When you need to deliver an experience that’s immersive and exciting, something truly unique that leaves guests speechless…who are you going to call?


The Event Brief

That was the brief from longstanding client TRIBE to Encore earlier this year when they were tasked with designing an event to reward and motivate a leading financial services company’s top performing mortgage brokers. Having worked with Encore across many briefs, TRIBE trusted the Encore team would deliver beyond expectations.

Event Production Solution

The solution for the event’s closing Gala Dinner hosted at Grand Hyatt Melbourne (GHM) was a highly engaging table projection mapping experience. The Encore team worked within the venue space to deliver an intimate dining experience that continued to surprise and delight the 82 guests as the night went on.

To create the pixel perfect projections Encore measured the GHM’s plate dimensions and spaced the guests’ settings evenly down each side of the table. Then using six specific, identical projectors and lenses rigged to the ceiling, we were able to map the content and project down onto the table and settings. The content was designed to transition and travel down the length of each table with beautiful imagery and a custom graphic of the company’s logo that appeared to “grow” on each person’s plate. We matched a graphic to each dinner course, animating their logo and added additional content to transition between the courses throughout the evening. Whilst this was taking place on the tables, Encore also installed three custom gobos to cast beautiful, roving lighting shapes around the venue walls. On the stage the LED wall displayed similar imagery to what was being projected onto the floor to tie the whole effect together.

The Result

This was both a challenging and truly rewarding event with Encore team members from all over the country working together to fit all the puzzle pieces into place during a particularly busy time of the year and within a rather tight timeframe. This was our first table projection event at Grand Hyatt Melbourne since COVID so it was very exciting to see it come to life once again, a metaphor in and of itself. Massive thanks to everyone involved, here’s to many more to come!

Experts at Table Projection Mapping

Watch this video of a table projection experience we delivered for a famil at Pullman Reef Hotel & Casino in Cairns.

Encore has been pushing the creative boundaries with mesmerizing table projection experiences for decades. If you are interested in having a table projection mapping experience at your next event, speak to our helpful team today by submitting an online form and we’ll get right back.


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