2019 was certainly another exciting year for Encore Event Technologies. Our teams delivered more than 46, 000 events across the Asia Pacific for our clients – from conferences, gala dinners and incentives to sporting events, roadshows and everything in between! We continued our pursuit of the very latest event technologies and pushed the boundaries delivering Australia’s largest number of synchronised individual table projections. Our teams also designed new experiences using holographic mesh screens, launched a dedicated live streaming platform and new LED stage set solutions, plus we extended our venue partner network to over 115 venues across the Asia Pacific.

Our creative teams also continued to shine, delivering on-trend styling, creative set designs and multimedia content that delivered amazing brand experiences for attendees.

Whilst we can’t talk about every event in 2019 – there’s just too many! – We are proud to share with you some of the highlight corporate events we delivered last year.

Amway China Leadership Seminar

Venue: Australian Artillery and Armoury Museum (AAAM)

Why it made the list: With over 6,000 attendees, the Amway China Leadership Seminar was one of, if not the, largest corporate events to hit Australia in 2019. The creative, technical and logistical requirements for delivering the event in a remote location was a great challenge our teams overcame making this a standout and very memorable event on our calendar.

Amway China returned to Australia for the sixth time with more than 6,000 guests for their annual 2019 Leadership Seminar, this time held in Cairns. Seven waves of guests attended the 4-day seminar and incentive program between 21 March – 15 April. Designed and organised by Encore, the business sessions and concluding Gala Program treated guests to a spectacular experience including a special blended reality sequence created using layered multimedia, holographic effects and choreographed robotics show with a live performer.

The challenge was designing a never-before-seen experience for a well-travelled client whom has seen almost everything. Amway China chose the Australian Artillery and Armoury Museum (AAAM) as the venue to add an unexpected element to the program. As the largest privately owned collection of military vehicles in the Southern Hemisphere, it offered guests a rare tank show experience. At 4,280 square metres, the venue was also large enough to accommodate the production equipment for both the gala and business sessions, catering and other suppliers.

The Rainforest to Reef theme allowed Encore to design four distinct experiences: rainforest, beach, reef and river. Each environment was themed using a 270-degree screen that wrapped around the venue walls, customised soundscapes, roaming performers and reef-inspired table styling which incorporated lighting design. A key performance brought each environment to life and were each enhanced with creative technical production.

The ‘rainforest’ environment included a thunder and lightning performance by the Million Volt Man, one of the most extreme live performers who uses high-voltage Tesla coil in his stunts. For the ‘river’ component, Encore created a custom ‘Fish Medley’ act which included singing and dancing animated fish on computer-controlled robotic LED screens that moved with the music. The ‘beach’ environment included an artistic Fabric Ballet performance featuring 18 DMX controlled fans with choreographed dancing, while ‘reef’ featured a game simulation of an underwater treasure hunt made possible using a range of AV techniques. The journey saw a live performer participate in the underwater adventure using layered multimedia with a holographic mesh screen, LEDs and choreographed robotics show.

The end result was a memorable gala dinner that ended the international incentive on a high. Encore show producer Andrew MacColl said guests were blown away by the 270-degree multimedia projection, holographic projection and synchronised robotics.

“The creative event design was matched with cutting-edge use of technology to create an amazing experience for guests,” he said.

“Working in such a unique venue had its challenges, but also many benefits in that it allowed our team the opportunity to maximise their creativity to bring to life a blank canvas. Special Event Director, John Schryver, designed a truly unique and immersive experience which will undoubtedly be remembered long after the event. The team bought his design to life and delivered the series of events flawlessly.”

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Virtuoso Symposium Gala Dinner

Venue: Palladium at Crown, Crown Melbourne

Why it made the list: As one of the largest custom table projection experiences delivered in Australia, the Virtuoso Gala Dinner is a clear standout for 2019. The combination of styling, design and AV technology delivered this truly immersive experience to the imaginative theme of ‘Welcome To The Emerald City’ and one we’re still talking about.  

