So you have found the perfect venue for your next event, now you need to start to think about the room layout and in particular the seating style for your audience.

11 Seating Arrangements Used for Events

As discussed in previous blogs, the communication factor on any event is critical. Whether you are setting up a business presentation, training classroom, hosting a full scale gala dinner or product launch, the arrangement of the seating can make all the difference. You have invited your audience to communicate a message, so it’s important that your audience is seated in the best way to achieve the maximum impact for your message!

In this latest blog Encore highlights the 11 most popular seating styles so you can choose the best option for your next event.

1. Theatre

A Theatre style seating arrangement it the simplest, and most common, arrangement used in events. The style reflecting the seating found in a theatre or cinema with chairs aligned in consecutive straight rows. Some venues have the ability to have these in different heights like a University lecture which allows for more seats in a smaller space.

Theatre Style Seating Arrangement

– All of the seats are facing forwards towards the front of the function room.
– Maximum seated capacity is achieved for the function room.

– The audience is closed in, needing to push past other audience members to enter/exit the seating area.
– Aisles are required to ensure sufficient access to seating area.
– There is no provision for note taking or consumption of plated food and beverage.
– Audience interaction is hindered as audience members don’t face each other.

Popular for meetings, Annual General Meetings, product launches

2. Classroom

As the name suggests, the Classroom seating style reflects the seating found in a school or lecture theatre, with chairs and trestle tables aligned in consecutive straight rows.

Classroom Seating Style Events

– All of the seats are facing forwards towards the stage and front of the function room.
– Allows for note taking and consumption of plated food and beverage
– Great for keeping attention on the stage and speaker content rather than being distracted by facing another attendee.

– Again the audience is closed in, making it difficult for audience members to enter or exit
– Aisles are required to ensure sufficient access to seating area.
– Seating capacity is reduced by the trestle tables.
– Audience is less likely to interact as they are not facing each other.

Popular for training, conferences, sales kick-offs and product launches.

3. Herringbone

This style is very similar to Classroom, however with a Herringbone seating arrangement, each consecutive row of chairs and tables are angled inwards. 

Herringbone Event Seating Style

– All of the seats are angled inward towards the podium.
– All of the seats are facing forwards towards the front of the function room. 
– Allows for note taking and consumption of plated food and beverage.

– Again the audience is closed in, making it difficult for audience members to enter or exit
– Aisles are required to ensure sufficient access to seating area.
– Seating capacity is reduced by the trestle tables.
– Audience is less likely to interact as they are not facing each other.

Popular for training, conferences, lectures.

4. U Shape

As the name suggests this seating style is in the shape of the letter U, with the tables & chairs arranged in an open ended configuration with the audience facing inwards.

U Shaped Seating Style Events

– The open end allows for a focal point or presentation area. 
– Allows presenter to approach and engage with each audience members. 
– Audience interaction is enhanced, with audience members facing each other.

– Inefficient use of floor space, with seating capacity reduced..
– A large proportion of the audience are seated side-on to the presentation area.

Popular for training, conferences, workshops, meetings

5. Horse Shoe

This style is very similar to U Shape, however there are no tables, only chairs arranged in an open ended U-Shaped configuration with the audience facing inwards.

– The open end provides a focal point and allows for a presentation area.
– Allows presenter to approach and engage with each audience member.

– Inefficient use of floor space, with seating capacity reduced.
– Aisles are required to ensure sufficient access and egress to seating area.
– There is no provision for note taking or consumption of plated food and beverage.

Popular for large meetings, presentations, team briefings

Horse Shoe Style Event Seating Arrangement

6. Hollow Square

This style is similar to U Shape, however there are four sides and no open end, with the audience all facing inwards.

– Audience interaction fully enhanced, with audience members all facing each other
– Allows audience to consume plated food and beverage easily

– Seating capacity is reduced
– Does not allow for a main presentation area or focal point.

Popular for discussions

Hollow Square Seating Style

7. Boardroom

This style is a smaller version of the Hollow Square or U Shape, however there is a large elongated table, with the audience all facing inwards.

– Encourages audience interaction as they all face inwards

– Restricts the position of a presentation area or focal point, typically to the end of the table 

Popular for small meetings, one on one interviews, small presentations, team briefings.

Boardroom Seating Style Events

8. Banquet

A Banquet seating style is similar to a round dinner table, with the audience seated around the circumference of the table facing inwards.

