Lighting Designer Rocco Anzellotti shines a light on the benefits of LED

LED lighting products have gained a certain recognition and acceptance within the corporate events space in recent years. Given this development I thought it might be interesting to have a look at what is available for companies like Staging Connections and what difference they can make to corporate events. Rocco has been part of the Staging Connections team for almost 15 years. With a wealth of knowledge from his work in major concert lighting, Rocco has a flair for transforming any event space into a unique experience. Rocco is involved in purchasing equipment for the Sydney business, and is always looking for new technology to give our clients an edge to their presentations. In this week blog Rocco discusses the benefit of LED. LED lighting products have gained a certain recognition and acceptance within the corporate events space in recent years. Given this development I thought it might be interesting to have a look at what is available for companies like Staging Connections and what difference they can make to corporate events.
When LED lighting first came on the scene we were all quite excited and then like the rest of the industry, quickly disappointed. The products had no real punch or control that we saw would have any use to us, they were also extremely expensive in comparison to their traditional counterparts. Due to these restrictions we stayed with our existing product line using fixtures with lamps whilst keeping a close eye on developments from within the LED industry. Then all of a sudden some really cool products came our way! We looked at Cyc and wall lighting and found LED products that were 10 fold better than what we were using at the time. One of the biggest benefits is that with LED cyc lighting the lamps never get hot, making them much safer and helping us reduce risks at our events. Secondly the colour output is fantastic. These units are always in high demand and are always being turned around quickly to be delivered onto the next event. We then ventured out into the world of moving lights and found some great LED products there as well. The great part about these lights and LED in general is that they consume a fraction of the energy in comparison to incandescent bulbs, saving LED lamp life and power requirements. The reduction to our carbon footprint is huge.
Whilst I have found some great LED innovations there are some areas that
still need to catch up and a good example is with standard profile and
wash lighting, which we use on nearly every show. These lights are our
work horses in the industry and LED equivalent lighting has been
produced to cover these items but the expenditure to buy these lamps far
exceeds the purchase price of the similar lamp in a non LED brand. I am
sure that these items will come down in price and we are always keeping
a keen eye on current releases in the industry to find better, brighter
and more efficient ways to light our shows! Written By: Rocco Anzellotti, Technical Director, Staging Connections. Image Credits: Unless stated otherwise, all sourced images are owned by us … Read More

Google Analytics Real Time: Undercover Boss Australia

During the Staging Connections eposide of Undercover Boss, we went to real time dashboard in Google Analytics and viewed the active visitors on the website. It was amazing to see the number of visitors creep up during the duration of the show, and we all enjoyed digging deeper to observe what users were doing on the website.For the full article click here ... Read More

MEA awards Trifecta for Staging Connections

Staging Connections has won 2 key industry awards; the Queensland MEA state and national award in the Products and Services Awards -Technical & Creative Production - Branch turnover > $5 million category. In yet another exciting win, Staging Connections' SEQ Business Development Executive Holly Roestenburg was named the Y MEA Future Leader of the Year. This category is open to nominations of any member or an employee of a member who is under 27 years of age and can demonstrate their involvement in Y MEA run initiatives and functions. As NSW and Victorian state winners, and Queensland state and national winners, Staging Connections has been recognised for the ongoing focus on consistent high standards of service delivery. Staging Connections Group Managing Director, Tony Chamberlain, said "The MEA state awards recognise the passion and commitment of our teams to deliver consistently high standards of service to customers regardless of where they are. The fact that three of our businesses have achieved those high standards is a magnificent achievement and one of which we are all proud,". The MEA state awards follow the recent announcement that Staging Connections had won the national Readers Choice award for Best AV and Production Services Company. ... Read More

