A multi-generational perspective to motivating and rewarding employees

Motivating and rewarding employees in today’s competitive business landscape is pivotal for sustained success, especially in a diverse, multi-generational workforce. The current workplace environment is a fascinating blend of different generations: active Baby Boomers, advancing Gen X, establishing Millennials, and the emerging impact of Gen Z. Having these four generations coexisting in the workforce makes it challenging to create a rewards and recognition system that caters to all their preferences.

One of the most effective ways to create a rewards and recognition system that appeals to all generations is to offer incentive travel and destination events for your top performers and teams. Incentive travel is unlike a cash reward or gift card; it’s unforgettable experience that can have a lasting impact on your employees (across generations) and your company.

A survey by the Incentive Travel Index revealed that 85% of respondents, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, find travel awards highly motivating, aligning with their preference for experiences over material possessions. What this means is that international incentive travel will become even more important in future as the older generations (Baby boomers and Gen X) retire and phase out of the workforce.

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Amway Taiwan International Incentive, Sydney

International incentive events can cater to specific teams, departments, successful achievers, or even the entire company, serving various purposes from celebrating achievements to boosting sales targets or strengthening client relationships. The landscape of incentive travel is evolving, with a projected market value increase to $216.8 billion by 2031, according to figures published by Allied Market Research, emphasising its resurgence after the pandemic.

The dynamics of incentive travel are transforming, however, where the primary focus shifting away from solely financial gains towards focusing on benefits like enhancing company culture, fostering engagement, and unifying dispersed teams. This evolution aligns with the changing attitudes towards business travel, corporate budgets, and the post-pandemic shift to virtual work environments.

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Top 5 benefits of incentive travel events for organisations

Top performing companies understand the power of leveraging international travel incentive events to unlock a number of benefits for their organisations. Here are the top five benefits of incentive travel and events for companies:

1. Enhancing Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Incentive travel not only boosts employee satisfaction but also aids in retaining valuable talent by offering unique experiences. Additionally, allowing extra days for personal exploration reduces burnout and enhances overall well-being.

2. Strengthening Brand Appeal and Talent Attraction

By showcasing exotic destinations on social media, businesses stand out as attractive brands, appealing to potential talent, customers, and partners.

3. Improving Employee Engagement, Motivation, and Performance

According to studies done by the Incentive Research Foundation, incentive travel can boost employee productivity by 20%. It fosters healthy competition, motivating employees towards shared goals.

4. Fostering Creativity and Innovation

Exposure to new environments sparks creativity within teams, encouraging “outside-the-box” thinking and promoting innovation.

5. Cultivating Company Culture and Relationships

Travel experiences outside the typical work environment build stronger team bonds, foster better understanding, and create lasting memories.

Travel experiences outside the typical work environment build stronger team bonds, foster better understanding, and create lasting memories.

Scott Nodsle, Managing Director of Encore Event Technologies, elaborates further on the benefits and importance of creating bucket-list memories for employees in the form international incentives – click here to read his article.

International incentive travel events - Amway - produced by Encore

Now that we’ve established there’s a strong case for incentive travel, let’s explore what’s involved in making incentive events happen.

Complexities involved in producing international incentive events

Incentive travel and destination events requires many months of careful planning, coordination, and execution of various aspects, such as budget, itinerary, transportation, accommodation, activities, safety, and communication.

The incentive program needs to be customised and tailored to the preferences, needs, and expectations of different employees, as well as aligned with the company’s goals, values, and culture.

Getting all your employees to a destination event, safely, is only the tip of the iceberg. There needs to be a program of events (complete with creative design and technical production) as well as activities to engage employees and ensure the incentive travel achieves all the desired objectives and benefits.

The incentive travel and destination event program must be designed in a way that makes it difficult for an individual to duplicate on their own – otherwise the inherent value of the reward is significantly diminished.

Planning and running the program of destination events not to mention the logistics, venue hire and technical production to ensure your employees have the best possible experience, can take up a lot of time and resources that would naturally detract from your core focus/core business. Which is why it makes sense to partner with a events production company whose core focus and speciality is in designing and delivering large-scale incentive events all around the world.

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There are numerous economic and strategic benefits to engaging an incentive event production partner:

  • Save time, money, and resources for the company, as well as ensure quality, reliability, and professionalism.
  • Leverage the expertise, experience, and network of the company, as well as access the latest trends, technologies, and innovations in the industry.
  • Reduce the risks, liabilities, and hassles for the company, as well as provide contingency plans, crisis management, and support services.
  • Enhance the value, impact, and satisfaction of the incentive travel program for the employees, as well as the reputation, image, and performance of the company.

The power of partnering with an international incentive events specialist

Partnering with an award-winning incentive event production company, such as Encore, streamlines this complex process, offering economic benefits and expertise. Encore, known for delivering exceptional international incentives and events for leading organisations, offers end-to-end event production services, leveraging creativity, technology, and extensive experience from world-class designers, technicians and event management specialists.

In conclusion, international incentive events stand as a potent strategy, albeit a complex process that demands substantial resources. Partnering with dedicated event specialists ensures a higher return on investment and a seamless execution, maximising the benefits for both organisations and employees.

Need help with planning and producing your international incentive events? Collaborate with the award-winning experts at Encore – click here to get in touch.


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