An elegant Black and Gold Gala Dinner for Morris Corp

It was a decadent black and gold affair for this year’s annual gala dinner for Morris Corp. The mining and construction asset management service provider hosted the annual leadership conference and gala dinner at QT Hotel on the Gold Coast and engaged Encore Event Technologies (previously Staging Connections) to bring the event vision to life through set design and styling for 165 guests. Keeping in line with the black and gold theme, the stage set was custom designed using an array of hexagonal shaped panels arranged in a honeycomb configuration and rigged from the ceiling. A combination of rigged Mac lights and uplighting by fusion bars installed below the stage set stage panels really made the hexagonal panels pop and made a superb backdrop for the gala dinner formalities. The table styling and centrepieces were a brilliant showcase of the local Encore team’s ability to create a beautiful table look in line with a specific theme. The tables were cloaked in a black table cloth, and upon this lived elegant centrepieces created using gold and silver hexagonal mirrors, underneath geometrical hurricanes in a mixture of silver, gold and copper. These wire hurricanes were then filled with tiny copper bud lights which cast beautiful reflections off the mirrored bases. The black and gold theme was continued through gold charger plates , black table napkins and gold chair sashes. Partner with the leading events company for your next conference or gala dinner
Encore has delivered countless conferences and gala dinners across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for over 35 years. We specialise in creating an engaging conference environment through the latest AV solutions and event technologies, which then get transformed into stylish gala dinners with imaginative styling and theming solutions. Operating both within our venue partners and at various locations around the Asia Pacific, we are the trusted event services provider you can count on to deliver an unforgettable experience. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer service so you can expect a seamless, stress-free experience when you partner with us. If you have an event to plan, we have ideas to share! Get in touch with us today to see how we can make your event vision a reality. … Read More

8 foolproof ideas for planning a spectacular outdoor event

Unlike indoor events, outdoor events don't have the luxuries of Wi-Fi or air-conditioning and in 2017 these aren't luxuries so-to-speak, they're expectations. Not to mention, outdoor events tend to attract larger crowds from varied backgrounds and ages. The grounds don't offer adequate power supply, shelter, disability access or emergency PA systems. Therefore, proper thought and event planning mastery is needed in order to make your next outdoor event better than the previous. Here are 8 foolproof ideas for planning a spectacular outdoor event that will surprise, delight and cater to all your attendees. 1. Plan to engage the spectators at your outdoor event Engagement is very important if you want your audience to be captivated at an outdoor event. Event ideas are aplenty when it comes to engaging the spectators. You might want to think of gamification, i.e. running competitions through various ways such as social media, on-ground activations or via an event app. But do not stop there. Always remember to incentivise your audience to participate in them by offering some form of rewards. Second, be proactive in using social media. With the widespread use of social media, this is an effective way to engage attendees. It is very easy to use a event social media platform to showcase the posts on screens around the venue after choosing an appropriate hashtag for the event. Spectator spotlights like Kiss Cam and audio messages are yet another great way to infuse the fun element into your event. Finally, a simple outdoor event idea is to make full use of the space on entry and exit. This means that you should ensure these places are filled with engaging activities including music, competitions and promotions. 2. Enhance your outdoor event’s branding – before, during, after the event. Ensure that all touch points, both traditional and new, have been appropriately branded. Outdoor event planning starts before the event: check that all communications, advertising, tone of voice and online community building are properly put in place. During the event, your event services provider should provide digital signage for way-finding and important messages. Other essential items to have include lanyards, tickets, around ground signage and strings etc. Post event, the planning process continues: you might want to consider wrap-up communications, and what touch points you want to use to re-engage attendees and prolong the life of the event. Alternatively, you can begin the pre-communications and marketing for the next event. A great event idea here is to use a hashtag on all signage and branding for enhanced engagement consistent with our first idea. In addition, if you would like, we can also incorporate food trucks or food & beverage outlets in the style, theme or genre of the event by tying in the branding and key messages into these facilities. 3. Give every attendee the same event experience Typically outdoor events comprise of smaller areas or stages with lots of schedule conflicting entertainment acts and presentations. A smart event planner thinks about the experience of each individual attendee and caters to it. For a start, use an AV provider who can meet the demand – cover all audio & vision equipment to ensure adequate coverage of the action. Distribute screens, audio, vision playback around the grounds so all the action can be seen at any location. Given that this is an outdoor event, live coverage of all the action across the event grounds keeps the atmosphere and energy levels high. Additionally, especially if you intend to use social media as a form of engagement, ensure appropriate wi-fi coverage in the area. Lastly, if you are inviting many families, think about creating family-friendly zones. One way of doing so is by putting LED screens so families can watch the action even if not nearby. Another event idea is to put up interactive exhibits to keep children busy during the event and/or create a safe zone for families to still interact whilst away from alcohol. The possibilities are many. 4. Use AV and special effects to give new experiences each year You want to keep making each year’s outdoor event better than the previous one last year. But you are often constrained by a tight budget. No worries. A clever way to surprise and delight guests is by using different audio visual solutions and techniques to create new experiences. Whether you’re bringing objects to life with projection mapping or casting stunning imagery around the grounds and surrounds, there are endless ways to make each year an entirely different and ‘new’ event. You can always count on our experience to offer you innovative event ideas. 5. Allow for all weather conditions Hosting an outdoor event requires you to plan for all weather conditions. Hot weather would require misting tents, shelters, drinking water and shade. Wet weather, on the other hand, calls for electrical safety, stage roof for any entertainment, and ample shelter for your guests. Windy weather presents its own share of problems. All tents/marquees should have appropriate ballast, signage should be wind-rated, structures should be wind and weather rated and there should be emergency plans in place regarding when to dismantle or cancel the event. Having a site wide audio system for emergency messages and communication is crucial. If an outdoor event finishes after sunset, be sure to have area lighting for carparks, exits and surround areas. Finally, consider adding toilet facilities and access for disabled patrons. 6. Build an inviting website Among the simplest yet effective of event ideas is to build an inviting website. The website is the main touchpoint where people will get to know about your outdoor event, therefore make it as exciting and engaging as possible. An inviting user experience here can set the tone for the event and dictate how people will respond to it. Be sure to keep refreshing and updated content that is of interest to your audience to keep them coming back. Also, ensure that the website is mobile-friendly so people can easily interact with it before and during the event. 7. Engage new audiences with a live stream or webcast For a unique event idea, incorporate a live stream or webcast into your whizbang website. It is a simple way to engage new attendees or those who simply couldn’t make it this year. In addition, make sure you save a recording and you have a copy of the event. These come in handy for use in marketing, or future communications. For large outdoor events which come with a host of information and documents, we recommend opting for a webcast over a simple live stream. With webcasting you essentially have access to a platform that contains a live stream of your video, on a hosted site, with the options for downloadable documents, accompanying presentation slides, live chat, social media and audience polling integrations. It's all the bells and whistles for those who want to replicate the outdoor event experience, online. 8. Take advantage of a simple event app Outdoor event planning often surfaces logistical issues. Since the event is outdoors, the information desk, maps, schedules etc. are going to be sparse. Finding the way-finding map itself may even require a map. Announcements and updates are even harder to communicate. A brilliant event idea is to use a simple event app so you can communicate with your attendees instantly. Harness the power of convenience of sharing and providing information for all parties in the palm of your hand. Moreover, you get to collect data of your attendees which you can use to better organise the outdoor event. Whilst some event apps available come at a cost, Encore offers a free event app packed with 10 helpful features to help the busy event planner communicate and distribute content to many attendees instantly. Partner with an outdoor event specialist Sporting events, outdoor concerts and festivals, exhibitions, conferences, fundraisers and community events - you name it, we've done it. Each year Encore is involved with delivering some of the biggest outdoor events to hit our shores. Our experience and large range of event services and AV equipment makes us the preferred event services provider for outdoor events. Plus you'll find us in every corner of Australia, in New Zealand and even Fiji! Events start with a conversation, so start your outdoor event planning today by getting in touch and one of our event experts will get right back. ... Read More

