Holographics: How to create mind-bending 3D illusions at your event

If you saw Australia’s own Dami Im perform at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, or Lady Gaga duet with the late David Bowie at the Grammys, you’ve seen the amazing potential of this technology to astonish audiences. The technique includes a Holographic Mesh Screen – an invisible, metallic coated screen that when hung on your stage becomes a vehicle for 3D content to appear in thin air. It is unique because it doesn’t require any special rigging or reflective floor space to project onto, and can be used in most venues.
The Holographic Mesh Screen works by fooling your brain into thinking there’s a three dimensional object hanging in the air in front of you. A high-powered projector is used to beam custom-made video footage onto the screen, using perspective and a black background to simulate three dimensions. Most importantly, the stage, objects, or people behind it are lit without that light touching the screen, giving an illusion of depth. When your brain tries to reconcile what is really a 2D projection and the depth behind it as information it can make sense of, it decides it’s a three-dimensional object. Some people call this effect a ‘hologram’, but technically it’s the latest technological innovation of an illusion called ‘Pepper’s Ghost’ whose origins go all the way back to Victorian times.
Encore have been deploying our massive Holographic Mesh Screen to spectacular effect on gala dinners, awards nights, and product launches. For the Australian Hotels Association NSW Awards, attendees were initially intrigued by what looked like a bare stage bounded by black drapes, before the lights went down and the screen came to life with an enormous 3D digital set that interacted with dancers both in front and behind it, ingeniously tracked with motion sensors. Even awards presenter Shane Jacobsen got to have fun with the interactive elements before handing out the gongs.
Pictured: Encore uses Holographic Mesh Curtain and motion tracking technology at AHA Awards.
For legendary Chinese spirit-maker Moutai, known as ‘the world’s most mysterious spirit’, Encore Event Technologies enhanced the mystery to celebrate 46 years of the 2,000 year-old tipple in Australia. Giant three-dimensional bottles hung in the air, and custom-made video content showcased the brand’s history, highlighting the cultural significance of the occasion to over 500 distinguished guests. The Holographic Mesh Curtain provides an ideal effect for any event that needs a big ‘wow’ factor. It’s perfect for product launches, and can used to entertain at gala dinners, award nights, in any venue with controllable lighting and some depth on stage. Ask your Encore Event Manager about the potential of using the amazing Holographic Mesh Screen for your next event, and put your imagination to work! Get in touch by calling 1800 209 099 or sending an online enquiry today. … Read More

10 important things you'll unlikely think of when planning your company AGM

Planning an Annual General Meeting (AGM) is an amazingly complicated and detailed task. Whilst you may feel completely organised with your T’s crossed and I’s dotted, on the day all of your hard work could easily come undone by anything from a faulty microphone to a wobbly chair. An AGM with an experienced event services provider is the only way to make sure everything is covered and cared for, especially when the unexpected happens. There are things that only an event services provider experienced in organising AGMs knows to anticipate before you even know you need them. Here are 9 things to consider when holding your AGM that you likely didn’t know you needed: Are your seats comfortable? You may be sitting for hours. The last thing you want is for your shareholders and board members to think back to the AGM with memorable physical discomfort. If your AGM is being webcast, you don’t want it filming your board members continuously wriggling in their seats trying to get comfortable. Plus, an uncomfortable audience is a distracted one. It may seem a relatively simple task, but selecting the right seating for both your board members and audience can be one of the most important decisions you make. For a recent NRMA AGM, which chair to choose divided our event production team. After much consideration in the end we opted for a white arm chair that could swivel - it was functional, comfortable and not out of place on a stage. How will the audience be seated? Once you have selected the perfect chair, something not too comfortable nor too hard, you have to consider how they’ll be positioned. Do you have theatre style seating with your shareholders facing the stage or do you have something different in mind. The choice of seating style can dramatically change the overall vibe and tone of the AGM. Did you know there are 10 seating arrangements for events for you to choose from? How will the board of directors table look? Depending on your AGM’s goals and budget, there are a variety of set design options available from custom designed sets to standard branded tables. A great way to reduce costs is to partner with an event services company who already have an AGM table built with inbuilt speakers and microphones which can be rebranded to your company’s aesthetics. But maybe you don’t want a board table. Some AGM’s have their members seated on a couch. Whichever option you go for you’ll need to consider many things such as how they’ll store their presentation notes, how will the audience hear them, is there a place to put their water glass if they’re thirsty? You need an experienced camera, sound team and event team to cover all the bases. Every year the AGM has to evolve at the same pace as your company advances. With these advances comes new challenges for the event staging partner. From the sound in the venue, to the screens and projectors used in the presentation, to the shareholders watching and listening at home - each year the AGM adapts and evolves, and so does the team with it. An experienced event services partner has been keeping up-to-date with all of the latest advances in audio visual production and event technology to produce a new and improved AGM every year. How will you communicate with your shareholders? Advances in event technology can make your AGM a dynamic experience and give transparency to your shareholders. It is important that lines of communication be open and clear. The whole point of the AGM is to give all the shareholders the best impression of your company and to show that you have an interest in them and them in you. Through mobile phones your company can now have a direct link to your shareholders. An event app can provide instant communication with your shareholders and a single location for you to conveniently upload all the relevant information to. With updates given about the AGM if something unexpected occurs and with live content delivered on the day, it can be the best tool at your disposal to deliver an amazing AGM. We have listed 10 ways event apps are enhancing the AGM experience for both the organiser and the shareholders. Webcast your company AGM so everyone has the chance to attend A great event services partner makes sure to cater to all the needs for those present on the day but also for those who cannot attend in person. Often a company’s shareholders will be widely dispersed around the country and world so one of the hardest elements of organising an AGM is determining how many attendees you’ll need to allow for. A great way to help manage this is webcasting the AGM. This means those shareholders who cannot attend physically can watch the AGM from the comfort of their home, office desk or on the go. Similarly, webcasting the AGM allows the event to live long beyond its end. If you are considering webcasting your AGM ensure your event services provider is experienced in webcasting live events as there is a lot of elements involved from the recording and camera angles to ensuring the webcast skin is branded and the recording is streamed successfully online. Cater to all your audience’s needs – access and appetite It would be incredibly single minded to think of your audience only in terms of how it would be for you to attend. Every different person has very different needs and some have more requirements than others. When organising an AGM your event services partner will need to provide adequate solutions for all shareholders – from the hearing and sight impaired, to those needing wheelchair access. A great event staging partner will have closed captions for both those in attendance and those at home, as well as thorough recordings of the speeches from the day. And don't forget catering! Most AGM's do a buffet style lunch and make sure to stick to the schedule for breaks. It’s an age old saying but no important decisions should be made on an empty stomach. Rehearse! Not everyone is comfortable in front of a microphone. Actually you could say that almost everyone is terrified of public speaking. Almost 75% of the population suffer Glossophobia, or more specifically, a paralysing anxiety from public speaking. Even though your board of directors may be experienced in their roles, public speaking is a skill and needs to be rehearsed. With so many elements during an AGM such as running through all the formalities, speaker presentations, Q&A...your board of directors need to know what’s going on and when. Rehearsing your AGM also allows your event services partner to refine the production such as camera angles, audio adjustments for different speakers, presentation management and the list goes on. Remember the little things. Some things can only be learned from experience. Whether it is knowing to have a registration desk situated in a visible spot so everyone can register on entry, to having a more intuitive seating arrangement to suit your AGM style. Even knowing to pre-open bottles of sparkling water so it won’t cause issues on the stage for the speakers or noticing if one of their microphones has come loose or is not working correctly – it’s the care and attention to detail by your event services partner that differentiates a good one from a great one. The Biggest Tip: Partner with an event company that specialises in delivering company AGMs With all these considerations it is no wonder most companies choose to do AGM’s with an event services partner. It is part of the event services providers' experience and range of AV and event production solutions to give you the very best event experience. From lead up, during and after the event, your event services partner is the expert you need to have a seamless, engaging and informative company Annual General Meeting. Encore Event Technologies has been delivering AGMs since 1986 and is one of the most trusted event services partner with a track record of delivering AGM’s at the highest standard with complete client satisfaction. Start planning your company AGM today! Get in touch with us by sending an online enquiry or calling 1800 209 099. ... Read More

