Projection Mapping: Illuminating events with creative and innovative content

As Vivid Sydney, renowned worldwide for its dazzling fusion of light, music, and ideas, captivates audiences, the festival illuminates the enchanting world of projection mapping. So, we’re celebrating the creative artistry and technical mastery at the heart of Vivid. At Encore, we’re privileged to have orchestrated breathtaking projection mapping spectacles, adorning walls, buildings, tables, and even quarry walls. Join us as we unveil the magic behind this visually stunning production technique, offering a glimpse into the wizardry that animates our events. 

Projection mapping, also known as video mapping or spatial augmented reality, has revolutionised the landscape of creative events. It’s not just about projecting images onto a flat surface; it’s about transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary canvases, creating immersive experiences that captivate and enchant audiences and help turn your event purpose into a strong message through content. At its core, projection mapping is a powerful tool for storytelling, allowing creators to merge the physical and digital worlds in captivating ways

Creative process

The journey of designing a projection mapping experience is a thrilling ride filled with creativity, innovation, and collaboration. It begins with a spark of an idea, a vision of how to transform a space or object into a living, breathing work of art. From there, our team dives into the creative process, brainstorming concepts, sketching designs, and exploring technical possibilities.

But it’s not just about the visuals; it’s about crafting narratives that resonate with audiences, evoking emotions and of course, answering the ‘What? & Why?’ – “What is the message or purpose of what is being projected? Why are you projection mapping this content onto this surface?”. Each projection mapping project is a unique opportunity to push the boundaries of what’s possible, blending technology with artistry to create something truly unforgettable.

Projection mapping revealed: The technology


Projection mapping is achieved through a combination of specialised software, high-powered projectors, and precise calibration techniques. Whether it’s 2D or 3D mapping, the process typically begins with a detailed digital model of the target surface or object. Using projection mapping software, such as Disguise or Unreal Unity, designers meticulously map out how images and animations will be projected onto the surface, taking into account its shape, texture, and dimensions. It’s a precise process that demands keen attention to detail and a touch of creativity to ensure the surface is treated flawlessly. The majority of the work occurs during the pre-production phase, prior to surface construction and projector set-up. Therefore, precision and thoughtful consideration of the venue, space, and scale are paramount.

Once the digital mapping is complete, high-resolution projectors are strategically positioned to cover the entire surface area with crisp, vibrant imagery. Advanced techniques such as edge blending and geometric correction ensure seamless transitions between projectors and accurate alignment of visuals with the physical environment.

In 3D projection mapping, additional considerations such as perspective distortion and depth perception are taken into account, allowing for immersive experiences that seemingly defy reality. This multidimensional approach adds an extra layer of depth and complexity to projection mapping projects, further enhancing their impact and wow factor.


How projection mapping transforms attendee experiences into immersive wonders


The magic of projection mapping truly comes to life when experienced firsthand. Imagine stepping into a world where reality melts away, replaced by a symphony of light and sound dancing before your eyes. It’s an immersive journey where you become part of the story, surrounded by vivid colours, dynamic animations, and breathtaking visuals.

But don’t just take our word for it; hear from one of our attendees:

“The projection mapping experience was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. It transported me to another world, where every surface seemed to come alive with movement and colour. It wasn’t just a show; it was an adventure, leaving me awe-inspired and wanting more.”

It also doesn’t have to be large scale. Even the smallest elements like an attendees place at a table name can be projection mapped.

Projection mapping names on table - Encore

Let’s take a closer look at some of our past projection mapping projects: 


Dom Peirgnon Lumiere VIP Dinner

Le Petite Chef

Virtuoso Symposium Dinner

3D projection mapping

Table and wall projection mapping

3D Project Mapping for Alienware


Projection mapping is more than just a visual spectacle; it’s a gateway to new realms of creativity and innovation. From transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary landscapes to immersing audiences in captivating narratives, projection mapping has the power to elevate events and create unforgettable experiences. As we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, we invite you to join us on this journey of discovery and imagination.

Stay tuned for our upcoming white paper, where we’ll delve deeper into the technical aspects of projection mapping and explore case studies in greater detail. Until then, let your imagination soar and dare to dream in pixels and light.

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    Think lighting your event means simply flipping on a light switch? Think again. Our event lighting experts share how you can make your event look stunning with the use of pinspot lighting technology.


    What is pinspot event lighting?

    A Pinspot light is an individual computerised table light that can change colour, patterns and position throughout the event. They’re a great option for gala dinners, weddings and social events and add extra wow-factor to dramatically change the look and feel of the table décor.

    How pinspot lighting technology can add drama and style to your event

    From a simple white light focused onto the centrepiece, to a highly choreographed schedule for each table to change colour or patterns, pinspot lighting gives you endless opportunities to get add some drama to your event. Suspended above each table is an LED light that is capable of moving and focusing to wherever the table may be placed. Its colour can then be chosen as one set colour or can change throughout the night at pre-determined times. On top of this, clients can choose to have an open circle of light or choose from a selection of striking patterns to cast beautiful shapes onto the table and centerpieces, making the table a styled feature.

    Awards nights can utilise the changing colours of pinspot lighting onto the tables to increase the exctiement levels and anticipation of award announcements. Weddings will benefit from subtle moving patterns on the floral centerpieces. And social events can have corporate or club colours projected onto every table. The combinations and creative concepts are endless! 

    Here are our top tips for using pin spots to put your event in the spotlight. 

    1. Pre planning with your AV experts

    When considering table lighting options, it’s important to visit your venue at a similar time of day to when your event will be held. That way you will get a clear idea of what the light will be like in the room on the event night. Look around the room and see where the fixed lighting is focused. Lights that illuminate the walls, windows, and ceiling can draw attention away from the centre of the room. Pin spots help to keep your guests’ focus on the tables and each other. This is one part of the lighting design process Staging Connections team of AV technicians goes through in planning for each event. As each venue provides a different environment, each event requires a tailored lighting solution. Therefore, it’s important you consider partnering with an AV provider who knows your venue well so you can be sure you’re getting the best lighting solution that will meet your expectations.

    2. Use colour

    Think outside your event colour palette when you use pinspot lighting. For example, if you’ve used a particular colour throughout the event, you may like to avoid this colour with your pinspots as it may be too much of one colour and wash away the impact. It’s also a good idea to consider colours that complement all skin tones, like magenta or a soft rose, rather than yellow or green.

    Take advantage of the effect colour can have on the atmosphere by changing the shades through the course of the night. For example, if your cocktail hour starts around sunset, you can splash your room with golden tones. During dinner, consider soft lighting that will mimic flickering candlelight.

    3. Programmed lighting changes

    A great way to add excitement and anticipation, particularly at award ceremonies is to use programmed lighting changes in the count-down to announcements. It’s a great way to highlight tables where winners are sitting as their award is presented.

    4. Event styling with pinspot lighting

    Lighting your centrepiece with pin spots can make them look like pieces of modern art. This works particularly well if you centrepieces have glass or reflective elements to add an interesting glow to each arrangement.
    Work with your Encore Event Technologies event designer to figure out which type of pinspot will best suit your event. You’ll get an event environment that’s bound to impress.

    Pinspot lighting technology | pinspot lighting | pinspots | pinspot

    Additional lighting options

    If you need to raise the profile of your company brand or message at your event, you may like to consider additional lighting products like gobos. These can be used to create illuminated logos on your dance floor or entrance feature. For weddings, gobos can also be used for the bride and grooms initials, wedding date, or any other wedding motifs.

    Recommended: What is a gobo?