5 essentials for delivering spectacular events

Each year event organisers start the search of explore new ways of making your events more engaging, more exciting and with a greater ROI than ever before. But with so many ‘must-have’ products and technologies available, where do you start? To help you navigate through the noise, here are five essentials for delivering events that leave a lasting impression in 2017. 1. Personalise your event It’s the little things. Personal touches are vital to making the client, or guests really feel like they are special. This could be a small token or gift, unique decorations or customised event multimedia. Our in-house events team at ivy Sydney recently produced a unique setting for the Dom Pérignon Sydney Lumiére dinner with personalised gobos to project the guest’s names onto the table. 2. Shine a light and make it bright Lighting is key to establishing the right mood and wow factor in a venue, creating ambience and directing emotion. Be creative and make your event memorable; think about projecting light onto other surfaces such as tables and walls, or consider creating a canvas from a 3D object. 3. Bring the virtual to life with event technology Make your event unforgettable by using ground-breaking projection techniques. From 2D and 3D projection mapping to the latest in motion tracking technology, Encore Event Technologies' range of event solutions push boundaries and expectations, making the unreal real, and bringing your vision to life to truly captivate your audiences. 4. Don't forget the fifth sense Touchable technology creates a connection. First made available in smartphones, the trend for ultra-responsive surfaces has accelerated and can now be incorporated into events. Encore offer services that allow for interaction during your exhibition or event, with Touch Kiosk technology. Use touch screens for challenges or quizzes, encouraging your guests to participate and get actively involved in your event. If you don’t have touchscreen technology, don’t despair. Textured decorative panels can easily be installed to dress your venue’s walls and create stunning features. 5. All events are social events The one thing you want from your event is talkability. Use appropriate social media channels to boost the impact of your event; use Twitter for live commentary, Facebook and Instagram for eye-catching photos and ask guests to share their photos with hashtags. Use of social media should be seamless yet visible using integration technology like Event Feed, capturing your audience’s tweets, posts and photos to be displayed on screens for all to see. Clever social media integration can allow your audience to generate their own content and steer the positive viral tone of the event. A perfect example was a recent TEDx event, where organisers created an app that placed the word ‘Perfect’ over attendee’s photos shared on social media – newsfeeds exploded as attendees friends and family wanted to know what the ‘Perfect’ photos were about. Partner with leaders in event technology Make this year your best event year yet by following simple principles and incorporating smart technology that surprises, delights and engages your audience. At Encore Event Technologies we may have an expert team with a passion for creating unforgettable events, but with the right techniques and tips, so can you. Get in touch with us today to see how we can make your event go from good to great! ... Read More

