Encore delivers fully virtual pharmaceutical and medical conference with industry leading online networking solution

Encore delivered the Movement Disorder Society of Australia and New Zealand (MDSANZ) conference 2021 in a fully virtual format on behalf of Westmead Hospital Neurology Department. The team utilised their leading range of virtual technical solutions to ensure the event could go ahead despite restrictions caused by COVID-19.

The virtual conference was attended by pharmaceutical and medical industry professionals and comprised a keynote presentation on a new, innovative medical procedure, three smaller case studies and detailed Q&A.

The event was attended by 53 online delegates, 11 sponsors and conference organisers.

The keynote presentation was pre-recorded which enabled the presenter to receive and respond to questions while the presentation was playing. Encore’s technical solution enabled all attendees to participate in the Q&A, utilising their unique virtual event platform, Chime Live. The primary goal was enhanced interactivity far beyond simply watching videos of presentations. Because the presenters and audience were from multiple countries around the world, sharing information and connecting globally using Chime Live was the priority. Chime Live was branded specifically for the event and included a range of resources including speaker bios, downloadable PDF resources, sponsor product videos and case study presentations all available directly delivering a seamless experience for delegates in a single location.

Sponsor interaction with the audience was another high priority to deliver value for their investment. Encore enabled effective sponsor-delegate communication by integrating Rally video chat for networking which was also branded to the event. Each sponsor was given a chat room embedded in Chime Live where guests had 30 minutes to log on and speak with sponsors, network and forge new business relationships. Sponsor branding was also incorporated into each individual chatroom for a live event feel. One sponsor in particular took full advantage of the networking features, providing multiple images to be shown on their sponsor page, downloadable documents which were linked to via buttons, and multiple videos embedded on their sponsor page. Linking from this page to the video chat and talking to that sponsor directly, in a branded space raised the profile of the sponsor to attendees.

Virtual Meetings

The technical solution worked seamlessly, delivering a highly engaging, educational and communication rich experience for all.

The Outcome

“Thank you. The event was very successful and everything went along without hiccup. (Our event manager) was very helpful and helped the speakers through the video interface which was easy to use. I heard back from Upa (sponsor) that she was very happy about the video chat session and other attendees also found the meeting well done.”

“What was really great to see at this event was the seamless integration of our online networking solution for the event’s delegates and sponsors. We know that many people’s primary reason for attending these kinds of events is to network, meet industry colleagues and develop professional connections. The Rally networking service enabled just that. It was user friendly and worked perfectly. It even kept people on track with timing, so no one went over time or missed sessions.”


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