What is ‘Speakers Prep’ and why do I need it for my event?

Speakers prep is a service which helps your conference run smoothly by looking after all your speaker needs before, during and after the event. Before the conference starts speakers are provided with a unique email so they can provide their presentations ahead of the event direct to the technicians running the conference. On the day of the event a dedicated room is set up for speakers to ‘check into’ when they arrive on show site. In the speaker ready room they can comfortably review their presentation, make any adjustments and practice and load their presentation at a time convenient for them.

Skilled PowerPoint technicians are available in this room to assist with presentation editing and also brief the presenter how to use the technology in the presentation room, such as the remote mouse. Once the presentations are loaded they are automatically distributed to the required room via a Local Network so the speaker does not need to fumble with cords or laptops.

From the speakers prep room the technicians can remotely view all the screens of all of the rooms, allowing them to see the progress of each room and if a change in room occurs reroute the presentation instantly.

Why do you need it?

Preparation and organisation is the secret to a successful event, in particular it benefits three stakeholders, you as the event organiser, the speaker and the event technicians.

Having a Speaker Presentation room allows you as the event organiser to delegate all speaker related matters, saving your inbox being clogged up with large presentations and multiple last minute edits and changes.

Event Organiser Benefits

  • Can always find a technician to help without needing to call someone
  • Can find out if a presenter has checked in yet
  • Keep a copy of all presentations at the end of the conference for distribution

A well managed Speaker Prep room also reduces the stress for the speaker as they can feel confident that any last minute changes will be reflected in their presentation. They will also feel more prepared as they have been fully briefed by a technical team and they do not have to worry about access or passing the presentation onto anyone else once they hit the room.

Speaker Benefits

  • Central Place to load multiple presentations
  • Skilled PowerPoint staff to help with edits
  • Can check their presentation against formatting errors
  • Can Preview Videos
  • Can get themselves familiar with Remote mouse
  • Can check email and download presentations from the internet

Finally it allows technicians in the conference rooms to concentrate on the task of operating the show and not being overwhelmed by presenters.

Event Technician Benefits

  • Remote monitoring of all rooms
  • Can educate presenters on how to use technology
  • Can preview videos and check speaker requirements


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