing imaginative conference themes for over 30 years. Whether you’re planning a medical, financial or education conference - we have the experts, tools and props to bring it to life. Contact us today to discuss how we can execute our seven steps to choosing an event theme and then make it a reality. ... Read More