Technologies transforming live events: An overview of what you need to know

The right technology can take your event from good to great. It can help you create immersive, engaging events that everyone talks about and help you better communicate and connect with your audience. It can wow your audience during a presentation, turn entertainment into a piece of art, enhance stage sets to become amazing visual experiences, or engage your audience by making them active participants. We’ve identified and delivered some of the hottest new event technologies and are launching new innovations all the time. Plus we’re always looking to the future to see what’s coming over the horizon. Here are some of our favourite examples of how Encore is using event technology in events to inspire yours to be the greatest success they can. Gesture control to create dynamic presentations Gesture control enables presenters and performers to control presentations, sounds, lighting, animations and video. It’s a dynamic effect, where the presenter’s movements trigger any kind of content to react via movements, gestures or manipulating objects/props. We’ve implemented gesture control through a few different methods, including special cameras that track movement, kinetic sensors hidden in props, clothing or objects concealed in stage sets. One of our award winning uses of gesture control was for a paint company – during the CEO’s presentation, he ‘painted’ the massive screen behind him to reveal beautiful murals on buildings in Dubai on screen. He then used gesture control again to announce the colour of the year by moving a paint tin around during the presentation to reveal the colour of the year. Holographics to enthral and entertain Encore has amazed event attendees with 3D hologram technology at recent events. It’s a modern take on an old technique which uses an invisible mesh screen and projecting onto it to create a hologram effect. Video content is beamed onto it and the audience’s brains are fooled into believing there’s a three-dimensional object hanging in the air. The trick is in the content and the lighting and the effect is breathtaking! We’ve created custom designed content and used perspective tricks to create the illusion for a really amazing guest experience. Recently we created 3D stage sets and even used motion sensors so that dancers could control and interact with the ‘hologram’. We’ve also conjured product images that materialise out of thin air on a giant scale. Read More: Holographics - How to create mind-bending 3D illusions at your event Kinetic lighting that moves to the beat of your event Kinetic lighting has recently been really popular at events like music concerts. A uses dozens or even hundreds of individual lights often in spherical, of baton shapes hung individually on their own fly-line and mechanical winch. Each light is coordinated by a computer and controlled via the lighting desk and each light can change colours, fade, or strobe on command. A matrix of Kinetic Lights can move in complex patterns, simulating waves or move in time with the music or entertainment. It’s lighting a technique that creates a dynamic sculpture of light and movement. Kinetic lighting can be used to great effect when paired with other media. At Encore, we’ve delivered an installations that move with music, choreograph with aerial artists who performed within the installation and also recently in a theatrical effect to reveal of a presenter on stage. Event technology provides virtually limitless ways to enhance engagement with your attendees. Let's start discussing your event requirements, get in touch with our team today so we can find the right solution to maximise the experience for your guests. Get In Touch Projection mapping from delightful small-scale to large scale and 3D A favourite with our technicians to deliver impactful engagement, projection mapping, has been used in many forms for years, but the trend is to use it in unique and unusual ways. Over the years, Encore have projected custom content onto giant 3D objects, vast sand stone walls, quarries, the facades of stadiums and even created a restored vintage Airstream caravan. Recently we also wowed spectators at the national netball championships with amazing animation projected directly onto the court. What we see trending in projection mapping is more unconventional, intimate applications that put the illusion directly in front of the audience. Encore recently partnered with Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Cairns to bring the viral sensation ‘Le Petit Chef’ to Australia - , a delightful animation of a little chef delivering food straight onto guests’ plate. We also created an unforgettable dining experience for Dom Perignon to celebrate their brand and heritage as well as a ‘coral reef’ on a dining table for an event in Queensland. Read more: How table projection mapping can be used in events for branding, personalisation and story telling Video and 3D rendering to visualise your event One of the most popular technology trends we’re seeing right now isn’t for the live event itself, it’s for planning. Advanced 3D video rendering means it’s now possible to create a complete 3D render of your event, in the actual venue and watch a video ‘flythrough’ of the event and view every element such as the stage set, lighting, styling and other elements. Virtual Reality to experience and engage For bigger events, we’ve taken our video pre-visualisations a step further and created virtual reality experiences to enable clients to wander through their event and see it from any vantage point. They control where they go within the virtual event such as walk onto the stage or wander around the table settings. All aspects of the event can be experienced including the stage set design, lighting, theming and even the presentations and video content can be run live on screen in the simulation. It’s an amazingly powerful tool, and means there are no surprises on the day. It’s also great for getting buy-in and approval by decision makers! Read more: Discover how we're using Virtual Reality technology for event pre-visualisation Augmented Reality to create fun and excitement We’ve been really excited to see the emerging uses for Augmented Reality (AR) in live events. AR is a great addition to the creative toolbox for the event itself. Your guest’s smartphones and tablets can be used for gamification to surprise and delight, uncovering ‘prizes or treasure’ hidden throughout your venue or a table’s centrepiece can come to life with animation. The thing to be aware of with AR is that it does need to be planned many weeks in advance, allowing time for the apps required to be approved in both the Apple and Android app stores. The Encore Crystal Ball When you’re as excited by new technology as we are, anticipating what the ‘next big thing’ will be in events is one of the best parts of our job. We’re always looking to the future to discover the next big thing or new ways to create amazing experiences for our clients. We are privileged to be able to champion new techniques and equipment, and aim to inspire our customers to keep their audiences engaged and enthralled. See you in the future! As award winners and technical leaders in the events field, our team at Encore Event Technologies are constantly pushing the boundaries of what they can achieve with our equipment, and constantly watching emerging technologies to enhance our work. Contact us today so we can work together to uncover a unique solution to make your event the most engaging it can be - Call 1800 209 099 or send us an online enquiry and we'll get back to you! - ... Read More