– Audience interaction fully enhanced, with audience members all facing each other.

– The audience is closed in, needing to push past other audience members to enter/exit the seating area.
– Line of sight can be interrupted for guests facing away from the stage, and similarly for those having difficulty seeing past guests blocking their view.

Popular for gala dinners, awards night, Christmas parties, weddings and other informal events.

Banquet Round Seating Style

9. Cabaret

The Cabaret seating style is similar to Banquet, however there is an open end, with the audience seated in an arc facing forwards to the stage area.

– The open end allows for a focal point or presentation area so no line of sight is compromised.

– Inefficient use of floor space, with seating capacity reduced. 

Popular with meetings such as training sessions, awards nights and gala dinners.

Cabaret Style Event Seating

10. Cocktail

This style is unlike any others with no chairs or tables. It is literally standing space.

– Most efficient use of floor space, with maximum room capacity available.
– Audience interaction greatly enhanced, with audience members able to freely mingle and roam.

– Audience is standing with no opportunity to sit and rest.
– Does not allow for note taking or consumption of plated food and beverage.

Popular for cocktail parties, weddings, Christmas parties and other social events.

Cocktail Style Seating Arrangement

11. Lounge Zone

To refresh the formal vibe and encourage networking, event planners are opting to include a new seating arrangement in their mix – introducing the Lounge Zone. Add sofas, chairs, coffee tables, bar tables and ottomans in clusters to form this creative space.

– Great for encouraging networking and giving attendees an informal seating area to relax and mingle
– Can be used to create a sense of space within a larger venue space and the style / type of furnishings can be used to enhance your event’s theme.

– Some venues don’t have the space to allow for a lounge zone
– A relaxed, styled area may not suit all event types.

Lounge Zone seating Style

If you would like further information about organising your event we would be pleased to help you. Feel free to give our team of experienced event professionals a call on 1800 209 099 or send us an email.

Written by Encore’s creative production team

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‘Hybrid’ is defined as the combination of two different elements. In the context of hybrid events, it’s;

"a physical meeting in which an online audience also participates. Essentially, both the physical as well as the online audience come together and participate in the same experience or content at the same time, from different locations."

This means event planners who choose to go hybrid, get the benefit of both the in-person experience as well as the virtual.

So why go hybrid now and not wait until restrictions ease and we can go back to ‘normal’?

The short answer is, the days of only in-person events may be long gone.  Restrictions don’t appear to be easing anytime soon, and event planners are starting to capitalise on the benefits virtual events can bring. One of the biggest indicators hybrids are the new norm is the fact participants are becoming more familiar with the new format.

According to IMPACT, in 2021, video (including web conferencing) is projected to account for 80% of all internet traffic.

Event planners need to consider going hybrid in order adapt to changing attendee behaviour and expectations. If you’re looking for reasons to add the virtual component to your event – here are 7 key benefits of adding virtual to your hybrid event. 

Hybrid Event Stage

Why adding virtual to your event can create positive ROI

Event planners are all aware of the benefits of the in-person experience so let’s look at what the virtual component can bring:
  • Increased attendance

    Whilst you’re limited to the venue’s capacity for in-person attendees, virtual events provide an opportunity to reach audiences across the world. By eliminating travel and time-zone limitations (and costs associated with it) your event’s ROI becomes more appealing for planners and participants alike.
  • Thought-leadership

    With more budget available for presenters, consider reaching out to new or previously unaffordable industry thought-leaders or experts. This creates an opportunity to build new connections, give your attendees access to new and in-demand speakers as well as exposing them to new audiences.
  • Networking

    Interactive virtual platforms like Chime Live are designed to facilitate networking online. Whether it be via chat, live polling, virtual break-out rooms, video chat, or connecting via socials, the virtual experience opens up a whole world of new opportunities to engage on a more intimate level between attendees and speakers than ever before. The beauty of an event platform like Chime Live is the engagement created between the in-person and virtual attendees. Rather than treating them as separate audiences, the platform is designed to be all-inclusive, giving each attendee the same experience irregardless of how they’re attending.

