Event technologies are an excellent way to make your events more engaging. Whether your next event is a large meeting, conference, or gala dinner, below are must-have event technologies that will take your event from good to great.

1. Use an event platform customised for your event

Get the tech: Chime Go

Apps are a great way to get your event information into the hands of your attendees. Use it to publicise your agenda, key meeting information, topics, presentation details and speaker bios. Packed with useful features it is a must-have platform for any event planner wanting to instant and convenient communication with all attendees – who wouldn’t want that?

Online Audience Polling Platform

2. Find out what your audience is really thinking

Get the Tech: Event Poll

Live audience polling is a great way to increase engagement during your meeting or conference. It helps you engage with your audience and get their involvement in your content. You can also use it before the event to make sure your agenda is on track. Or use it to get feedback immediately after your event rather than losing responses with a post event email survey.

3. Touch the future of presentations

Get the Tech: Touch Kiosk

Touchscreens are perfect for displaying interactive content at your event, information screens or impressive way finding signage. They can also be strategically placed to acknowledge sponsors, for photo booths and even for live quizzes at events to immerse them in your content and enhance their experience.

4. Harness the hype of social media

Event Social Media Platform

Get the tech: Event Feed

Social conversations extend the impact and influence of the event outside the venue walls. Guests capturing and sharing their favourite moments, keynote insights or sporting goal via their social channels, enables your event to engage a world-wide audience. But how are you encouraging or leveraging off this exposure?

Event Feed is an online social media platform designed for event planners to encourage and facilitate social conversations. Make your branded event hashtag known and all social posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with that hashtag will be pulled onto the platform and after moderation are published on screens around the venue for everyone to see. It’s a simple and engaging way to stimulate conversation and gets your brand out there!

5. How your event can be everywhere at once

Get the tech: Chime Live

When you want to maximise your event’s impact by reaching a national or global audience, distance and time can be challenging factors. Encore’s award-winning event platform has been designed with the knowledge that audiences today need the convenience of live access to information in an engaging format as well as on-demand catch up.

Speak to the event technology experts

With so many new technologies on the market and readily available, the hardest part for event planners and marketers is determining which event technology they need! That’s where Encore Event Technologies comes in. As a leading event technology company, we have over 30 years experience in matching your event objectives with the right solutions. With the largest range of event services at our disposal you can bet we will have the answer to your brief and provide you with a creative solution that takes your event from good to great. Don’t waste another precious minute, get in touch with us today and let’s make your event vision a reality!



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