Guests were dazzled by beautiful table projections when Encore designed and delivered a never-before-seen showcase event on behalf of Crown Towers for Virtuoso, a luxury tourism company. Themed ‘Welcome to the Emerald City’, a play on Sydney’s nick name, every table had stunning, bespoke projections alternating throughout the evening. This was one of the largest table projection projects in Australia ever completed, with a total of 55 individual table projections and an absolute stand-out of the event that had the guests enthralled.

The entire event was meticulously designed to ensure the guests were taken on a full sensory journey using clever event production, from the dancers in genuine ‘Wicked – The Musical’ costumes, to the Palladium Ballroom being drenched in emerald drapery, green and gold lights highlighting the extravagant details, such as iconic ruby red slippers hanging from chandeliers and the projected yellow-brick road that led to the main stage.

In the centre of the room four giant LED screens 4.8m x 2.4m, dubbed the ‘Crown Tower’, featured custom animations throughout the evening. 

As each course unfolded, the food changed theme and the city skylines of Melbourne, Perth and then Sydney, were featured on the Crown Tower LED screen, lights were adjusted to create the ambiance of the city in focus and all 55 tables simultaneously came to life with individualised table projections. The projections contained animated clockwork, infinite emerald jewel clusters and art deco inspired designs – all spinning on each person’s plate.

Catrina Bennell, General Manager for Encore Victoria, believes this event is a defining moment for Encore highlighting the capability, expertise and full creative production the team can offer.

“This event was perfectly over the top and left everyone in awe with the full sensory experience it offered. Guests were amazed, constantly taking photos and videos of the night with sheer joy on their faces. It is definitely a night to remember and will travel back home with each of the guests,” says Ms Bennell.

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ICMS Australasia Geo Week

Venue: National Convention Centre Canberra

Why it made the list: Our Canberra team executed a series of events, hosting over 600 delegates as part of ICMS Australasia’s Geo Week. Drawing inspiration from Indigenous artwork and culture, our set designers and styling team designed a cohesive and vibrant environment for each of the events making this a highlight event for 2019. 

Encore were entrusted to transform the National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC) to host ministers for Group on Earth Observations Week (GEO Week), demonstrating a spectacular connection to Australian landscape and Indigenous culture.

Between 4 – 8 November, over 600 government members, business leaders, heads of international non-profits and passionate experts gathered for GEO Week, to discuss global priorities including the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Agreement and the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction.

The event included industry exhibitions, track sessions, workshops, meeting spaces, a series of dinners, presentations, an Awards Dinner, and live broadcasts to the global community.

Australian Indigenous culture was featured with the logo ‘Earth Dreaming’ – a design representing our world as it appears from space but through an Indigenous lens. Encore’s event styling team incorporated the Indigenous artwork into all aspects. Customised designs were created for a central 3.5m diameter circular screen, plenary panel tables and the main stage, along with the use of red, blue and yellow which connected the room and represented the earth’s elements.

Strategic lighting was used to reflect the Australian landscape with a red wash over the audience, creating a warm atmosphere during the day. This atmosphere was carried through to the Awards Dinner, with the use of native plants, natural fabrics, fairy lights and red hue spot lighting.   

Overall the event was a huge success, providing guests with unique insights into the worlds scientific efforts on earth observations.

Queensland Hotels Association Awards Night

Venue: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Why it made the list: This event brought out the best in the team from our set builders who designed and built the ball-pit, to our creative vision, lighting and rigging teams who really pushed the limit in event production. The giant LED screen combined with the fun retro styling elements, interactive entertainment made this event one our team will talk about for years to come. 