  • A new revenue stream

    Take advantage of the online environment and seek creative virtual event sponsorships that will bring in more revenue and ultimately increase your ROI. If you’re streaming your event live or offering on-demand it’s a great opportunity to drive revenue via banner ads, ticketed content, sponsored content or segments, digital swag bags and more.
Virtual Event Sponshorship
  • Data to report on

    The qualitative nature of in-person events make them more challenging to determine if you’ve successfully hit your goals and targets. When you add a virtual element to your event you get the benefit of knowing who attended, when they attended, for how long, what they watched and so much more. You can provide sponsors with data to justify ROI, and importantly, it provides you invaluable data insights to improve on.

  • On-Demand Viewing

    A key benefit to adding a virtual component to your events is being able to stream it live or on-demand. This eliminates any time-zone or scheduling conflicts and means your audiences can access the content at a convenient time. Similarly, allowing attendees to view on-demand extends the life of content investment beyond event day.
  • An opportunity for social connectedness

    With so many travel and lifestyle restrictions impacting the way we connect, virtual events allow for people from across the country and globe to stay connected. When you integrate social media into your virtual event platform, it’s a great way to include both the virtual and in-person attendees and amplify the event’s reach via social networks.

Why you need to keep the in-person experience

Humans are social by nature. We need to belong, to connect, and to share moments. We can even communicate without using words at all through body language and pheromones, and these can have the most powerful impact.

It’s the elements of in-person interaction which can’t be replicated online that hybrid events can still foster. Event planners should only be opting for virtual events when their audiences, content or restrictions demand it. 

The beauty of a hybrid event gives you the engagement of in-person with the amplified reach of virtual. When executed well, hybrid events have the ability to create truly transformative experiences.

Are you ready to level up your hybrid event game in 2021?

Get the best hybrid event production with Encore

Encore are experts are planning and delivering successul hybrid events – the ones that stand out and keep your attendees coming back. With an unparelleled breadth of service across creative, production and tehcnology you can be confident we’ll have the solutions and ideas to make your hybrid event happen. We’ve even developed a set of industry recognised MeetSAFE guidelines for the safe and responsible delivery of events. Throughout 2020, our production and technical teams implemented these guidelines amidst changing restrictions to ensure room layout, traffic flow, hygiene and technology met local requirements. This means our teams are well versed in delivering hybrid events amidst changing needs. Successful hybrid events all start with a conversation so let’s have one today! Get in touch with our team by sending an online enquiry or calling 1800 099 209.

Encore delivered the University of Sydney’s first ever hybrid celebration for the class of 2020’s 18,000 graduands/graduates. It celebrated the achievements of every student graduating that year and was delivered to an impressive 6,000 online guests from 90 countries around the world.

Virtual Graduation Uni Syd MC Eddie Woo

Celebration MC: Mathematics extraordinaire and YouTube sensation, Eddie Woo.


The Problem


With live events prohibited under COVID 19 restrictions at the time, the graduations team at the University of Sydney approached Encore to deliver the celebration event in a hybrid format.

The client had serious concerns about how the event would look and that the graduating class would get a professional, engaging experience to celebrate their success. In addition, there were concerns about broadcasting to multiple countries concurrently, in particular to China as the event was to be delivered concurrently worldwide.

Hybrid Attendees for Virtual Graduation Ceremony
Limited places for in-person attendees in accordance with COVID restrictions and Encore’s MeetSAFE guidelines.


The solution


Encore presented the perfect solution, the intuitive Chime Live platform which features all aspects you would expect from an in-person event, plus live engagement for everyone to be involved via the platform’s ability to integrate Instagram, Facebook and Twitter messages using the hashtag #USydClassof2020.

Gladys Berejiklian presents as Virtual Graduation
NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, addressing in-person and virtual attendees.


The result


The event was streamed live from the Great Hall at the University of Sydney featuring speeches and entertainment for the thousands of online viewers. It was a virtual hit with large numbers of students sharing photos from homes wearing their gowns and celebrating with loved ones. Posts included:

Our client Cristina Dietmann, Events Manager, University of Sydney was delighted with the result commenting,

“We were all very concerned about changing the event to virtual. Graduations have been delivered in a similar way at the University for 140 years. Graduation is such a special time for our students and we didn’t want to delay it.”

“The Encore team were terrific! They were so knowledgeable about the technology and made me feel totally at ease. The event went without a hitch and we were delighted. Feedback from both Academics and attendees was really positive.”

“Whilst we look forward to being able to do live, in-person graduations in the future, this was a great way to ensure our students could celebrate and not have to wait even longer.”

