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10 misconceptions about Design Thinking

Feb 28 2024
Design Thinking is not what most think it is… Design Thinking is invaluable for event organisers because it brings a user-focused, creative, and integrated approach to the event planning process, ultimately resulting in more engaging, more memorable, and more successful events. In our previous blog we covered what Design Thinking is, the key principles¬†and steps ...

Design Thinking: a dynamic approach to creating immersive events that captivate, educate and engage

Jan 15 2024
Design Thinking: where problems become opportunities, ideas transform into solutions and unforgettable experiences that linger in the hearts and minds of attendees.  Imagine a colourful kaleidoscope where diverse thoughts and experiences converge, creating a mesmerising pattern of possibilities.¬†Design Thinking is the ultimate innovation jam session. It’s like conducting a symphony of ideas, turning every brief ...

There's no reward quite like international incentive events

Jan 9 2024
A multi-generational perspective to motivating and rewarding employees Motivating and rewarding employees in today’s competitive business landscape is pivotal for sustained success, especially in a diverse, multi-generational workforce. The current workplace environment is a fascinating blend of different generations: active Baby Boomers, advancing Gen X, establishing Millennials, and the emerging impact of Gen Z. Having ...