A Diamond themed gala for Men In Black Ball 2017

One of the most coveted charity events on the Perth events calendar is the annual Men In Black Ball hosted by Momentum Forum Events. For the third consecutive year, Encore Event Technologies were proud to support the prestigious black tie event which raises awareness and funds in support of men’s mental health and the fight against depression through the Momentum For Australia charity. Hosted on Saturday 3rd June at Pan Pacific Perth, the event attracted 400 Perthanalities, socialites, sports men and women, and business owners who arrived in their finest attire to support this worthy cause. MC’d by sports presenter and AFL star, Adrian Barich, this glamorous event included a 3-course gourmet dinner, live band and entertainment, award presentations, testimonial speaker, and charity raffle and auction. In celebration of the event’s 10th anniversary, the Encore Perth team were tasked with delivering a ‘Diamond’ themed gala dinner. As the in-house event services provider at Pan Pacific Perth, the brief was answered with a complete event staging solution including all audio, vision, lighting, staging, styling, multimedia and digital engagement. Watch the video To give the Diamond theme a really sophisticated look, the stylists designed an elegant black and silver colour palette, with minimal styling elements. The hero of the night was the stunning stage backdrop created using Encore’ new 3D Scenic Panels in the centre flanked either side with large screens for the live camera feed of the presenters. We opted for Scenic Panels in the 3D Harlequin design as the jagged edges mimicked a Diamond appearance. The Diamond look was further enhanced by lighting the Panels in an iridescent colour scheme. Throughout the evening, the Scenic Panel backdrop was turned into a stunning 3D canvas for multimedia content projection to support the speeches, awards, entertainment and silent auction. This included a video of diamonds falling on the Panels as well as a constant “twinkle” surrounding the Men In Black logo which we designed in-house. With all of Perth’s glitterati in attendance it was an evening made for sensational selfies. Encore helped encourage sharing the social conversation via Event Feed, a social media platform designed for capturing an event’s social conversation. Throughout the evening, all Instagram uploads, tweets with the hashtag #MenInBlackBall2017 and posts to the Momentum’s Facebook page were displayed live on screens around the room for all to see. Incorporating Event Feed into your event requires minimal input, but the output can be priceless. The evening’s entertainment kicked-off with a high-energy performance from Are You Ok? ambassador Barry Conrad. Guests were also treated to a live performance by the popular Perth band, Proof, who played in their full 10-piece ensemble – a rare occurrence for events hosted within venues. For the first time in the event’s history, the recipient of the Momentum Most Inspiring Man of the Year 2017 award also performed for the 350 guests. Leon Ruri, founder of Haka For Life, performed a spectacular haka alongside 30 others on the ballroom dance floor. Haka For Life became a viral sensation after their awe-inspiring haka performance during the Anzac Day Service in April this year. Encore’ Technical Director for the event highlighted the innovative stage look delivered using the new Scenic Panels as the backdrop. “For the Men in Black Ball we utilised 6 Pro Shop ROX Strips directly underneath the panels laying each one out one next to the other leaving no gaps in between. The intricate 3D shapes of the panels allowed light to bounce off all the various angles, giving the backdrop an interesting dynamic of both shadow and light effect.” The GrandMA Wing Command was a key piece of equipment for the event, enabling the technicians control over the light, colour, brightness and other theatrical effects used on the Scenic Panels. It was crucial the lighting effects didn’t wash out or interfere with he clarity of the content projection. Momentum Forum founder, Barbara McNaught, says “sadly depression is prevalent throughout the community and awareness must continue to be raised,” “Men don’t talk, boys don’t cry. The stigma attached to this topic needs to be removed. I believe that since the inception of the Men in Black Ball in 2008, more men know that they are not alone and are more open about the topic”. With another highly successful gala all wrapped up, the Encore Perth team are already putting their heads together for next year’s creative brief! Watch the Men In Black Ball 2017 official video! -- See more recent event work Get in touch to start planning your event ... Read More

