Organising a stellar event doesn’t always require a big spending. If you’re managing a conference on a shoestring budget, combining the proper amount of technology and ingenuity will result in an event that satisfies your professional endorsers and your attendees whilst also bringing focus to your company’s brand and mission; and the overall purpose of the event. As leaders in event technology and production, Encore Event Technologies are experts in providing event solutions that best meet your event objectives within the given budget.

Here are 4 engaging event technologies you can use in corporate events that won’t blow the budget.

Live Stream Your Event

Show event goers that you’re current on modern technology by broadcasting your event platform.

Live streaming is the best way to increase your audience reach without the boundaries of physical distance and additional expenses. By eliminating the need for a venue with large seating capacity without losing potential attendees, live stream viewing is an inexpensive and practical solution for event hosts.

Time-sensitive content is known to inspire online users to tune in for fear of missing out on valuable content. Streaming live also provides the additional advantage of marketing your feed as an exclusive event made available for a limited time only.

“Practically anyone with access to the internet can now provide an HD quality video stream at virtually no cost at all.” – Event Manager Blog

Instead of investing in pricey live stream platforms, many event professionals use Facebook Live’s free service or opt for one of Facebook’s low-cost professional streaming options.

When broadcasting a live stream for free, ensure that your production is top quality. Invest in the most reliable audio video equipment, and develop a plan that won’t leave room for technical issues that will make your brand seem amateur.

Integrate Social Media In Your Events

Social media is a major component of brand exposure. Worldwide, more than 2 billion people are using social media to connect with others and share their thoughts.

Your goal is to make your event a popular topic of online conversation. Create a truly engaged audience on social media, and you’ll be rewarded with the most effective (and free) form of advertising – word of mouth.

Word of mouth advertising happens naturally as attendees share and discuss what they love about your event on their personal social media feeds.

At Encore, our Event Feed was inspired by the power of social media and customisation. We believe event organisers should be able to view and share the highlights of social media mentions from one central location while moderating comments and displaying them in order based on preference.

Get To Know Your Audience With Live Audience Polling

Numerous options are made available through live audience polling for viewers to interact during chats and Q and A sessions. Furthermore, polling during the event saves money and time in comparison to using separate services for data extraction, surveys, and research.

Live event polling creates a deeper connection between attendees, speakers, and event organisers. This type of open platform creates transparency and builds more trust in your brand.

Current polling technology opens the door to live feedback from all participants. By asking the right questions, live polling gives you the insight you need to better understand how your audience perceives your conference.

Similar to live streaming, live polling can be used by event attendees that are physically present and your online audience to boost engagement and keep the focus of viewers.

Add Value With An Event App

Please note the Cumulus event app has been replaced with a more advanced solution, Chime Go and Chime Live.

Event apps come with a wide range of options and price points made to accommodate every budget. A worthy event app delivers unique value to event hosts and attendees, combining event information with an interactive interface for ease of use.
Apps made specifically for events, like Cumulus, also enhance brand recognition by incorporating company logo, fonts, and colours into the displays of information.

Likewise, event audiences should always benefit from downloading the app because it is meant to add clarity to the purpose and structure of the event.

Agendas, speaker information, and promotional content can be uploaded for app users to download and share. Your event app should allow you to add live audience polling and videos as well.

As a professional conference organiser, you chose your location for good reason. An event app can show and tell the features of the venue, and create a map of the establishment for easier navigation.

Create An Engaging And Professional Event Without Breaking The Bank

There’s no need to sacrifice quality in favour of cheaper prices. Considering the wide reach of the internet and the advancements of modern technology, you can organise a budget-friendly conference as you connect with a local and global audience. With our industry expertise, Encore Event Technologies helps event hosts to utilise high-quality audio visual services without going beyond their financial limitations.
Contact us to find affordable event technology solutions that will generate leads, increase revenue, and engage audiences on a large scale.


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