It’s little surprise that brands are wanting more from events. The technological world has evolved to allow them to connect with a  virtual audience in a similar way to how they would with an in-room audience. The sophistication of today’s live-streaming, on-demand downloads, and online audience participation make webcasting events not just a great engagement tool, but also a revenue raising opportunity.  By delivering your event through webcasting, you’re creating three distinct forms of valuable product: Content, Exposure, and Measurement. And you’re creating an opportunity to boost your revenue much higher than you would with a one-off, one-location show.

Four ways to make money from webcasting your event

By broadcasting your event through a tool like Encore’s Webcast, you’ll be able to target the key areas of sponsorship, content and marketing collateral. Here’s a little bit more on how to get the most of it.

1. Paid access to content

Sometimes, there will be people who want to attend your event but just physically, or geographically, can’t be there. You might want to offer training, or have a global audience who is keen to hear what you have to say. That’s where paid access can come in handy. Encore can help you set-up a pay wall to view your streamed event, so people can participate from afar and still have access to your valuable content. The branded webcast page will also be live for up to a year after your event, allowing you to continue hosting and charging access for. It’s a great tool for maximising the return from your event.

2. Sponsorship Opportunities

Encore’s webcast platform is the most customisable in the Australian market. The webcast skin and embedded features provide brands with
many sponsorship opportunities. Below are some ways you can use the realty to attract sponsors vying for the same audience:

  • Brand name or logo insets on the webcast skin
  • Branded questions included in the live polling platform (available only in certain packages)
  • In-video and pre-roll advertisements similar to what you see on YouTube
  • Branded social media links posted on embedded social media feed
  • Branded downloadable documents

Don’t forget, you’re online with a webcast, so directing participants to a sponsors website, video content, social media or any other web-based
promotion is a very simple task.

3. Data capture

The great thing about giving viewers the opportunity to stream or watch on-demand is that will provide invaluable data in order to access the content. When you register for a webcast you are often asked to submit your name, company, job title, location, email address and even phone number. This information coupled with some basic web analytics can provide a lot of information about your audience. You can measure everything from who attended, their location, what device they’re using, how long they watched the video for, and even who interacted with the webcast add-on features such as live polling or social media. Once captured this data can help create audience segments and aid future marketing and business initiatives. This is especially useful for business development and lead generation. Now that you know what content the audience is interested in, and they have given you their information, you can start a conversation and follow-up with additional webcasts or cross-promote
other services your brand offers. The webcast is used to start the conversation and now it’s up to you to nurture that lead and turn them into a loyal customer.

4. Marketing Collateral

By their very nature, webcasts are a fantastic platform for your sponsors.
Why? Because you’re hosting an event that’s capturing the attention of a very specific target audience, something traditional mediums of advertising just can’t offer for branded messages. When you webcast, you’re not just
streaming live – you’re recording valuable video and audio that can be repackaged and repurposed for future use. And you’re doing it at a fraction of the cost of sourcing footage in other ways. This means you’ve already got yourself material for ads, promo videos, and branded material for you to promote on your website and on social media. It’s a saving on your marketing budget that can lead to big things. Of course, when you host material on your website you also get the added benefit of increasing your content, driving traffic to your social platforms and sponsors links, better SEO, and cementing your credibility in the market.

Benefits of Webcasting your event

Encore has brought webcasting to events for a wide array of applications. Beyond conferencing or sales, webcasting can be used for connecting with global audiences, streaming celebrity clients for launches, and
ensuring people don’t miss out on important events all around the world.
We’ve helped Australian manufacturers’ webcast announcements and
demonstrations for products to a worldwide network. We’ve helped companies communicate from the CBD to remote Australian towns. And we’ve helped our clients do this quickly, and effectively – so let’s talk about how we can help you
do the same.

Webcast your next event

Not sure if webcasting is right for you? Get in touch with us and one of our experienced event directors will help you find the best products to match your event objectives.

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