7 innovations to guarantee cut-through with your event presentation in 2017

As event planners, marketers and brand champions, we understand content is King. But the trick to really engaging your audience is how the content is presented – as they say it’s not what you say but how you say it that counts. When everyone is sticking to the tried and true approach of death by PowerPoint, how does your presentation stand out? Integrating new technology into your presentation can seem daunting, expensive, and risky. However, brands and presenters who push the boundaries to create new experiences are those which deliver more memorable messages and positive experiences, and ultimately give your attendees a reason to keep coming back. Here’s our top 7 ways brands are using the latest event technology to guarantee cut-through when presenting their content. Reveal content with Gesture Control Technology Imagine being able to control and interact with your content simply using gestures. Gesture Control and Motion Sensor technology are the latest innovations to hit the event technology circuit – and it’s got us very excited. Gesture control works by pre-mapping your movements with motion tracking technology to sync your movements with the presentation content. This event technology provide endless possibilities for live interaction, entertainment and education by letting the presenter orchestrate projections, animations, video and sound. Stunning 'Reveals' Using Gesture Control Tasked with delivering a new, never-seen-before experience, Encore Event Technologies recently used gesture control and motion sensor technology in a conference for a major paint company. The company President demonstrated the success of a project by waving a paint brush over the ‘before’ photos to reveal the ‘after’ photos. The theatrics of pretending to paint the buildings to reveal the new artworks in real-time conveyed the message with dramatic effect. It’s easy to imagine the potential for engagement and cut-through when comparing this to simply clicking ‘Next Slide’ in PowerPoint. Interactive technology for presentations bursting with many types of content When you have a lot of content in a multitude of formats, a standard PowerPoint presentation won’t suffice. More and more brands are turning to interactive presentations where all of your content can be stored and accessed seamlessly within the one presentation. The latest innovations in interactive presentation software, like Inteli-Touch, mean everything from 3D product demonstrations, embedded videos, websites, registration forms and more can be housed in one convenient place. This allows presenters to take audiences on a visual journey and communicate an amazing experience like never before. Integrating interactive technology into your presentation is an efficient way to increase engagement, interest and deliver a more informative and streamlined presentation. How a residential company could use interactive software for their sales conference Inteli-Touch allows the presenters to provide a sophisticated, seamless and content-rich presentation with the touch of a button. For example, a residential building company could utilise Inteli-Touch, our interactive presentation software, to great effect for a conference. The technology enables several presenters, each with a variety of content formats to deliver a combined presentation with everything accessible from one presentation to deliver a seamless experience. Everything from playing the company showreel, displaying animated graphics and stats, through to exploring 3D drawings of new home designs and clickable imagery to showing sales figures. It even allows presenters to embed websites into the presentation to show to the franchisees. Touch Screen Technology Touch Screen technology isn’t new – in fact it’s been around since the 1970s. We’ve found one of the biggest deterrents for integrating technology into events is the risk of people not knowing how to use it. The beauty of using Touch Screen technology to present your content is you can bet the majority, if not all, of your attendees will know how to interact with it considering 44% of the world’s population use it on a daily basis – does that noisy little device in your pocket ring any bells?! Touch screen content provides an exciting alternative to PowerPoint slides displayed on a projector screen. Touch screens help us operate any device faster, let you display multiple content types, requires no skill or previous experience to use and let the attendee navigate to find which information they want to know. Touch Screens used to promote local tourism The 2017 Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race is an opportune time to promote local tourism. Encore Event Technologies worked with local tourism bodies by positioning several Touch Kiosks - large touch screens similar to the way-finding devices found in shopping centres - around the race finishing area and invited spectators to interact with and learn from the content shared. Participants accessed a variety of fun and informative content such as: Information about the race Live boat progress tracker Village map Information on local tourist attractions Quizzes about boats and local tourism Option to capture a Hobart race branded selfie and email to yourself Links to sponsors It was a simple, yet highly engaging approach to present the content far beyond anything a printed brochure could do. In addition to presenting content – touch screen technology lets you embed websites or forms to capture information about your attendees. At the world’s largest liquefied natural gas conference – exhibitors used Touch Kiosk to secure bookings for next year. They displayed the conference layout on screen and allowed attendees to book and registered their details for next year. Aside from the bookings, the data captured provided valuable information about their attendees to bolster business and marketing operations. Virtual Reality is the future of presentations Since its invention back in 1994, virtual reality technology is getting more sophisticated and accessible by the day with the pace of demand to match. Virtual reality is the future – this technology creates an entirely life-like digital experience that is immersive and provides an opportunity for unique interaction and gamification on a new level of engagement. If you are looking for an exciting way to inform and entertain your attendees at a conference, exhibition, gala or seminar - a VR experience can do just that. So how are brands using virtual reality technology to present their content? Brands are using VR to help consumers interact with products virtually, visit travel destinations or environments they’ve never been to, and experience concerts or sporting events first-hand, all whilst never leaving your event. The exciting thing is, we’ve only just scratched the surface