    Quality counts when it comes to event lighting

    When it comes to event lighting it’s vital you can be sure of a quality, dependable safe product. Encore only uses the best quality lighting equipment and manufacturers for our events and events held at our partner venues. This is important because these products are dependable and give a far superior effect to lower quality brands offering simple wash lights which can cause problems or safety issues in the long run.

    Learn more about Encore’s stage and lighting solutions and lighting installations and activations.

    Showcase of pinspots at the InterContinental Adelaide.

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    Tech Innovation Roundup

    Get ready to LEVEL UP your events in 2024 with Encore! We’re committed to empowering you with cutting-edge technology and world-class services to create extraordinary moments and engaging experiences. Check out our latest inventory updates and get ready to take your events to the next level!

    On this page:

    Events enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Remove language barriers through AI-powered translation in real time

    • Mixhalo Translate

    Encore is the first event services company to offer Mixhalo Translate technology. Mixhalo is a revolutionary AI solution that bring attendees closer to the speaker, no matter the language. Mixhalo streams translated audio directly to connected listeners’ smart devices who can seamlessly switch between languages of their choosing, in real-time.

    Link your attendees to your app with Mixhalo’s lightweight SDK, which includes both the Mixhalo AI Interpretation and Mixhalo Moments features. Attendees can share videos with professional quality audio in any language, serving as an advertisement for your event.

    Key benefits

    Discover what your audience really thinks and feels about your event

    • XPAI

    Have you ever wondered what your participants are really thinking and feeling during meetings and events?

    Well, now you can with XPAI.

    With Encore + XPAI, you can easily track attendance, engagement, and participation levels of each delegate, helping you to identify the success of sessions and activity areas. You can also gather feedback from attendees in real-time, to help you tailor your presentations, adjust your communication style, and make more informed decisions about your meeting project.

    Key benefits

    AI-Directed multi-camera system brings TV and Movie magic to your boardroom video conference meetings

    • AI-directed multi-camera system

    Ever wondered why we can look at a TV screen for hours but video meetings leave us drained? In a world-first, you can now leverage AI-directed multi-camera system will level up your video meetings into a rich engaging experience.

    Three 6K network cameras create an immersive view, fostering close connections between participants. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the system performs smart, real-time edits, seamlessly transitioning between different shots and angles to offer an engaging and effective experience. Gone are the days of low-quality conference room web cameras where you can barely see who’s in the room and who’s talking.

    Key benefits

    Digital products by Encore to take your events to the next level

    Managing multi-room presentations & speakers’ content made easy

    • Content1

    Stressed about managing the multitude of presenters, presentations and papers at your next conference?

    Let Encore organise the content from all your presenters with Content1.

    Leave the heavy lifting to Encore experts and our Content1 presentation collection and distribution solution. Presenters can upload their materials and revisions to the Content1 portal from anywhere. Onsite, they can make last minute presentation adjustments in our Speaker Ready Room.

    When it’s showtime, presenters will find everything ready to go, avoiding the last-minute scramble of switching laptops or uploading files.

    Key benefits

    Level up in-room and online audience interaction

    • Polling+

    Live online polling for events

    Get inside the minds of your attendees with Encore Polling+ event technology that lets you ask questions and receive feedback in real time – it’s easy to use and highly effective.

    Encore’s live audience polling platform, Polling+, converts event attendees into active participants. Polling+ expands engagement and improves learning outcomes by using a stand-alone, cloud-based engagement solution that leverages polling, quizzes, Q&A and surveys.

    Encore’s Polling+ empowers allows your audience to give their thoughts. Get live feedback on hot topics and see everyone connecting with the content of your event. Say goodbye to traditional event data and hello to the new frontier of event insights in real time. Don’t be limited to just attendance numbers, get detailed feedback from your audience and real insight into engagement.

    Key benefits

    Level up your event registration & check-in process with Encore + RSVP

    • Encore RSVP

    Simple, Seamless, Event Invitation and Check-in

    Setting up an event website just got easier. Introducing Encore RSVP, an easy-to-use online tool that lets you create your own website, with sign up form, full branding control and integrated check-in invites.

    Encore RSVP makes it so simple to create your event webpage the way you want it. The online tool takes you through each step allowing you to see each element take shape as you build it. Drag and drop elements if you want to move sections around.

    Key benefits

    LED: Light Equals Drama

    • LED Astera Tubes

    • LED Walls

    • LED Cubes

    • LED 3D Formations

    LED screens, walls, cubes and 3D formations can breathe new life into your experience and transform any space with rich, immersive content. And our Wireless LED ASTERA tubes can frame out entrances, attract attendees to your activation or bring products to life at experiential events and brand activations. LED in any formation gives you the power to reinforce your messaging with stunning, attention-grabbing visuals. And if you don’t have the team or tools to create content, we’ll take care of that for you to. Our multimedia and graphic experts can bring your vision to life!

    Key benefits

    Want to make a dramatic impact with LEDs in your event? Get in touch

    Moving Heads that turns heads

    • AYERTON RIVALE PROFILE IP65 – 30,000 lumens

    Developed for mixed use indoors and outdoors, and in all conditions, RIVALE PROFILE, with its unique visual signature, is unparalleled on the market. Weight determines performance, and RIVALE PROFILE weighs only 30.8 kg. It is capable of outstanding performance unprecedented for a product in this category.

    To allow you more creativity and freedom in your lighting design, RIVALE PROFILE has been provided with continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement. RIVALE PROFILE is fitted with a brand new high-efficiency 450-watt sealed mono-block LED module calibrated at 6500 K that offers a luminous flux of 30,000 lumens with optimal positioning on a black body to obtain perfect light neutrality.

    The proprietary optical system has 13 lenses, delivering a 13-to-1 zoom ratio and zoom range of 4 to 52°. Equipped with a 160 mm frontal lens, RIVALE PROFILE can produce an ultra-intensive beam of 4°, close to that of AYRTON’S famous “LT“ versions. Encore is the first AV company in Australia to receive these cutting-edge new fixtures.

    Key benefits

    Enhance lighting with the most am-HAZE-ing effect

    • MDG ATMe single high output HAZE generator

    Enhance lighting with HAZE effect

    Key benefits

    If you are planning a professional light show, a great haze machine is pretty much essential. The finest haze on the market just got better, with the ATMe single high output haze generator.

    With this product, Encore can enhance its custom-lighting and laser show for your event, as the particles from the haze machine will help the lighting stand out and make the show much more exciting.

    Whether you are using haze in a subtle manner, or covering the air surrounding the entire stage, the attention can always remain on the performance. It is a breathtaking display and there are so many ways to showcase your creativity with a light show.

    Pixel perfect: ultra-high-definition displays and cameras that has to be seen to be believed

    Break the fold and push the boundaries in presentations and live viewing experiences

    • Foldable 135″  Mobile LED display

    Mobile LED Display

    Nothing beats our fine pixel mobile 135″ LED screens for big-impact presentation in smaller venues. They are super-thin, adjustable-height and mobile, so you can use them anywhere for a innovative visual experience for your attendees. With the seamless large screen and superior built-in Harman Kardon speakers, be ready to impress your audience everywhere from high-end board rooms and receptions to galleries, auditoriums, and other large venues.

    Key benefits

    Ultra-High Definition & High Dynamic Range 4K Cameras and Mixers

    • 4K camera-recorders
    • 4K 23x optical zoom lens
    • Broadcast capable video mixer & control panel

    Encore has the latest in high-end professional video and broadcast equipment, producing ultra-high-definition picture quality that will amaze your audience.

