Please note the Cumulus event app has been replaced with a more advanced solution, Chime Go and Chime Live.

Awards night and gala dinners aren’t typically the types of events that need an event app. However, when you think about the purpose of an event app, helping you share information about your event with attendees instantly and conveniently, you can see how one could make your life and the event planning and management process much easier. That’s why we’ve launched Cumulus – an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate event app which puts all event information at your attendees’ fingertips such as the agenda, sponsorship information, location information and so much more. Our app is a must-have feature for any gala dinner or awards night and all of our AV service clients can use our app for their event at no charge when they use Encore exclusively for their AV services.

Here are 10 ways Cumulus will make your gala dinner or awards night experience even better.

1. Upload the seating charts and floor plans

Feature: Download Documents

With our free event app, you can upload the floor plan and seating chart for your gala dinner or awards night so that your guests know where they will be seated ahead of the event and who they will be seated with. As your guests arrive, you’ll be able to get them seated quickly and you’ll be able to get your event started on schedule.

2. Upload your gala dinner or awards night agenda

Feature: Agenda

Upload the agenda or schedule for your awards night or gala dinner so all your guests know the plan for the evening. For awards nights, this piece of information is helpful in making sure they don’t miss the award presentations or speakers they’re most looking forward to. Aside from communicating the schedule for the evening, it is also a great way of saving on printing costs, and it also gives you the luxury to update and change it if needed! If you do end up changing it, you can take advantage of the Bulletin feature and blast out a message to all attendees there has been a change to the schedule. 

3.  Save printing costs by uploading award categories, finalist lists, judging guidelines and more

Feature: Downloads

With every event, there are leaflets and other handouts that cost a lot of money to produce, are wasteful and hard on the environment and usually get lost or discarded by the attendees of your event. With our event planning app, you can share any important information that you’d usually share via hardcopy handout. For your gala dinner or awards night, you might think to include a list of nominees and finalists, information about each category of awards, how the winner of each award will be chosen, a list of silent auction items and anything else you might think pertinent to your event.

4. Include important information on your MC, presenters, and performers 

Feature: Speaker Information

Using our event app is a good way to share with your attendees the key figures of your event. You can let your guests know who will be MC at your gala dinner or award show. You can also let your guests know who will be on hand to deliver speeches and present awards. This is a great way to share bios and introduce the key people of your event.

5. Showcase your sponsors and partnership information

Feature: Sponsors

Our event planning app offers a multidimensional way of highlighting your event sponsors and partners. You can share information about your sponsors and partners by creating a dedicated recognition area. Our app also allows you to share rich text content and include sponsorship messaging and internet hyperlinks that take you to your sponsor’s website or content. With Cumulus, there are many different sponsorship levels available for you to highlight your event sponsors and the partners of your gala dinner and awards night.

Feature: Links

With Event Briefcase, you can include external links to rich content that will be useful and interesting to your event’s attendees. If you have prizes or are running a silent auction, you can include external links to information about what products are up for grabs. You can also include links to promotional videos and the like.

7. Upload information on your charity, company or awards

Feature: Links / Videos / Downloads

Depending on the type of content you have there are several features in Event Briefcase which can let you distribute information about your brand, charity, awards and more. If your gala dinner is in support of a charity, our event planning app allows you to share links to the charity’s page as well as links to videos about the charity that your event is supporting. It also allows you to upload any relevant video content such as season highlight reels, company showreels, tributes or charity awareness videos.

8. Keep your audience engaged with live polling

Feature: Links

With Cumulus, you can engage your audience and add an additional element of fun to your gala dinner and awards night by including a link to Event Poll – Encore’s exclusive live audience polling platform. For your awards night, you can ask your guests to predict who will be the evening’s big winners. For a gala dinner, you could include a poll on who is best dressed, or other fun questions to keep the guests entertained and engaged. Event Poll is an excellent chance to garner attendee engagement.

9. Get your audience posting on social media

Feature: Links

Awards nights and gala dinners are gold mine for social media buzz. Encore offers a specialised event social media platformEvent Feed – that captures all social posts containing the event’s hashtag and displays them live on screens around the venue for all guests to see. Event Feed is a great way to encourage your guests to get posting, and your brand or event can capitalise on the added exposure the social channels bring. If your awards night or gala dinner is private, Event Feed also offers a private feed. You can include the link to your private Event Feed in the Links feature so only posts and content uploaded to that feed will display, rather than the guests posting to their own social channels. The benefit of a private feed is you can still encourage audience engagement whilst containing the content to within the venue walls.  

10. Promote venue deals and offers 

Feature: Links / Downloads

With Event Briefcase you are able to highlight any venue promotions that go along with your gala dinner or awards night, such as an accommodation discount for your next stay and so on. It’s also a great way to strengthen your relationship with the venue by providing them with promotional opportunities with your audience.

Watch this short video on Event Briefcase to find out more about our free corporate event app

Our free event app, Cumulus, is just one of the ways that Encore can help you plan and flawlessly execute a truly spectacular gala dinner or awards night. With over 30 years experience planning events, we’ve got everything covered from the latest audio vision, lighting effects, stage set designs and multimedia right down to audience engagement with social media services and live polling. In addition to our AV Services we can provide you with a professional event production team that will help you plan and execute a gala dinner and awards night that will leave your guests breathless.

To find out how Cumulus can enhance your event, speak with one of our Encore representatives today by calling 1800 209 099 or by sending an online enquiry.


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