We have The Big Pineapple in Nambour, The Big Macadamia Nut on the Sunshine Coast and The Big Bull in Rockhampton, but nothing prepared the 1,300 guests of the Queensland Hotel Association Awards for Excellence Gala Dinner for ‘The Big LED Screen’ designed and delivered by Encore. The creative idea behind the event design, The Big Things of Queensland was literally taken to new heights by the Encore team for the pinnacle event in the Queensland hospitality industry, hosted at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The 2.4-meter-high circular screen was 7.5 meters in diameter and incorporated 2.5 tonnes of LED. The LED structure was the centrepiece of the event, which also playfully brought to life interactive retro-inspired theming throughout the room such as a ball-pit with a selfie camera, and a functioning ice cream van serving sweet treats.

Kelly-Anne Mott, Events and Partnerships Officer, Queensland Hotel Association said the theme was inspired by the uniqueness of Queensland and having fun.

“This is the pinnacle event on our calendar and with the best in the business attending, we wanted them to have a fun time, provide optimal chance for networking and celebrate our industry in style.

“The brief was to bring to life our fun and quirky theme and the Encore team exceeded all our aspirations with designing their own ‘very big thing’.

“The engagement we got from the ball-pit, interactive bar and ice cream van was excellent. These three important design elements were carefully curated to encourage maximum engagement – and they did.

“We had people dressed up in black tie gowns lining up to jump in the ball-pit and have fun. The activities were perfect for creating interactive elements.

“Creating a space for our people to truly celebrate and unwind was a triumph,” said Ms Mott.

Daniel Hazard, General Manager, SEQ Encore, said this event brought out the best in the team from our set builders who designed and built the ball-pit, to our creative vision, lighting and rigging teams who really pushed the limits in event production.

“We rigged the giant LED screen from the ceiling of the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and created a circular stage below to complement – it was central to the overall design and a focal point of the event.

“Combined with the retro styling elements, interactive dancers and the entertainment, this was an event that will be talked about for years to come.

“We know the importance of ensuring guests have their expectations exceeded year after year, and this was no exception,” said Mr Hazard.

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Think Brick National Awards Night

Venue: Palladium at Crown Melbourne

Why it made the list: It’s easy to see why this was a highlight event for our Melbourne team in 2019. Taking inspiration from the architectural design submissions, our team created a glamorous galactic experience with this unique spaceship inspired stage set the hero for the evening. The evening demonstrated Encore’s ability to weave a concept throughout every element, evening building custom installations for that extra touch.

As Australia’s major design awards, the Think Bricks Awards bring together architects and the building design industry to celebrate their achievements in style.

Taking inspiration from the architectural design submissions, the brief to Encore was to create the ultimate glamorous galactic experience. The end concept, a galaxy inspired theme, was designed in collaboration by the Encore and Think Brick teams. Encore entwined the theme throughout every element of the event, from the AV and lighting through to set design and styling.

Being an awards night with all eyes on the stage, Encore designed an impressive stage set that was both on theme and purposely built to ensure every guest had the same experience. The result was an impressive treble LED screen installation comprising of 12 LEDs in a four-armed configuration, resembling a spaceship-like design.

This served as the main screen showcasing the outstanding work of the award nominees and its clever design ensured everyone had perfect view of the awards stage. Throughout the evening, guests were continually immersed in the galactic theme thanks to the custom on-screen content designed and produced by Encore which was all based off the Think Brick Awards 2019 graphics developed by Think Brick.

In addition to the three-armed stage set, Encore custom built an amazing a ceiling installation over the bar in the adjoining room for the after party. The light installation featured large numbers of baton lights to resemble lightsabers and illuminated with colours matching the client’s logo.

The styling created a luxurious atmosphere with every detail adding to the theme from metallic tablecloths to dark drapery around the room. 

After the last award, a video played on the big screens to wrap-up the formalities of the event as confetti cannons exploded to celebrate the successful night which was 11 months in the making by the Encore team.

To mark the end of the formalities, Encore used a kabuki drop to reveal a full band playing on the main stage in the adjoining room along with the custom lightsaber-lit bar for the after party.

