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Events enhanced by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Remove language barriers through AI-powered translation in real time

  • Mixhalo Translate

Encore is the first event services company to offer Mixhalo Translate technology. Mixhalo is a revolutionary AI solution that bring attendees closer to the speaker, no matter the language. Mixhalo streams translated audio directly to connected listeners’ smart devices who can seamlessly switch between languages of their choosing, in real-time.

Link your attendees to your app with Mixhalo’s lightweight SDK, which includes both the Mixhalo AI Interpretation and Mixhalo Moments features. Attendees can share videos with professional quality audio in any language, serving as an advertisement for your event.

Key benefits

Discover what your audience really thinks and feels about your event

  • XPAI

Have you ever wondered what your participants are really thinking and feeling during meetings and events?

Well, now you can with XPAI.

With Encore + XPAI, you can easily track attendance, engagement, and participation levels of each delegate, helping you to identify the success of sessions and activity areas. You can also gather feedback from attendees in real-time, to help you tailor your presentations, adjust your communication style, and make more informed decisions about your meeting project.

Key benefits

AI-Directed multi-camera system brings TV and Movie magic to your boardroom video conference meetings

  • AI-directed multi-camera system

Ever wondered why we can look at a TV screen for hours but video meetings leave us drained? In a world-first, you can now leverage AI-directed multi-camera system will level up your video meetings into a rich engaging experience.

Three 6K network cameras create an immersive view, fostering close connections between participants. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the system performs smart, real-time edits, seamlessly transitioning between different shots and angles to offer an engaging and effective experience. Gone are the days of low-quality conference room web cameras where you can barely see who’s in the room and who’s talking.

Key benefits

Digital products by Encore to take your events to the next level

Managing multi-room presentations & speakers’ content made easy

  • Content1

Stressed about managing the multitude of presenters, presentations and papers at your next conference?

Let Encore organise the content from all your presenters with Content1.

Leave the heavy lifting to Encore experts and our Content1 presentation collection and distribution solution. Presenters can upload their materials and revisions to the Content1 portal from anywhere. Onsite, they can make last minute presentation adjustments in our Speaker Ready Room.

When it’s showtime, presenters will find everything ready to go, avoiding the last-minute scramble of switching laptops or uploading files.

Key benefits

Level up in-room and online audience interaction

  • Polling+

Live online polling for events

Get inside the minds of your attendees with Encore Polling+ event technology that lets you ask questions and receive feedback in real time – it’s easy to use and highly effective.

Encore’s live audience polling platform, Polling+, converts event attendees into active participants. Polling+ expands engagement and improves learning outcomes by using a stand-alone, cloud-based engagement solution that leverages polling, quizzes, Q&A and surveys.

Encore’s Polling+ empowers allows your audience to give their thoughts. Get live feedback on hot topics and see everyone connecting with the content of your event. Say goodbye to traditional event data and hello to the new frontier of event insights in real time. Don’t be limited to just attendance numbers, get detailed feedback from your audience and real insight into engagement.

Key benefits

Level up your event registration & check-in process with Encore + RSVP

  • Encore RSVP

Simple, Seamless, Event Invitation and Check-in

Setting up an event website just got easier. Introducing Encore RSVP, an easy-to-use online tool that lets you create your own website, with sign up form, full branding control and integrated check-in invites.

Encore RSVP makes it so simple to create your event webpage the way you want it. The online tool takes you through each step allowing you to see each element take shape as you build it. Drag and drop elements if you want to move sections around.

Key benefits

LED: Light Equals Drama

  • LED Astera Tubes

  • LED Walls

  • LED Cubes

  • LED 3D Formations

LED screens, walls, cubes and 3D formations can breathe new life into your experience and transform any space with rich, immersive content. And our Wireless LED ASTERA tubes can frame out entrances, attract attendees to your activation or bring products to life at experiential events and brand activations. LED in any formation gives you the power to reinforce your messaging with stunning, attention-grabbing visuals. And if you don’t have the team or tools to create content, we’ll take care of that for you to. Our multimedia and graphic experts can bring your vision to life!

Key benefits

Want to make a dramatic impact with LEDs in your event? Get in touch

Moving Heads that turns heads

  • AYERTON RIVALE PROFILE IP65 – 30,000 lumens

Developed for mixed use indoors and outdoors, and in all conditions, RIVALE PROFILE, with its unique visual signature, is unparalleled on the market. Weight determines performance, and RIVALE PROFILE weighs only 30.8 kg. It is capable of outstanding performance unprecedented for a product in this category.

To allow you more creativity and freedom in your lighting design, RIVALE PROFILE has been provided with continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement. RIVALE PROFILE is fitted with a brand new high-efficiency 450-watt sealed mono-block LED module calibrated at 6500 K that offers a luminous flux of 30,000 lumens with optimal positioning on a black body to obtain perfect light neutrality.

The proprietary optical system has 13 lenses, delivering a 13-to-1 zoom ratio and zoom range of 4 to 52°. Equipped with a 160 mm frontal lens, RIVALE PROFILE can produce an ultra-intensive beam of 4°, close to that of AYRTON’S famous “LT“ versions. Encore is the first AV company in Australia to receive these cutting-edge new fixtures.

Key benefits

Enhance lighting with the most am-HAZE-ing effect

  • MDG ATMe single high output HAZE generator

Enhance lighting with HAZE effect

Key benefits

If you are planning a professional light show, a great haze machine is pretty much essential. The finest haze on the market just got better, with the ATMe single high output haze generator.

With this product, Encore can enhance its custom-lighting and laser show for your event, as the particles from the haze machine will help the lighting stand out and make the show much more exciting.

Whether you are using haze in a subtle manner, or covering the air surrounding the entire stage, the attention can always remain on the performance. It is a breathtaking display and there are so many ways to showcase your creativity with a light show.

Pixel perfect: ultra-high-definition displays and cameras that has to be seen to be believed

Break the fold and push the boundaries in presentations and live viewing experiences

  • Foldable 135″  Mobile LED display

Mobile LED Display

Nothing beats our fine pixel mobile 135″ LED screens for big-impact presentation in smaller venues. They are super-thin, adjustable-height and mobile, so you can use them anywhere for a innovative visual experience for your attendees. With the seamless large screen and superior built-in Harman Kardon speakers, be ready to impress your audience everywhere from high-end board rooms and receptions to galleries, auditoriums, and other large venues.

Key benefits

Ultra-High Definition & High Dynamic Range 4K Cameras and Mixers

  • 4K camera-recorders
  • 4K 23x optical zoom lens
  • Broadcast capable video mixer & control panel

Encore has the latest in high-end professional video and broadcast equipment, producing ultra-high-definition picture quality that will amaze your audience.

Our industry leading range of 4K cameras have high dynamic range and 23x optical zoom for a broadcast quality (/jaw-dropping) production.

Our 4K cameras feed into a highly versatile and professional live production switcher and broadcast control panel with advanced functionality to enable live-casting the keynote presentation to a giant on-stage screen, streaming live around the world, or creating a commercial quality recording for sale

Key benefits

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