Maximise audience participation with Catch Box - all you need is good aim!

Introducing our latest innovation for audience participation for events. Catch Box isn’t just a soft, throwable wireless microphone – it’s a fun, simple and a sure-fire way to get audiences actively involved in corporate events, conferences, meetings and seminars.

Make audience participation fast and fun with Catch Box

Time to switch the roaming microphones and spice up your next conference, meeting or seminar.

Imagine giving each event attendee their chance to be heard, by simply throwing a cordless foam-cubed microphone across the room, directly to them. No more awkward pauses while people wait for the microphone, and no more event runners slowing down the presentation to get to questions.

Catch Box is a new technical innovation that increases Q&A participation at events – encouraging even the shyest of attendees to get involved, creating a lively and fun atmosphere. It breaks down the barriers between speakers and attendees, driving engagement, participation, and discussion.

Catch Box is more than just a throwable microphone

A simple device which breaks down the barriers and builds bridges simultaneously

People attend events to learn, engage and connect. However, attendee experiences are often hindered by challenges that one-to-many events incite. Catch Box is a fun, simple, and cost-effective solution designed to overcome these barriers.

  • A fun and fast way to maintain engagement
    Traditionally, passing a handheld microphone meant discussions were held up and often only people in the aisle would get a chance to speak. With Catch Box, getting audiences to participate becomes as easy as throwing them the cube. Because this is faster and easier than passing a handheld microphone; questions, comments, and discussion become more spontaneous and can occur throughout a presentation or lecture, not just at the end.
  • A fun ice-breaker to set the tone
    What better way to start an event than to get everyone active and engaging from the get-go. Catch Box is a playful, colourful device that breaks the ice and lightens the mood at any event.

  • Encourages even the most shyest people to get involved
    Participation becomes more relaxed, fun, and game-like encouraging even the quietest attendees are encouraged to speak up in a friendly environment.

  • Everyone gets a chance to speak
    With Q&A and discussions often left for 5 minutes before the end, Catch Box provides a fast and simple solution to make the most of this precious time.

  • Integrate your brand or promote sponsors
    We offer custom printing so you can integrate your brand, event theme, sponsor logos or any other graphics onto the 4 sides of the Catch Box.
    *Additional costs apply for custom printing.

  • A small microphone with a big impact
    People love using Catch Box because it’s easy and simple to use. It's just like a normal wireless microphone but you throw it. Designed with great audio quality first and foremost, Catch Box let’s your voice boom around a room filled with hundreds of attendees.

  • Perfect audio with no interference
    Catch Box automatically mutes the audio when the device is in the air or being dropped so all you have to do is talk into the cube.

Catch Box has a winning look, feel and sound

A throwable microphone designed specifically for corporate events.
Catch Box was designed first and foremost to have great audio quality. Thanks to the auto-mute feature, the microphone is not only optimised for speech, but also mutes the audio automatically when it’s thrown or dropped. Catch Box easily integrates with many different types of sound systems and applications – whether it’s for a small break-out session of 20 attendees, to a conference with several hundred or thousand, Catch Box can be connected with ease. Made from a combination of durable foam and fabric, Catch Box is extremely light and durable. All the hard electronic components are hidden inside, ensuring that dropping and throwing the device won’t damage the device or the person catching

Multiple uses for this fun-fuelled microphone

From discussing to entertaining, Catch Box plays a role in every type of event.

Catch Box provides event planners with a new take on audience participation that is powered by robust wireless microphone technology.

  • Question & Answer time
  • Brain storming sessions
  • Ice breakers and Introductions
  • Breakout sessions
  • Games and fun intermission activities

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