Take your event to the next level with dynamic digital signage

Signage has been a show essential since the beginning. There is no doubt that attendees would be lost, confused, and frustrated without it. But these days digital signage is the way of the future. Digital signage is a versatile system that supports multiple media types and rapidly distributes information throughout the venue. Your key message, such as, “Presentation A, This Way” is displayed, along with strategically curated messaging. Signs now have the ability to illustrate much more than directions. Here are five unexpected ways that digital signage will strategically improve your event. Provide Targeted Messaging Attendees don’t just crave personalisation, they expect it. Digital signage in the venue will not only show the basics, like who is speaking, but also a deeper level of messaging that targets the needs of attendees. The software is able to collect data and act on it by showing targeted messaging. You can schedule and edit content dynamically that will reach your audiences as they pass by. Integrate Social Media and Videos Your attendees are already posting and tweeting about your event, so put it up on the big screen! Designed to sync with social media surrounding your event, you can use digital signage to illustrate social trends and top tweets. By showing attendees that you care about what they think and what they have to say, you can create a stronger sense of community. Even your attendees who are not active on social media will see what others are posting when they look at the signs and feed off of this energy. Another way you are sure to engage attendees is through video. Humans have short attention spans and even shorter patience. While they might not take the time to stop and read words on a screen, an incredible video displayed on your digital signage can stop them in their tracks Maximize Visibility for Sponsors Digital signage equals to more sponsorships. Attendees will seek out signage whenever they need something. As a result, they will focus their attention on signage for at least part of their show experience. Strategically placed sponsorships on digital signage will increase visibility for your sponsors. Because it is digital and can be changed, each sign can accommodate more than one sponsor. Additionally, sponsors can choose to display their content in a variety of different mediums. Sponsors will also be able to change what content appears on screen at different points of your event or conference. Branding A great way to use digital signage is to give impact to elevate your brand. A colourful and engaging digital backdrop is a simple yet effective way of enhancing your branding, styling and overall event experience. No event should go unbranded – which is why we’ve developed a unique range of cost effective branding and styling solutions. Event Backdrop is our latest offering, and comes in a variety of standard sizes. You can create impactful branding for corporate events, entrance features, gala dinners, event registration desks and media walls. Photo opportunities You can use digital signage or backdrops to create the perfect photo opportunity. Guests will be snapping photos in front of your signage to remind them of brand, message or creative behind the event. You can use digital signage to engage audiences at sporting events, by giving them the opportunity to grab a selfie in front of their favourite team or sporting personality. Whether it’s a ballroom, meeting room, or small stage, our range of backdrops suit any occasion. Getting the look of an event just right can turn a great event into a stunning experience. Our impactful digital signage, backdrops and stage sets deliver an engaging environment by displaying beautifully designed multimedia, imagery and brand messaging. ... Read More