    Our industry leading range of 4K cameras have high dynamic range and 23x optical zoom for a broadcast quality (/jaw-dropping) production.

    Our 4K cameras feed into a highly versatile and professional live production switcher and broadcast control panel with advanced functionality to enable live-casting the keynote presentation to a giant on-stage screen, streaming live around the world, or creating a commercial quality recording for sale

    Key benefits

    Want to learn how you can leverage these innovative technologies at your next event? 

    Get in touch with Encore today!

    Design Thinking is not what most think it is…

    Design Thinking is invaluable for event organisers because it brings a user-focused, creative, and integrated approach to the event planning process, ultimately resulting in more engaging, more memorable, and more successful events.

    In our previous blog we covered what Design Thinking is, the key principles and steps to applying the approach to event planning. In this article we tackle the common misconceptions people have regarding Design Thinking as we outline what Design Thinking is not.

    Understanding these misconceptions and the true nature of Design Thinking can help event organisers apply the methodology more effectively.

    What Design Thinking is NOT:

    1) Design think is not only about design and aesthetics

    While aesthetics can be a part of it, Design Thinking is more about the overall experience, including the flow of activities, engagement, and how attendees interact with the event.

    2) It’s not only for designers:

    Some people believe that Design Thinking is a practice reserved for professional designers. In reality, it’s a methodology that can be applied by anyone involved in event planning, including organisers, marketers, and even attendees who provide feedback.

    3) It’s not a linear process

    Design Thinking is often wrongly seen as a strictly linear process with defined stages that must be followed in a set order. In reality, it’s a flexible framework that encourages iteration and may involve revisiting and revising earlier stages as new insights emerge.

    4) It’s not time-consuming

    There is a misconception that Design Thinking is a time-consuming process that can’t be integrated into the tight timelines of event planning. While it can be thorough, Design Thinking principles can be adapted to various timeframes, and some Design Thinking techniques can be implemented quickly.

    5) Design thinking is not expensive

    Another misconception is that implementing Design Thinking requires a significant budget for research, prototyping, and testing. While some aspects may involve costs, Design Thinking often leads to more efficient and cost-effective solutions by identifying and addressing issues early in the planning process.

    6) It’s not all about technology

    In the digital age, there’s a misconception that Design Thinking always involves incorporating the latest technology into an event. While technology can enhance events, Design Thinking is not exclusively about technology. It’s about finding solutions that address attendees’ needs and challenges, which may or may not involve technology.

    7) Design Thinking is not a ‘one-size fits all’

    Some believe that a single Design Thinking approach can be applied to all events. In reality, Design Thinking should be tailored to the specific goals, audience, and context of each event. What works for a corporate conference may not be suitable for a music festival, for example.

    8) Design Thinking cannot solve every problem

    Design Thinking is a powerful approach, but it may not be the best fit for every problem or challenge an event organiser faces. It’s essential to understand when to use Design Thinking and when to consider other problem-solving methods. 

    9) It’s not a guarantees of sucess

    While Design Thinking can lead to more effective and engaging events, it doesn’t guarantee automatic success. Success also depends on factors like planning, execution, marketing, and external factors. Design Thinking is a tool that helps improve the odds of success but doesn’t eliminate all risk.

    10) Design Thinking is not static and unchanging

    Events are dynamic, and attendee needs and preferences can change. A misconception is that Design Thinking results are static and unchanging. In reality, successful event organizers use Design Thinking iteratively, adjusting based on feedback and evolving trends.

    Understanding these misconceptions and the true nature of Design Thinking can help event organisers apply the methodology effectively to create more engaging and successful events.

    Design Thinking: where problems become opportunities, ideas transform into solutions and unforgettable experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of attendees. 

    Imagine a colourful kaleidoscope where diverse thoughts and experiences converge, creating a mesmerising pattern of possibilities. Design Thinking is the ultimate innovation jam session. It’s like conducting a symphony of ideas, turning every brief into a vibrant kaleidoscope of solutions that is focused entirely on the end-user.

    Design Thinking is a dynamic process of turning challenges into triumphs, where creativity and empathy dance to compose a melody of groundbreaking ideas and unforgettable moments; It’s also the art of navigating through this kaleidoscope, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary by infusing a human touch into every stroke of creativity.

    What is Design Thinking and why is it invaluable for event organisers

    Design Thinking is a problem-solving and innovation methodology that originated in the field of product design, but has since found widespread application in various industries, including event planning and management. For event organisers, it has become crucial because it helps in creating more engaging and successful events by prioritising the needs and preferences of their attendees.

    In essence, Design Thinking for events is a holistic approach, seamlessly blending creativity, empathy, and user-centric design to transform events into memorable experiences that do more than deliver on the event objective.

    Design Thinking is invaluable for event organisers because it brings a user-focused, creative, and integrated approach to the event planning process, ultimately resulting in more engaging, memorable, and successful events.

    Design Thinking is a process that puts understanding the end-users (in this case, event attendees) and their needs at the forefront of design and decision-making. It incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving and innovation, combining elements of empathy, ideation, and prototyping to create solutions that are both effective and user-focused.

    Key principles of Design Thinking

    • Gain a deep understanding of the needs, desires, and challenges of the people you are designing for, which, in the context of event planning, are the attendees.
    • Clearly define the problem or challenge you’re trying to solve. This step is crucial for ensuring that everyone involved is aligned on the goal.
    • Generate a wide range of creative solutions and ideas for addressing the defined problem.
    • Create tangible representations or mock-ups of potential solutions to test and refine.
    • Collect feedback from users (event attendees) through the prototype and make improvements based on their input.
    Design Thinking

    Key principles of Design Thinking

    Enhanced Attendee Experience

    Through Design Thinking, event organisers can create more engaging and memorable experiences for attendees by understanding their needs and preferences and tailoring event design, content, and interactions accordingly.

    Innovation and Creativity

    Design Thinking fosters out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving, leading to fresh and innovative event concepts and activities.

    Efficient Problem Solving

    By accurately defining the problem and involving stakeholders in ideation and testing, Design Thinking leads to more effective solutions, reducing the risk of costly mistakes during the event.

    User-Centered Approach

    Design Thinking places attendees at the core of the event planning process, enabling organisers to create events that resonate with their target audience.

    5 steps to applying Design Thinking in event planning


    Conduct surveys, interviews, and observations to gain insights into attendee needs and preferences.


    Clearly outline the problem or opportunity based on the information collected.


    Brainstorm with a diverse team to generate a wide range of ideas for event concepts and experiences.


    Create mock-ups or prototypes of event elements, such as agendas, activities, and spaces.


    Gather feedback from potential attendees and make adjustments to the event plan based on their input.

    Examples of Design Thinking in action

    Encore applies design thinking to every event we produce. Read about the work our team have done for Amway China’s New Zealand Odyssey.

    See how we used custom table projection mapping to create an extraordinary dining experience for this year’s Living Grand dinner at Grand Hyatt Melbourne; delivered a holographic-like experience for the Top Secret 2019 Dinner in Canberra, built a 48m wide custom stage set for Volkswagen and so much more.

    Below you’ll see a snapshot of some the amazing work our teams produce to help inspire your next events! If you have any questions about the events or our solutions please get in touch with our National Sales Director, Michael Magafa .

    Living Grand Client Appreciation
    Venue: Grand Hyatt Melbourne

    Encore had the pleasure of partnering with Hyatt Australia to deliver a unique culinary and visual journey for its VIP clients as part of the annual Living Grand event. Hosted at Grand Hyatt Melbourne in February, Encore created the immersive experience by combining audio visual theatrics, lighting design and creative styling with the world-class custom projection mapping to stimulate sight, sounds, taste, small and touch.