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Virtual Reality Check - what it is, what it isn't and how it can shape your event

Virtual Reality (VR) is a hot buzzword in both technology and event circles right now. Like most new technology, it takes some time to understand all the possible applications and determine the best uses for each industry. Virtual Reality refers to a computer generated or 360° video environment (or hybrid of both) that a viewer can explore freely, usually while wearing a VR headset. VR creates a world the viewer can explore as if they were really walking around in it. When a VR experience is created using a filmed environment, it uses numerous 360° videos stitched together to create a seamless environment enabling the viewer to navigate through the VR experience. This is different from a simple 360° video, which is a single panoramic video that gives the viewer a fixed, single position to watch it from. Viewers can look left and right, up and down, but not control where they go. What you see is what you get Encore Event Technologies has used VR to great effect for pre-visualisation of some of our client’s events. When the designs for the stage set, styling, vision, and lighting are completed, we use VR to show our clients a completely realistic and immersive simulation of exactly what their event will look like. Our VR experiences are so advanced, they can even see their video content running on the screen, and watch the lighting effects render exactly as they will during the event. Image of person wearing VR headset viewing with a 3D pre-visualisation of their event. Using VR for buy-in, budget and expectation management As an event planner of a large-scale event, a pre-visualisation of the event using VR is the ultimate peace of mind – you will know exactly how everything will look and feel, and you can wander freely through any vantage point in the venue; on stage as a performer, seated as a guest, and anywhere in between. It’s also an amazing tool to help get buy-in from within your organisation – marketing can sign-off on brand look and usage, the CEO can be shown what to expect when they walk on stage, and most importantly, whoever is approving the budget can be clearly shown what they’re getting for their investment. Image of Virtual Reality used at the 2017 IMEX Conference in Las Vegas showcasing a luxury accommodation brand. For engagement and value-add to marketing, sales and sponsors Virtual Reality technology has been used to great effect by tourism operators to enable trade show visitors to experience key attractions, or visit resorts. Product demonstrations are also becoming popular at events to give attendees an interactive demonstration without needing them there. This is an especially great opportunity to display large, bulky products where it would normally be hard (or impossible!) to get them to the event. Partner with the experts for using Virtual Reality in your event Whether you’re looking to showcase, inform, demonstrate or entertain, Virtual Reality provides event planners with a myriad of solutions and uses in both the pre-planning phase and during the event. Encore Event Technologies are leading the way with pre-visualisation in the event industry, and are excited by the possibilities of bringing VR to life for your event. Contact our team today to discuss incorporating VR into the pre-planning phase of your next event. ... Read More

7 steps to choosing an engaging conference theme

Theming is fundamental to the conceptualisation and delivery of every successful event – your theme sets the tone for the entire experience and drives all subsequent planning decisions. The theme is the first impression people will have of your event. So how do you choose a conference theme that is fresh, appealing and on brand? A meaningful concept behind your event helps to direct your planning, keeps your messaging on track, drives audience engagement and delivers on your business objectives. Try to formulate your theme in the form of a question, a statement, a challenge or an idea. Select a theme that can be interpreted loosely, is relatively abstract and open to interpretation. A good conference theme can be carried throughout every touch point of the event including visual design elements, topics, and merchandise and can offer a sense of direction for your speakers. It must be aligned with your company or industry and be consistent with your brand image. Here’s some simple steps to help you choose a theme that will bring your next corporate event to life and create a lasting impression. Define the event goals and purpose Establish the intent of your conference or overall message. Determine what the "takeaway" from the conference should be – what do you want your attendees to remember after they leave? A clear message and intent is key to developing an effective theme for your conference. Ensure your theme is relevant to your target audience Identify your target audience – who do you want to attend your event, and why? How old are they? What is their cultural background and customs? For example, a Business Chicks corporate event will have a theme very different to the Petroleum Gas Conference. The reason for this comes down to who are wanting to attract to your event and what message you are communicating. Then the challenge is finding a creative way to tell that message that will resonate with them. Your theme should be intelligent, inclusive and appealing to attract a high audience attendance rate. Consider your budget and the event parameters Where is the conference being held? What is the duration of the event? How many attendees are you expecting? The theme for a local one-day conference can be slightly more specific and targeted as opposed to a longer, three-day international forum. Review the theme's requirements in line with your budget. An elaborate theme that requires lots of touch points to be effectively communicated may not be in your budget scope. Review your theme in relation to your company’s values, branding and purpose Company Values – Understand what your company stands for and choose a conference theme that reflects those values such as honesty, customer centricity or excellence. Branding – Can you draw any concepts or associations from your brands’ logo, colours or general branding creative and shapes? Company Vision or Purpose - An event theme that incorporates your overarching mission is a great way to reinforce your positioning and help build brand advocacy. Look to industry trends, topical news or popular culture Take inspiration from external sources to facilitate brainstorming and to gather ideas. Sport-related themes are popular amongst conferences and corporate events, such as “Batter Up!”, “Teamwork Wins the Race", or "Winning is a Habit; Success is a Choice." Other themes can be inspired by historical events or eras; such as Prohibition or First Man on the Moon; or from pop-culture, such as Harry Potter, Casablanca or Alice in Wonderland. A theme can also come from music or inspirational quotes from the likes of music legends like Elton John, David Bowie or Adele. Ensure your theme complements your industry or company and keep your theme consistent with your image. Keep it simple Remember less is more! A good conference theme should be inherent in every aspect of your conference – from the speakers and their topics, to the event design and AV, the food, breakout sessions and activities, all the way to the final gala dinner. Keeping the theme simple and to-the-point also prevents miscommunication of the overall message of the conference. Think ‘Opportunity Knocks, ‘Commitment to excellence’ or ‘Building for the future’. It could also be relevant to your industry – if you’re a funds management company “It all adds up!” may be the perfect theme for you. Integrate the theme into every touch point - before, during and after your event A simple theme, clearly communicated, aligned with your brand and with the conference's purpose will inform prospective attendees and reinforce your message. A theme unifies objectives and provides focus for the event, as well as setting the tone for presentations, speaker content, activations, etc. Incorporate the theme onto your invitations, programs, brochures and electronic marketing, name tags, signs and conference-related gifts or memorabilia. Your theme should identify the conference and its attendees clearly and specifically. Order giveaway items with the theme and logo on them, such as t-shirts or other memorabilia to really impress and add value for guests. Get ideas from the conference experts Deciding a conference theme can be one of the hardest decisions conference producers face. That’s where we come in. Let us work together to uncover a brilliant theme that perfectly ties your brand and message into an engaging experience. Encore Event Technologies have been executing imaginative conference themes for over 30 years. Whether you’re planning a medical, financial or education conference - we have the experts, tools and props to bring it to life. Contact us today to discuss how we can execute our seven steps to choosing an event theme and then make it a reality. ... Read More

