Choosing an Event Company for Large Events

When organising large events such as product launches, AGM’s, Sales Kick offs, Conferences and so on – you require an event partner you can trust. When organising large scale events such as product launches, AGM’s, Sales Kick offs and Conferences – you require an event partner you can trust. A successful event requires creative conception, strategic development, formulation of systems, operation of equipment, setup of the venue, and project management to ensure things run perfectly. Coordinating a large event can be challenging and so many pitfalls a wait from communicating your message incorrectly to poor lighting. Partnering with an experienced event company gives you the confidence of knowing your event will run smoothly with the practicalities in the hands of professionals. Staging Connections has earned its reputation over 25 years in the industry of managing events that engage and inform audiences. Our strengths lie in our vast experience and dedication to ensuring our clients events are the best they can be. We pride ourselves on providing solutions, specifically total event management solutions. This covers everything from creating the concept, designing the sets, developing the audio visual and multimedia content, and stage managing the event to ensure it goes without a hitch. In addition, we also offer a full range of digital event services including webcasting to bring your event from stage to screen and into the virtual world. Call us today on 1800 209 099 to discuss your event requirements. … Read More

AV Hire for Perfect Product Launches

Launching a new product or service is a critical event for your company. You've invested a lot time, effort and capital to bring your new idea to market and much of its success depends on the quality of your product launch. Launching a new product or service is a critical event for your company. You've invested a lot time, effort and capital to bring your new idea to market and much of its success depends on the quality of your product launch. AV Hire from Staging Connections to the Rescue In a way, a product launch is much like a movie or stage production. You need drama and to build excitement and anticipation to create the buzz. Think of the way Apple r launches new products with the dramatic lighting, music and images flashed up behind the host on stage. It's a powerful experience for all who attend and is a key to the company's huge success. The fact is that such events demand the assistance of technical and artistic talent. Technical talent and the right equipment are vital to translate the artistic vision into something that can be presented to an audience. It's a unique brand of expertise that you're unlikely to have in your organisation. That's why AV hire is from a trusted event partner integral to delivering such an important company message. By hiring your AV equipment from Staging Connections, you also can get the planning, support and management to help make your event a success. AV hire you get the expert help you need to plan you event from inception to event day. This includes optimising the use of space at your venue and access to the latest equipment such as Projection Mapping. With the internet playing such as key role in marketing nowadays, Staging Connections also offers live webcasting so that your product launch can be taken from stage to screen. We can broadcast to multiple locations allowing your presentation to be seen all around the country or even around the globe. This is AV hire taken to its highest level. ... Read More

A product launch for a few that translates to thousands

You have received a brief for a product launch, you need to; reach thousands of people – yet don’t have a venue or budget big enough, you also need to build excitement about your product, stay true to brand messages and really engage your audiences – what’s the solution? You have received a brief for a product launch, you need to; reach thousands of people – yet don’t have a venue or budget big enough, you also need to build excitement about your product, stay true to brand messages and really engage your audiences – what’s the solution? Creativity in technical and multimedia techniques using light, sound, vision and the event environment to spark all of the physical senses, integrating these into an event experience and then simultaneously translating that experience online is the only solution. This is exactly what Staging Connections’ recently created when engaged by PRISM Intelligent Activation to launch the Nissan Altima V8 Supercar. Using leading edge integrated event services the team at Staging Connections’ stayed true to the brand message ‘innovation that excites’ for this watershed moment. Using video streaming to gain access to a greater audience geographically and demographically more than 3,000 people viewed the launch online via a live stream to Nissan’s YouTube channel with 150 media attending the physical event. How was the event translated? The supercar was positioned on a podium hidden behind a circular truss with drop-down white drapes. These drapes were used as the canvas for a projected multimedia presentation so the attention was focussed on the car for the reveal. Using the drapes as the projected surface created a dynamic solution for the event that was designed to enthral and engage physical and online audiences. At the end of the Nissan historical video presentation the Staging Connections’ multimedia team used the fluid projection surface to create a dramatic visual build, integrating hints of a storm brewing. Using strobe lighting the room began to grow darker and hints of lightning came into the room from behind the audience. Through the use of a powerful audio storm sound track, dry-ice machines, moving lights and storm imagery on the canvas screen, Staging Connections’ created a suspenseful sensory anticipation until a final crash of lighting ‘blinds’ the audience and the white drapes drop to reveal the V8 Supercar shrouded in a fog, for both the live and online audience. Bringing together the audio, lighting, visual, multimedia projections within a physical launch translated to view online created a new globally accessible experience. A product launch commonly attended by hundreds is now available to thousands. But how do you make the physical event as effective as the virtual one? The challenge is to impress the attending audience while being able to translate the physical event onto the web without diluting the message and experience. Commenting about Staging Connections’ involvement, Nissan Motorsport General Manager, Jeff Fisher said, ‘working in the digital space and offering such extensive experience in integrated events, the Staging Connections’ team made the reveal dynamic and exciting for the race fans, Nissan customers and motorsport industry watching throughout Australia and across the globe’. Written by Katie McDonald Katie McDonald is Digital Brand Manager and resident Brit at Staging Connections. Armed with post-graduate qualifications in Marketing and specialist skills in Digital Strategy, she is passionate about management, execution, and measurement of all digital efforts that enhance and humanize brands online. ... Read More

