Planning any event involves juggling a lot of moving parts, but the geographical spread of roadshows means there are even more moving parts to keep track of. Taking on such an event can prove to be very effective for you and your team or business strategy, but it requires quality planning from all angles. Whether you’re looking to launch a new product, educate your delegates, raise funds for a charity, recognise achievements or something else entirely, below are some key considerations to produce a successful roadshow.

Below are 5 important production elements to consider when planning a roadshow event.

Clearly define your goals for the event roadshow

Set clearly defined goals for your event. When your event production partner understands the purpose for the event, they can help you create a solution tailored to your desired outcome and deliver your message effectively. When your goals are clear, each production decision becomes easier to make.
Also ensure your goals are measurable. If getting sales leads is important to you, the event can be customised to help you capture relevant details from your attendees. You will be far more satisfied with your efforts if your ROI can be measured.

Carefully select the time and locations for your roadshow

Who do you want to attend your event, and what seasonal factors or holidays could affect attendance? When planning where and when the road show will happen, you need to ensure it’s suitable for your audience.
Additionally, check the region’s weather and climate conditions. If you’re planning to hold your event outdoors, ensure it’s not during the wet seasons. Or, if it’s going to take place during the summer, ensure there will be adequate shade and hydration facilities.

Be aware of when school holidays, public holidays and special cultural holidays are occurring. If you’re planning to host during a busy time, you need to consider accessibility and availability of venues, suppliers, services and so on.

Team up with an event production partner

Your production partner is your single most important ally in organising your event. When choosing a partner, find one that has the right network, experience and capability to deliver a quality event. Avoid switching partners at the last minute, as you will run the risk of offering an inconsistent experience. Additionally, you may end up incurring more costs, and the planning process will be more disjointed.

Ideally, you should pick a national company that can travel with you to ensure the event is delivered consistently in each location. Working with one company also makes admin and planning much easier, so you’ll save on costs as well as effort.
Once you know where you’ll be hosting your event, you can find an experienced road show producer to help you narrow down your locations and venues. If possible, find a producer with a large network of venues – this can save you a lot of time and the headache of ending up in less-than ideal venues.

An experienced road show production company can assist you throughout the entire planning process to ensure a desirable outcome. Take advantage of their skills, products and experience to help you reach your goals.

Harness the power of event technology

Take advantage of the following event technology to maximise engagement and ROI:

  • Event apps. Apps are convenient for both organisers and attendees and can help relay important details about the event.
  • Social media. Use a dedicated event social media platform to get the word out about your event. You can also use it to drive up engagement, build community and amplify your reach.
  • Polling. Use live audience polling to ask questions, get feedback, encourage discussion or quiz your audience.
  • Live stream. A production partner can live stream your event on a website or via social media to amplify its reach. It’s a great way to engage wide spread audiences as your event travels, and if you record the event you can use it later for marketing, sales or improving on the next one!

Make it creative, engaging and consistent

Creating new, unique and compelling experiences is key to a successful event, and repeating these experiences for each event is the challenge for roadshow organisers. Making the message creative, engaging and consistent is the cornerstone of every successful event, regardless of what kind of event it is.
People remember experiences where their senses have been engaged. Research has shown us that the more senses you engage, the more memorable the event is. Lean on your production partner to help you create a memorable experience for your attendees. They will help you find a solution that can be replicated to ensure attendees will receive the same experience regardless of where they attend your event.

Partner with roadshow event production experts

Encore Event Technologies have delivered countless event roadshows for companies across Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. Whether you’re looking to host an event interstate, internationally or simultaneously we have the breadth and experience to deliver it consistently and seamlessly. Get in touch with our team of production experts to start discussing your event roadshow needs – call 1800 209 099 or send us an online enquiry and we’ll get right back.


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