of VR’s potential with new applications and improvements entering the market every day. If your brand wants to be perceived as an innovative leader - this is the technology for you. Present your content on any object or surface with projection mapping Projection technology now lets you present your content beyond regular 16:9 screens, onto any object or surface - even water. The object or space to project upon can be virtually anything - from complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, to smaller indoor objects, walls and stages. The applications for projection mapping vary from immersive product launches using 3D projection mapping, to creating personalised table settings for VIP gala dinners using 2D projection, to underwater scenes and wildlife – the stage became a moving part of the presentation. Projection mapping can even be used to digitally style or transform your stage look to match the presentation content. A large real estate company used projection mapping to bring their stage set to life for their annual conference. When presenting on various locations and cities, we projected both animated and static content onto the stage designs to reflect iconic imagery associated with the location they were talking about. From buzzing skylines, to tennis balls, underwater scenes and wildlife – the stage became a moving part of the presentation. Dom Perignon uses Projection Mapping for personalised table settings Project mapping is a great way to propel your gala dinner or function to the next level – your table can be your projection canvas. For a Dom Perignon VIP event we streamed custom video animations right in front of guests’ eyes to deliver a brand message in a beautiful and mesmerising way. Then to make the experience unique to each guest, we projected their name where physical name cards would have once sat. We’ve even included business logos for the VIP guests, which was great for breaking the ice at networking events! There’s so much you can do with a table; the only limit is your imagination. Shape your presentation You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to develop new ways of presenting content – just realign it. Projection mapping technology has made it possible to project onto any surface, object or shape. This allows brands to get creative with their set design. A lot of leading brands are making cut-through by incorporating shapes into their set design – from impressive curved screens reaching up to 30m wide, custom designs representing iconic landmarks, to interesting configurations using rectangular digital banners. Hexagonal panels are the newest shape trending in the event world. It’s a simple yet highly effective solution for presenting content in a new way. The size and shape of the panels, lets you project your content onto individual panels, or project your content across several or all your connected hexagons. Hex Panels used at MCG launch event To announce Encore Event Technologies partnership with the Melbourne Cricket Ground, we hosted a special showcase to highlight the venue’s capabilities under this new relationship. As we wanted to present several pieces of content simultaneously, we created our set design using a combination of hex panels and standard 16:9 screens. This allowed us to projection map content from our Event Poll and Event Feed platforms onto specific hex panels, with the main presentation content displayed on the standard 16:9 screens. The effect was an immersive and highly engaging environment that continuously presented attendees with new and interesting content. Get more from your audience participation One of the most important elements of a presentation is the Q&A session. They’re not only important for driving audience participation; they’re a vital source of information about your attendees. Event planners can gain insight as to what attendees actually want to know, valuable improvement feedback, and they provide the perfect forum for speakers to interact with guests and build rapport. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider how you’ll maximise your Q&A session to drive participation and transfer information with attendees. Brands who are tapping into innovative ways to spice up Q&A sessions are reaping the benefits. How Event Poll facilitated 75 questions for Masterclass Q&A Encore Event Technologies delivered a Masterclass for event professionals and the Q&A session was an absolute highlight! With over 150 attendees we knew the old-fashioned roving microphone wouldn’t suffice. Instead, we opted to use Event Poll - an online event polling platform which lets audiences ask and respond to questions in real-time with answers displayed on screen. We received 75 questions from attendees; far too many to respond to in a single session. Rather than let attendees leave disappointed, Event Poll let us capture their questions to respond to in our follow-up presentation emailed to all attendees. It gave us great insight into the products and services that interested them and gave them information about the items that most interested them. Sometimes embracing our inner child is all it takes to create a new, engaging experience. You might have started to notice soft cubes being thrown around during Q&A sessions. This is the latest craze sweeping through corporate events and we’re all for it. Everyone loves a compelling, accessible way to participate - encouraging engagement and the sharing of ideas, whilst elevating the mood and excitement of the whole room. Inspire your audience to speak out and they will continue to be inspired long after the event is over. SpeakUp is a technical innovation designed to inject energy into Q&A sessions, breaking down barriers and inspiring audiences to get involved in a lively and fun discussion. It’s a soft, cube-shaped wireless microphone you can throw to audiences and them to one another. It might sound gimmicky but the audio quality is astounding. The cordless microphone is muted when the cube is thrown to avoid any feedback or noise, and turns on again when held upright and still. Find out new ways and technologies to make a memorable presentation at your event High-performing presentations using these technologies allow the audience to fully engage and interact with the content, creating a dynamic and memorable experience to increase impact, education and recall of information. Try incorporating any of these technologies to take your presentation to the next level and ensure its remembered way after the event. With over 30 years in the industry, Encore Event Technologies is a leading event services company, renowned for delivering world-class corporate events. Discover new ideas and technologies for getting ultimate cut-through when presenting at your next event by sending an online enquiry or by calling 1800 209 099 - successful events all start with a conversation. ... Read More

