Please note the Cumulus event app has been replaced with a more advanced solution, Chime Go and Chime Live.

A free event app – the new way to plan and manage an Incentive event from the palm of your hand. To help you ensure that the incentive event that you are planning is a delight to all those who in attendance, we’ve created Cumulus, our event planning application that opens up new and exciting ways for you to engage with your event attendees. If you are planning a destination conference or awards night as a way of saying “thank-you” to an organisation hardest working team members, Event Briefcase is an absolute must-have to ensure a successful and exciting event

What are Incentive events?

Many companies and organisations seek to incentivise success among their team members and employees by offering fun destination conferences or awards nights. These events are typically meant as a big thank-you to an organisation’s highest performing employees and is a heartfelt event meant to convey appreciation. With this in mind, as the event planner for an incentive event, it is important to plan an event that is an absolute treat for the attendees of the event.

Here are 10 ways that our free event planning app, Cumulus, can help you manage an incredible incentive event:

1. A Schedule of Events

Feature: Agenda / Download Documents

Incentive events by nature are action-packed. They usually comprise a combination of both conference / educational workshops interlaced with leisure and recreational events. At the end, guests are treated to a spectacular gala dinner where high performing staff are awarded. With such a full schedule and so many people to organise, uploading your event’s agenda or schedule to Cumulus is the easiest and most efficient way to ensure everyone is where they are meant to be at all times.

2. Information on Speakers & Presenters

Feature: Speaker Information

There will likely be a number of key people who are on-hand at your event to give speeches or seminars, as well as presenters, entertainers and company C-level executives. With our event app, you can upload bios and introductions to all of the key people who will be speaking and performing at your event. This is a great way to get your guests excited about the presentations, and find out more about these key people.

3. Important Venue and Destination Information

Feature: Facility Overview / Download Documents / Links

Cumulus offers a multitude of features to provide your attendees with essential and interesting information on your venues and the destination itself, in the case of a destination incentive. Over the course of the incentive event there is likely to be several seminars, workshop events, gala dinners, networking lunches and team building activities taking place in various locations. Uploading information about the location and venue will arm your attendees with all the information they need to help them find their way and be on time. This is a great way to minimise potential questions about where the venue is, what time to arrive and what people can do there. With Cumulus, you can make it easy for your event’s attendees to navigate all of these venues. If your event includes shuttle or transport service to and from the various venues, you can also share this information via our app under the Transport feature.

4. Facilitate Networking

Feature: Attendees

Corporate events have the delightful by-product of providing attendees with a plethora of networking opportunities. With our application, you can put networking right at your guests’ fingertips by uploading a list of attendees and their e-mail addresses. With Cumulus, your guests can tap a person’s e-mail address and our app will open up their device’s e-mail client so they can type out their message.

5. Go paperless for important event documents

Feature: Links / Download Documents

At most events there are countless handouts and leaflets given to each attendee. While these papers hold important information, it can be difficult to stay organised and keep track of these important documents. With Cumulus, you can upload all of the important documents that are relevant to your event’s attendees. You can include destination information, emergency contacts, emergency telephone numbers, team building exercise information and so much more.

6. Highlight Event Sponsors or partners

Feature: Sponsors

Our event planning application allows you a unique way to say thank-you to your event sponsors by highlighting their brand in a special sponsorship area of the application. In the sponsor area, you can share hyperlinks to your sponsors’ content and information on their brand.

7. Live Event Polling

Feature: Links

With our event app, you can include a link to our live audience polling platform – Event Poll. Event Poll is a fun and engaging way to interact with your attendees by asking them questions, seeing their answers displayed on screens and discussing the results. There are over 11 types of question templates you can use giving you a wide range of questions to ask. With Event Poll, you can conduct fun surveys, organise exciting competitions, manage Q&A sessions, brainstorm ideas, test understanding and much more.

8. Keep Guests Up-to-Date

Feature: Bulletins

With our event planning application, it is easy to keep your attendees up-to-date with any changes, news or other information they need to know. Providing news updates and bulletins is as simple as uploading relevant news. With our app you are able to share content with your event’s attendees all at once, making it the most convenient way to manage changes and updates.

9. Engage With Videos

Feature: Videos

Videos are a great way to share content and engage your audience. Our event planning application is capable of displaying and playing videos. If you have any video content to share with the attendees of your event, such as a welcome message or introductory information, our application makes it extremely easy and seamless.

10. In Venue Promotion

Feature: Download Documents / Links / Sponsors

For destination events, it is likely that the venue you choose will offer promotional deals such as tourism offers, meal deals, spa packages, jet ski hire deals and much more. With Cumulus, you can pass these deals along to the attendees of your destination event.

Watch this short video on Cumulus to find out more about our free corporate event app

These are just a few of the ways our free corporate event app, Cumulus, can help you plan and pull off a seamless and flawless incentive event. When you choose Encore for all of your event’s AV needs, our application is included free of charge. In addition to our event planning app, we are able to offer you event planning and event production services backed by more than 30 years of experience.

To find out how Cumulus can enhance your event, speak with one of our Encore representatives today by calling 1800 209 099 or by sending an online enquiry.


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