A great event is full of memorable moments but what really matters is how you connect your brand or event to the attendees, so they leave with a positive lasting impression.

What does immersive really mean?

There’s no doubt you’ve experienced something immersive before – from clever lighting to surround sound to signature cocktails – but the beauty is integrating the guests into the event itself by bringing all the elements together into one multilayered experience.

This process can be technically intricate and strategically complex which is why best practice engage an event professional, such as Encore to develop creative ways of reaching your audience, by stimulating their senses (touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight).

Encore’s Creative Director, Julz Partington commented of her department’s services;

“The process starts with event design and the creative strategy. Every element is considered; food, entertainment, theming, graphics, screen content, lighting, sound, and more. It’s about taking all the elements and making them sing the same tune.”

Constantly evolving

The idea of making an impact through the senses is not a new concept and the tools we have available to us continue to evolve at lightning speed. Encore are at the forefront of cutting-edge technology and we’re constantly looking at innovative ways of how it can be utilised to increase attendee engagement.  While theatrical lighting, PA systems, projection, live video, computers, surround sound, and LED screens may appear to be standard issue, the difference is the knowledge to innovate and to find creative ways of getting the most out of the technology.

Gone fishin’

Encore created an experience for a client recently that had their attendees participating from the moment they arrived. Using a touch platform, the audience had to design their own digital fish on arrival. They then swam off into virtual LED ‘fish tanks’ in the venue, then onto an immersive video wall to swim about with hundreds of fish designed by other attendees.

Jack Poulos – a Technical Event Director at Encore specialising in video – says it’s about making participation a two way street. “It’s about inviting the attendees to make connections, and engaging all the senses in sync with the visuals,” he says. “For us in video, that means working very closely with all the other event professionals – so more communication with everyone involved, and lots of on-site testing.”

Immersive vision and audio for Amway

Take sound to a new dimension.

The smart use of audio can take your event from 2D to 3D in a matter of seconds. From tennis balls whooshing over heads, to ocean sounds so real you’d swear you were on the sands of Bondi, we’ve got the ability to make sound travel around 270-360 degrees around people. “What I really enjoy about using immersive audio at events is that it’s much more natural,” says Daniel Carver-Shadbolt, a Technical Event Director specialising in audio.

“A traditional PA system, with speakers to the left and right of the stage, produces a two-dimensional stereo sound which is not how sound in the real-world works, and your brain knows it,” he says.

“Immersive audio allows for more control over the space and gives us another element of creativity.”

Get immersed.

Immersive Events are an opportunity to innovate and do things differently. Done well, they’re a memorable and informative and can elevate your brand or event, which can be invaluable when it comes to promoting your brand or product.

The Encore team offer end-to-end solutions and will elevate your brand or product to new heights with our immersive events.

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