Event planners and stylists are always looking for the next best thing to make their event an unforgettable experience. This month it’s all about styling with king tables and creating stunning tablescapes. These aren’t new concepts however as with many other event trends that start out at weddings and VIP styled events, they’re emerging onto the corporate event circuit. And our stylists are welcoming this trend!

Switching banquet rounds for long king tables

We’re bringing a touch of grandeur to gala dinners and corporate events with the elegant king tables. Long king table layouts are the latest look for stylish and impactful dinner events. For a fresh, yet elegant look that creates dynamic and stylish set ups, king tables and their long lines give depth to any space and elongate the room. The long, linear space provided by king tables means impact can be created through dramatic repetition. This is achieved through rows of chairs perfectly aligned as they frame the tables and is heightened when using styled chairs with interesting shapes, such as Tiffany or Ghost chairs, adding to the overall style or theme.

Get creative with your king table arrangement

The design of king tables allows you to get creative with your seating arrangement. Create a truly dynamic dining experience with beautiful visual appeal by using long tables throughout.  Using the venue’s space as your guide, set rectangular tables back-to-back to extend the entire length of the room, turn the tables to create a unique U-shape, or place elongated king’s tables in dramatic, parallel rows.  If you have the space, a winding snake-like arrangement with king tables is a great way to use the space, giving the room look a contemporary feel and your guests great visual angles. No matter the configuration, each guest will experience the royal treatment.

Turn your centrepieces into imaginative tablescapes

Now that you have created a dramatic event environment with rows of elongated king tables, it is time to decorate the table tops with stunning styling elements. Tablescape is a term used to describe the table top and includes the centerpiece, linens, dishes, flatware, glassware and any other decor.  Tablescapes can set the mood and can be themed to the event or meeting. When deciding what style you’re going for, make sure to inspect the venue, paying attention to colours as you do not want your tablescape colour palette to clash with the carpet or any other venue features!

For a real statement look, repeat the same styling piece down the centre of the table, for example, tall candelabras in uniform rows, or use alternating pieces of varying heights for added variety and interest. Once you’ve selected your feature piece of your tablescape, fill the base of the look with smaller, finer details such as bud vases with single blooms, or flickering tea lights for ambient glow. Even sculptural ornaments and decor can play a part in building a story with themed events, for example:  stylised horses, birdcages, flowers and foliage weaved throughout for a Spring Carnival look. Smaller details can be clustered in pairs or trios, or in single, even repetition for a more structured look.

For that final touch of something special and to further elongate the look, anchor the piece with a selection of mirror bases or fabric table runners. These provide textures that can either blend or contrast  with your feature pieces depending on your style, be it shiny mirror bases in square or hexagonal shapes for a sleek, contemporary look, or a softer hessian or organza runner for a bespoke daytime function.

Combining king tables and stunning tablescapes

There are a few options for laying out king tables depending on your needs and numbers. Layouts can be striking with multiple rows for large events, or just as dramatic with a single long table with a grand centrepiece for a more boutique event. Keep in mind that to seat guests at both sides of the table including a decorative tablescape, tables need to be wide, preferably at 1200mm. This willl allow enought space so guests can enjoy their meal and sit comfortably. You’ll also have to consider the height of the king tables and chairs. This will be important when designing your tablescape as you don’t want to obstruct the view of your guests.

So if you want to create a statement that is visually striking and is a refreshing change to the well used round tables we are all used to, opt for King tables with a bespoke tablescape making your event a memorable one.

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