Topping the AFL match experience leaderboard with gigantic projections

Leading sporting stadiums around Australia and the world are turning to event service providers to help provide fans with an impactful and memorable match day experience. The same is said for major sporting clubs. Staging Connections has been the official audio visual partner of the Adelaide Football Club (the Crows) for over 6 years now. Throughout the partnership,we’ve helped the Club grow their fan base and match day attendance by delivering a more interactive and memorable experience. This has been achieved by improved ground lighting and AV installations, live social media and fan polling, as well as staging, vision and audio for the entertainment and other Club related events. In 2016 Staging Connections worked with the Crows and other partners such as TLA Worldwide to ramp up the match day experience. For last week's inaugural 2016 Toyota AFL Sir Doug Nicholls Indigenous Round, the Crows wanted to celebrate by providing a unique and special pre-game segment to honour their current and past Indigenous players. Staging Connections and TLA Worldwide worked together to create an unforgettable experience for fans, projecting images of their current Indigenous players onto the grandstand’s roof, turning the stadium itself into a branded canvas and mural to the players. In what was a first for the Adelaide Football Club, the stadium lights were switched off before the game which allowed the player projections to shine whilst a Welcome to Country and other entertainment celebrated the Indigenous Round. Using gobo projection was the simplest and safest way to ensure a great outcome but also working in with the logistics on ground prior to an important AFL match. Each light was protected from the weather in inflatable domes on individual trolleys to ensure a speedy exit prior to kick off. But we aren't just engaging the fans in the stadium. The Crows have extended their fan engagement strategy outside the stadium, to the surrounding grounds, buildings and Adelaide city itself. If you have been to Adelaide recently you may have seen the Crows’ badge lighting up the night sky. The custom projections shone the Crows’ logo and “We Fly As One” tagline across iconic buildings on the riverbank, including the Adelaide Festival Centre and InterContinental Adelaide. Even the Adelaide Oval exterior, surrounding parklands, footpaths and trees were lit up with the colourful projections, making them a talking point for fans on arrival at the stadium. For a final touch, the Crow’s club colours were beamed into the night sky using theatrical moving lights with custom glass gobos. This ‘call to arms’ tactic promoted team loyalty and provoked the all important club rivalry during the first half of the 2016 Toyota AFL Premiership season. Anna Muecke, Brand & Marketing Manager at Adelaide Football Club commented on the successful brand activation and the impact it had on the match day experience. “We are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage with our fans both inside and outside the stadium. Our trust for Staging Connections’ technical know-how to create this activation allowed us to effectively utilise the dark space around Adelaide Oval to create and build a strong sporting atmosphere. “The results were outstanding and captured the attention of our team’s supporters, the wider public, fans on social media and news outlets. The simple techniques were applied in creative ways to truly reinforce our brand and rally our supporters – the visuals added to a fantastic match day vibe,” said Ms Muecke. Staging Connections communicated with several stakeholders and authorities to ensure the safe operation of the powerful lights in a busy flight path and an active pedestrian, vehicle and public precinct. Staging Connections is the official audio-visual partner of the Adelaide Football Club and worked alongside their activation partner TLA Worldwide to light up the Adelaide sky. ... Read More

Put the spotlight on your event with the latest in pinspot technology

Think lighting your event means simply flipping on a light switch? Think again. Our event lighting experts share how you can make your event look stunning with the use of pinspot lighting. Watch video What is pinspot event lighting? A Pinspot light is an individual computerised table light that can change colour, patterns and position throughout the event. They’re a great option for gala dinners, weddings and social events and add extra wow-factor to dramatically change the look and feel of the table décor. How pinspot lighting can add drama and style to your event From a simple white light focused onto the centrepiece, to a highly choreographed schedule for each table to change colour or patterns, pinspot lighting gives you endless opportunities to get add some drama to your event. Suspended above each table is an LED light that is capable of moving and focusing to wherever the table may be placed. Its colour can then be chosen as one set colour or can change throughout the night at pre-determined times. On top of this, clients can choose to have an open circle of light or choose from a selection of striking patterns to cast beautiful shapes onto the table and centerpieces, making the table a styled feature. Awards nights can utilise the changing colours of pinspot lighting onto the tables to increase the exctiement levels and anticipation of award announcements. Weddings will benefit from subtle moving patterns on the floral centerpieces. And social events can have corporate or club colours projected onto every table. The combinations and creative concepts are endless! Here are our top tips for using pin spots to put your event in the spotlight. 1. Pre planning with your AV experts When considering table lighting options, it’s important to visit your venue at a similar time of day to when your event will be held. That way you will get a clear idea of what the light will be like in the room on the event night. Look around the room and see where the fixed lighting is focused. Lights that illuminate the walls, windows, and ceiling can draw attention away from the centre of the room. Pinspots help to keep your guests’ focus on the tables and each other. This is one part of the lighting design process Staging Connections team of AV technicians goes through in planning for each event. As each venue provides a different environment, each event requires a tailored lighting solution. Therefore, it's important you consider partnering with an AV provider who knows your venue well so you can be sure you're getting the best lighting solution that will meet your expectations. Recommended: Explore Staging Connections' venue partners via Venue Locator 2. Use colour Think outside your event colour palette when you use pinspots. For example, if you've used a particular colour throughout the event, you may like to avoid this colour with your pinspots as it may be too much of one colour and wash away the impact. It’s also a good idea to consider colours that complement all skin tones, like magenta or a soft rose, rather than yellow or green. Take advantage of the effect colour can have on the atmosphere by changing the shades through the course of the night. For example, if your cocktail hour starts around sunset, you can splash your room with golden tones. During dinner, consider soft lighting that will mimic flickering candlelight. 3. Programmed lighting changes A great way to add excitement and anticipation, particularly at award ceremonies is to use programmed lighting changes in the count-down to announcements. It's a great way to highlight tables where winners are sitting as their award is presented. 4. Event styling with pinspots Lighting your centrepiece with pinspots can make them look like pieces of modern art. This works particularly well if you centrepieces have glass or reflective elements to add an interesting glow to each arrangement. Work with your Staging connections event designer to figure out which type of pinspots will best suit your event. You’ll get an event environment that's bound to impress. Additional lighting options If you need to raise the profile of your company brand or message at your event, you may like to consider additional lighting products like gobos. These can be used to create illuminated logos on your dance floor or entrance feature. For weddings, gobos can also be used for the bride and grooms initials, wedding date, or any other wedding motifs. Recommended: What is a gobo? Quality counts when it comes to event lighting When it comes to event lighting it’s vital you can be sure of a quality, dependable safe product. Staging Connections only uses the best quality lighting equipment and manufacturers for our events and events held at our partner venues. This is important because these products are dependable and give a far superior effect to lower quality brands offering simple wash lights which can cause problems or safety issues in the long run. Staging Connections showcase of pinspots at the InterContinental Adelaide from Staging Connections on Vimeo. Staging Connections showcase of pinspots at the InterContinental Adelaide from Staging Connections on Vimeo. ... Read More

