Live online polling for events

Get inside the minds of your attendees with Event Poll, event technology that lets you ask questions and receive feedback in real time – it’s easy to use and highly effective.

Get greater audience engagement with live polling

Find out what your audience is really thinking with event poll.

Encore’s live audience polling platform, Event Poll, let’s you ask attendee’s their opinion, get live feedback on hot topics and see everyone connecting with the content. Say goodbye to traditional event data and hello to the new frontier of data mining – event insights in real time. Even those who do not have a smart phone can join in via SMS, so audience members find it almost impossible not to participate.

How does event poll work?

Ask. Respond. Display. Discuss.

1. Ask your audience a question or series of questions. We can help you decide which questions to ask and how to make sure you’re getting the best results from your attendees.

2. Attendees can respond by either accessing the poll URL using an internet-enabled smartphone, tablet, laptop or simply via SMS. 

3. The results are collated instantly and after moderation, posted live on screen for everyone to see and discuss.

4. After the event you’ll receive a report of all the results and statistics from every poll. These insights provide valuable information – it’s a data goldmine.

Event Poll lets you moderate the responses to ensure your event stays on track. You can use your laptop, tablet or phone to ensure that you’re happy with responses before they go live on screen. This also helps you to display responses that illustrate a point you’re making and ensures the discussion stays on-topic.


How Event Poll can create greater audience engagement

For your event to be a true success, it needs to deliver on the event objectives. Here’s how Event Poll can help by:

  • Measuring and analysing audience opinion live, you have an instant way of measuring attendee’s satisfaction.
  • Including an interactive element you’re encouraging engagement, so your audience can get involved in live discussion.
  • Asking for feedback, you can understand the hot topics your audience is interested in (and those they would prefer to skip).
  • Checking in with your audience, you can make sure the content is being understood.
  • Asking the audience to submit their Q&A question, you can manage the session more efficiently.
  • Using Event Poll as your exit survey, you can assess your audience’s opinions while it’s still fresh in their minds.
  • Ask a variety of questions designed to keep your audience entertained and engaged from ice-breakers, and Q&A sessions to "Voting on Best Dressed" at social events.
  • Event Poll is a useful tool which both in-room and webcast audiences can use.

How Event Poll can be used in corporate and styled events

Here are 10 ways you can use Event Poll at your corporate or styled event to enhance both yours, and the attendees’ experience.

Corporate Events: Conferences, Seminars, AGMs etc

  • Ensure your agenda is in demand– Pre event survey tool to enquire what attendees are hoping will be covered or which agenda items are the hot topics.
  • Kick-start engagement/communication– Use an ice breaker in the morning to get the day going often being something humorous from the night before.
  • Ask questions at the opportune time– Capture questions throughout the day when the attendees think of them by leaving the platform live during sessions.
  • Check how you’re tracking– Polling prior to breaks is a great way to gauge how the event is progressing and your audience is feeling.
  • Give your audience a breather– Break up long sessions with poll activity will reinvigorate the listener’s attention.
  • Give sponsors and partners acknowledgment– Provide a new event revenue stream by offering sponsored polls at the event, or to acknowledge partners/stakeholders.
  • Engage your online audience – Offer virtual viewers the chance to participate in the live event, they can participate via their computer or SmartPhone.
  • Live responses– Let your audience vote on the questions from other responders that they think are particularly interesting by boosting them to the top.
  • Analyse your outcomes– Produce a post event survey for attendees to rate the event and provide feedback.
  • Improve future events– Utilise the report from all polls to compile an in depth session by session analysis and learnings for your next event.

Styled Events: Awards Nights, Gala Dinners, Charity Fundraisers, Incentives etc

  • Increase excitement from the start– Pre event polls on “who will win” or “most popular.”
  • Live ballots– On the spot voting of best dressed from the red carpet or on stage.
  • Play the game– Engage your audience throughout the event with gamification or pop up quizzes.
  • Acknowledge sponsors– Add sponsorship logos to polls to communicate their involvement.
  • Engage your online audience– Involve your virtual audience in the live room through participation of an online viewer’s choice award category.
  • Ask presenters live questions– Give your audience the chance to submit questions or comments to celebrity presenters or VIP’s for a fun interactive element.
  • Message of support– Post comments and support on the big screen at a charity fundraising event.
  • Healthy competition– Use a live poll to create some fun by creating a competition between people or teams.
  • Find the most popular segment– Ask your audience for live feedback through a poll on what part of the event or award they liked best.
  • Rate your event– Post an event survey for attendees to comment on the event and provide feedback.

How to get the best engagement using Event Poll

  • Clearly communicate the URL during house-keeping announcements.
  • Use a test or fun intro question to get everyone used to using Event Poll, e.g. ‘Where have you come from today?’
  • Discuss the outcomes of the poll to ensure everyone can feel their input is valued.
  • Moderate what goes on screen to show responses that help keep the presentation on-track.
  • Use polling selectively to maintain impact.
  • Brand your Event Poll to increase recognition.
  • Consider all possible responses and be ready to discuss.

Types of Event Poll

Choose from over 10 question templates to customise

There are many different types of customisable templates for you to choose from to make your questions look more interesting and allow different types of responses. Click on the gallery below to view the different templates.

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