Learn more about Chime Live

COVID restrictions left Australasian Hotel Industry Conference and Exhibition (AHICE) and Design Inn with two options, delay or continue in a unique hybrid event format. They chose the second option and engaged Encore to help, utilising their latest technologies to deliver a professional engaging event from Hyatt Regency Sydney.

Hybrid AHICE Conference 2020

Encore designed and produced an event that enabled over 700 virtual and live attendees to engage and participate in AHICE each day, using their innovative, new Chime Live platform. The solution saw in-person and virtual attendees plus 110 in-room and virtual presenters streamed in from countries around the world including China, Dubai, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, UK and the USA. This made it the largest AHICE event held, ever.  The aim was to create the event to deliver an experience for online attendees which was as close as possible to those in the room. The platform also provided numerous other advanced features for engagement, Q&A, speaker bios, virtual networking and a post event survey.

To ensure everyone in the room was COVID safe, Encore applied their stringent MeetSAFE guidelines which included procedures for safe distancing, room traffic, sterilising all AV equipment and microphones, deep cleaning with the venue and a dedicated hygiene technician.

The theme for AHICE 2020 was ‘Planning for the future of the Australasian hotel industry’ and couldn’t have been more poignant during the time of COVID restrictions as the industry looks to the future of the return of events. The hotel industry is vital to the events industry. It supplies a venue, resources, hospitality, hotel rooms, networking facilities, meeting rooms and more. So it was a great example of the return to events by AHICE to deliver an event, in a hotel, with in-person delegates utilising all the facilities, while at the same time, those not able to attend in person were able to listen, discuss, participate and engage in a way that was as close as possible to attending physically.

The technical solution

The Chime Live interactive streaming platform solution was critical engaging with the virtual delegates. The solution focused on the importance of delivering high quality content and maintaining a user-friendly platform to keep the virtual delegates engaged. Analytics from the engagement by delegates with the platform was key to demonstrating ROI of the technology and the event overall.

Chime Live Interactive Event Streaming Platform

To ensure the technology would run seamlessly, all virtual speakers took part in a rehearsal to test internet connection, microphone quality and recommend appropriate backgrounds for when the presenters were speaking live. Moderators also had to be briefed on interviewing virtual speakers whilst having a face-to face audience in the room. These rehearsals were key to the professional end result and gave the conference a TV/broadcast look and feel.

Hybrid AHICE Event 2020

The organisers of the event, Interpoint Event’s Operations Manager, Claire Graham commented,

“The event was a great success. We know that the hotel industry is facing a long journey back to normal and events like this are vital to bring the best in the hotel industry together to share best practice, future trends, developments and innovations.”

“We were particularly pleased with the experience online attendees and the engagement enabled by the Chime Live solution. The MeetSAFE procedures meant that everyone in the room felt that every measure to ensure the highest safety standards was maintained.”

Learn more about Chime Live

Before we delve into what Extended Reality can do and it’s impact for events, we firstly need to explain “What is Extended Reality”?

Extended Reality is the umbrella term for an environment that blends the physical and virtual world together combining Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality. Extended reality has many applications for enhanced consumer experiences and the Immersive XR Stage is just one example of how it’s changing the corporate event landscape.

The entry level solution uses a green screen and streams or films presenters in front of it, then superimposing the virtual world around them. The next level is achieved via a LED screen with the additional option of an LED floor to create a full XR environment.

The secret sauce is the real-time editing software which creates a 3D environment to put the person into the set, rather than a 2D image behind. A tracked camera in front of the presenter and the LED screen is linked to a virtual camera which places the AR elements behind the presenter. So when the presenter moves, the projected set moves with the presenter and the 3D scene. This means that presenters can walk round, refer to items or screens on stage and the lights can change in real time and behaves like the real environment.

The types of content which can be integrated into the virtual environment are almost limitless. Animated content enables producers to create virtual cars, animals, backgrounds from anywhere in the world, change the stage design and more. The technique is ideal for presenting research findings, financial results, analytics and graphs and these can appear as engaging, moving, interactive elements on the stage with the presenter. The end product is an environment that enables you to pull anything onto the stage without them having to physically be there.

You can also take a real time source of two or more different presenters and bring them together for a group conversation/interview, just like a panel discussion, but in one room with presenters from different locations. The presenters have the opportunity to see what they look like in the virtual environment, so when gesturing to screen content, animated 3D analytics or animations as they appear.