Simple ways for on trend event styling this Spring thanks to Pantone

As Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute commented, “colours this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.” We recently discussed how colours are an immensely powerful tool that can influence our event attendees’ moods. Taking the lead by the colour experts, we show you just how easy it is to style your next event so it's on trend this Spring! The 2016 Pantone Fashion Colour Report outlines that the colours this season are influenced by the world of art, new global doors opening and the desire to disconnect from technology and unwind. The designers who selected the colours were drawn towards a palette that is first and foremost calming. Designers were also inspired by the contrast of urban design and lush vegetation, leading to unexpected colour combinations and collections reminiscent of architecture, travel and nostalgia. By creating looks that truly represent the world we live in, both constructed and organic, designers sought to awaken a sense of reflection, followed by playful escapism. Taking this influence to the world of events, our Styling team from South East Queensland, have put together a range of exuberant centrepiece ideas and styling ideas to enhance your next event! 1. Event styling with Pantone 'Peach Echo' and Pantone 'Buttercup' Our fun, groovy Combi Van centrepieces conjure up memories of love ins, surfing holidays and road trips past. The vans come in pale blue, red and yellow. They’re ideal as a table centrepiece, combined with scattered shells and votive candles to brighten up a beach theme. Go all out and use personalised thongs as place cards, or make an entry feature out of freestanding Malibu surfboards! 2. Event styling with PANTONE Green Flash and PANTONE Iced Coffee You just can’t beat the calming, reviving influence that plants have on your mood. Combine an assortment of small plants and shrubs on your table in a geometric terrarium. Address issues of global or local importance and make a statement by using greenery at your next event - plants used as centrepieces can be donated to organisations like Landcare after the event and used for rainforest revegetation projects. 3. Event styling with PANTONE Fiesta and PANTONE Lilac Grey Custom printing a wrap allows you to achieve any colour combo, or unique brand colour you like! Bring in elements of a James Bond or Casino Royale theme using these red, grey and black centrepieces. Graphics can be used to create the right look, you can even include corporate imagery logos, marketing material or just beautiful pictures and text. Coordinating your centrepiece graphics with printed menus or screen content will create a cohesive story throughout the room. 4. Styling with PANTONE Limpet Shell and PANTONE Serenity Use lighting in a range of blue hues to bring an electric atmosphere to any event. Add classic and contemporary crystal centrepieces, to emulate diamonds in a luxurious environment. Classic hurricane candleholders are elegant and understated, or embellish with crystal votives for extra sparkle or heighten the luxury with our dramatic spiralling floral stand with its long facetted crystal drops. Colours this season transcend cultural and gender norms, so are perfect to liven up event environments. Vivid brights evoke a sense of excitement and optimism, although subtle stability prevails in this season’s palette. Integrate some of Pantone’s renowned wisdom on colours into your next event. Ask our team of experienced stylists to create an atmosphere that achieves all your event objectives, whilst looking stunning and leaving a positive impression on your guests. Staging Connections Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast Events Team Our South East Queensland events team is proudly led by Karsten Richert as the General Manager and Sales Manager, Susan Hamilton. The SEQ team is based between Brisbane and Gold Coast and comprises some of the most talented design and styling professionals in the industry, offering event excellence across 7 key venues. If you're looking to host your next corporate event in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast or event at the Sunshine Coast, than we're the experienced events team you can rely on. We proudly offer Australia's largest range of event services across audio, lighting, staging, vision and extending to styling, multimedia and digital event solutions like webcasting, live polling and event social media. Get in touch with us today or call 1800 209 099 to speak with one of our event experts. Event Styling by Staging Connections - South East Queensland ... Read More

