Please note the Cumulus event app has been replaced with a more advanced solution, Chime Go and Chime Live.

Event Platforms – the new way to manage and plan road show events from the palm of your hand. For an event planner, road shows present their own unique set of challenges. Planning and executing an event in multiple venues at multiple times requires a great deal of organization and planning. In some instances, a road show may be scheduled to take place in multiple locations at the same time making the execution of the event all the more difficult.
To help you manage and successfully execute your road show event, we’ve created Chime Go and Chime Live – two event platforms designed to help you connect with your attendees where ever they are and give them convenient access to all the event information.

The beauty of our event planning app is its simplicity. It is extremely user friendly and easy to navigate meaning even the least tech-savvy attendees of your event will be able to use our app.
Our event planning application is a great tool for planning and executing any road show, allowing you to instantly communicate to your attendees, wherever they may be, instantly.

Here are 10 ways our Chime solutions will help you manage and plan road show events: 

1. Event Agenda

Feature: Agenda

With our event platform, you can upload the agenda for your road show so that you can simultaneously share it with all of the attendees of your event. This will help your guests organise their time and ensure they are able to take in the events at your road show that they are most interested in.

2. Upload information on your key people; speakers, presenters, performers and so on.

Feature: Speaker Information

Our event platform will give you the opportunity to introduce the speakers that are part of your road show to your audience. There is a dedicated area where you can share your speakers’ bios and profiles so that your attendees have a bit of a background on each of the key people who are part of your road show.

3. Provide important venue information

Feature: Facility Overview

With our event platforms, you can help your guests out by uploading a map of the location of your road show as well as important information about the venue where your event is taking place. For out of town guests, you can also include shuttle and transportation information to and from the venue using the Transit feature.

4. Attendee & RSVP List

Feature: Attendees

You can help facilitate networking at your event by uploading a list of attendees who have confirmed their attendance. Chime Live has an AI powered engine that matches attendees based on information and interestes listed in their profile. It’s a great way to encourge both Chat and Video networking.

5. Upload essential event information for download

Feature: Downloads

With every event, there are leaflets and handouts that are needed to convey useful information to your event’s attendees. With our event application, you are able to upload all of this information so that your guests can access it from their smart phone or mobile device during the event.

6. Give your sponsors exposure

Feature: Sponsors

With our event app, there is a dedicated sponsors area where you are able to highlight the sponsors of your road show in a new and much more engaging way. Event Briefcase comes with an area that is completely dedicated to sharing sponsor information with your event’s attendees. In this area, you can share your sponsors’ content and include hyperlinks to websites and other relevant sponsor or partner information.

7. Get your audience talking with live audience polling & social media integration

Feature: Links

Live audience polling is a fun way to engage your audience and is a way of garnering their participation during your road show. With Event Briefcase, you are able to share a link with your attendees that take them to your event’s Event Poll where your attendees and read and respond to questions. If you’re holding your road show events simultaneously this is a fantastic platform for gathering all of the responses and instantly displaying them on screens for all to see, regardless of their location.

Additionally, our event social media platform is another great tactic for event planners to use to encourage social promotion of their event. Event Feed captures all social posts containing your event’s hashtag and pushes them live to screen in your venue. It can be both public or private. If your event is private, you can include a link to a private Event Feed, where your attendees can upload comments and imagery to a closed social feed that only gets displayed in the venue, rather than posting it publicly.

8. Up-to-Date News

Feature: Bulletins

When you have important news or bulletins to share with your event’s attendees, you can upload this information and share it via the news and bulletin area of our event planning app. This is a great way to convey important information about your event and to keep attendees up-to-date.

9. Showcase engaging video content

Feature: Videos

A great way to engage your audience is by sharing a video. Videos are an easily digestible, content-rich source of information that conveys a large amount of information to your guests while requiring only a small time commitment from them. With Event Briefcase, we make it easy for you to share videos with the attendees of your road show.

10. Promote venue offers and deals

Feature: Links / Downloads

When planning a road show at a specific venue, that venue will often have promotions that the venue wants to highlight for your guests. With Event Briefcase, showcasing in venue promotions is a piece of cake. Whether it be restaurant, accommodation or hotel facility offers, Event Briefcase gives you the option to upload downloadable pdfs, upload links to videos and more.

Cumulus by Encore – a free corporate event app.

Our Event planning app makes sharing information with your road show’s attendees simple and easy. Best of all, Event Briefcase comes free-of-charge when you hire our AV Services. When you choose Encore, you are choosing a company with more than thirty years of experience that we can put to work for you at your event. To help you pull of a road show that will knock your guests’ socks off, we can provide you with a professional event production team to assist you with executing a flawless road show.

To find out how Cumulus can enhance your event, speak with one of our Encore representatives today by calling 1800 209 099 or by sending an online enquiry.


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