Avoiding Risky Business

How many people at the moment are talking about having an epiphany? A dinner with friends doesn’t seem to go by without someone talking about their latest intense moment of realisation, deep spiritual experience, light bulb moment or philosophical awakening - just as they tuck into their second bottle of red. How many people at the moment are talking about having an epiphany? A dinner with friends doesn’t seem to go by without someone talking about their latest intense moment of realisation, deep spiritual experience, light bulb moment or philosophical awakening - just as they tuck into their second bottle of red. Then they proceed to tell you about how this sudden bolt of lucidity changed their lives, despite the fact that their lives look remarkably similar to the last time that you saw them. One shouldn’t judge. This stuff is real. A tough, tattooed rigger with a potty mouth once told me that he experienced his epiphany when he dropped a length of truss on his foot. “It hurt like hell,” he said, or words to that effect, “but it got me thinking. This rock n’ roll business is a mug’s game. I’m going to move to corporate!” For those that aren’t in the know, “corporate” is an AV industry term for any show or event that isn’t rock n’ roll. This was a big decision for him - he knew what he was giving up – from now on he’d have to shave before work, remove his nose ring, cover his tattoos with a nicely pressed long sleeve black shirt, not to mention clean up his language. Like everyone who’s worked in rock n roll will tell you “when you cross the River Styx to the world of corporate, there’s no going back.” But corporate is not without risk - you can still drop a length of truss on your foot if you’re clumsy enough. The difference is that when you do drop it, it doesn’t hurt. The cursing and swearing of your days in rock n’ roll have been replaced with a chuckle as the truss rings like a tuning fork. Why? Because it struck your shiny black steel-toe boot. That’s risk management in a nutshell – think about what might go wrong and come up with a solution to manage it. Like a famous New York banker once said, “risk is just a part of life, so make it your friend, or you’ll have a nervous breakdown.” Despite the fact that he’s now serving a jail sentence for getting a little bit too cosy with risk, he was kind of right. Kind of. However, if the possibility of dropping truss on your foot was the only risk in our industry, I wouldn’t have a job. Ninety five percent of Staging Connections’ business is done in the public arena, which brings with it enormous risk and equally enormous levels of responsibility. We do flip chart and projector meetings in Sydney or Perth, right through to major global conferences in Kuala Lumpur or Paris, and everything in between. Our shows must not only be stylish, technically brilliant and commercially savvy, but they also have to be safe. Clients and members of the public who come to our events shouldn’t have to worry about whether that length of truss suspended above their heads is going to stay there. Embedding risk management into your brand takes commitment. This year Staging Connections began implementing its Stagesafe system along with its logo and mantra, “Stagesafe, every show, every event.” Whenever Managing Director Tony Chamberlain speaks to us, he begins with a message on the importance of safety, not just because he wants to, but because he understands that without safety, your brand is nothing. Author: Luke Sullivan Picture: Unless stated are owned by Staging Connections ... Read More