The magic of Bond comes to Adelaide in spectacular gala dinner style

What better way to reward your top staff than a spectacular gala dinner and awards night? Late last year the Staging Connections Adelaide events team were asked by a global financial services institution to deliver a high-impact ‘Spy’ themed gala dinner, with a ‘Casino’ feel. The purpose of the event is to recognise the hard work and dedication of their employees, so it was vital the event surprised and delighted the 450 guests. The gala dinner was also serving as an awards night, so the brief was to create the perfect event environment that supported both the presentation formalities and entertainment. A tailored AV solution to bring the Bond world to life Our Adelaide event team tailored an integrated event solution utilising the latest in audio, vision, lighting, staging and event styling. A sophisticated colour palette of black, white and red was carried across all elements of the black tie event. The Adelaide Entertainment Centre provided the perfect canvas for us to work with. The sheer size of the venue meant we were able to build a large presentation stage, seat 450 guests in banquet round tables, as well as a lounge area with a martini bar and games area. After enjoying pre dinner drinks in the Orb, the AEC’s entrance foyer, guests were invited to walk down a long, red carpeted hallway towards the grand entrance. Upon entering, guests were propelled into the grandiose world of James Bond. Suspended in the centre of the room from a giant circular truss, was a magnificent crystal chandelier enveloped in a curtain of tiered crystal beading. It was a spectacular feature that cast stunning, colourful rays of light around the room, adding to the excitement and drama of the Spy theme. Two custom printed ‘Spy’ themed Event Backdrops were strategically positioned, separating the main dinner area from the from the bar, lounge and games areas situated at the back. A red carpet ran from the entrance to the seating area and added a showbiz feel. Using modular screens for creative stage design Being an awards ceremony, careful consideration was given to the stage design to ensure it met the requirements of the presentation, whilst also providing an on-theme aesthetic backdrop for the live performances. Our styling and design team created modular white Juniper screens which were custom built with a mechanism to enable them to open at the conclusion of the ceremony, providing a dramatic reveal for the night’s entertainment. The Juniper screens linked together, lining the entire stage, and created texture to the design. We lit the stage with a stage wash, hazers, pin-lighting and vibrant red up lighting to silhouette the Juniper screens.Two 45 meters long by 15 meters high screens were positioned either side of the Juniper screen housing ‘Spy’ themed content as well as IMAG (live-multi camera system) to capture the awards presentations. Casino styled table settings The table settings were styled in true Bond style with large illuminated martini glasses filled with faux diamonds as centrepieces, sprinkling colour and light across the room. A large red acrylic table number was placed in the top of the martini glass surrounded with dice and playing cards to add to the Casino theme. Using creative event styling to reinvent the venue space Once all the presentations and on-stage entertainment concluded it was time for the guests play at the casino tables, dance and mingle throughout the various intimate spaces our event stylists created around the room. Black velvet couches teamed with crystal cut stools, mirror side tables, cocktail tables, long velvet ottomans and other styled furniture formed a beautiful event space for people to network and mingle for after dinner drinks, a setting not often found in formal black tie events. This area was enhanced with gorgeous fresh red floral arrangements and red dice scattered around the arrangements. A Bond style lounge zone wouldn't be complete without its own Martini bar, so our talented Adelaide event stylists created an illuminated bar with a custom printed Event Backdrop, red ghost stools and decorated in red floral arrangements and large prop martini glasses. If guests weren’t unwinding in the lounge zone or kicking their heels up on the dance floor, you could find them trying their hand at the casino gaming tables, where we positioned two poker tables and a roulette wheel with a custom designed gaming table skin in front of an illuminated Event Backdrop. The entire room was cloaked in black velvet draping with decorative gobos projecting dancing light along its walls. The culmination of all elements working harmoniously together resulted in a stunning, immersive event that transported guests into the suspenseful world of James Bond. And as a final touch - a vintage Jaguar car was positioned in the far corner of the room with life-sized black silhouettes alongside for a classic Bond feel. Staging Connections Adelaide Events Team Our local events team is based across eight key venues and is headed up by General Manager, Ashley Gabriel. The team are 100% Adelaide-proud and their passion for the outdoors makes them key suppliers to some of the city’s main summer events, including the Adelaide Christmas Pageant, Clipsal 500 and year on year sponsorship and AV for the Adelaide Crows. If you're looking to host your next corporate event in Adelaide, than we're the experienced events team you can rely on. We proudly offer Australia's largest range of event services across audio, lighting, staging, vision and extending to styling, multimedia and digital event solutions like webcasting, live polling and event social media. Get in touch with us today or call 1800 209 099 to speak with one of our event experts. ... Read More