The technology is still new and emerging. The really exciting part of the solution is that you can create something completely different to what anyone has produced before.

Watch the Immersive XR Stage


Here are some of our favourite examples of the technology applied:

Annual General Meeting

The Immersive XR Stage is perfect to enable all board members to participate in the Annual General Meeting virtually during times of physical restrictions and geographies. Limited numbers of Board members can be physically on the stage, with appropriate distancing, whilst others can appear either from other XR Stages, or live stream to an screen which is part of the virtual stage set.

Each finding of the business or financial outcome can be reported and appear as animated graphics as the Managing Director shares each one with shareholders. Viewers can be taken on a journey to the location the company does business such as a mine and be shown exactly how and where the work is done. 

Awards Nights

To maintain excitement and energy levels, which can be a challenge during virtual awards nights and galas, the Immersive XR Stage can provide the perfect solution. For the stage look, we can design a dramatic presentation stage can be designed with the presenter superimposed with two large screens above them to announce the finalists. As winner’s name is called out, theatrical lighting effects commence and the winners name can appear as animation on a central screen.

Because this is a 3D space, the presenter can be filmed announcing the winner and then the camera turn 360 to where the entertainment is positioned in the studio for their performance, but it appears like they’re at a totally separate stage. Acceptance speeches can be streamed live and cut to a screen on stage to be part of a cohesive experience for viewers.

Large scale conferences

A big part of conferences is conversations on topics of interest, or presentations of new products or services. Again an impressive stage set can be designed for a virtual conference for the live presenter, other experts or keynotes can appear from different studios as though they’re onstage or elsewhere, or on a giant screen on the set. Giant animations of the product, or device being discussed can be shown on the stage and deconstruct to show the inner workings.

What’s next for virtual events…?

As virtual and hybrid events become increasingly part of our new norm, extended reality gives us a new opportunity to wow and engage our audiences. According to Forbes, the market for Extended Reality is tipped to grow to $200 billion USD in the next 2 years. So it appears that the technology is here to stay and is growing. The challenge will be to stretch our imagination to use the solution in new and different ways.

Learn more about our Immersive XR Stage

Encore delivered an innovative, virtual solution to enable the GO Foundation’s Big Catch Up to continue despite COVID restrictions. The stakes were high. This was the first time Encore had delivered the event and also the first time the GO Foundation had delivered the fundraising event virtually. The pitch was won due to Encore’s live streaming platform, Chime Live, which was specifically designed to deliver the event to virtual attendees in a way that was as close as possible to the popular live event.

The high-profile GO Foundation, founded by Adam Goodes and Michael O’Loughlin, raises money to provide scholarships for Indigenous students. 100+ attendees took part in the fundraiser, including VIPs, sport and TV personalities and members of the public, both online and at the Pullman Olympic Park venue.

The brief was to create a highly engaging, energetic online experience that enabled attendees to bid on beautiful hand painted Sherrin footballs via the seamless integration of the EzyBidz system into Chime. The inspiration for the designs came from the colours of the GO Foundation branding.

The client wanted a live event feel, despite the fact that this was the first time the event had been delivered virtually. Encore delivered on this requirement by branding the Chime Live platform completely with GO Foundation colours. In the venue, the team built three towers of LED as the stage backdrop to create a branded, stylish look for the online audience that also incorporated GO Foundation design elements.

Shirley Chowdhary, CEO of the GO Foundation was delighted with the event,

“I want to say a massive thank you for all your support, the huge team effort and the stand out platform  that made the Big Catch Up such a success for GO. We have received an overwhelming amount of wonderful feedback, and I have no doubt that much of the kudos belongs to your team and the platform.

“It was always our aim to create the energy that has been the hallmark of our face-to face events through the live streamed event. Despite none of the Encore team ever having been to a GO event before, I think we did it!! The platform was a massive part of that and created an event that stood apart from the virtual events that we have all become used to.”

Michael Magafa, National Sales Manager for Encore was equally pleased with the result,

“Our client was very happy, particularly with our Chime Live solution. The team utilised the platform to deliver an engaging and innovative event which delivered on the brief and enabled the foundation to still communicate their message and deliver a fantastic outcome.”

View More Images

Find out more about Chime Live

The Encore team devised an innovative solution for the Department of Defence to move their annual event the D + I Conference to a hybrid event at the National Convention Centre Canberra. The event was attended in-person by Defence senior leadership, including the Chief of the Defence Force and Secretary of Defence, plus 1,000 online attendees. Pre-recorded speeches from the Minister for Defence and Minister for Defence Industry were also part of the proceedings.