Bring Your Event Vision To Life

In recent years the event experience has been heavily influenced by consumer trends and the introduction of technology to enhance and help to create styled environments. These two factors are the tipping point by which the event experience is evolving to being less about just attending and more about the entire experience. Kristy Foulcher, Senior Event Stylist, Staging Connections says "The key to an event's success is not just about ticking off the must-haves, but through identifying, exploring and bringing to life the single, simple purpose for which you are holding the event. Fundamentally, this is about evoking a human response from your audience, and using design and technology to manipulate that." The Staging Connections team has long been recognised as one of the leaders in the Audio Visual and event staging industry. Our teams have been providing integrated event services for over 25 years. Over this time events have evolved from a simple audio visual setup through to complex, integrated event solutions. Staging Connections' team of event stylists work with you from creation to completion, taking your initial brief, interpreting your aims and goals, and translating those into a comprehensive look and feel. From the sense of arrival in pre function, to the intimacy of the table setting, through to the majesty of the stage set and the fun of the after party, every element is carefully considered. Regardless of whether your message is a corporate communication, or the event is just a fun party, every component is delivered with impact. "Key trends in event design for 2011 have centred around modifying the traditional event experience from straightforward stage and tables to lounge looks, cocktail zones and after bars, transforming a standard conference into a more interactive, dynamic meeting and immersing event attendees into the environment. To maximise a message, the typical drop-down screen system is morphing into megascreens with high impact animation and multimedia." Theming is no longer about a sprinkle of glitter or a disco ball. Styling is about creating a new world, transforming a space, stimulating the emotions - translating the client's desires into reality. Whatever your event and whatever your vision the key to ensuring it is realised is thinking beyond the traditional to the experience you are creating for your attendees, and how to integrate multiple event services to deliver your message with maximum impact. ... Read More

AV at the speed of light

DVI Fibre Optic cables enable crisp sharp digital images in Full HD to be transmitted over large distances and are fast becoming world's best practice. Staging Connections has recently commenced deployment nationally of robust high quality copper and fibre optic DVI cable to support high resolution single and blended screen shows and provide uncompromising image sharpness and quality. A full range of splitters, DA's and joiners are included to meet a wide range of shows, venues and client requirements.Contact us for more information. ... Read More

30 Seconds: Searching for unique venue spaces? Consider a Stadium

What are the benefits of holding an event in a stadium?Clients have the opportunity to run down the player's tunnel, kick a ball on the pitch, or even host a cocktail party in the change rooms! Stadiums provide access to exciting spaces that they can't access every day, so this makes for unique experiences. Why is holding an event in an unusual setting important?I feel the best way to connect, communicate with or thank your guests is to provide them with an experience they will remember. If you want your guests to think about you long after the event is over, you need to give them something to talk about. Hosting your event at Eden Park is unusual and a really great way to make an impact. What is unique about your venue? In October 2010, Eden Park launches its $280 million re-development. The new event suites and lounge facilities will allow groups of up to 1000 people to make the most of the stunning views across the city and the pitch. Our clients will be able to use interesting spaces creating individualised experiences for their guests.What are the ingredients for a truly exceptional stadium event? Exceptional events everywhere require trust in your suppliers, clear communication and great planning to culminate in a successful time for everyone involved.What's the best tip that you have learnt in your career?Have a clear vision and communicate it clearly to everyone around you. Source - Staging Connections spoke with David Allott, Venue General Manager, Eden Park Catering Auckland. ... Read More

Attending Events Can Boost Your Business

There are many reasons to attend a live event. You are given free reign to explore your future plans, chart a new course for your business and have fun doing both. 1. Get out of your comfort zone. Many wouldn't call this a plus, but how can your business grow doing the same thing over and over again? For one, you'll get bored. If you are used to seeing people through their words, now you can put a name to a face and so can they. Stretch your business self with interesting people and thought-provoking seminars. Well known speakers use live events to share their "serects" with the attendees. 2. Meet people with similar goals. It is refreshing to hold a conversation with someone who understands where you are coming from. If you are new to business, even the experts can remember back and give you practical advice on how to go from where you are to where they are and beyond. 3. Begin a few joint ventures. Businesses partner with other businesses all the time. If you each have something that can benefit the other, it can be a match made in heaven or at least in cyberspace. But, you may not get the chance unless you attend a live event. When you get to see and hear their plans, you can make a confident decision that this person will be great to work with. When potential partners meet you it quickly builds the know, like, trust factor. 4. Build your business. Oh, yeah, there is this one. There will be people from all walks of life with the same goal - grow their business. You will get business cards, photo and these days video opportunities, business materials, not to mention possibly drinks by the pool with others who are more than willing to talk with you about how to take your business to the next level. Posted - Matt Allely (Article by Linda Hampton). ... Read More

Event Tech Trends, Part Two: Live Streaming Video Can Change The Way Brands Engage With Audiences