Welcoming our new AV Technician Trainees!

Every year, Staging Connections offers a Certificate III in Live Production and Services program (CUA30413), where new recruits undergo an intensive six month course, learning invaluable skills in AV technical, safety and live production management, under the guidance of experienced AV technicians. This highly sought after events training program is well regarded in the events industry, with Staging Connections' unique 'on-the-job' training curriculum providing hands on experience with the latest event technologies. As the only events company in Australia registered as a Registered Training Organisation, we are very proud to support the audio visual and events industry by delivering a nationally recognised qualification across our Eastern seaboard offices, including Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Sydney, and Melbourne. Pictured above are the AV Trainees based at our Sydney and Canberra offices. This year, the Queensland events team received over 150 applications, of which two lucky Trainees were recruited (pictured below), and will experience everything the events industry has to offer in a practical learning environment. The Certificate III course is specifically designed to give Trainees the required skills, knowledge and experience to kick start their career as an events technician, learning all aspects of live audio, vision, lightingandstaging. The program also places strong emphasis on safety, as the live events industry, sees exposure to a large volume of manual handling and electrical elements units. By offering this course to trainees every year, Staging Connections is committed to educating the next generation of AV technicians with the aim of instilling high standards of service delivery to improve the safety and execution standards of live events into the future. Based around an hands-on approach and rotation through all areas of the business including Warehouse, Venues, Sales, and Operations, the Trainees will work alongside experienced AV practitioners to hone their skills and knowledge. Working with the latest in event technology, alongside our world-class industry experts, ensures they are job-ready at the end of their six months of training. The success of the program means we are provided with great results with tailored training to our needs. Trainees who are better equipped to start on the job, armed with an understanding of the business culture and our high expectations. It is a great opportunity for up-and-coming AV technicians to gain real life experience in the events industry and to receive positive responses from staff, venues, and clients. With the further support of internal training and succession program within the business, many of our Trainees are promoted through the ranks into Senior Management positions. One of the longest serving employees of Staging Connections, Andrew Thorne, joined the company via the traineeship 20 years ago and now heads up the Safety and Training Department of the Staging Connections Group. Staging Connections first commenced the program in 1998 and was accredited as a Registered Training Organisation in 2004 to deliver a Nationally Recognised Training Program. ... Read More