    Watch the video below to re-live the Living Grand Dinner 2019

    48 VIPs were led down a dark tunnel into a dimly lit room, surrounded by black drapes with ambient music playing in the background. The room was sparse, with minimal styling and theming building intrigue as to what was to follow.

    Once guests were seated, the journey began, completely immersing them in the sounds and visuals, complimenting the menu course by course.

    The entree took guests underwater with sounds of the ocean filling the room and swimming fish flawlessly projection mapped onto the tables and drapes. Then when the sorbet was served, it was accompanied by images and sounds of ice breaking and shattering throughout the room.

    Table Projection Custom

    The main course was themed fire and smoke. Diners were blindfolded before the sounds of burning wood and fire floated through the air. The Encore team then projection mapped fire onto the table while mains were served. Along with the sizzling of food on the grill, the room was filled with low fog slowly rising from the floor as the guests took off their blindfolds.

    The final course was an ode to Willy Wonka with the room lighting up with the colours of liquorice Allsorts, a chocolate river flowing down the tables and the infamous theme song of the Oompah Loompas playing.

    Table Projection for Event

    For this night to be a success, the timing of the projection and audio had to be perfect.

    Grand Hyatt Melbourne General Manger, Ilan Weill was thrilled with the work Encore produced.

    “We of course appreciated your innovation and hard work to meet the deadlines and listen to us. However, the special thank you I would like to convey is for your partnership and amazing spirit working and having fun with us on what was a last-minute idea and turned out to be a fully produced wow type of night. Your patience, great attitude, talent and how you joined forces with us on the night was felt by everyone involved and we really appreciated working together as one team,” said Mr Weill.

    “We are delighted to call you our partners – Thank you again!”

    Volkswagen Customer Xperience Summit 2019
    Venue: Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane

    Delivering a big stage solution for Volkswagen

    Encore was set the challenge to create a memorable high-end audio-visual feast communicating the ‘Iconic’ theme for the Volkswagen Customer Xperience Summit 2019. The event welcomed over 800 delegates in two streams from across the Volkswagen dealer network at the Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane on 19-21 February 2019.

    Conceived and convened by Volkswagen Australia Director of Customer Experience and Marketing Jason Bradshaw, more than 800 Volkswagen Group Australia staff and delegates from the nationwide dealership network have attended what is believed to be the biggest customer training exercise held by an auto importer in this country.     

    Custom Set Design

    The commanding stage set delivered a massive impact. Encore’s technical team created a mammoth screen consisting of 5 custom borderless screens combined to form one large canvas of 48m wide, this included two curved screens at either end to frame the 28m custom black acrylic stage. Over 150 pixel mapped LED neon tubes encased the top and bottom of the screens creating a futuristic feel and complementing video content. Two circular stages made of black reflective acrylic built either side of the screens created a platform for two of the latest Volkswagen vehicles launched at the event.

    Conference Stage Lighting

    This impressive event delivered a series of captivating on-screen animated experiences on the huge projection surface which flowed thru to the pixel mapped lighting effects adding an extra level of excitement and drama. The central screen was also recessed to enable the speakers to make a dramatic entrance from behind the stage set.

    By day the impressive stage was beautifully lit with red and blue with spotlights shining on the cars and reflective stage. During the conference the dramatic staging hosted Omar Johnson VP of Marketing for Apple, followed by presentations by a number of guest speakers and dealers.

    During the gala event in the evening the premium dealer awards were presented. The lighting show was ramped up to the maximum, plus pyrotechnics, the release of thousands of streamers and CO2 canon blasts to celebrate the major awards.

    Conference Production for Car Company

    Michael Magafa, National Sales Director for Encore was delighted with the impact created by the giant stage set and the overall seamless delivery of the event.

    “The brief was to create a big impression, so we delivered a huge solution! The stage encased the entire room and the team designed an impressive lighting and projection solution to captivate the guests. I am very proud of the team’s flawless delivery for our client.”

    Top Secret 2019 Dinner
    Venue: National Convention Centre Canberra

    Encore Event Technologies (Encore) served up an incredible holographic-like experience for some of Australia’s leading event industry professionals, at the “Love and Desire” themed Top Secret 2019 Dinner on Friday 22 March.

    Canberra Event Production

    Hosted by the National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC), as part of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), this dinner was part of a 3-day program run by the Canberra Convention Bureau (CCB).

    The program consists of a series of individualised experiences for an exclusive group of national meeting planners. Showcasing business event product and services, the program allows Canberra’s events community to demonstrate the calibre of events in our nation’s capital.

    The hero of the night was Encore’s expert use of a holographic mesh screen, highlighting the venue as a premium event space and showcasing the technology available when holding an event at the NCCC in conjunction with Encore.

    Using the holographic mesh screen, Encore created animated content such as a hot air balloon that appear as though it was floating through the air.

    Known for their innovation, Encore really broke the mould for the Top Secret 2019 Dinner bringing Stephen Wood, General Manager of the National Convention Centre Canberra into the room through a hologram. Guests were able to watch Mr Wood standing onstage, interviewing himself as if there were actually two of him.

    Hologram Event

    The use of holographic mesh screens is usually only seen at big budget events such as Eurovision and the Grammys, or on television. However, Encore were able to demonstrate to event managers how this technology is possible at their events with the right team and the right venue.

    Mr Wood commented, “We love working with Encore, they always manage to outdo themselves with their innovation and creativity, and this event was no exception.”

    The theme for the 3 day familiarisation was “Love and Desire”, based on the current exhibition on display at the National Gallery of Australia.

    On each table were large 2D Scenic Panels on custom frames, designed to look like garden lattices in the shape of hearts as a nod to pre-Raphaelite theme of the “Love and Desire” exhibition.

    Suspended Heart Centrepieces

    Directly above the tables were 20 LED Kinetic Lights, programmed to move with the music and change colour throughout the night, creating a truly spectacular lighting display.

    Also taking inspiration from the “Love and Desire” theme was the night’s entertainment. During the event, two actors from the Shakespeare by the Lake performance rose up after being hidden as guests and began to perform some of the Bard’s most famous sonnets.

    Continuing the surprises, instead of using one main screen, Encore set up four 60in televisions across one truss structure on the main stage. They displayed the animated logos of Encore, NCCC, CCB and IHG in front of scrolling panoramic shots of Canberra spread across the 4 screens as a single wide screen image, showcasing the beauty of the city.

    “This was a truly sophisticated and memorable event. The National Convention Centre Canberra and guests were delighted with the outcome, and we can’t thank Encore enough,” said Mr Wood.

    Lunar New Year
    Venue: Crown Melbourne

    New technology for New Year Celebrations at Crown Melbourne

    VIP guests from China celebrated the Lunar New Year in style at Crown Melbourne on Friday 22 February. Encore created an atmosphere of opulence and splendour with their stunning table projection, multimedia, audio visual services and styling.

    Multiple Table Projection mapping

    The highlight of the evening was the spectacular custom table projections that greeted guests as they entered the River Room and found their seats. The content projected onto each individual table was the perfect blend of Chinese tradition, opulence and technical innovation.

    On each table, cranes flew around the circular table, fish swam between glasses and flowers grew from plates as the different animated looks circled each table and even individual plates. On top of the Lazy Susan, the menu for the night was projected in both English and Chinese, rotating, so all guests could read it.