This is the second instalment in a three-part series in which Chris Cavanaugh, CMO of Freeman, discusses the event technology that is shaping the future of brand experiences. This post focusses on how brands can leverage off live streaming to enrich the experience and drive engagement. Expand your reach and engagement without reinventing the wheel Written by Chris Cavanaugh, CMO of Freeman, originally posted on the Freeman blog. -- In the brand experience category, we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance live events and give them an extra dimension. Live streaming video seems to have finally broken into the big leagues, thanks to the emergence of apps like Facebook Live and Periscope. They’ve made the technology much more accessible and easy to use, and the production value has evolved beyond smartphones to include high-end cameras and even drones. So the obvious question is this: should you use it? The answer depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. As with any technology, strategy is king. The raw, unscripted nature of live streaming gives brands the chance to “be themselves,” and today’s media savvy audiences appreciate that. But it still has to make sense for your brand, your goals, your objectives, and your audience. As more and more brands get comfortable using the technology, we’re seeing some great benefits to live streaming from an event. It encourages participation The ability to share a “big moment” as it is happening is incredibly appealing to brands, because it allows the audience to comment, vote, or ask questions in real time. According to Facebook, people are 10 times more likely to interact with a Facebook Live video than a regular video. For the best turnout, be sure to build buzz and promote the stream to your followers well in advance of your live date. It expands your audience As shows like SXSW or CES become increasingly popular (and thus, harder to get into), their live streams allow people all over the world to participate. "Quality is one of the most important aspects of great content. If you're considering Live Streaming it is essential to partner with an experienced AV company who can facilitate the entire live streaming experience from planning to broadcast on your behalf. Staging Connections has performed countless of high-quality live streams via our own dedicated network as well as through Facebook Live on behalf of brands. With your brand on show, you can't rely on an inexperienced operator on a hand-held device to produce the quality and engagement you're after; it'll simply be a poor experience for everyone involved." Tim Chapman - General Manager Digital, Staging Connections You can reward your audience Live streaming is a great opportunity to grant your audience exclusive access to your event. Q&As, interviews with thought leaders or personalities, and VIP access for influencers (with large social followings) are just a few more ways you can extend your reach and grow your audience. We used Facebook Live to stream the launch of our Design Leadership Council, and with the help of a Facebook ad campaign, the live stream reached 66,500 people. An additional 24,000 people viewed the post-event video when it was uploaded to our Facebook page. It can be cost effective While most branding videos are produced in a way that ensures quality control over content, editing, and appearance, live streaming can be as simple as downloading an app and pressing the “record” button. However, it’s important to note that some applications are now enabled for much higher quality camera and audio equipment, so you have to consider which level of quality is right for your brand. It's honest Working without a script can be a pretty intimidating prospect for brands, but the trade-off is authenticity. This medium is compelling to audiences because the story (and all the stakes involved) are literally happening right in front of them, in real time, without a safety net. It’s not always possible to vet these opportunities through your marketing workflow, so you will have to educate and empower people within your organization to stream live video. You can’t risk missing an opportunity to engage with the “need it now” demands of today’s audiences. It inspires sharing Facebook Live generates 1200% more shares than images and text combined. And a recent study by Deloitte Digital showed that live streaming video centered around newsworthy events has the highest potential for sharing and commenting. The “I was there” aspect makes it ideal for product launches, presentations, live product demos, interviews, promotions, and exclusive behind-the-scenes events. Before you live stream a big, newsworthy event, it’s a good idea to test your equipment and your presentation. If things don’t go smoothly, you can be sure that your live stream will still be newsworthy — just not in the way you’d like. It can be optimised Depending on which app you use, some live streaming videos don’t disappear into the ether once they’ve run. For instance, Facebook Live videos are automatically saved to your page. That means the video of your live event can be repurposed and used elsewhere, increasing the return on your investment. Whether it’s company announcements, product launches, exclusive access, demos, or even creative storytelling, the immediacy of live video gives brands the ability to experiment with and redefine how they converse with their audience at a live event. Creating some guardrails will help maintain brand integrity while unleashing the creativity of your teams. As always, technology shouldn’t be the story — it should help you tell the story. The last thing you want is for your brand to take a back seat to an application or a medium that you’ve decided to use. However, if the objectives of your event are in line with what live streaming has to offer (interaction, engagement, authenticity), then it’s probably right for you. This is the second installment in a three-part series in which Chris Cavanaugh, CMO of Freeman, discusses the event technology that is shaping the future of brand experiences. This post focusses on how brands can leverage off live streaming to enrich the experience and drive engagement. Stay tuned for the next installment of Event Tech Trends, when Freeman will be discussing their thoughts on how to use mass personalisation to maximise the potential of your brand experience. Catch up on Event Tech Trends Part 1 - Virtual and Augmented Reality Are About To Change Brand Experiences ... Read More