Unveiling our new super bright, super LED screen

Immerse your guests in a cinematic experience with our new LED Wall - Crown Palladium Ballroom has been at the forefront of event technology in Australia for more than 15 years. It was the first Ballroom to use intelligent table pinspots, the first to use Meyer Sound’s award-winning horizontal array loudspeaker system and now features another stunning new innovation. The room now boasts 58m2 of VuePix E series Pro LED Wall permanently deployed by Staging Connection with the express purpose of providing event clients with a truly stunning visual experience thanks to its impressive size, brightness and colour intensity. The impressive 14.4m wide and 4m high display is mostly in use as a backdrop on the proscenium stage to provide the perfect virtual set for event designers that want to create strong visual impact. Due to the flexibility of the system it can also be safely rigged or ground-stacked* almost anywhere in the space either as one complete wall or as a series of displays. Employing more than half a million individual LEDs with a rated brightness of 3500 nits (a home television is usually around 350 nits) your show content will display brilliantly and will have no issues competing with stage lighting. “Once upon a time corporate Ballrooms used starcloths or cycs as a show backdrop. This new LED Wall takes the creative potential to an amazing new level. Anything is possible,” says Andrew MacColl, Director of Event Technology at Staging Connections Group. Use the new LED Wall to display corporate or club logos and branding, engage audiences with dynamic animated media backdrops, up the ante for band or dance performances with exciting multimedia or even customise the configuration to deliver a unique event that captivates your audience. The sheer size and impressive luminance makes the LED Wall the perfect backdrop for all events. Being a blank digital canvas it lends itself to all types of events such as; Corporate breakfasts, lunches and product kick offs. Charity events and fundraisers Awards nights, gala dinners and sporting events Music concerts Conference plenary sessions Staging Connections’ team of in-house multimedia designers can create custom content, both animated or still imagery, to leverage the power of the LEDs. The LED Wall was used at the Crown Melbourne Christmas Showcase to give the stage a more dynamic environment and allowed the event theme to carry across the stage set. “The Event theme was the 4 seasons of Christmas travelling through different countries. This theme allowed us to cast the room in an array of different colours through spectacular on-screen content, supported by dramatic lighting. The theming of this event came to life through the vision elements with the intensity of the LED Wall giving more impact to the imagery,” says Kristy Richards, Crown Melbourne Venue Sales Executive for Staging Connections. The LED Wall was the final piece of the puzzle that turned the event into an immersive visual journey for guests. “The LED Wall was displayed in conjunction with all the other screens in the room. It was the central feature, flanked by two 20ft x 11ft screens and lining either side of the room was two 30ft x 10ft screens.” Throughout the event, Staging Connections utilised different applications of imagery to demonstrate its versatility and show how well the LEDs work against projection. “We’ve been the in-house AV supplier to Crown Melbourne since it opened in 1997. During this time, we’ve helped the venue maintain its position as one of Australia’s leading event venues and it’s because of our relentless commitment to technological innovation,” says Mr MacColl. "The LED wall that was used for the Shared Tables Gala Ball in 2015 added that extra sparkle to the room and elevated the entertainment to the next level. A sensational addition to our event by Staging Connections, who have been designing and collaborating with Shared Tables for the past 14 years to ensure we have the best show in Australia for our guests." Gerard Doherty, Shared Tables | Crown Melbourne Staging Connections Melbourne Events Team Our Melbourne team is proudly led by Haig Walker and comprises some of the most talented design and styling professionals in the industry, offering event excellence across 7 key venues. If you're looking to host your next corporate event in Melbourne, than we're the experienced events team you can rely on. We proudly offer Australia's largest range of event services across audio, lighting, staging, vision and extending to styling, multimedia and digital event solutionslike webcasting, live polling and event social media. Get in touch with us today or call 1800 209 099 to speak with one of our event experts. * Please note there are additional charges for the rigging or moving of the LED Wall from its current position within The Palladium at Crown Melbourne. ... Read More