Recent Events: Table projection mapping, new Kinetic Lights, interactive seating charts and more

See how we used custom table projection mapping to create an underwater dining experience like no other; delivered technical solutions to give over 1500 guests at this year's Flight Centre Ball a new, dynamic and visually spectacular experience; and in it's 11th year we delivered a first at this year's Men In Black Ball held in Perth! Welcome to our first edition of AMP as Encore Event Technologies! We share our AMP Newsletter every quarter to inspire your next event by showing you the great work that's been happening across our regions. In this edition we highlight an unforgettable projection mapping experience we delivered in Cairns, a Vintage Circus themed gala and Perth's Men In Black Ball turned 11! Our new Kinetic Lights have also made waves so make sure you watch the video to see them in action. Encore were also thrilled to be named Best AV and Best Event Technology Company for another year in the Spice Hot 100 Services and Suppliers so thank you to every one for your support. Michael Magafa | National Sales Director Below you’ll see a snapshot of some the amazing work our teams produce to help inspire your next events! If you have any questions about the events or our solution please get in touch with me. QUEENSLAND An unforgettable dining experience like no other Venue: Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Cairns Imagine seeing a lobster crawl across your lunch plate, waves crashing against your wine glass and schools of fish swimming beneath your plate as you dine. It’s an unforgettable experience that would last a lifetime and that was exactly the brief to Encore Event Technologies. Encore Event Technologies partnered with the team at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Cairns to host an exclusive VIP famil for 12 clients. Guests came from across Australia to experience the stunning tropical Cairns region and the Pullman’s premier conference and event offerings. As the long-standing in-house event services partner, Encore delivered a complete event staging solution from concept to execution. The reef-inspired concept was developed around the viral sensation ‘Le Petite Chef’ – a unique dining experience that uses projection mapping to turn the table into a canvas for story telling. The experience of the Encore team ensured the activation was executed seamlessly. We overcame several obstacles to ensure the table projection mapping was mapped with pixel perfect precision and feasible within the venue’s parameters. The accuracy and precision of the table projection mapping left guests speechless; in wonder at the level of detail the projection achieved, feeling as though they were under the sea. Even the crockery was included as part of the execution, with sea life crawling over the guests’ plates while waves rolled over the table. To ensure a polished sensory experience, the visual elements of the project were matched with immersive audio effects and a sumptuous locally-sourced menu. The combination was incredibly impactful, with guests requesting the content be replayed four times over to absorb all of it. Louise Matthews, Director of Sales, Pullman Reef Hotel Casino, was ecstatic at the response, “The Encore team really enabled us to create an event with maximum impact within a tight timeframe. We couldn’t have asked for a better result.” NEW SOUTH WALES Flight Centre Annual Gala Ball Venue: Luna Park, Sydney cievents produced an incredible night of entertainment for Flight Centre’s annual NSW retail ball, bringing a different kind of circus to The Big Top at Sydney’s iconic Luna Park. Over 1,500 of Flight Centre’s management and staff gathered to recognise its high-achieving team members, and celebrate in grand carnival style. cievents once again engaged the technology services of newly rebranded Encore Event Technologies, who used the opportunity to pull out all the stops for their progressive client, featuring their latest lighting innovation, kinetic lighting. Responsible for the technology solution, Encore Event Technologies amplified cievents’ theme with creative lighting design for a flawless, high-impact experience. Visitors were welcomed at Luna Park’s Big Top by a visual feast of dynamic, colourful lighting, using Encore's latest Kinetic Lights which appeared as kaleidoscopic “dancing” spheres suspended from the ceiling as guests were absorbed in the carnival atmosphere. Hexagonal panels were configured in a dynamic formation and dramatic content projected as the backdrop for the stage performances. Six supersized-screens also projected with custom designed visual content to create a cohesive visual experience for the stunning event. The kinetic lighting technology was choreographed to change colour and move in sync with a breathtaking opening performance by well-known aerialist, Debonair, leaving the crowd mesmerised. The esteemed annual awards were presented to recognise the team’s achievements, broadcast across the room via the large-screens underneath the festoon-lighting, bunting and animated projections. Jonathan Leggett, from cievents, says the production team are ecstatic with the night, “We trust Encore to understand our brief and deliver seamless technology every time. We are constantly impressed with what the Encore team bring to the table.” Michael Magafa, National Sales Director, Encore Event Technologies, agrees the team outdid themselves, “Using our newest technology offering, kinetic lighting, gave us the opportunity to really elevate cievents’ vision for this event. We’re thrilled with the positive feedback we’ve received.” This event represented Encore Event Technologies’ first major foray under the new brand since it was announced on July 1, 2018. WESTERN AUSTRALIA Men In Black Ball 2018 Venue: Pan Pacific Perth Momentum for Australia hosts the annual Men in Black Ball for Perth’s social elite in support of men’s mental health and suicide prevention. As Pan Pacific Perth’s in-house AV services provider, Encore Event Technologies were tasked with creating a sophisticated, classy set design to complement the event’s 11th year anniversary. On the back of a successful 10th year celebration in 2017, the Encore team pushed new boundaries to welcome another decade of this significant annual fundraising event in 2018. Encore provided a complete event production solution including all audio, vision, and lighting, set design, styling and production management. This year we saw event technology play a larger role in enhancing the attendee experience – from an interactive seating chart using Touch Kiosk to generating social buzz using Event Feed. It was the first time we used an interactive seating chart for this event using our Touch Kiosk product. The touch screen made the tedious task of finding your seat amongst the masses a streamlined, convenient and enjoyable experience – a simple and clutter free improvement from the A3 print outs that used to line the entrance. Once the event started, the screen was then used to display sponsor content and messages, enhancing both the attendee experience and sponsor exposure. “It was great to see guests instantly drawn to the Touch Kiosk and keen to have a go. They were able to quickly find their table with a single touch, allowing them to get back to the very important business of mingling," says Carly Melderis, Event Staging Manager at Pan Pacific Perth. Drawing inspiration from the glamorous black-tie dress code, the Encore team adorned the ceiling in flowing, luxurious silks to create a fluid, textural element within the space. This also supported and embraced the meaningful, raw nature of the content shared onstage, encouraging men to be open about their struggles with mental health. The styling team created an elegant stage backdrop utilising 3D Scenic Panels in the Contour pattern and constructed a giant “X” and “I” Roman numerals to signify the event’s 11th year of the Ball. The stories inspired support in the room and on social media, with Event Feed providing a key platform for guests to share their thoughts and selfies of the evening with the hashtag #meninblackball2018. The event included a spectacular three-course dinner, with glowing testimonials from local Perth stars, a presentation of the coveted Most Inspiring Man of The Year award, live entertainment and a charity raffle and auction. Daniel Kerr, former AFL footballer for the West Coast Eagles, and Sean Thomsen, reality TV star, were among those who shared their personal experiences. Michael Lloyd-White, General Secretary of The World Kindness Movement, was named Momentum’s Most Inspiring Man of The Year to raucous applause. Have you seen our new Kinetic Lights? Watch the video and see the Kinetic Lights in action here. ... Read More

