The Australian Catholic Superannuation Annual Member Meeting for 2020 was forced to pivot online due to COVID restrictions. One of the biggest challenges now was delivering a virtual solution that legally required all board members to attend despite being located in different cities across the eastern States. Having delivered many in-person, virtual and hybrid AGMs, Encore was the preferred choice to deliver a virtual Annual Member Meeting for 2020. Key objectives for the event was to deliver a polished virtual event that was easily accessible and user friendly for all Members, be legally compliant and secure. Importantly, the solution had to make the board members appear on the same stage together despite being in different cities. Encore’s latest virtual technology, the Immersive XR Stage, provided the perfect solution. Encore set up multiple studios to capture pre-recorded announcements and keynotes from the board members against a green screen. The virtual stage environment for the board members using the Immersive XR Stage which was streamed via the platform for the event.

The panel discussions and Q & A time with the members were hosted live and Encores production team used the Immersive XR Stage to replicate the stage to match the pre-recorded footage. The virtual set was designed to imitate a backdrop used in a traditional in-person Members Meeting with classic black draping, branded lightbox, PowerPoint screens, florals and lectern.

The real-time editing capabilities of the Immersive XR Stage meant Encore could make the board members appear to be in the same studio, despite actually being broadcast live from studios in Sydney and Brisbane using the Encore Connect video conferencing solution.

A key component of every members meeting is the ability to vote and ask questions of the board. Encore used their audience polling platform, Event Poll, to facilitate the pre-submitted and live questions from the audience. Event Poll enabled Catholic Super’s legal team to vet and moderate every question before sending live to screen and broadcast via the webcast.

Encore was given a two months lead time to design and deliver the event. Having an experienced AGM provider was crucial to the seamless planning and production of it, especially with regard to legal and security compliance. There were vigilant cross-checking and testing performed spanning approval of server location down to internet bandwidth requirements.

Encore’s experience and range of technical solutions to make the complex appear simple awarded them with the task of delivering the next Catholic Super Annual Member Meeting in October 2021.


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