    Then as food arrived, Encore masked the projection on the Lazy Susan and plates, so the colour didn’t affect the look of the food while the areas surrounding each continued with projected with animation.

    As well as the projection mapping, Encore created a beautiful light show adding excitement to the entertainment while enabling the projection show to shine.

    Encore’s beautiful styling enhanced the theme. Red was chosen as the main colour as it symbolises luck, happiness and joy in Chinese culture. The team used varying shades of red in the lighting, stage set and table projections, while also laying red carpet to cover the entire floor and hanging red swagged drapes to create a seamless look.

    Chinese themed event

    Two large screens framed either side of the stage with a sign displaying a custom designed Year of the Pig insignia in the middle of the stage.

    Also outlining the stage was an intricate stage set that was Laser cut to look like lattice in a traditional Chinese garden interwoven with cherry blossom branches.

    During the night, guests were entertained by a high energy violinist, lion dancer, and magician. Each entertainment act had their own animated table projection to complement their performance – a sparkling display of glitter for the violinist, a small animated dragon for the lion dancer and the magician’s logo for his performance.

    New Years Eve
    Venue: SKYCITY Convention Centre Auckland

    Encore Event Technologies (Encore) treated guests at the SKYCITY NYE Party 2018 to a showstopping, Las Vegas-themed audio visual spectacular at SKYCITY Convention Centre, Auckland.

    Las Vegas Themed Event

    The talented team at Encore were entrusted with the event, designed to enthral the most valuable of VIP’s on the biggest party night of the year – and they didn’t disappoint! Capturing the unique and glamorous atmosphere of a Las Vegas show, guests were transported to one of the world’s most famous districts with a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement.

    Encore created the stunning aesthetic with bold and colourful lighting choices, innovative stage styling and carefully crafted audio to support the entertainment that immersed the audience in the Las Vegas theme.

    Pink Lighting Las Vegas Theme

    The hero of the night was Encore’s lighting solutions. With over 100 LX Fixtures around the room and moving LX fixtures attached to truss droppers and totems on the stage, Encore turned the back wall into a lighting backdrop.

    To keep guests entertained, the stage was framed on either side by two 20ft screens and two 16ft screens, all displaying multimedia content created by Encore. This custom content was projected onto the screens using four 7K laser projectors and a Barco S3.

    Guests danced the night away with back-to-back entertainment such as illusionists, dancers, singers and an 8-piece band. During these acts, the lighting became part of the show, working seamlessly into the performances on stage.

    Feather Girl Dancers Event

    SKYCITY were once again thrilled with Encore’s work and the creativity and efficiency they demonstrated in producing an unforgettable night. Encore have been creating mesmerising events at SKYCITY for 15 years, managing to outdo themselves each time.

    Cairns Taipans Season Celebration
    Venue: Pullman Cairns International

    The CQUniversity Cairns Taipans celebrated their 20th anniversary year and the 2018-19 NBL season on Friday 22 February at the Pullman Cairns International. It was a celebratory night for the Taipans, marking 20 year history as well as acknowledging they are the only local sports team competing at a national level, so club officials wanted to give their players, local supporters and sponsors an unforgettable night.

    As the in-house event services provider, Encore was tasked with delivering an experiences befitting of the occasion. Inside the Grand Ballroom, Encore created the stage set using interlocked 2D and 3D Scenic Panels. When lit, the intricate patterns of the Scenic Panels cast beautiful shapes and shadows turning the backdrop into a feature piece. In the centre, the team engineered a 3D Scenic Panel formation in a diamond shape which became the frame for the 20th Anniversary logo. Each element of the stage set was spaced one metre back from the next creating visual depth and an innovative 3D effect.

    Lighting design was key to the overall event concept using a variety of equipment from moving lights, uplights and washes, profiles and more. The creative lighting choices were set to a theme of orange, navy and purple – the Taipans team colours. Centrepieces were designed using the team’s basketballs placed on top of glass vases – a simple, yet very fitting design for the event and its guests.

    Following the main awards ceremony, it was time for the party to begin. With the DJ playing through the flawless sound system and Encore’s lighting operator putting on a show with unique lighting effects, guests had a great time dancing and celebrating.

    Partner with the production specialists for your next event

    At Encore, we believe in turning ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. With Australia’s largest range of event production solutions at our fingertips, we have the creativity and technology to bring your event vision to life. From conferences, galas and exhibitions to sale incentives, product launches and touring roadshows; we have the network, experience and equipment to deliver your event seamlessly. Get in touch with us today to start discussing the requirements for your 2019 events.

    See how we used custom table projection mapping to create an extraordinary dining experience for our first Experience Encore event; delivered exciting new concepts for gala dinners and awards nights; and even hosted a four-day conference in the Outback!

    Michael MagafaWelcome to our final edition of AMP for 2018! AMP Newsletter is our chance to show you the creative and technical work that’s been happening across our regions to inspire your next events.

    In this edition we highlight our first and hugely successful Experience Encore event, some creative new awards night concepts, as well as a fantastic example of how to integrate your message throughout your event.

    Michael Magafa | National Sales Director

    Below you’ll see a snapshot of some the amazing work our teams produce to help inspire your next events! If you have any questions about the events or our solution please get in touch withme.

    Queensland Hotels Association Awards for Excellence
    Venue: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

    Encore were tasked with creating the atmosphere of a modern summer sun-soaked indoor beer garden for the annual Queensland Hotels Association (QHA) Awards for Excellence Gala Presentation. Hosted on 8 October 2018 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Encore delivered a total event production solution to immerse the 1,100 guests.

     Queensland Hotels Association Awards for Excellence

    As the focal point for the awards, Encore created a unique custom stage set which included a 5.7m circular projection screen along with two large rounded screens either side. The full projection surface totalled 26.5m wide x 5.7m high, plus 6m delay screens positioned in the back half of the room for coverage.
    Two winding, foliage trusses framed either side of the stage while oversized curved circular trusses covered with foliage and beautiful festoon lighting, hung from the ceiling over the stage and dance floor.

     Queensland Hotels Association Awards for Excellence

    Along with incorporating creative and production services, Encore also provided Event Feed social media integration. The skin design of the social media feed was also designed to complement the overall theme to complete the experience.

     Queensland Hotels Association Awards for Excellence

    Kelly-Anne Mott, Events and Partnerships Officer from Queensland Hotels Association was thrilled with Encore’s work for the impressive awards dinner production.

     “We are absolutely delighted with how spectacular the event was. Encore once again delivered, from the custom circular screen and stage set, to the stunning furniture and styling, to the content and digital services,” said Ms Mott.

    Consult Australia Awards Night
    Venue: Park Hyatt Melbourne

    Guests were invited to a night at the circus for this year’s Consult Australia Awards for Excellence at Park Hyatt Melbourne. Held on 10 October 2018, Encore created a vintage circus experience for the 250 guests. 

    Styling was a key component to achieving the look, with the hero a ceiling installation using red and white fanned drapery to create the “under the Big Top” effect. The ceiling was lit in reds, whites and ambers to create additional mood and excitement. Beautiful red and white velvet drapes also lined the venue to simulate tent walls. 

     Consult Australia Awards Night

    Circus themed table centrepieces were designed using popcorn bucket bases with a string of fairy lights emerging from the top to meet a large red or white helium balloon. The centrepieces were individually lit from the ceiling to add additional colour and focus. 

    To complete the Circus atmosphere, moving lights were hung from the ceiling to search across the crowd to simulate the “Roll up, Roll up” introduction of the Circus Ringmaster and acted like a crowd spotlight throughout the course of the evening. 