Le Petite Chef Comes to Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Cairns

Imagine seeing a lobster crawl across your lunch plate, waves crashing against your wine glass and schools of fish swimming beneath your plate as you dine. It’s an unforgettable experience that would last a lifetime and that was exactly the brief to Encore Event Technologies. Encore Event Technologies partnered with the team at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Cairns to host an exclusive VIP famil for 12 clients. Guests came from across Australia to experience the stunning tropical Cairns region and the Pullman’s premier conference and event offerings. As the long-standing in-house event services partner, Encore delivered a complete event staging solution from concept to execution. The reef-inspired concept was developed around the viral sensation ‘Le Petite Chef’ – a unique dining experience that uses projection mapping to turn the table into a canvas for story telling. The experience of the Encore team ensured the activation was executed seamlessly. We overcame several obstacles to ensure the table projection mapping was mapped with pixel perfect precision and feasible within the venue’s parameters. The accuracy and precision of the table projection mapping left guests speechless; in wonder at the level of detail the projection achieved, feeling as though they were under the sea. Even the crockery was included as part of the execution, with sea life crawling over the guests’ plates while waves rolled over the table. To ensure a polished sensory experience, the visual elements of the project were matched with immersive audio effects and a sumptuous locally-sourced menu. The combination was incredibly impactful, with guests requesting the content be replayed four times over to absorb all of it. Louise Matthews, Director of Sales, Pullman Reef Hotel Casino, was ecstatic at the response, “The Encore team really enabled us to create an event with maximum impact within a tight timeframe. We couldn’t have asked for a better result.” The event showcased the creative design and technical capabilities offered to events hosted at Pullman Reef Hotel Casino Cairns. If you are interested in hosting a similar experience or want to find out more about our event production services at Pullman Reef Hotel Cairns get in touch with our team today by sending an online enquiry or calling 1800 209 099. -- ... Read More