Elizabeth McIntyre, Group CEO, Think Brink was delighted with the event,

“Our brief to the Encore team was to create an event with WOW-factor. We particularly wanted a super-sized screen to showcase the amazing work of the architects attending. Our guests loved the after party light-up bar with the ceiling installation above. It really brought the theme to life and delivered on need to impress our guests.”

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National Dental Care Gala Dinner

Venue: InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort

Why it made the list: The creative production involved in designing last year’s National Dental Care Gala Dinner cements this event as a highlight for 2019. Our team turned every inch of InterContinental Sanctuary Cove’s ballroom into an ‘Enchanted Garden’ – including a custom built 4.5m tall tree that was placed in the middle of the room. 

Guests were transported to a whimsical, fantasy land with every corner of the MacArthur’s Ballroom transformed into an ‘Enchanted Garden’, enhanced by interactive elements creating a truly immersive experience. The creative challenge to Encore was to deliver something extra special that stood apart from the previous six events and made guests feel part of an exciting story from the moment they arrived. 

Guests arrived at what used to be the Fountain Terrace, but which now was a magical garden decorated with fairy lights scattered in trees, giant orbs floating on cascading fountains, foliage-printed balloons with vine strings floating around the space all hinting to the evening that lay ahead. Stilt-walkers dressed as woodland creatures greeted guests and led them down a magnificent winding path to the ballroom entrance, elegantly lined with twisted willow trees lining the staircase and cascading foliage and florals draping down the balustrades. 

The hero design feature in the room was the 4.5m tall artificial tree placed in the centre of the ballroom with branches covered in soft green leaves reaching over the tables with special gobo lights casting tree-like shadows around the room. The teal hue lighting continued the enchanted garden atmosphere and also a clever nod to National Dental Care’s brand colour. 

The entertainment was a huge part of this unique event, from fairies pouring champagne to woodland creatures roaming the room. There was even a fortune teller whispering good fortune amongst the three-metre tall trees in a special feature area of the room. Lush green AstroTurf covered the floor creating a designated game space with giant Jenga, chess pieces and mini golf. A giant floral wall sat on one side the room providing the perfect backdrop for guests to take pictures. 

Katie Jackson, Head of Marketing, National Dental Care said they really wanted to transport the guests to another world, and then Encore delivered on that. 

“It was an incredible event, our attendees were blown away. The event certainly transported our guests to an enchanted kingdom and everywhere you looked there was a new wonder to be seen.” said Ms Jackson.

Tony Chamberlain, Managing Director, Encore, congratulated the team in South East Queensland for delivering a spectacular event themed to perfection. 

“This event hit the nail on the head with not only the physical appearance of the event but the atmosphere that was created with the high level of attention to detail. We were asked to deliver an immersive party atmosphere and the team certainly delivered on that we did,” said Mr Chamberlain.

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Hyatt Australia ‘Living Grand’ Dinner

Venue: Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Why it made the list: The clever extension of the menu using custom table projection mapping, turned this intimate event into a unique culinary journey filled with multi-sensory stimulation.

Held on Thursday 19 February, the Grand Hyatt Melbourne Living Grand Dinner brought the four elements to life in a unique sensory experience. Combining audio visual theatrics, custom lighting and creative styling, Encore delivered a unique culinary and visual journey with multi-sensory stimulation.

Table Projections for Living Grand 2019 at Grand Hyatt Melbourne from Encore Event Technologies APAC on Vimeo.

48 VIPs were led down a dark tunnel into a dimly lit room, surrounded by black drapes with ambient music playing in the background. The room was sparse, with minimal styling and theming building intrigue as to what was to follow.

Once guests were seated, the journey began, completely immersing them in the sounds and visuals, complementing the menu course by course.

The entree took guests underwater with sounds of the ocean filling the room and swimming fish flawlessly projection mapped onto the tables and drapes. Then when the sorbet was served, it was accompanied by images and sounds of ice breaking and shattering throughout the room.

