We’ve been working with Business Chicks for seven years now, so when we get the green light to go ahead and put on an event for Jamie Oliver with just two weeks to prepare, we kick straight into action.

Our team worked closely with Sara Jenkins, Event Manager and her team at Business Chicks in the lead up to the event. From the briefing period, right through to the bump-in of the event (usually the day prior) and on event day itself, we are in constant communication ensuring everything is on track. The team at Business Chicks find some of the highest profile speakers, and all round super-cool people to entertain audiences across the country. They are continuously researching and in conversation with a range of diverse speakers to ensure they get the best for their members. This certainly keeps our job interesting, as dealing with high profile speakers like Jamie, often only gives us a very short period of time in which to get everything ready.

So once a speaker is confirmed, the team kicks into gear.

The Business Chicks Event Coordinators drive the crucial task of perfecting the event run sheets – from the stage styling to the menu, to the very detailed AV requirements, everything is included. In the world of events, our lives rely on the accuracy of the run sheet!

We supplied and managed all the AV and production for Jamie’s event and getting these elements together so that no microphone fails, no lights flicker and nothing is out of sync at the event takes a team of pros and some tried and tested processes.

When we knew what was required, I coordinated with our onsite Event Staging Manager at The Westin Sydney, who pulled together the production requirements, resources and logistics.

Our production department were notified of the event and a Technical Director was allocated to oversee the floor plan, schematics, site inspection, risk assessment and show call/cue sheet.

Our operations department at The Westin reviewed equipment availability and brought in any bits and pieces that weren’t already on site. Our crew department appointed the most suitable Technicians to set up, rehearse, operate and pack down the show.

 Photo credit: Merrin Boyer Photography

We always love turning up to the event and seeing what the Business Chicks have put in the goodie bags. They work with some incredible brands to pull together the gift bags, making sure the contents are relevant to the speaker. In Jamie Oliver’s gift bags they were very conscious of only including healthy, natural products.

Once every element has been considered and prepared, we step into event-action-mode.

We did a full run through on the morning before the event. Our AV team at the back of the room control everything throughout the event – running the presentation, cuing lighting and balancing all audio before the audience hears it.

Jamie was fantastic to work with and a true natural speaker.

It’s always great to stand at the back of the room and just see it all in action. That’s the real joy for everyone in events, watching all the preparation pay off and seeing Jamie entertain and engage every single member of the audience was amazing!


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