Delivering Multi-Sensory Experiences at Events

THE POWER OF ENGAGING ALL FIVE SENSES Our experience of the world involves a number of senses - sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. These senses are not isolated from one another. In fact, awareness of our surrounding environment is the result of all five senses working together. Over the years, countless studies have proven sensory stimulation plays a large part in memory formulation and association. For years retailers have embraced these findings and implemented sensory experiences into their marketing in an attempt to boost sales, reinforce branding and improve the overall customer experience. Similarly with event technology, we’re seeing the impact of consumer marketing trends act as the driving force behind the event experience. THE POWER OF ENGAGING ALL FIVE SENSES Our experience of the world involves a number of senses - sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. These senses are not isolated from one another. In fact, awareness of our surrounding environment is the result of all five senses working together. Over the years, countless studies have proven sensory stimulation plays a large part in memory formulation and association. For years retailers have embraced these findings and implemented sensory experiences into their marketing in an attempt to boost sales, reinforce branding and improve the overall customer experience. Similarly with event technology, we’re seeing the impact of consumer marketing trends act as the driving force behind the event experience. Martin Lindstrom, a well-known author and brand consultant, found that brand impact increased by 30% when more than one sense is engaged and by a whopping 70% when three senses are integrated into the brand message. Whilst the power of engaging the five senses is commonly known by event managers, studies reveal putting the theory into practice is lacking. A recent survey by London & Partners and CWT Meetings & Events found that 78% of event professionals believe that events appealing to multiple senses deliver a more memorable and creative experience for delegates and audiences. However only 27% of those surveyed believed that the five senses are being effectively stimulated at events. To fully understand how event planners can harness the senses to create more memorable experiences, we have gathered recent examples to demonstrate how brands are embracing the power of smell, taste, touch, sight and sound to create indelible experiences in immersive environments. Want to download a copy of this guide instead? We've produced a free Event Insights paper so you can keep this with you. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY Here’s how you can harness the power of the 5 senses to captivate your attendees. SEEING IS BELIEVING Nothing captures attention more effectively than beautiful visuals. Design a truly stunning event environment by using dynamic stage design brought to life via captivating motion graphics, stunning lighting, precision projection, and immersive styling. An event which greatly captures the attention of the audience via their sight makes the event memorable by enhancing the ability of the audience to recollect specific moments. Often, this is because those things which they see are simply spectacular or evoke strong emotions in them that last. An obvious example is VIVID Sydney which features mesmerising outdoor lighting sculptures and installations. Below are a number of examples about how you can use visual elements and technology to stimulate the sense of sight. 1. Stage Design Your stage is more than a platform, it’s an event feature. Stage set design can be the difference between a good event and a great one. Create unforgettable event experiences by designing a stage that moves beyond the presentation, speaker or performance - and becomes a feature in itself. Create shapes to project on to using Digital Banners and Widescreens Stage design with hexagonal panels Styling the set with 2D & 3D Scenic Panels Create a cinematic experience with a Mega Curved Screens 2. Projection Mapping Harness the power of cutting edge projection mapping techniques to create visual illusions that will stay in your participants’ memory long after your event is over. Thanks to advances in technology, projection mapping has many more uses and has become much more affordable. It’s no longer reserved for huge Disney-sized budgets but is within the reach of a much more budget conscious venue or event manager. Projection Mapping for Stage Design Inspired by the AHA NSW’s geometric logo elements, we built a custom stage design comprised of a 20x5m hard projection set interspersed with coloured acrylic panels. We brought this set to life using state-of-the-art projection mapping to create a digital backdrop for the opening video sequence and awards content. The multimedia was designed over 125 hrs and the result was a dynamic, impactful awards backdrop used for content delivery. Feature Projection Mapping A once-in-a-lifetime dining experience for 100 VIPs the Dom Pérignon Lumiere Dinner, hosted by Merivale at the ivy in Sydney. Using twelve 16k projectors, table cloths and plate settings were brought to life with creative custom animations projection mapped to align perfectly between cutlery and plate settings. Each course was punctuated by a different light show, projected onto the tables. Some featured tasting notes of the wines being served or historical details about the house of Dom Pérignon. 3. Motion Graphic Content Event planners have unlimited possibilities in content creation thanks to advances in animation and motion graphic technology. Motion graphics and animation is one of the biggest trend in event technology. After all, if a picture says a thousand words, then a video says a million more. It illustrates the core concepts of your brand message and tells your story in a way that captivates and entices audiences. A video engages your audience, gives a personal insight into the business and in turn generates leads. Designing your stage set with motion content videos in mind will ensure your on-screen content is delivered with maximum impact. In general, wide screen formats suit this content best such as creating stunning vistas projected content onto mega wide curved screens. This creates a cinematic like experience which can transport your guests to wherever you’re creating in the video. The Encore Event Technologies Melbourne team embarked on a path to take members of the audience on a journey from the alien planet to our own, through digital mediums, projection, pyrotechnics, actors and lighting. This event required the collaboration between the client's 3D animation content with our 3D projection design, 3D mapping and reform. 4. Lighting Great lighting and special lighting effects are the foundations for appealing to the sense of sight. It is so much more than just putting a spotlight on your performer or a few stage lights here and there. Lighting creates ambience, displays video content and can be used to highlight architectural elements or styling pieces to build a visual experience that will leave your guests in awe. You can also use lighting to direct your guests’ attention to events going on within a show, or to grab their attention on speakers or items you need to reveal. LED Lights LEDs or Light Emitting Diodes are around ten times more efficient than their tungsten equivalent. That means ten times less electricity to produce the same level of brightness. They can last hundreds of hours longer, emit less heat and are cheaper to manufacture and replace. Using R a combination of red, green, blue and white light emitting LEDs, you can electronically control your mix to create any desired colour. Before this technology you would have to put a coloured gel in front of light and if you wanted several colours throughout a show you needed to set up and rig several fixtures each with an appropriate gel. LED lights allow you to play with the rainbow. Uplighting Uplighting is a great way to create an atmosphere at your event. Rooms can look bland if you do not use perimeter lighting. This is especially important for a plain venue, empty ballroom or conference centre where you may need to build ambience with more lighting and decor. It’s a great way to tie in a brand or theme colour and create an impact for your guests entering the room. Pin Lighting Fixed or moving Pin lighting is an excellent way to direct attention to certain parts of your event. Using a spotlight creates a dramatic effect that can transform centrepieces, decor elements and table settings into incredible pieces of art. Not only do pin lights add drama to your event lighting, but they also provide separation that is often needed between dark table linens and centrepieces allowing the centrepieces to pop and stand out. Pin lighting will make your event design a more dynamic visual experience. Branded lighting: Gobos The name is basically short for ‘Goes Between’ or ‘Goes Before Optics’. Gobos are great for communicating your brand or event message in an eye-catching way. Depending on their design they can also be used to help theme an event. Using a branded gobo, the Adelaide Crows’ logo and their tagline ‘We Fly As One’, was projected across iconic Adelaide buildings, the Adelaide Oval and it's surrounding footpath and even trees. Lighting that moves: Kinetic lighting Event lighting doesn't always have to be fixed. Our Melbourne team developed a unique moving lighting installation for the 2015 Million Dollar Lunch fundraising event. The glowing Yo-Yo LED balls moved on a vertical axis via motorised controllers programmed via our primary control system from our GrandMA desk to align the internal LED’s with a sequencing colour changing that created a kinetic chandelier piece unlike anything else. 5. Immersive Styling With the ever increasing role technology plays in the way events are brought to life, over the last few years we have been moving away from 2D cut-out props and conventional sit down dinners in favour of interactive, dynamic and content-based theming. These are called 'Immersive Events’ that move beyond theming to using technology in designing a cohesive look across all event elements. 