Table Projection Custom

The main course was themed fire and smoke. Diners were blindfolded before the sounds of burning wood and fire floated through the air. The Encore team then projection mapped fire onto the table while mains were served. Along with the sizzling of food on the grill, the room was filled with low fog slowly rising from the floor as the guests took off their blindfolds.

The final course was an ode to Willy Wonka with the room lighting up with the colours of liquorice Allsorts, a chocolate river flowing down the tables and the infamous theme song of the Oompah Loompas playing.  

For this night to be a success, the timing of the projection and audio had to be perfect.

Grand Hyatt Melbourne General Manger, Ilan Weill was thrilled with the work Encore produced.

“We of course appreciated your innovation and hard work to meet the deadlines and listen to us. However, the special thank you I would like to convey is for your partnership and amazing spirit working and having fun with us on what was a last-minute idea and turned out to be a fully produced wow type of night. Your patience, great attitude, talent and how you joined forces with us on the night was felt by everyone involved and we really appreciated working together as one team,” said Mr Weill.

“We are delighted to call you our partners – Thank you again!”

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Volkswagen Customer Xperience Summit

Venue: Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane

Why it made the list: The impressive 48m wide custom built stage set propelled the 2019 Volkswagen Customer Xperience Summit into our highlight list for last year. 

Encore was set the challenge to create a memorable high-end audio-visual feast communicating the ‘Iconic’ theme for the Volkswagen Customer Xperience Summit 2019. The event welcomed over 800 delegates in two streams from across the Volkswagen dealer network at the Royal International Convention Centre, Brisbane on 19-21 February 2019.

Conceived and convened by Volkswagen Australia Director of Customer Experience and Marketing Jason Bradshaw, more than 800 Volkswagen Group Australia staff and delegates from the nationwide dealership network attended what is believed to be the biggest customer training exercise held by an auto importer in this country.

The commanding stage set delivered a massive impact. Encore’s technical team created a mammoth screen consisting of 5 custom borderless screens combined to form one large canvas of 48m wide, this included two curved screens at either end to frame the 28m custom black acrylic stage. Over 150 pixel mapped LED neon tubes encased the top and bottom of the screens creating a futuristic feel and complementing video content. Two circular stages made of black reflective acrylic built either side of the screens created a platform for two of the latest Volkswagen vehicles launched at the event.

This impressive event delivered a series of captivating on-screen animated experiences on the huge projection surface which flowed thru to the pixel mapped lighting effects adding an extra level of excitement and drama. The central screen was also recessed to enable the speakers to make a dramatic entrance from behind the stage set.

By day the impressive stage was beautifully lit with red and blue with spotlights shining on the cars and reflective stage. During the conference the dramatic staging hosted Omar Johnson VP of Marketing for Apple, followed by presentations by a number of guest speakers and dealers.

During the gala event in the evening the premium dealer awards were presented. The lighting show was ramped up to the maximum, plus pyrotechnics, the release of thousands of streamers and CO2 canon blasts to celebrate the major awards.

Michael Magafa, National Sales Director for Encore was delighted with the impact created by the giant stage set and the overall seamless delivery of the event.

“The brief was to create a big impression, so we delivered a huge solution! The stage encased the entire room and the team designed an impressive lighting and projection solution to captivate the guests. I am very proud of the team’s flawless delivery for our client.”

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The Million Dollar Lunch

Venue: Palladium at Crown, Crown Melbourne

Why it made the list: We love a creative concept that links beautifully with the event’s message and the 2019 The Million Dollar Lunch was a prime example. The creative concept In Full Bloom, stemmed from the event’s message ‘Where Successful Outcomes Bloom’ lead our team to deliver a spectacular floral feast. The immersive experience was created by treating every surface in the room with a mixed media approach, seamlessly blending large paper flowers with projection mapping, with scale and colour at its core. 