     Consult Australia Awards Night

    Mark Rock, Marketing Manager at Consult Australia commented,
    ‘We were very pleased with how this year’s Annual Awards for Excellence went. The Circus theming was extremely striking and the feedback on both the look and feel of the room was overwhelmingly positive.” 

    The event was truly a carnival for the senses creating an unforgettable experience for all.

    Experience Encore
    Venue: Cell Block Theatre, National Art School Sydney

    This year Encore hosted their first “Experience Encore” event for corporate clients, treating them to an intimate evening of great food, wine and entertainment at the National Art School in Sydney’s Darlinghurst. 

     Experience Encore

    Upon arrival, guests met in the courtyard of a brilliant up-lit Cell Block Theatre for cocktails and canapés before taking their seats. A spectacular table projection sequence set the scene, choreographed perfectly with the opening track. 

    Popular culinary personality, TV host and author Justine Schofield, designed the amazing menu inspiring Encore’s production services team to develop a dreamlike sensory experience. 

    Experience Encore

    The audience were transported on a culinary and sensory journey like no other. The theatrics included custom table projection mapping themed to each course, complimented with a matching ceiling light show using kinetic lights to create a vibrant and fun experience of the dish. 

    Vickianne Lane, Principal, Flick It To Me Solutions, said the evening was a truly unique experience that showcased the creativity of the Encore team. 

    “I was taken on a sensory experience – from the food and the way it was introduced, the immersive visuals, the music, was all orchestrated so seamlessly. It was wonderfully creative,” she said. 

    Experience Encore

    Michael Magafa, National Sales Director at Encore, said the evening was a great way to say thank you to our clients. 

    “A great event is when every element comes together to create a memorable experience. Technology doesn’t make an evening. How it’s applied, does. Engagement and evoking emotion does. Having Justine Schofield curate and present her amazing menu with passion, humour and authenticity simply made it easy for us to create a sensory environment around her wonderfully delectable food. Thank you very much to our guests, the incredible band and to Justine for joining us. And, to our inspirational team for their limitless creativity. We’re looking forward to the next #experienceencore.”

    The Million Dollar Lunch
    Venue: Palladium at Crown, Crown Melbourne

    The Children’s Cancer Foundation ‘The Million Dollar
    Lunch’ soared to incredible new heights this year raising a record $2.5m in
    2018 with over 600 guests in attendance at Crown Melbourne.

    Encore Event Technologies were responsible for the
    technical production as well as conceptualising and pitching to event
    organisers the visionary theme ‘Galaxies – an out of this world experience’.

    The Million Dollar Lunch

    A special pre-function space was designed to get
    guests prepared for launch with the interior of a rocket ship created using set
    design, styling, lighting and sound effects.

    Upon show time, the immersive theatrics continued as
    the “rocket ship” doors opened to reveal two tunnels, leading to the Palladium
    at Crown. The experience was one of mystery, excitement and discovery thanks to
    the use of fog jets, creative lighting, and more sound FX. The VIP guests
    emerged from the mist to orbit a glamorous new world as the ultimate reveal of
    the beautifully-lit ballroom was unveiled.

    The Million Dollar Lunch

    Under a draped ceiling covered in twinkling, starry
    lights, returning MCs Edwina Bartholomew and Hamish McLachlan enchanted the
    audience and introduced a touching story from beneficiaries of the Children’s
    Cancer Foundation.

    The stage backdrop was designed to emulate the windows
    of spaceship – created using 14 hex panels in a diamond shape with 3D content
    projected onto it. Throughout the evening guests were treated to entertainment
    by the LED dancing troupe and enjoyed a menu specially designed by renowned
    Crown chefs to complement the theme.

    The Million Dollar Lunch

    Following the high-end auction, Australian
    singer-songwriter and popstar, Samantha Jade, brought the house down with a
    stellar performance to cap off the extraordinary occasion.

    Mark Holmes, Executive General Manager – Food &
    Beverage, Crown Melbourne, spoke about the event’s success,

    “Encore Event Technologies were once again able to
    deliver and ensure the event was a success! As a valued partner they contribute
    in terms of every aspect of the event from the initial concept, to design, to
    flow and of course the content – once again a memorable event was delivered –
    thank you. The entire luncheon was seamless and remained true to our
    objectives, while contributing to a very worthy cause.”

    Canberra Business Chamber Gala
    Venue: National Convention Centre Canberra

    Encore were tasked with delivering a purple themed gala dinner for this year’s annual Canberra Business Chamber Gala Dinner. Hosted at the National Convention Centre Canberra, the on-site team achieved a visually spectacular gala that “took their breath away”.

    Purple lighting effects, styling and set design elements were key components to creating this look. The hero of the evening was a giant chandelier Encore constructed using hundreds of interlinked Scenic Panels in contrasting designs. When illuminated with purple lighting and gobos, the Scenic Panels’ laser cut shapes cast stunning reflections around the venue walls for a truly unique and impactful focal point.

    Canberra Business Chamber Gala

    This was the first time the Scenic Panels had been rigged to the ceiling in a multi-layered chandelier formation and the vast ceiling of the National Convention Centre provided the perfect canopy. The purple event theme was carried through the table floral centrepieces, drapery and lighting.
    This was the third year that Encore has delivered the event for the Canberra Business Chamber.

    Canberra Business Chamber Gala

    Kate Holland, Event Director commented,
    “Just wanted to thank you and the team for a great night last night. You all did a fantastic job and the room looked amazing! We really appreciate your work for the Chamber and your professionalism.”

    Stuart Buchanan, General Manager of Encore ACT was delighted with the result,

    “The team went over and above to deliver on the brief to wow guests. This was the first time we have created a giant chandelier using our beautiful Scenic Panels product. The team continue to come up with unique and beautiful displaying using them in different ways. The clients and guests loved the effect.”

    20th Family Business Australia Conference
    Venue: Various Venues in Alice Springs

    The rugged beauty of Australia made the perfect backdrop for this years Family Business Australia (FBA) 20th National Conference. Hosted in Alice Springs from 9-12 September, the conference brought nearly 400 FBA members to the Red Centre to participate in the 4 day event.

     20th Family Business Australia Conference

    Encore were engaged to produce the events, supplying all audio, lighting and projection for the whole convention, which included a conference held at the Alice Springs Convention Centre, numerous key-note speaker sessions, master classes and workshops that ran simultaneously, plus a number of social events throughout the region.

     20th Family Business Australia Conference

    At the first outdoor dinner, at Telegraph Station, Encore constructed a giant custom-made projection screen, allowing award winner images and videos to be projected from 30m away while maintaining perfect visual quality. This delivered an engaging experience and created an emotive sense of pride for the winners. This gave the client’s content of award winner video stings and slides an impressively large canvas.

    The final evening of the conference ended in style with an event at the Old Quarry. Surrounded by walls of red rock, guests were treated to a performance by Tommy Crowe, who played his didgeridoo on a ledge overlooking the crowd before the live band got delegates dancing under the stars. Encore created an immersive atmosphere for Tommy’s performance by dramatically lighting the rock behind him creating a glowing silhouette on the quarry.

    The spectacular experience concluded after Tommy’s performance with him painting contemporary aboriginal art in his unique style on a large canvas. Encore filmed Tommy painting and projected his work onto the rock wall in real time, which gave the illusion of the painting being created directly onto the cliff.

     20th Family Business Australia Conference

    Danielle Ricato, National Events and Sponsorship Manager, Family Business Australia was thrilled with Encore’s work.

