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Staging Connections takes your events from stage to screen

Do you want to deliver dynamic and engaging event communications? Strengthen the impact of your message and extend the reach of your event?

Event communications is at a tipping point of change with the technological age offering new avenues for engaging with clients. The increase in internet use is the driving force behind this shift and at the forefront of event innovation is Webcasting. Webcasting put simply allows you to stream video and audio content for engaging and powerful communication

According to ComScore, over 80% of Internet users spend 8 hours viewing videos online.* Webcasting is evolving the structure of events, extending the event experience and connecting to a new virtual audience.

Staging Connections is at the forefront of this paradigm shift with a suite of integrated event services, including Webcasting.  Webcasting is the first of Staging Connections’ new range of Digital Event Services which will be progressively rolled out in the coming months.

How can you evolve your events with Webcasting?

Live webcast your Annual General Meeting to shareholders and journalists who can't attend the event location.

Deliver a corporate communication simultaneously around the state, country or across the world.

Bring your new product launch media release to life with rich video content for an engaging experience of the launch event.

Add a new dimension to your event marketing activities such as websites, e-invitations and online newsletters with up to date and compelling on-demand video content.

Webcasting complements Staging Connections’ traditional Technical, Styling and Design services and enables Staging Connections to continue to deliver a range of innovative integrated event services to its customers .  


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