Please note the Cumulus event app has been replaced with a more advanced solution, Chime Go and Chime Live.

As a busy event planner, you know there’s a lot that goes into the planning and execution of each conference and seminar that you’re involved with. At Encore, we want to make it easier for you to stay organised, share information with event attendees and plan a successful and stress-free conference or seminar. That’s why we’ve released Cumulus, a free corporate event app that is easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate and an all-inclusive tool that puts all of the information pertinent to your event at your attendees’ fingertips.

Our event app will allow you to share your conference agenda ahead of the event, allow your guests to access profiles and bios of the key speakers at your seminar, make it easier for attendees to navigate to and around the venue and so much more. Best of all, Cumulus is no charge to event planners that use us, exclusively, for their AV services.
If you want to pull off a fun, engaging and informative conference, seminar or corporate event, our event app is essential.


Here are 10 ways our free event app, Cumulus, will enhance your corporate seminar or conference experience:


1. Upload your event agenda

Feature: Agenda

Upload your event’s agenda or program so that your guests can access it ahead of the big day so that they have information about what meetings will be part of your conference or seminar, as well as the date, time and location for each meeting. Allowing your guests to access the schedule for your event means that they will be able to attend the meetings and seminars they are most interested in.

2. Include important information on your presenters or speakers

Feature: Speaker Information 

Who is speaking at your conference or imparting important information at your seminar? Let your guests know by uploading bios and profiles that introduce each of the key speakers at your event to your guests.

3. Distribute important venue information

Feature: Facility Overview

Including a map so that your attendees know where to go is an excellent touch. You can also include transport and shuttle information for out-of-town guests.

4. Attendee List

Feature: Attendees

One of the biggest advantages for guests of conferences and seminars is the networking possibilities that these types of events open up. You can make networking even easier by uploading a list of attendees which offers users the opportunity to e-mail one another. Unlike other event apps, Cumulus allows users to click on an attendee and the app will take the user straight to their device’s e-mail client to send an e-mail.

5. Upload important downloadable documents

Feature: Downloads

Rather than handing out hard copies of important documents, you can upload essential meeting material, documents, bulletins, floor plans and much more so that your event’s attendees can access this important information from their smart phone or tablet.

6. Showcase your sponsors

Feature: Sponsors

With our free event app, you are able to highlight your event sponsors in a unique and dynamic way. With a dedicated area for your sponsors’ information, you can create a partnership recognition area that includes flexible rich text content, sponsorship messaging and internet hyperlinks to your sponsors’ content. With many sponsorship levels, you can customise your sponsor area to meet the needs of your event.

7. Include live polling for attendees

Feature: Links 

Including a link to our live polling platform, Event Poll, let’s you ask your attendees questions, encourage discussion, promote brainstorming and receive instant feedback. Adding Event Poll to your conference or seminar is a great way to garner audience engagement through participation. With an event poll, you have the opportunity to host a live Q & A session, run polls on hot topics and so much more.

8. Keep your attendees updated

Feature: Bulletins

With our event app, you can help your attendees stay up-to-date on the conference or seminar they will be attending by including a dedicated news area where you can upload news and important bulletins.

9. Uploading supporting videos

Feature: Videos

Videos are great, easily digestible content that give a large amount of information without requiring a large time commitment from the viewer. Uploading videos via Cumulus is an excellent way to share rich and dynamic content with your event’s attendees. The videos can be brand, sponsor, product or destination related and so much more.

10. Promote venue deals and offers

Feature: Links / Downloads

When you host a conference or a seminar at a venue that has promotional offers for your audience, our event planning app allows you to share this information with all of the attendees of your event.

Watch Cumulus in action! AHICE used Cumulus at their 2019 conference to distribute key information and connect with attendees.

Cumulus App Demo for AHICE from Encore Event Technologies on Vimeo.

Our free corporate event app, Cumulus, is just one of the ways that Encore Event Technologies can help you plan and flawlessly execute a stand-out conference or seminar. We also offer you the skills and expertise of more than 30 years of experience and we can provide you with a professional and organised event production team who will assist you in the production of a conference or seminar that will blow your attendees away.

To find out how Event Briefcase can enhance your event, speak with one of our Encore representatives today by calling 1800 209 099 or by sending an online enquiry.


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