12 Days of Christmas themed Corporate Christmas Party Every event element was themed strategically in line with representing one of the 12 Days of Christmas. From the ceiling projections, to on screen content, the menu and right down to the table centrepieces. Imagine your event room becoming a live countdown to Christmas, where every 15 minutes the entire room transforms to bring to life the day’s theme. Capital S.M.A.R.T. conference Encore Event Technologies worked with Capital S.M.A.R.T to bring their ‘007 Bond’ theme to life. This theme was integrated throughout every aspect and acted as the creative ‘glue’ tying everything together in one cohesive message across the multi-venue event. “We are not thinking beings that feel; we are feeling beings that think.” (Antonio Domasio, Professor of Neuroscience, University of California) MAKE SOME NOISE Create sound scapes that evoke powerful memories. Whether you’re creating a gala atmosphere, delivering a professional conference or revving up the crowd, clear and well-balanced sound is vital. The primacy importance of sound in everyday life is obvious to everyone, yet the process of creating an aural presence at an event with excellent results is not widely understood outside of technical circles. It may not have the visual spectacular presence of a huge projection screen or complicated lighting show but there is a lot going on that cannot be seen – but is definitely heard. Generate the emotions you want your audience to feel at specific times during an event by strategically planning your music A recent report by BrainStrength SystemsTM reported on the London Convention Bureau that well-chosen entrance music can set the right mood for the meeting. During brainstorming or problem-solving sessions, light classical music speeds up thought, while music related to the conference topic can also be used to introduce activities or illustrate key points, creating immediate recognition and adding to the meaning of the event. Nothing is more pleasant than having the right kind of sounds or music at an event. You want to create the perfect mood for your attendees – not irritate them, make them yell or struggle to hear. Whether it’s creating an atmosphere, delivering a polished onstage interview, or a professional multimedia presentation, perfectly balanced audio is vital for a successful event. "Our five senses act as biological learning portals, with all information and stimuli entering our brains through those doors. So the more of the brain that’s activated, the more easily learning occurs and the more likely we are to retain what we learned. Human brains crave unique multi-sensory experiences." (London & Partners - Official London Convention Bureau) Make Q&A Fun! CatchBox is Encore Event Technologies fun, soft throw-able microphone - our latest audio product available. Make your next conference, presentation, large meeting or lecture more fun and engaging with our microphone specifically designed to increase audience participation. TO TOUCH IS TO CONNECT The skin is the body’s largest organ and the source of our vital sense of touch – so make sure you use it in your events. Touching something creates a real connection. In an event, your audience will definitely see and listen to many different things, however, these may not be remembered in entirety. Let them touch something and it is a different story. When people use their hands, their sense of touch is engaged and they tend to remember what they touch (and see in the process) more clearly. Unknowingly, your brand/corporate image becomes strengthened. And that’s where our latest interactive technology comes in. First made available in smartphones, the trend for ultra-responsive surfaces has accelerated and can now be incorporated into events. Nothing gets your audience more involved than engagement via polling, interactive presentations and screens, event apps and gesture control and of course their personal mobiles. Of course, there are many ways you can introduce a sense of touch, such as tactile styling elements, textured decorative panels, interactive technologies or even physical activities. Think about the tactile aspects of the props, decor, furniture and other physical objects at your event and how they will make it memorable. Encore Event Technologies offer services that allow for interaction during your exhibition or event like touch screens and Touch Kiosk technology. You can use these touch screens for presentations or quizzes, encouraging your guests to participate and get actively involved. The sense of touch is particularly important for attendees who are Kinesthetic learners - who actually need to physically do or touch the activity to learn it. From textural styling elements to the latest in interactive technology - there are a myriad of ways to engage your attendees' sense of touch at events. Styling There are many ways styling services can introduce a sense of touch, such as tactile elements, fabrics or textured decorative panels. Think about the tactile aspects of the props, decor, furniture and other physical objects at your event and how they will make it memorable. Live Audience Polling Event Poll allows you to ask attendee’s their opinion, get live feedback on hot topics and see everyone connecting with the content. Say goodbye to traditional event data and hello to the new frontier of data mining – event insights in real time. Even those who do not have a smart phone can join in via SMS, so audience members find it almost impossible not to participate. Interactive Presentations Gone are the days of PowerPoint. With Inteli-Touch you can turn a flat presentation into a dynamic microsite with full interactivity. The cutting-edge presentation software allows you to access everything you need for your presentation with the touch of the screen. Event Apps Event apps are ideal for the busy event planner. They allows you to swiftly upload and communicate everything from agendas, seating charts, speaker bios, news, document downloads, to sponsorship information and much more. Say goodbye to endless print-outs and hello to Cumulus: your event in the palm of your hand. Encore Event Technologies event app is free for those using our events services. Event apps make it simple and convenient for event organisers to communicate quickly with attendees and for attendees to access important information anywhere, at anytime. Touch Kiosk was used to engage spectators in Hobart for the Sydney to Hobart yacht Race. The interactive screen displayed trivia to promote tourism to the area. Motion gesture control used to reveal the 'Colour of the Year' for the Asian Paints Conference SERVE UP A TASTY EXPERIENCE Food is an extremely important part of a meeting or event. After all, who does not crave delicious food? Menus bring to life an organiser's theme through the imaginative presentation of dishes, smells and ingredients. Matching the menu to your message or theme could be the simplest yet most impactful way to enhance your event. However, it is often overlooked in the event planning phase as other considerations are prioritised. We all remember a really fantastic meal, or a really terrible one. The food you present can be just as much a part of your event theme as all the other elements. Think modern Australian for an international sales incentive; French delicacies for a burlesque theme; ribs and burgers are perfect for a taste of the Wild West and noodles and Asian delights for a Chinese New Year theme. More practically, many attendees have a dietary preference, and making sure they are well taken care of shows you really care. Attendees remember that. Pop-art inspired desserts for a Vintage Super Hero theme Traditional Australian tucker for an Australian themed incentive Colourful sweets and canapés served for a Mad Hatters Tea Party SHOW AND SMELL Smell, another sense which often takes a backseat to sight and sound during event planning, can be an extremely powerful tool in making your event experience more memorable to your audience. It has been found that odour-evoked autobiographical memory describes the vivid emotional memories often triggered by various scents because scents are much more effective as reminders of our experiences compared with other senses like sight or sound. In fact, the power of scents is precisely the basis behind aromatherapy’s effectiveness in inducing deep physical and emotional responses. So, try scenting conference sessions, to trigger positive emotions in participants. Smell is the only sense that actually has a direct connection to our body’s limbic system, which is the area of the brain that processes memories and emotions, because it gets routed through our olfactory bulbs. Moreover, our bodies contain much more smell receptors (at least 1,000) compared with those for other senses like sight (four). Aromatic flowers, foliage or even spices are simple ways in which you can introduce scents to your event. "A brand with a scented logo has a 65% chance of being remembered by a customer after a year, while an unscented brand has a 50%chance of being forgotten within the first 3 months." - Sense of Smell Institute, reported on Scent Australia Additionally, scented events are more dynamic and enjoyable than unscented ones because ambient scenting improves guest experience, ambiance and improves memory recall of your special event. Consider incorporating a fragrance into your next event with an ambient event scenting solutions as well as our other scented solutions such as scented printing - why not scent invitations, menus or other printed materials? Using scent as a form of marketing during an event offers numerous benefits to customers and the audience, including the ability to enhance the theme you are trying to portray in your event by evoking deep emotional instincts and responses, decreasing their stress levels and helping to raise their mental performance and perceived impression of your corporate brand. Above all, much research has recognised scent’s ability to be an effective branding channel even at subtle levels. This means that if there are two companies with similar profiles hosting similar events, the one which used scent during the event would be more easily remembered and distinguished compared to the other. Ideas for using scent: Native Australian flora and foliage for the Australian themed incentive Custom oil diffusers created for hotels to create their signature scent Spices / cinnamon fragrance dispensers for a Arabian Nights themed show The scent of pine and wood for an enchanted forest Delicious spices for Bollywood or the smell of salty sea air for a beach theme Brands that use scent The Body Shop sprayed strawberry essence on the sidewalk leading up to their first shop in order to attract the public’s attention. - Scent Australia Abercrombie & Fitch made a strong impact by diffusing a Signature Scent. Returning customers can elicit a number of fond memories from past shopping experiences there, which allows the company to draw a lot more traffic to their stores. - Scent Australia IT MAKES SENSE As humans, we have been given the five senses that enable us to experience the world in a myriad of ways. It’s really up to you as an event planner to decide how you want to take your attendees on a journey. It’s by appealing to the full range of feelings and senses of events participants, that you can greatly increase the chances of them learning what you want them to learn and remembering what they have learned. Through providing your participants with fully immersive experiences, incorporating sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, the messages conveyed to them at conferences, product launches, product presentations and so on become much more memorable. Encore Event Technologies is a leading event services provider who can help bring these sensory stimulating ideas to life. With over 35 years experience delivering extraordinary experiences we have the ideas, technology and talent to make your event vision a reality. Therefore it makes sense to speak to the experts when planning your next event. Get in touch with Encore Event Technologies today by sending an online enquiry or by calling 1800 209 099. Get a copy of this guide so you can take it with you. DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY (You'll be redirected to our Event Insights page to download your free copy) ... Read More

