Andrew MacColl, Director of Event Technology at SCGL, recently travelled to Las Vegas to attend InfoComm, the largest AV technology trade event in the world. He reveals the top technology trends from the tradeshow.

The rise of the ‘interactive film phenomenon’ meant 3D was the word on everyone’s lips. With consumer interest driving the use of 3D in events, organisers are starting to include it to create personally tailored environments
that heighten the audience’s experience. But remember – content is king.

LED technology:
LED technology is already widely used but the latest versions have new benefits such as:

1. Improved colour rendering
2. Increased light source from a single fixture
3. Reduced power consumption – making them
a better, ‘greener’ technology all round.

Next Generation Control Systems:
Control systems allow for the best in communication technology- an essential component of ensuring smooth running of any event. Control systems have evolved, bringing new benefits including:

1. Increased sophistication through completely digitised systems
2. Saving time onsite with new software and hardware
3. Ensuring smooth event delivery with the convergence of IT and AV

Event technology was once influenced by the broadcast, theatre and rock n roll industries. Now, increased consumer exposure to different technologies has resulted in a more educated and confident event buyer who has
sophisticated knowledge and expectations of what is possible.


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