Bright Ideas for projection mapping to light up your event

Each year thousands of people flock to Sydney Harbour to take in the wonder and amazement of VIVID Sydney – a world renowned lighting, projection, music and ideas festival. One of the biggest draw cards is the spectacular projection mapping installations which transform iconic buildings into 3D animated artworks.

You might think this kind of visual technology is just for major corporate and public events, but thanks to advances in technology, event planners can use projection mapping for so much more; from the personal and intimate, to theatre and art.

At Encore, we’ve been perfecting and expanding the uses for projection mapping in our events for years now. Discover new and different ideas on how you can use projection mapping to connect, inspire, engage and impress your audience!

In this guide you will learn how projection mapping can be used to:

• Personalise the experience
• Enhance the theme or message
• Inject life into flat objects
• Make a feature of any stage, building, prop or table
• Go beyond 3D to 4D