Latest lighting innovation - kinetic lights

Encore Event Technologies launches their latest event lighting solution – LED Kinetic Lights. The lighting system turns any event ceiling into a spectacular lighting display that moves the beat and changes colour with the mood.


Kinetic lights: latest event lighting solution For corporate events, gala dinners and more

Elevate your event with our intelligent kinetic lights and give your guests a spectacular aerial lighting display. Inject life and movement into your event with the latest intelligent lighting technology. Our new LED Kinetic Lighting system delivers a dynamic combination of lighting and movement, highlighting focal points of your event with a moving sculptural light installation. The full colour spectrum fixtures come in a choice of shapes to create a customised, vibrant display. The lights are installed into the ceiling to turn what was once a black cavity into a brilliant lighting display that moves to the beat of your event.

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Why event planners are choosing kinetic lights

Event lighting that moves to the rhythm and changes colour to the mood. Guests come to expect the new at events: New ideas, new content, new styling and new experiences. Our Kinetic Lights will give your guests the new experience they crave with a unique and unforgettable lighting show. • Transform event lighting into a dynamic environment. • Energise the atmosphere with moving effects timed perfectly to the music or entertainment. • Enhance your overall room design with a stunning lighting canopy that is programmed to change throughout the event. • Enjoy a full spectrum of colour choices to match your branding, event or ambiance of the room. • Choose between our spherical or elongated baton globes to suit the style and desired effect of your event. • Deliver a truly different event experience, with colour and movement.

Our guests loved the Kinetic Lights. Our brief was that we wanted something really different and to give our guests a new/unique experience. The lights certainly delivered! We hadn’t seen anything on the market like them. We loved the way they moved in perfect sync with our entertainment.
Claudia Lovett, General Manager, Partnerships & Marketing, Australian Hotels Association

Kinetic lights are the perfect creative Lighting solution for all types of events

Surprise and delight guests with lighting that turns your ceiling into a vivid aerial lighting display. Our LED Kinetic Lights are highly impactful and dynamic in movement. They work best in larger areas where guests can see the lighting display in its entirety, with the lights contrasting brilliantly against a dark ceiling. The Kinetic Lights have also been used in Shopping centre displays for activations and in-store promotions. • Gala dinners • Charity events and fundraisers • Awards nights • Sporting events • Activations


Kinetic light options

Enjoy the full spectrum of colours and a variety of globe shapes to suit your event. Our innovative Kinetic Lights are available in a number of styles such as sphere or baton globes. The lights can change colour throughout the performance, or remain in one colour, programmed to move or change colour to the music. They work best with a large number of lights to deliver moving patterns in choreographed wave shapes or individual formation. The lights can flicker, fade-in or out and pulsate and many more.

Many of our clients want a unique event design and our Kinetic Lights are the perfect way to create just that. Our talented team have the technical know-how to shine a spotlight on your next event and create something truly memorable. 

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