    “I don’t even know where to start when talking about this event, it was sheer perfection, from start to finish.
    “There were so many moving parts to this event, and I am in awe of the enormous amounts of work that went into making this all look effortless!” said Ms. Ricato.

     20th Family Business Australia Conference

    Brien Keys, Regional General Manager for Encore Event Technologies remarked,

    “The Encore team was proud and honoured to go the extra mile, working with such an amazing client in the FBA for an event attended by amazing people. It was truly a privilege to produce the event at some of Central Australia’s most spectacular settings. The technical challenges posed by the locations were a great opportunity for our technical teams to showcase their talent.”

    24th International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres Conference
    Venue: SKYCITY Convention Centre Auckland

    New Zealand was on show at this year’s 24th International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres Annual Conference. Held over four days 1–4 October at SkyCity Convention Centre, Encore Event Technologies were engaged by the New Zealand Defence Force to deliver a world-class conference for its 300 Defence and Police Force delegates from across 58 countries.

     24th International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres Conference

    Being its first year hosted in New Zealand, and a very far distance for delegates to travel, it was crucial the event was a success and ran seamlessly.  Encore’s winning production solution promised an immersive “Kiwi-ana theme” that celebrated the country’s unique flora, fauna and cultural history. In brining this to life, we used a range of services from audio visual, staging and styling to a dedicated event app and speaker services.

    Providing unique surprise and delight moments throughout the Welcome function, Gala Dinner and Closing Ceremony were important elements in the brief which our team delivered on beautifully.

     24th International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres Conference

    Syd Dewes, Lieutenant Colonel, Lead Planner, New Zealand Defence Force.

    “We had delegates representing 58 countries attend and they universally speak of the conference as being a fantastic success.

    “The auditorium screen images that changed daily, the accompanying lighting effects, and injection of distinct New Zealand nature sounds, was a fitting artistic display by Encore.
    When combined with speaker preparation services, and presentation uploads, we were furnished with an outstanding auditorium production. That performance contributed to our guests rating the conference as world class.”

    Partner with the production specialists for your next event

    At Encore, we believe in turning ordinary events into extraordinary experiences. With Australia’s largest range of event production solutions at our fingertips, we have the creativity and technology to bring your event vision to life. From conferences, galas and exhibitions to sale incentives, product launches and touring roadshows; we have the network, experience and equipment to deliver your event seamlessly. Get in touch with us today to start discussing the requirements for your 2019 events.

    Everyone in events is familiar with large-scale projection mapping; on buildings, on stage, and at activations. But there’s almost limitless potential to tell your story on a much more personal scale. Sharing a meal is one of the most intimate human social rituals, and projection mapping onto the dinner table is emerging as a fantastic way to communicate, delight, and impress your audience.

    At Encore Event Technologies, we’ve been teaming up our amazing digital artists with our high-definition projectors and tech crew to create breathtaking, Insta-worthy, wildly shareable content that transforms any meal into a multimedia event.

    Projection Mapping for Personalisation

    For Dom Pérignon, we took the long and storied history of the company and used its immediately identifiable visuals to completely brand a dinner for 100 VIPs at Sydney’s Ivy Ballroom. The dining table became a canvas for telling the Dom Pérignon brand story with customised animated content projected onto it. Personalised name cards in the shape of the Dom Pérignon logo were projected onto place settings, followed by custom graphics perfectly aligned with crockery, cutlery, and glassware. Each course had its own projected content, complementing the menu and highlighting the decadence of Dom Pérignon Champagne. Projection mapping was a visually striking way to intertwine the brand’s rich history with the intimate dining experience and left guests wanting more!

    Projection Mapping for Branding

    At the National Convention Centre Canberra, we used the colours and images associated with the annual Enlighten Festival of outdoor art, illumination, and culture to personalise a lunch for 40 special guests, selling Canberra as a destination for world-class business events. Local food and wine were complemented by animations, with each dinner plate individually lit for impact. Guests’ names were projected onto their seats, offering a unique personal touch and making networking easy. The autumnal colours of Canberra and signature looks of client InterContinental Hotels Group were all incorporated to the projection mapped content to take event branding to the next level.

    Projection Mapping for Story Telling

    To help global hotel giant The Accor Group tell their story, we staged a one-off special event at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino, Cairns, for 10 influential clients. We partnered with Belgian creative geniuses Skull Mapping to license their viral sensation ‘Le Petit Chef’ , and built a reef theme in a function room using lighting and set elements, highlighting the natural beauty of the region. Guests were then utterly stunned when their ‘tablecloth’ turned into one of Le Petit Chef’s animated adventures. The VIPs were so impressed, they asked to see the animation a further four times!

    Table projection is still such a fresh technique that most guests (and event producers!) are still to experience it live. It’s an utterly entrancing spectacle that has everyone whipping out their devices and saturating social media with images and video. It has an amazing power to communicate your brand, personalise an event to a micro level, and tell any story; the creators of Le Petit Chef are even using it for two-hour dinner shows that trace the culinary discoveries of Marco Polo!

    For a recent Experience Encore event, Encore’s Sydney team chose to create a unique dining experience using projection mapping to match table content to the meal – it’s taking meal pairing to a whole new level! The menu was designed by popular culinary personality, Justine Schofield, and each course had its own unique table design to compliment its theme.

    Each course had a uniquely themed kinetic light show to match the vibrant and fun personality of the food; the ceviche entrée and matching wine saw tables transformed into a beautiful underwater wonderland. As the second course of sticky beef cheek was announced, the room transformed to reflect a rural kaleidoscope of foliage.

    The ‘encore’, was a delicious panna cotta which ignited the final animation, a stunning soft pink and white design, wrapped up the culinary experience.

    The audience were transported on a culinary and sensory journey like no other,  incorporating theatrical elements and custom table projection mapping to the food and entertainment.

    Speak to the experts for projection mapping at your next event

    For maximum impact, content creators, event planners, and the tech team have to work very closely – table projections have tolerances in the millimetres, and the biggest implementations have pixel counts in the millions! Encore Event Technologies have learnt through practical experience how to make large scale table projection mapping work, and would love to partner with more event planners to create unforgettable experiences. If you are interested in using Table Projection Mapping in your next corporate event, get in touch with the experts today by sending an online enquiry.

    One of the most beautiful, intricate and technically complex stage designs of 2015. Encore delivered a visually captivating event for the Australian Hotels Association (AHA) Awards for Excellence at The Star Sydney. Celebrating the best of the hotel service industry, the event offered guests a visual feast, combining complex stage sets, intricate styling, technically advanced projection mapping and strategically prepared video content.

    Inspired by the geometric logo elements the Encore’s event production team built a custom stage design comprised of a 20x5m hard projection set  interspersed with coloured acrylic panels to emphasise the geometric elements of the clients’ logo. Video and imagery was projected onto the 3D set using state-of-the-art projection mapping, illuminating the stage in a thousand colours that drew the audience’s attention and ensured a memorable result.

    Projection Mapping uses everyday video projectors, but instead of projecting on a flat screen (e.g. to display a PowerPoint), light is mapped onto any surface, turning common objects of any 3D shape into interactive displays. More formally, projection mapping is “the display of an image on a non-flat or non-white surface”.


    Selina Rumble, General Manager of Partnerships & Events at the Australian Hotels Association was delighted with the creative event design that perfectly answered the Association’s brief to deliver a memorable occasion.

    “The Australian Hotels Association has worked with the team across Australia for nearly 10 years, and the team know how to push boundaries to produce a stellar result every time. They went above and beyond for our Awards for Excellence, delivering not only a visually stunning experience but a seamless event as well for our 500 guests.