Encore was awarded the event due to the unique and high quality capabilities offered by our interactive event streaming platform, Chime Live. The technology was specifically designed to create an environment that was as close to the live event as possible, as well as offering many features for the attendees to engage with one another whether they were in the room or attending online.

The brief from Defence was also that due to the stature of the event and the seniority of the speakers from within the Department a highly professional production was required. Encore’s solution was to design a realistic ‘TV Studio’ style stage to ensure a professional, high quality appearance for the broadcast.

Their flexible, secure and robust virtual platform was rigorously tested both within the Defence network and externally, to ensure it would provide faultless hosting and streaming capabilities for the inaugural VIP event. As the client was concerned about a fully online event, this attention to detail, professionalism and rigorous testing was another reason the event was won.

On entering the room, in-person attendees were met with an impactful stage set comprising a seamless 10 x 3m LED screen backing the stage. The TV Studio sat within the stage set and was completed with beautiful spot and wash lighting, with an LCD vision fold-back for presenters. Three cameras shooting different angles were used for a mixed broadcast and streamed live into the Chime Live platform. The team also created impactful multimedia content which was displayed on the screen throughout the event.

The team also moderated a live Q&A for each session within Chime Live so that the in-person and online audiences could all participate together.

Client testimonial – Loz Goodchild

“Encore did an exceptional job with the delivery of the event, far exceeding our expectations.  From the initial planning and liaison with the Department’s ICT team to the physical delivery of the event, everything was on point and the exceptional feedback received to date is a reflection of their knowledge, experience and professionalism.”

Stuart Buchanan, Director of Sales ACT commented,

“The entire team and I were delighted with the event. The delivery was professional, the execution was seamless and the result was engaging for attendees and guests whether they were in the room or online.

“The client was extremely impressed with our execution of the event. They loved being on the TV style set and felt we exceeded the expectations of the internal stakeholders at the Department by ensuring we delivered flawlessly. They gained the confidence to continue to use this hybrid format again with Defence events during the current restrictions.”



As we look forward to 2021, it’s time to start planning for sales kick-offs. In a period where we’ve seen events delayed or cancelled, sales kick-offs are one event type that can’t be delayed and will be essential to driving business success as we recover from the pandemic-driven recession.

Current restrictions require that we forward plan and investigate ways that these events can still be effective and engaging. This is particularly true for those not able to attend in person.

This blog will give you a plan to make your hybrid sales kick-off event in 2021, the best yet.


By planning for a hybrid sales kick-off, you’re eliminating the risk of having to cancel your in-person only event, or missing out on the invaluable face-to-face engagement of a totally virtual event. A hybrid event gives you the best of both worlds, even if restrictions change between now and the event.

As with every event plan, before you begin working out the details of your live event, define the outcomes you’d like to achieve. Determine what your teams need to know to drive sales and the tools they’ll need to achieve this.

By having a clear idea of what you’re wanting to achieve, helps your hybrid event production partner recommend the best solutions needed. With delegates attending both in-person and virtually, you’ll need to consider how they’ll be able to engage and participate such as for a Q & A, live polling and accessing content.


A sales kick-off event is a great way to motivate your team. For hybrid events there are a range of ways to do this to make an impact with attendees whether they’re in the room or online.

Encore offers an Immersive XR Stage solution which uses extended reality to create a virtual stage or amazing virtual environment for your product reveal. We can create a 3D visual of your latest product and have your speaker present it on stage. Imagine the latest model car driving onto the stage to reveal it live for the first time. Or a product demonstration for a medical device supersized on stage to show the various working mechanisms.

Another great use of hybrid solutions is for Q&As with product owners, where in-room and online attendees can all ask their questions live. The same technology can also be used for sessions surveys or quizzes to test your attendees understanding of the content they’ve learned and have some fun.

Video networking is increasingly in demand for sales kick-offs to enable teams from around the world can build business relationships. Solutions have developed well beyond a self managed Zoom call – which we all know are prone to difficulties with our a technician to make sure international

presenters connect and can be heard. Encore’s video conferencing service enables individual or small groups to do business and make sales at a time when the information is fresh and everyone is motivated.