A multi-sensory experience delivered at this year’s Event Masterclass

It was a sensory overload at Encore Event Technologies' (then Staging Connections) latest ‘Event Masterclass’, hosted by the South East Queensland events team at Hilton Brisbane. The exclusive Masterclass was attended by 150 event professionals and industry elite, and showcased the latest event trends, and new products and technologies designed to engage all five senses. WATCH VIDEO Studies have proven attendees have greater brand recall and a more memorable experience when all five senses are engaged. So, the theme behind the Masterclass was “Multi-Sensory Experiences”. The presentations demonstrated how powerful it is to engage all senses and the many different techniques and products that can be used to achieve this to make events more memorable and messages more effective. Covering all angles, the presentations were divided into three main sections: Next Gen Technology; Digital Engagement, and Styling and Design. Each section was jam-packed with new products and practical ideas for engaging the senses which event planners could walk away with and action tomorrow. Showcasing everything from the latest in projection mapping, motion graphics and set rendering software through to motion control, virtual reality, interactive presentations and cutting-edge digital engagement, the Masterclass gave attendees an invaluable insight into the latest trends and techniques. Whilst the Masterclass was rich in content, it was also rich in design. The Hilton Ballroom was divided in two, providing tailored settings for each half of the event. For the presentations, a unique stage set was created to deliver a sensational visual feast. A custom stage set was constructed using a combination of seven of our latest hex panels, flanked either side by two large screens. The end result was a beautifully interconnected projection canvas. Custom-designed multimedia content, visually representing the five senses theme and designed by Encore’s in-house motion graphics designer, was projected seamlessly across all 9 surfaces. Sound was a key component of the Masterclass to ensure the sense of hearing was tantalised. All audio was delivered with impact via the custom designed sound system we recently installed the Hilton. Giving attendees a first-hand experience at our new products, the team opted for our new Catch Box microphone and Event Poll to spice up the Q&A session, in lieu of the traditional handheld microphones. Decorative Scenic Panels, up-lit with new battery-powered LED lights, were installed as a unique textural room divider separating the main presentation area from the styled networking zone. Following the presentations, attendees were invited to stay and talk to the Encore team in the networking zone. The styling and design team presented a beautiful Tuscan-style vineyard, using a cellar door design illuminated 3D Event Backdrop, complete with wine barrel cocktail tables lit with lanterns and draped in ivy. The extra long central table was beautifully themed with Italian linen, log-based candelabras, twisted willow, lanterns, and real grapes. More faux grapes and foliage cascaded down from a vine suspended above the table to ensure the theme was all-encompassing. As a final touch, Hilton Brisbane served a delicious selection of canapés, charcuterie and cheese boards to tantalise the sense of taste. The attendees not only walked away with some great ideas and techniques, but some also walked away winners, with lucky door prizes kindly provided by local suppliers and partners of Staging Connections. Tim Chapman, General Manager, Digital - Encore was excited to showcase the latest technologies and digital innovations in event production. “The Masterclass showcased everything that is hot and new from Encore and our parent company Freeman. It is a great way to engage with top event professionals and demonstrate how these products and technologies, like gesture control and the latest examples of projection mapping could be integrated into their future events. Everyone loved our new Scenic Panels product too. “The team are always on the lookout for the latest and most innovative products and technologies globally, and this annual event enables us to share our findings and insights and provide our clients with the knowledge and tools to deliver world-class events,” said Mr Chapman. Chris Partridge, General Manager, Hilton Brisbane, commented on the success of the event and the opportunity to work with the exclusive guest list. “Working with Encore is always easy; the team are seasoned professionals who know how to deliver above and beyond expectation. Being able to showcase our newly renovated function rooms to an exclusive group of event organisers was a great opportunity,” said Mr Partridge. The Masterclass enabled Encore to give back to the events industry by sharing their insights and knowledge into current and future trends and showcase one of their valued venue partners, Hilton Brisbane. Built on the success of our Backstage Event, Event Masterclass is aimed at more senior event professionals and is designed to go deeper into the technology and more sophisticated trends hitting the market. With another highly successful Event Masterclass all wrapped up, we’ll be looking to take it on the road to other major Encore locations. See more recent event work Get more event ideas and insights from our Event Blog ... Read More

AHA (Vic) enjoys ‘A Night in the East End’ for the Tourism Accommodation Awards 2017

The Australian Hotels Associations (AHA) recently hosted 430 guests at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne, for its annual Tourism Accommodation Awards (TAA) night. The much-anticipated evening was again assigned to Encore Event Technologies (previously Staging Connections), who delivered all aspects of the event to meet the theme, ‘A Night in the East End’. The highly respected awards provide a platform for assessing and promoting industry excellence amongst hotels. The client requested a theatrical concept, asking that guests feel as though they were "off to the theatre on a Saturday night". As the in house event services provider at Grand Hyatt Melbourne, our Melbourne team brought to life a theatrical experience through a complete event staging solution including audio visual, lighting, stage design, multimedia and event production management. The hero of the event design was the custom ceiling installation and stage set which our team projected themed animated artworks onto throughout the glamorous awards night. Pictured: A musical themed gala awards night for the AHA (Vic) Tourism Accommodation Awards 2017. Guests were welcomed by roving entertainers dressed as famous musical characters, and nearby, a letter light installation of ‘#TAA’ presented a great social media photo opportunity, setting the tone for the evening. Inside the venue, a 30 metre red carpet led through the room to the stage, underneath a bespoke ceiling installation mimicking the entrance way of a grand theatre with festoon lights and a scrolling playbill. Pictured: Custom ceiling installation with rigged festoon lighting a scrolling playbill created using custom animation projections. For onstage, Encore designed five distinctive, eye-catching artworks of current East End theatre shows, set dramatically atop luxurious red velvet drapery, emulating the grandeur of a historic theatre. The ceiling installation also projected the awards categories throughout the ceremony, imitating a theatre playbill. The team designed the presentation itself as an automated show, with audio files built in for a seamless, professional production. Pictured: Table setting with matching themed Programs The main entertainment for the evening was a prominent theatre actor performing a medley of hit show tunes, which had guests singing and dancing for hours. The celebrations continued on to the after party, held at the Grand Hyatt’s exclusive Ruco Bar. -- See more recent event work Get in touch to start planning your event ... Read More

