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Deliver a virtual experience that’s engaging, flexible and supported by Encore’s team of experts. Chime Live is the next generation of interactive live video streaming, designed specifically for virtual and hybrid events.


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Chime Live is a full-service, hybrid first, choreographed experience platform for events.

I want to say a massive thank you for all your support, the huge team effort and the stand out Chime Live platform that made the Big Catch Up such a success for GO. We have received an overwhelming amount of wonderful feedback, and I have no doubt that much of the kudos belongs to your team and the platform.

Chime Live is an event platform for hosting engaging virtual and hybrid events.

When you want to combine high-quality video streaming with interactive attendee capabilities you need Chime Live.
Chime Live combines high quality video streaming in the award-winning Chime attendee platform to deliver engaging, transformative and insightful meetings. Chime Live can help overcome the challenge of bringing remote presenters and participants together for your event.

We’ve used Chime Live for events of all shapes and sizes:
Chime Live Event Platform
Hybrid AGM Presenters

Comprehensive, high functioning event platform designed to maximise interactivity

Chime Live’s interactive features help overcome distractions and keep engagement levels high.
Chime live offers unrivalled engagement capabilities for virtual events. The multi-feature app includes everything from live and recorded video, virtual stage management, networking and chat between attendees, audience polling, live Q & A and so much more. Being digital you also get access to Chime Live’s analytics to help you evaluate, improve and report on valuable results. Post-event, you can share recorded sessions for participants who missed or want to replay a session.

Plus, our Chime Live platform meets international WCAG 2.0AA accessibility standards. This means we can configure your content for Chime Live to provide a better experience for attendees with visual, auditory, cognitive and physical disabilities.

Chime Live Accessibility Standards


Why Event Planners choose Chime Live

Live HD Streaming

Attendees can enjoy the closest experience to being there in person with crystal clear vision and audio streamed live or on-demand.

Interactive Polling

Q&A, polls, surveys, upvoting, downloads, social integrations, and more lets audiences actively participate across your event.

Pre-Event Access

Let VIPs, Sponsors, Speakers and other guests access the platform early for networking and other perks.

Greater Engagement

Enjoy video and chat networking as well the new emoji-based Sentiment features. Chime Live is designed to engage both in-room and online audiences.

Live Data & ROI Reporting

Generate analytic reports post event to better understand your event engagement, attendance & more to better demonstrate ROI and learnings.
Chime Live Features

Chime Live features

Chime Live offers the closest thing to a live event.

The beauty of Chime Live is the flexibility and simple design. Encore has already used the platform to host all kinds of virtual and hybrid events from boardroom meetings to conferences of 500 attendees and graduation ceremonies with thousands attending worldwide. We've even used it for weddings where all the wedding information, bridal party, social feed and more were incorporated into the platform so guests around the world could witness the wedding via the live stream and chat amongst each other via the chat function.

Packed with helpful features, it's easy to see why this is the platform of choice for virtual and hybrid events.

  • Create a branded virtual experience
  • Tailor the functions to suit your requirements
  • Secure platform with option for attendee login access
  • My Experience feature lets attendees select whether they’re attending in-person or online and the platform will configure to suit.
  • Live stream multiple speakers in from anywhere in the world
  • House important event information and maps
  • Engage attendees with polling, Q & A, word clouds, heat maps, up voter and more interactive tools.
  • Greater ROI with sponsor recognition
banners and profiles that click through to their desired webpage.
  • Upload videos and images
  • List Exhibitor information and location.
  • Ability to quickly make changes to the event as they occur
  • Collect valuable data for insights and improvements – both live and historical data
  • Security protocols compliant with AGM requirements.
  • Facilitate networking and video chat between attendees.
  • Showcase your speakers with clickable bios
  • Attendees can create personalised agendas

See Chime Live's features in action

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