This year’s The Million Dollar Lunch set new benchmarks for event design, raising over $2.1 million for The Children’s Cancer Foundation at Crown Melbourne. The fundraising event was a visual splendour with Encore’s in-house team transforming Palladium at Crown  under the playful theme In Full Bloom. The exclusive VIP guest list are veterans on the event circuit, so every year it’s crucial the team continue to raise the bar and deliver a new experience.

Encore delivered a fully immersive experience by treating every surface in the room with a mixed media approach, seamlessly blending large paper flowers with projection mapping, with scale and colour at its core.

Guests were welcomed into a beautiful but strategically simple pre-function area to ensure the full impact of the main room was achieved. The floor was covered with green carpet representing grass, succulents and foliage positioned around the room – all a subtle hint of what was to come. There was a 3x6m illuminated Event Backdrop as the media wall where guests were photographed on arrival.

When the guests entered The Palladium, they stopped in awe at the grand scale of the room elegantly decorated to reflect a garden. Their eyes were immediately drawn to the central stage with four 4.5m high daisy shaped LED screens, angled to tower over the guests.

Over 140 custom made paper flowers with a diameter of up to 2m, built on-site, were clustered around the screens in each corner of the room and around the centre stage.

Table projections were used to create dramatic impact and carry the floral theme with custom animations including blooming flowers, creeping vines, rippling water and fluttering butterflies to tie in with the giant paper flowers. This element was creatively used to enhance the auction, with each of the 11 auction items being projected and moving around the table so each guest could see what was on offer.

Projectors were a major visual element of the event, with 70 being used in total. Ten were used for the wall projections made up of two different loops, blooming flowers and cascading flowers displayed during meals.

With every corner of the room styled boldly guests were wowed by visual bursts of colour, unique design and the creative use of AV technology to bring the theme together.

Catrina Bennell, General Manager Encore Victoria, believes this event is a defining moment for Encore highlighting the capability to bring unique custom designs to every event.

“We were absolutely delighted to work on this inspiring event with such a beautiful cause at its core. The team delivered on a massive scale with big flowers, big effects, bold colour and big fun uniquely delivering the unexpected,” says Ms Bennell.

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Top Secret Dinner

Venue: National Convention Centre Canberra

Why it made the list: Each year for the Top Secret event Encore is tasked with showcasing the technical and creative event production capabilities at the National Convention Centre Canberra. In 2019 the hero feature was a holographic mesh screen which the team innovatively used in several ways – including using it to make it appear as though the venue General Manager was interviewing himself on stage as if there were two of him. 

Encore served up an incredible holographic-like experience for some of Australia’s leading event industry professionals, at the “Love and Desire” themed Top Secret 2019 Dinner on Friday 22 March.

Hosted by the National Convention Centre Canberra (NCCC), as part of InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), this dinner was part of a 3-day program run by the Canberra Convention Bureau (CCB).

The program consists of a series of individualised experiences for an exclusive group of national meeting planners. Showcasing business event products and services, the program allows Canberra’s events community to demonstrate the calibre of events in our nation’s capital.

The hero of the night was Encore’s expert use of a holographic mesh screen, highlighting the venue as a premium event space and showcasing the technology available when holding an event at the NCCC in conjunction with Encore.

Using the holographic mesh screen, Encore created animated content such as a hot air balloon that appear as though it was floating through the air.

Our team wanted to push the boundaries for this year’s Top Secret 2019 Dinner, bringing Stephen Wood, General Manager of the National Convention Centre Canberra into the room through a hologram. Guests were able to watch Mr Wood standing onstage, interviewing himself as if there were actually two of him.

Hologram Event

The use of holographic mesh screens is usually only seen at big budget events such as Eurovision and the Grammys, or on television. However, Encore were able to demonstrate to event managers how this technology is possible at their events with the right team and the right venue.