A Theatrical Broadway Themed Christmas Party for Crown Melbourne

Crown Melbourne host an annual Christmas extravaganza as part of its festive calendar of events. In 2017 they welcomed 600 guests to the “Christmas on Broadway” Saturday dinner and Sunday lunch events. As the long-standing in-house audio visual and event services provider at Crown Melbourne, Encore Event Technologies (formerly Staging Connections) are tasked every year with producing these events, with the aim of making each year bigger and better than the last! Read on to find out how Encore transformed the Palladium at Crown into a Broadway Theatre in celebration of their annual Christmas event series. The theme for 2017 was “Christmas on Broadway” and Encore were asked to transform the Palladium at Crown into a Broadway Theatre. Emphasis was to be placed on supporting the chosen entertainment throughout the event. All visuals were to be based on a classic Broadway musical look and feel, with a seasonal festive touch. A complete event production solution Sharing a decade-long partnership with Crown Melbourne, the Encore team had a unique approach to this event – Crown selected Broadway-themed entertainment and the Encore team designed the event around the entertainment; including themed design, event production, lighting, audio visual, and multimedia elements. The technicalities of this event were distinctive, with an added challenge to execute each production for the lunch and dinner events one week apart. Encore created an incredible stage backdrop for the event using dual 20” screens with curved LED walls and a 14m LED wall in the middle, all controlled using Watchout software. The immersive arrivals space welcomed guests along a 20m red carpet flanked by 20 x 1K lights – creating a tunnel of flashing ‘paparazzi’– leading towards an American skyline media wall with Broadway-themed playbills, search lights and a festoon-style Broadway sign. A second 15m red carpet directed arrivals past classic, floor-to-ceiling red drapery, adorned by 3m tall towers with bright moving headlights. Guests walked into the venue space to see the main stage lit up with the Christmas on Broadway logos projected via gobos. Strobes, lighting, haze, video content, confetti cannons, flutter buckets and Christmas carols all came together to enhance the theme. Guests walked into the Palladium at Crown to see the main stage lit up with the Christmas on Broadway logos projected via gobos. Strobes, lighting, haze, video content, confetti cannons, flutter buckets and Christmas carols all came together to enhance the theme. Entertainment was spaced throughout the event, and exciting giveaways and prizes were drawn. The entertainers were lit dramatically to create an exclusive rock concert feel, with camera crews shooting the live performance like a video clip; guests were up and dancing at their tables for hours! Catrina Bennell, General Manager Victoria, Encore Event Technologies, shared afterwards, “The Crown and Encore teams work fantastically together to deliver these world-class events. We received wonderful feedback from Crown and their guests, who were thrilled with the outcome.” Partner with the leading AV and events company to uncover your event's potential Successful events start with a conversation! If you're starting to plan your event or are looking to try something new, get in touch with our expert team before you lock down a venue and event concept so your event can benefit from our design ideas and production expertise. Encore specialise in the delivery of corporate events and will work with you every step of the way, so you have confidence your event will be the best it can be. Have an obligation-free chat with our team today by sending an online enquiry or by calling us at 1800 209 099. ... Read More