    “Whilst a celebration is memorable in itself, we delight in using technology to create a striking event environment that our guests want to share with their friends. Staging Connections have the technology, the team and most of all, the know-how, to deliver special events that continue to impress our guests,” said Ms Rumble.

    Stu Buchanan, Event Director at Staging Connections led the team
    in managing and producing the entire event.

    “It was a star-studded event and we were keen on impressing both our client and the event’s attendees. Our team worked hard to design the multimedia for the event that took over 125 hours to prepare, and the result
    was a dynamic and impactful backdrop that guests raved about.

    “As an integrated event staging provider, every element of the event was carefully thought out, from the set design of tessellated triangles, to the mapped digital backdrop, to the three 16:9 screens and the table styling featuring illuminated glass terrariums filled with copper string lights. The event environment was warm, inviting and had an ultimate wow-factor,” concluded Mr Buchanan.

    Staging Connections worked in collaboration with The Star Event
    Centre’s technical and audio visual team to deliver the spectacular result for the Australian Hotels Association Awards for Excellence.

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    We humans have been fascinated with creating art that fools our eyes and transports us physically since the beginning of civilisation. From perspective tricks in murals to the fake windows on blank building walls of the trompe l’oeil tradition, we delight in deceiving our senses. Now, in the 21st century, 2D and 3D projection mapping are the latest tools of this grand tradition, and are available to you to transform your events in ways that are only limited by your imagination.

    Mapping it out

    So what does the term projection mapping mean, and how does it differ from plain old ‘projection’?

    Well, we all know what a projection is an image, made of light, beamed onto a screen or surface. It could be a movie, a PowerPoint presentation, or any series of images that gets a point across. Its defining characteristic is that we are clearly aware of its edges, limitations and artificiality. It inhabits a defined space, and our brain sections it off; that’s the projection, and next to it, that’s the wall.

    Projection mapping has come to mean the use of two or more projectors to extend a continuous image across multiple surfaces, the classic example being four walls. If you are standing in a square white room and a projector shines a photo of the Swiss Alps onto one entire wall, your brain tells you that you’re looking at a projection of a photo. If multiple projectors work together to cover all four walls with a seamless 360 degree panoramic image of the Swiss Alps, your brain starts to think it’s gone skiing. We’re still not totally convinced, but we are enchanted.

    2D or not 2D?

    Whether we’re talking about 2D or 3D projection mapping is dependent on what we’re actually projecting onto. 2D projection mapping assumes that all the surfaces to be covered are flat screens, walls, or floors. The complexity of 2D projection mapping is in lining up the edges of the beams from multiple projectors and coordinating the projected content so that the eye perceives it all as one big, unbroken image. This is known as Edge Blending.

    This takes some serious calculations and very precise physical controls. There are a variety of technologies on the market that help achieve these results. Some brands of projectors have software built-in that, when a physical link is set-up between units with the same capability, detects and manages the activity of all the projectors in the group, enabling them to work as one.

    Another solution is to use specialised computer software and hardware to control your projectors, which enables the use of whichever projection system is available.

    3D projection mapping – no glasses required

    Event Profile: 3D Projection Mapping from Encore Event Technologies.

    3D projection mapping has firmly entered the public consciousness through major public events such as Sydney’s Vivid Festival. The annual event sees the Sydney Opera House, The Museum of Contemporary Art, Customs House and other Sydney landmarks transformed by artists using powerful projectors and complex software. A ballerina dances across the Opera House, Customs House transforms into a 17th century French Palace, and abstract art animates the face of the Gallery.

    3D projection mapping is another step up in complexity from 2D. While still drawing on multiple projectors and Edge Blending, it adds the seriously mind-bending task of mapping images onto actual three dimensional objects. In the case of Vivid, it’s a building exterior or architectural feature. Most interestingly, it can also be an object created for the sole purpose of being projected on. It’s this last option that is generating some impressive creative thinking in the events industry.

    The textbook example of how to use 3D projection mapping for great effect and value for money in a corporate event has come from the auto industry. At recent international car shows and product launches, manufacturers have made blank white foam shells in the shape of their models. Much cheaper and lighter than an actual car, they are easier to ship to the venue. Amazing content is then projected onto the shell that brings it to life as a car. But this car can change colours, finish and details. The projected content can also be video and animation that make the car look like it is driving at speed. Headlights light up, wheels spin and the windscreen reflects the environment flashing past.

    Light: portable, flexible and…..light

    There’s some pretty obvious advantages to using projection mapping to theme or brand your event.

    The first is ease of creation, transport and setup. Physical sets and props have to be designed, built, transported and made to work physically in the venue. If your theme was Ancient Greece, for example, you’d need to build and install quite a few fake stone columns to give your guests the impression they’re having dinner in The Parthenon. If you project an image, or better yet, video of the actual Parthenon across all four walls, you’ve done a much better job with a lot less hassle.

    If you’re running a roadshow that is staged in many different venues, the efficiencies become even greater. Not only have you saved on freight and labour costs, but the logistical challenges presented by different spaces are completely overcome. Venue specific problems such as low ceilings, small doors and bad lift access that can make bringing in sets a nightmare are all sidestepped by using projection mapping.

    Your brand, your way

    Despite all of the 3D projection wizardry, the real star of your show is your brand. Projection mapping offers a huge range of opportunities to have your message refreshed and emphasised throughout the event. Because all projected content is dynamic and can be changed subtly or dramatically at will, your branding is no longer relegated to static banners or a single instance on a screen. Your brand can be a brash animated statement on audience entrance, fade to a subtle underpinning during a keynote speech and become part of the room’s architecture in the post-show networking session.

    The ease of changing projected content also has a positive effect on event timing and management. If a space needs to be reset from lecture to cocktail mode, projected theming and branding doesn’t get in the way like a physical set, one button press and the reset is done.

    There’s also the ‘Wow’ factor; your audience leaves the lecture hall which has been subtly branded and lit throughout the conference. They return for dinner and enter a totally immersive fantasy world of your choosing.

    Content is Key

    The success of any projection mapping project relies on creating the right kind of content. It’s not just the size and quality of the digital images provided as source material, but the way they are used in service of the event’s goal. It takes practical experience in the use of projection mapping at events to know what kinds of content will work and what won’t when scaled across multiple projectors and blown up to the size of a building. Hint: your iPhone photos probably won’t look that good.

    The look and feel of an event needs to be sculpted with both artistic vision and technical know-how. Encore Event Technologies now employs specialist staff to help customers build projected content for events in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

    Amazing results can be achieved when technical specialists work hand-in-hand with event organisers to deliver a brief. If your imagination is stimulated by the possibilities of beaming your own world around your audience, start by talking to an expert to determine exactly what they’ll need from you to make it happen.

    Imagination is your only limitation

    A blank canvas is a blessing and a curse. Projection mapping enables you to create almost any conceivable visual effect, whether it’s as simple as your logo in three dimensions rotating on a wall, or as complex as your audience being taken on a spaceship through the Milky Way. A coherent artistic vision, well executed, will always have the greatest impact. Consider what the overarching message your audience needs to take away from your event, and focus in on that. All visual material should subtly reinforce that point.

    As projection mapping is heavily reliant on computer technology, it’s a rapidly changing field. As more becomes technically possible, creative’s are constantly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. If you’re looking for inspiration, talk to your Encore Event Technologies contact to see some of our recent work.

    Watch, learn, and bring a bit of magic to your next event.           

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