A masterpiece in immersive event design for Amway China’s New Zealand odyssey sets a new industry benchmark in event delivery.

January 9, 2024
News Release

Encore’s masterpiece in immersive event design & creative strategy produces a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime odyssey in New Zealand for Amway China’s top 10,000 reps.

The massive delegation of top Amway reps was flown to New Zealand in 12 waves over two months from 9 October to 5 December for the 2023 Amway China Leadership Seminar, produced by Encore Event Technologies APAC.

Attendees were treated to an extensive program of events, seminars and excursions that rewarded exceptional performance and elevated brand allegiance whilst enjoying all the incredible sights and adventures New Zealand has to offer.

Encore dedicated their heavyweight creative, production and technology expertise to deliver a brand-defining set of ‘moments that matter’. These included pre-event tourist experiences, business sessions and 15 extravagant gala dinners with unforgettable show performances – embracing the organisation’s values and the best of New Zealand.

The superscale events which took more than 6,000 work hours to create included 155sqm LED screens, fifteen 20k projectors, 80 table projectors, eight curved screen projectors, four floor projectors, six semi-trailers hauling equipment and even an ice rink with advanced content tracking sensors to highlight live performers on the ice.

The concluding gala events held at the Viaduct Events Centre in Auckland and then the second streams at the Queenstown Ice Arena for the event highlight of the trip, treated guests to a spectacular creative visual feast and heart pumping entertainment.

An event of this magnitude required Encore’s special events teams to apply a systematic and creative approach to design a solution for this large-scale event. They began by applying a design thinking methodology to develop a creative strategy and event theming based on the client’s brief, their brand, the purpose of the event and profiles of attendees. The team considered every aspect of the delegate experience from creative design to technical and production solutions to devise an unforgettable event with lasting impact.

Encore APAC’s Creative Director, Julz Partington highlighted the significant role that ‘design thinking’ played in bringing these events to life. 

“Design thinking is critical in everything that we do. We take a step back and we think about an event as a creative strategy and a journey. It really is about creating an immersive experience and combining creative, technical and production elements into a unified theme. From table decor, the set, entertainment, the sound and lighting. It’s all part of that strategy. And if you know what that creative strategy messaging is, then really it flows on from there”.

Design thinking is a process that puts understanding the event attendees and their needs at the forefront of design and decision-making; combining elements of empathy, ideation, and prototyping to create solutions that are both effective and user-focused. 

“It’s not just about the hospitality, the technology or the decor but about all of these notes as a whole and ensuring that when they are put together they sing the same tune.” added Julz Partington.

“Design thinking is critical in everything that we do. We take a step back and we think about an event as a creative strategy and a journey...And if you know what the creative strategy messaging is, then everything else flows from there."

For the gala, a wide range of innovative technologies were used with panoramic scenes of New Zealand’s natural wonders played across a giant, mountain shaped central LED, flanked by additional curved projection screens and 3D-mapping on the stage floor. Snow machines, special effects and multi-sensory interactive displays of earth, water, fire and air dazzled guests.

Projection mapping was also used to enhance the whole experience. Each dining table and even individual plates had individual animated projected designs, which changed throughout the night to including stunning New Zealand themed creative themes and Amway branded designs.

“There is a VIP table which has their own dedicated mapping content. We’re also projection mapping the stage as well for when talent and performers are on stage, and it flows through to the LED […] in a customised configuration” – said Daniel Lourenco, Director of Innovation & Technology, Encore APAC

During meal service the giant, mountain-shaped LED display capped with imitation snow-caps underwent a dramatic transformation with lava projections oozing over the stage, creating an impressive backdrop for performers, Strings of Fire, who combined pyrotechnics and acrobatic stunts to music setting the stage literally ‘ablaze’.

Entertainment included trio JGEEKS who combined traditional Māori moves with modern dance techniques and humour, C-Pop singer Laurence Larson and multimedia performers Vosper Tron. Throughout the evening, care was taken to ensure the performances and scenography intertwined to reinforce Amway values of harmony, wonder and partnership.

Daniel Lourenco emphasised that all this was possible because of the strong creative direction from the outset and the team’s laser-focus on creating the best possible experience for attendees.

“It’s got to be something different, something special to make it memorable and something that they will take back with them and go, you know what, that was an absolutely amazing show”

Scott Nodsle, Encore’s Managing Director of APAC said the company’s mission has always been to ‘follow our customer’s journey and create events that transform and experiences that go beyond the ordinary’.

“Encore’s successful involvement in Amway China’s Leadership Seminar demonstrates how far business events can go beyond mere logistics to leave a lasting impact on attendees,”

Events can be a catalyst for change, whether it’s inspiring new ideas, fostering meaningful connections, or driving positive transformation within an organisation,” said Mr Nodsle. 

“So, it’s important to create an environment that encourages growth, innovation, and personal development.”

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