Mr Wood commented, “We love working with Encore, they always manage to outdo themselves with their innovation and creativity, and this event was no exception.”

The theme for the 3 day familiarisation was ‘Love and Desire’, based on the current exhibition on display at the National Gallery of Australia.

On each table were large 2D Scenic Panels on custom frames, designed to look like garden lattices in the shape of hearts as a nod to pre-Raphaelite theme of the ‘Love and Desire’ exhibition.

Suspended Heart Centrepieces

Directly above the tables were 20 LED Kinetic Lights, programmed to move with the music and change colour throughout the night, creating a truly spectacular lighting display.

Also taking inspiration from the ‘Love and Desire’ theme was the night’s entertainment. During the event, two actors from the Shakespeare by the Lake performance rose up after being hidden as guests and began to perform a selection of the Bard’s most famous sonnets.

Continuing the surprises, instead of using one main screen, Encore set up four 60inch televisions across one truss structure on the main stage. They displayed the animated logos of Encore, NCCC, CCB and IHG in front of scrolling panoramic shots of Canberra spread across the 4 screens as a single wide screen image, showcasing the beauty of the city.

“This was a truly sophisticated and memorable event. The National Convention Centre Canberra and guests were delighted with the outcome, and we can’t thank Encore enough,” said Mr Wood. 

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The Wonderful Company Conference

Venue: InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa

Why it made the list: The scope and production management involved with delivering this event over several days for 200 guests made it a standout for our team in Fiji. From delivering high-end dinners on a golf tee to importing classic cars whilst coordinating nine external suppliers for bump-in during a golf tournament. It was a fantastic event to be part of and one our team are proud to have executed seamlessly.

Encore in Fiji were engaged by leading US health food company, The Wonderful Company, to deliver their annual sales conference for 200 high-performing team members in tropical Fiji. Held between 3 – 7 June 2019 at the InterContinental Fiji Golf & Spa Resort, as the in-house AV and event services partner, Encore collaborated with Rosie Hollidays who provided all the styling, decor and creative concept for the event. The event program comprised a Welcome Dinner at Kama beachfront, followed by two full days of conference sessions, and a white dress dinner on evening before a final day of conference sessions.  

The event vision was clear from the outset and the client’s prior production experience helped make the process run smoothly. The final concept was significantly larger than what was initially proposed as The Wonderful Company grew more excited about the event and more confident in Encore’s capabilities. The Welcome Dinner held on the foreshore of the resort was all about setting the tone for the event to come. There was lots of vibrant, colourful lighting to echo the tropical surroundings with guests even treated to a special ‘welcome drink’ in a kava ceremony – a traditional Fijian welcoming ritual.

The tropical vibes continued into the design of the main conference in the Ballroom; the stage was dressed with a cane matting, the bright palm-tree imagery on the large 20ft x 11ft rear projector screen, as well as the suspended hollow wooden hearts which were used as a branding device. Across all of the events, The Wonderful Company’s heart-shaped logo was incorporated in various ways from a gobo projected onto the roof at the Welcome Dinner, the suspended wooden hearts in the conference design and a special custom-made 5m flaming heart for the closing White Party.

The scope and production management involved with delivering this event on the 4th tee of the golf course presented many challenges for the Encore team to overcome. There was actually a pro golf tournament happening at the time, which meant Encore had to coordinate the bump-in to occur at a specific time and work around their schedule. An event of this scale meant we were coordinating nine external suppliers, with a tight turnaround on a remote location. However the event went off without a hitch – even the ‘59 Chevelle car used for as a photo prop made it through Fijian customs just in time.

Lighting was key to the event. We started the night with a blue wash, cloaking the event and which made the all-white guests and décor stand out. Then as the night progressed we continued to change the lighting colours and effects using our wirelessly controlled uplighting to suit the mood and energy as the event continued into the early hours.

As the big finale guests were treated to a spectacular fireworks display. A wonderful ending to The Wonderful Company’s sales conference.

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