In the peak of a national lockdown is the last place you’d want to start planning your annual event. That’s the uncomfortable position the team at Connect Macquarie Park & North Ryde were placed in late June, 2020. Each year the group, who are responsible for managing businesses and precinct usage within the region, organise an event to share the results of the past years’ initiatives as well as future plans to approximately 300 stakeholders and businesses in the area.

With restrictions in full force and no prior experience executing virtual events, they needed to partner with an event company that could do everything – a virtual event one-stop-shop. From graphics creation, speaker coaching and pre-record production, to virtual set design, live streaming on a branded event platform and everything in between.

Encore’s complete virtual and hybrid event production offering made them the preferred choice to deliver the event. With Encore having just released their game-changing virtual stage, Immersive XR Stage, coupled with their award-winning interactive event platform, Chime Live, the event was set for success.

Key requirements of the event was a platform that could not only host the live stream but also facilitate Q & A, attendee chat and resource downloads.

100% of attendees downloading the paper within 3 minutes of the presenter announcing it

 In fact, the event in this format saw huge conversion rates on their annual report downloads – 100% of attendees downloading the paper within 3 minutes of the presenter announcing it. As Mark Ames announced he was going to release the paper, Encore’s team of technicians made it available to all attendees under the Resources tab of the Chime platform. A verbal cue with so much impact.

Virtual Event Live Stream Chime Live

Encore used their cutting-edge Immersive XR Stage to turn the findings into a visual story. A main virtual stage set was designed to replicate the usual setting for this event – inside the Optus auditorium at Macquarie Park. The powerful software enabled Encore’s technicians to design and build multiple studio sets within the virtual environment to support various sections and interviews throughout the event. Changing environments is a great tactic to avoid screen fatigue and keep attendees engaged. In addition to set changes, the software allowed presenters to demonstrate and talk to findings in an interesting way with large animated 3D graphics and charts.

With COVID restrictions in play, Encore had to pre-record several of the interviews and speakers at different times and places. With a mixture of live and pre-recorded footage, Encore were able to use Immersive XR technology to stitch the footage back into the live setting for a seamless result.

Before the event had event finished, Connect Macquarie Park & North Ryde’s General Manager, Mark Ames, said he was already receiving great feedback from their attendees.

Mark Ames speaks about the Immersive XR Stage

Speak to the virtual event experts

The event was a milestone for Encore’s virtual and hybrid offering, being the first event to utilise the Immersive XR Stage. The team at Connect were a pleasure to work with, open to ideas and completely trusting in our guidance to deliver the best result. Since then, Encore has used Immersive XR Stage and Chime Live across many virtual and hybrid events with great success. If you are interested in seeing a demonstration of either of these solutions please get in touch today.


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