How to Plan an Annual General Meeting

Executing Annual General Meetings (AGMs) both big and small over the years Encore Event Technologies (formerly Staging Connections) has gained valuable insight into what it takes to organise the perfect event. Here we share our essential guidelines on how deliver a seamless AGM. As the event production company responsible for executing Annual General Meetings (AGMs) both big and small over the years, Encore Event Technologies (formerly Staging Connections) has gained valuable insight into what it takes to organise the perfect event. Here we share our essential guidelines on how deliver a seamless AGM. Location, Location, Location Face to face is best - Always arrange a site visit in person as the space can look very different online. It comes in threes - Visit up to three different venues and when you’ve engaged one, invite your event management organisation along. Get technical - Assess the technical capabilities of the venue at the site visit – audio, visual, internet connection for video streaming etc. Create a Floor Plan Visualise it - Sketch out a layout or seating plan with the chosen space in mind – this will help you visualise the AGM. Think differently - Think about your chosen space differently to any other event. For an AGM consider working with the venue in say a “landscape” mode – this can often help with maximising the space. Please be seated - Major corporations will require a large board table – typically this head table can span width ways up to 12 metres across depending upon how many board members and delegates are representing the company. The difference is in the little touches - Add drapes behind the stage as a backdrop to enable the board to be easily seen if on camera or when answering questions. Think Tech! Graphs, Stats and Charts - AGM’s will typically require projection and screens to display important charts, graphs and statistics for their business developments. The magic number - Have a minimum of two screens either side of the head table – and place them so they can be viewed by the attending audience and online if you are video streaming. Make the Unseen: Seen - Offer fold-back vision monitors for the head table so directors can follow what is occurring with the presentation without having to turn around 180 degrees. The Power of Auto-Cue – Use auto cue so that all of the essential details of the speeches are outlined beforehand to enable the chairman and directors to relax and engage the audience more effectively. Do you hear what I hear? - To ensure a crisp, clear sound, make sure you have the appropriate number of table and lapel microphones and take the time to test the front of house speaker system from various positions in the room. Light it up – Balance the lighting evenly across the head table using a solution such as Fresnel lighting. Get prepped – make sure you prepare or request a Run Sheet The AGM is not a standard event it could span a couple of hours or up to half a day with Q&A following the main presentations – a run sheet is crucial for everyone involved to know when, where and who is doing what. An AGM run sheet commonly consists of: Meeting called to order, announcements, apologies and previous meeting minutes Order of business Opening speeches (welcome address) Chairman’s address Presentation of accounts Questions and Answers on the accounts Motions, nominations, voting and elections Open discussion of general business – launch of next annual plan Make the most of the compulsory elements Most AGM’s now offer more than just an audio recording for their stakeholders. Video streaming live to the web allows a broader audience access to the AGM, be it your internal team or a range of current and potential shareholders who are unable to attend in person. Learn more about webcasting in our other blog post. Conferencing technology can open up the floor to questions and answers inside and outside of the main space giving a rare opportunity to access the key leaders in the business. The Devil is in the Detail To deliver a successful AGM start planning as early as possible, this can be up to a year in advance for some major corporations. Offer as much detail up front as possible to the event organiser. And Remember – The AGM is one of the most important events on the calendar and can be used to effectively communicate and engage key stakeholders in the business – make your organisations AGM more than just a financial wrap-up. Encore Event Technologies has extensive experience in planning successful AGM's. Have a look at our previous work and see what we could offer your business with a professional and effective Annual General Meeting. ... Read More

Lighting for Events: What is a Gobo?

Each week we aim to demystify the world of audio visual equipment and event services lingo and reveal exactly what those techs are talking about. In this week’s Techie Tuesday we take a look at the event lighting effect the 'gobo' and the many different shapes, patterns and logo’s they can replicate. The possibilities are endless but first we look at the history of the gobo and what you need to know before creating a customised gobo. Audio Visual Discipline: Lighting for events Audio Visual Event Category: AV Effect AV Jargon: Gobo, Batman Signal What is a Gobo? A “Gobo” is a small stencilled circular disc, and used in lighting fixtures to create a projected image or pattern. The term Gobo is short for “Go Between Optics”, describing the location where it needs to be positioned in the light path of a lighting fixture. Whilst Gobo’s are not a new technology they are still being used on events the world over. In today’s event market they have taken on a more creative role as technology advances allow for more detailed and impressive shapes to be created. Gobo’s come in two main types; steel and glass. Steel gobos are very basic, generally have a short life span and are typically described as “black and white”. Glass gobo’s are more detailed, generally have a long life span and are typically described as “coloured”. There is an emerging third type of Gobo, which is designed specifically for LED fixtures, and is made from plastic. Gobo’s come in many different diameters, ranging from approx 20mm through to approx 150mm. The diameter of a gobo is dictated by the fixture, so it is very important to ensure you know what fixture the gobo needs to be used in prior to manufacture. If used in a static fixture, the projected image will be stationary, however if installed in an intelligent fixture the image can be moved anywhere around the event space. Source: Encore Event Technologies | Learning and Development What events are Gobo's used on? Events such as gala dinners, product launches, award ceremonies use gobo’s to support the event branding and to provide visual interest. A growing trend in weddings is to to use ornate glass Gobo’s featuring the bride and grooms name or initials which is presented as a keep sake from the event. What is needed for a customised Gobo? A few specific items are required for an effective gobo display: Profile Fixture: a profile light which is designed to take a gobo in its light path is required to focus and zoom the gobo. Gobo Holder: a specific accessory that holds the gobo in place is required for insertion into the profile light. Projection Surface: a dedicated surface such as a wall or drape upon which the gobo is projected upon is required. Why use a gobo? A gobo is an effective alternative to banners and signage on corporate events, providing something visually different for the audience to absorb. They can also be used to create patterns, imagery and shapes to support the event theme. Check out some images below of gobo’s of all shapes and sizes. Partner with the Event Lighting Experts Encore Event Technologies (formerly known as Staging Connections) has been designing unforgettable events for over 30 years. As the leading event technology and services company, we are the trusted name for designing and installing stunning lighting for corporate and specials events. Whether you're planning a conference, product launch, gala dinner or incentive event, when you partner with Encore you know you're getting the right ideas for your event from the best in the business. Encore proudly offers the largest range of event lighting and technology solutions for corporate events across the Asia Pacific - so get in touch with our team today to make your event the best it can be. Send an online enquiry or Call 1800 099 209 Related Blog Optimise your event communication with design and production ... Read More