Live streaming of presenters is an ideal way to ensure your event continues even if a keynote expert is unable to attend. A professional result is vital to make sure everyone can see and hear the presenter clearly. Even if they are used to having Zoom conference calls, it can be very different to create a conference standard production. Plus Encore’s live streaming platform is specifically designed to replicate the in-room experience for online attendees, so they get the same benefit as those in the room.


The in-person event can continue in a venue with appropriate safety guidelines in place. Encore has developed MeetSAFE to deliver events in a safe and compliant way. Government restrictions plus these guidelines will determine the number of people in the room, layout, direction of traffic, sanitation and more.


For virtual attendees at your hybrid event, it’s important to create an environment that is as close to the live event as possible, to engage these attendees and include them in all areas possible. Encore recently developed an innovative event streaming platform offering a range of features to recreate the live event. The platform can use your company branding and include many features to bring live and remote attendees together.

The platform enables remote presenters to stream into the event if they can’t attend in person, there’s also live polling, live chat, social media, resource sharing and many other features.


If presenters are in different time zones, on-demand content can be played in the live event on screen and via your streaming platform or website. Recorded content can also be played at a later date and used for training.


It can be difficult to provide ROI for sales kick-off events, whether they’re in-person or hybrid, but it’s vital for securing your budget for next year. Encore has a range of tools to help you demonstrate engagement and value.

Select an event management platform that will enable you to measure the performance of your delegates and their engagement with presenter content. Whether they’re in the room or online, you can measure duration watching content, clicks, participation in group learning or Q&A etc which are useful indicators of engagement with the session’s content.

Post event surveys are also a vital tool to get feedback and ideas for improving future events.

Our Hybrid Event Plan Summary

  1. Plan ahead and err on the safe side with a hybrid event.
  2. Set clear goals so your hybrid event production partner can recommend the best solution to achieve them.
  3. Create a cross-functional team to help you plan with input from all business units. Take advantage of online platforms for meeting and to help plan and share documents, like Microsoft Teams.
  4. Ensure the in-person event is safe & compliant by using a Contactless Check-In system as well as applying MeetSAFE guidelines.
  5. Take advantage of on-demand content for your virtual component. This allows even in-person attendees to re-watch content, as well as for overseas speakers or attendees who couldn’t attend the live streaming.
  6. Engagement is at the heart of all events. Consider an interactive platform like Chime Live that offers a wide range of features to engage virtual attendees.
  7. Track and measure your ROI. By knowing what you’re wanting to measure can help dictate what tools you’ll need. Hybrid events mean you have the opportunity to measure both in-person and virtual results.

Simple ways to protect your business and customer personal information from going into the wrong hands

We’re now all used to being asked to check-in when we enter a venue, restaurant or club. Mostly the processes have upgraded from a clipboard, contact sheet and pen to scanning a QR code and entering our details via our mobile phone.

However the electronic systems vary greatly and security is a grave concern when venues are using a system that might not have been effectively vetted and investigated in terms of data handling and security.

The potential for event organisers and venues or their check-in technology providers to mismanage, mishandle or lose data in breaches or leaks has the potential to put the people attending at risk. Individuals’ personal contact information is extremely sensitive, and it is important for strict measures to be put in place to ensure that data is handled in accordance with the data protection regulations.

Realistically, the obligation will be on event organisers and venues to make sure the information doesn’t leak, or get misused. Using a cheap or free supplier for these services may increase the risk as these service suppliers may not have the systems, procedure or data handling processes to mean they are 100% protected.

Philip Gardner, CIO for Encore commented,

“There are several actions event organisers and venues can take to mitigate risk when undertaking event check-in and facilitating contact tracing, and they do not need to be overly expensive or time-consuming.  At the very least you should know where the data is being stored and how it is being secured.”

“It is vital that event organisers and venues have a proper data protection officer/administrator in place to ensure they are responsible not only for the collection and storage of data, but also after a pre-determined (mandated in each State) number of days secure deletion of all personal information.”

Encore’s Contactless Check-In system is fully ISO data security compliant and Encore can manage the controls on a event organiser’s or venue’s behalf. It has the following accreditations:

  • ISO 27001
  • SOC 1 and SOC 2/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (Formerly SAS 70 Type II)
  • PCI Level 1
  • FISMA Moderate
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

It is hosted and managed within Amazon’s secure data centres. They continually manage risk and undergo recurring assessments to ensure compliance with industry standards.

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