LED display solutions to create
immersive events

Encore has an extensive inventory of cutting-edge LED displays and offers an array of innovative LED display solutions including mobile and modular LEDs capable of creating a stage set for almost any size, shape or dimension – from curved or convex to even giant cubes or cylinder shapes which can stage-mounted or suspended from the ceiling.  

Our LED display inventory is suitable for any event type, from smaller conferences and meetings to Hollywood-scale award cerermony style sets for events on a grand stage.


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LED Display Solutions by Encore

Scalable Mobile LED Walls

Super sized LED Wall Display _Encore-Hino_064_no_year_1080x720

Transform the stage into a dynamic environment through the use of animations or multimedia. Being mobile, the screens can be installed in almost any venue to any dimensions to create a customised look and feel when built into a stage set or backdrop. Size does matter – industry research shows that larger images command greater attention.

LED Cylinders

Make a big visual impact from centre stage and create an immersive experience for your audience – from any angle – with Encore’s LED Cylinder display solutions. Our LED cylinders can be configured in either convex or concave shapes to suit your requirements.

Mobile LED Display

Nothing beats our fine pixel mobile 135″ LED screens for big-impact presentation in smaller venues. They are super-thin, adjustable-height and mobile, so you can use them anywhere for a innovative visual experience for your attendees

Modular, mobile LEDs

Animated sight and sound creates a desired mood and captures your audience’s imagination. Use the modular displays to create 3D formations. It’s perfect for an atmospheric entrance area, with haze for added drama.

Our modular displays can be used in 2D formation too. Use it to display dynamic content on a screen custom built to the design.

Multimedia design for LED screens

Our custom-sized and multi-shape screens enable you to deliver a new frontier in content and vision for your display. Encore offers a vast range of multimedia solutions to tell your story. From dramatised award ceremony videos creating suspense, to adding life to any surface imaginable through custom screen multimedia and the LED displays, our expert designers will produce the perfect multimedia content for your event.

Deliver clear, high-resolution visuals in any space


Benefits of Encore’s LED display solutions over traditional screen projection

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a giant leap forward in display technology, capable of producing 200 trillion stunning colors. Unlike standard projectors, which use a conventional bulb, LED displays present a much more vivid, vibrant image using brighter technology offering unparalleled clarity, image quality and flexibility in design configurations.



Whereas standard projectors bounce light off a screen
toward your audience, Encore’s LED display solutions emits light directly toward your audience. Plus, the versatility of our LED displays enables you to adjust the brightness for optimal viewing within your specific event environment. 

Image Quality

LED enables you to deliver vibrant visual content in super high-resolution and clarity. Give attendees a high-quality image so that they can focus on the message and what matters, rather than being distracted by poor image clarity.

More seats, more space 

Instead of traditional rear-projection screens, which monopolise valuable real estate behind the screen, Encore’s array of LED display solutions requires no projection space.


Flexible configurations for innovative designs

Low ceilings? Need non-traditional screen shape or size? No problem! Exercise your creative prowess and introduce
new display designs and configurations. Optimise your event environment and break away from standard rectangle shapes – surprise guests with an innovative design.

Think beyond LED displays and captivate audiences with Astera LED Tubes

Astera LED Tubes are the ultimate wireless LED lights that can be used for a multitude of different purposes for events. The tubes radiate powerful, ultra-bright, wirelessly controlled colour to match the design of your event, mirror your brand or enhance the ambience. They can be used to illuminate a stage, frame a presenter or performer, or add impact to entrance areas and more! Our creative team have used them to construct 3D shapes, set designs, and even to build micro stages for performers.

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