How table projection mapping can be used in events for branding, personalisation, and story telling

Everyone in events is familiar with large-scale projection mapping; on buildings, on stage, and at activations. But there’s almost limitless potential to tell your story on a much more personal scale. Sharing a meal is one of the most intimate human social rituals, and projection mapping onto the dinner table is emerging as a fantastic way to communicate, delight, and impress your audience. At Encore Event Technologies, we’ve been teaming up our amazing digital artists with our high-definition projectors and tech crew to create breathtaking, Insta-worthy, wildly shareable content that transforms any meal into a multimedia event. Projection Mapping for Personalisation For Dom Pérignon, we took the long and storied history of the company and used its immediately identifiable visuals to completely brand a dinner for 100 VIPs at Sydney’s Ivy Ballroom. The dining table became a canvas for telling the Dom Pérignon brand story with customised animated content projected onto it. Personalised name cards in the shape of the Dom Pérignon logo were projected onto place settings, followed by custom graphics perfectly aligned with crockery, cutlery, and glassware. Each course had its own projected content, complementing the menu and highlighting the decadence of Dom Pérignon Champagne. Projection mapping was a visually striking way to intertwine the brand's rich history with the intimate dining experience and left guests wanting more! Projection Mapping for Branding At the National Convention Centre Canberra, we used the colours and images associated with the annual Enlighten Festival of outdoor art, illumination, and culture to personalise a lunch for 40 special guests, selling Canberra as a destination for world-class business events. Local food and wine were complemented by animations, with each dinner plate individually lit for impact. Guests’ names were projected onto their seats, offering a unique personal touch and making networking easy. The autumnal colours of Canberra and signature looks of client InterContinental Hotels Group were all incorporated to the projection mapped content to take event branding to the next level. Projection Mapping for Story Telling To help global hotel giant The Accor Group tell their story, we staged a one-off special event at the Pullman Reef Hotel Casino, Cairns, for 10 influential clients. We partnered with Belgian creative geniuses Skull Mapping to license their viral sensation ‘Le Petit Chef’ , and built a reef theme in a function room using lighting and set elements, highlighting the natural beauty of the region. Guests were then utterly stunned when their ‘tablecloth’ turned into one of Le Petit Chef’s animated adventures. The VIPs were so impressed, they asked to see the animation a further four times! Table projection is still such a fresh technique that most guests (and event producers!) are still to experience it live. It’s an utterly entrancing spectacle that has everyone whipping out their devices and saturating social media with images and video. It has an amazing power to communicate your brand, personalise an event to a micro level, and tell any story; the creators of Le Petit Chef are even using it for two-hour dinner shows that trace the culinary discoveries of Marco Polo! For a recent Experience Encore event, Encore's Sydney team chose to create a unique dining experience using projection mapping to match table content to the meal - it's taking meal pairing to a whole new level! The menu was designed by popular culinary personality, Justine Schofield, and each course had its own unique table design to compliment its theme. Each course had a uniquely themed kinetic light show to match the vibrant and fun personality of the food; the ceviche entrée and matching wine saw tables transformed into a beautiful underwater wonderland. As the second course of sticky beef cheek was announced, the room transformed to reflect a rural kaleidoscope of foliage. The ‘encore’, was a delicious panna cotta which ignited the final animation, a stunning soft pink and white design, wrapped up the culinary experience. The audience were transported on a culinary and sensory journey like no other, incorporating theatrical elements and custom table projection mapping to the food and entertainment. Speak to the experts for projection mapping at your next event For maximum impact, content creators, event planners, and the tech team have to work very closely – table projections have tolerances in the millimetres, and the biggest implementations have pixel counts in the millions! Encore Event Technologies have learnt through practical experience how to make large scale table projection mapping work, and would love to partner with more event planners to create unforgettable experiences. If you are interested in using Table Projection Mapping in your next corporate event, get in touch with the experts today by sending an online enquiry. ... Read More

Affordable Event Technologies For Conferences That Give A Rich Experience

Organising a stellar event doesn’t always require a big spending. If you’re managing a conference on a shoestring budget, combining the proper amount of technology and ingenuity will result in an event that satisfies your professional endorsers and your attendees whilst also bringing focus to your company’s brand and mission; and the overall purpose of the event. As leaders in event technology and production, Encore Event Technologies are experts in providing event solutions that best meet your event objectives within the given budget. Here are 4 engaging event technologies you can use in corporate events that won't blow the budget. Live Stream Your Event Show event goers that you’re current on modern technology by broadcasting your event on a live stream. Live streaming is the best way to increase your audience reach without the boundaries of physical distance and additional expenses. By eliminating the need for a venue with large seating capacity without losing potential attendees, live stream viewing is an inexpensive and practical solution for event hosts. Time-sensitive content is known to inspire online users to tune in for fear of missing out on valuable content. Streaming live also provides the additional advantage of marketing your feed as an exclusive event made available for a limited time only. “Practically anyone with access to the internet can now provide an HD quality video stream at virtually no cost at all.” – Event Manager Blog Instead of investing in pricey live stream platforms, many event professionals use Facebook Live’s free service or opt for one of Facebook’s low-cost professional streaming options. When broadcasting a live stream for free, ensure that your production is top quality. Invest in the most reliable audio video equipment, and develop a plan that won’t leave room for technical issues that will make your brand seem amateur. Integrate Social Media In Your Events Social media is a major component of brand exposure. Worldwide, more than 2 billion people are using social media to connect with others and share their thoughts. Your goal is to make your event a popular topic of online conversation. Create a truly engaged audience on social media, and you’ll be rewarded with the most effective (and free) form of advertising – word of mouth. Word of mouth advertising happens naturally as attendees share and discuss what they love about your event on their personal social media feeds. At Encore, our Event Feed was inspired by the power of social media and customisation. We believe event organisers should be able to view and share the highlights of social media mentions from one central location while moderating comments and displaying them in order based on preference. Get To Know Your Audience With Live Audience Polling Numerous options are made available through live audience polling for viewers to interact during chats and Q and A sessions. Furthermore, polling during the event saves money and time in comparison to using separate services for data extraction, surveys, and research. Live event polling creates a deeper connection between attendees, speakers, and event organisers. This type of open platform creates transparency and builds more trust in your brand. Current polling technology opens the door to live feedback from all participants. By asking the right questions, live polling gives you the insight you need to better understand how your audience perceives your conference. Similar to live streaming, live polling can be used by event attendees that are physically present and your online audience to boost engagement and keep the focus of viewers. Add Value With An Event App Event apps come with a wide range of options and price points made to accommodate every budget. A worthy event app delivers unique value to event hosts and attendees, combining event information with an interactive interface for ease of use. Apps made specifically for events, like Cumulus, also enhance brand recognition by incorporating company logo, fonts, and colours into the displays of information. Likewise, event audiences should always benefit from downloading the app because it is meant to add clarity to the purpose and structure of the event. Agendas, speaker information, and promotional content can be uploaded for app users to download and share. Your event app should allow you to add live audience polling and videos as well. As a professional conference organiser, you chose your location for good reason. An event app can show and tell the features of the venue, and create a map of the establishment for easier navigation. Create An Engaging And Professional Event Without Breaking The Bank There’s no need to sacrifice quality in favour of cheaper prices. Considering the wide reach of the internet and the advancements of modern technology, you can organise a budget-friendly conference as you connect with a local and global audience. With our industry expertise, Encore Event Technologies helps event hosts to utilise high-quality audio visual services without going beyond their financial limitations. Contact us to find affordable event technology solutions that will generate leads, increase revenue, and engage audiences on a large scale. ... Read More