A backdrop used to be just that – a painted curtain that was ‘dropped’ at the back of a stage; it literally ‘set the scene’ in a show.  In 2019, the concept is still the same, but backdrops can be printed, rigged, flown, or projected, and can be made of canvas, LED screens, moving objects, holograms or be totally virtual. Whatever your event, there’s a perfect backdrop that will enhance the theme and message you’re trying to convey, whatever your budget. Here’s Encore Event Technologies’ run-down of the tricks in our stage design toolkit.

LED Screens

Screens made from LED panels are super-bright and because our range is modular you can scale the screen to perfectly fit your needs or used as separate geometric shaped formation. Whether you’re after standalone backdrop, one that splits to welcome presenters or performers on stage, a  continuous floor to wall 3D effect, or a backdrop that wraps around the entire length of the room without losing any clarity – LED screens are your answer. The screens can be used to run presentations, static images, video, or beautifully created animation.  If you want dynamic, flexible, and eye-catching solution, LED screens are idea for any type of event.

Scenic Panels

Scenic Panels are two or three-dimensional modular tiles that lock together to form beautiful backdrops, build structures, act as room dividers, feature areas, or create textural elements for product displays. They’re a perfect medium to project light and video onto, creating beautiful and striking effects. Two and three dimensional panels can be combined in the same structure, and there’s a range of patterned design options to suit any look or theme. Scenic Panels transform any event space by lining stages, creating modular stage structures or be hung from ceiling in a wave formation or even built into a chandelier.

Event Backdrop

Event Backdrop is our go-to flexible, affordable option for a huge range events. Want something to set off a small display at a trade show, media wall, or communicate a theme on stage? Event Backdrop is an illuminated  or backlit frame,  featuring photographic quality print on fabric available in three standard sizes. It’s ideal for any event from a meeting, conference, or gala. They can be free-standing frame structures, or rigged and hung. For an extra dimension, you can use two or more and rig one above at an angle to create a 3D effect!

Curved screens

Want to completely immerse and impress your audience in a big space? Our curved screens can be scaled to breathtaking sizes; we regularly build curved screens more than 25 meters long and almost two storeys tall. Multiple powerful projectors then blend the content together to create a seamless vista across the screen; vast landscapes, city views, animation and custom content created by our in-house team will transport your audience wherever you need them to go.

Think ‘Modular’

Modularity is a design concept that can be implemented with a mixture of backdrop media; LED screens, regular screen displays, banners, video walls, set elements, hexagonal panels, and more.  A classic example is a video wall made of multiple screens separated physically, but displaying parts of the same image – it’s edgy, geometric and eye catching. Elements can be built into sets, flown behind the stage, and hung from walls, but the key to carrying off the look is to be visually linked while physically separated. Our range of digital banners and widescreens provide you with endless configurations  for a creative backdrop. The individual frames allow content to be blended across them as a single imabge, or individually.

Custom Sets , Projection Mapping and Holographic Screens

Design a custom set when you want to create something truly unique and have the budget to do so. Our teams have built unique stage sets for galas using their logo as inspiration and have even built replicas of iconic landmarks for a destination incentive. The possibilities are literally limitless and our team can help you visualisation the event with 3D virtual reality render. Another option which is custom in nature, is projection mapping onto a surface – whether it be a wall, a backdrop, or an object. Creating tailored content to project allows you to change the backdrop through the event to match your content or theme. You can even combine your custom built stage set with projection mapping for a totally unique experience. For a real estate conference our team built a stage set to resemble the Melbourne city skyline with spherical objects attached. Throughout the conference we projected different 2D and 3D animations onto the backdrop creating totally new look celebrating the city.

Another idea for an impactful stage backdrop is incorporating a holographic mesh screen. The mesh screen creates a ghostly effect with the objects behind still being slightly visible. As you project animated or static content onto the screen it creates a layered effect and can be truly striking when combined with your onstage performers or presenters.

Holographic Mesh Screen at Moutai China Gala from Encore Event Technologies on Vimeo.


It’s not just about making sure you can see who’s on stage, or creating a mood for the walk-in. Lighting can be used architecturally and sculpturally to the extent that it’s really part of the physical backdrop. Old-school lighting techniques include using dozens of crisp, tight beams cutting through haze for a big ‘Wow!’ moment. There’s a raft of products made of LEDs that fit this application; LED strips, LED battens, LED tubes, LED ropes. At the bigger end of the budget, there’s a full-blown Kinetic Light rig – these are a grid of lights suspended on individual wires, run on independent motors, that can be controlled to create three-dimensional moving shapes, waves, and patterns; you would have seen these used at Euro vision or The Oscars.

Something a bit different…

Truss Frame Reveal

When is a backdrop not a backdrop? A Truss Frame Reveal is something a little special for when you want to surprise your audience. On walk-in, there’s a screen across the stage, which you can project video or images on. At the right moment, the whole screen flies up and back to turn into a ceiling or backdrop, revealing the speakers, guest stars, or band. You can also do this trick in reverse!

Letter Lights

Make your theme, logo or hashtag a glowing, physical reality! Letter Lights are large white letters that are internally lit, or can be projected onto.  They’re a bold, iconic look that communicates exactly what you’re about, and provides a perfectly Instagrammable  backdrop for your guests and ensures your brand is front and centre in any photography.

Speak with the event backdrop experts

Whatever your event’s budget, style, or artistic goals, Encore Event Technologies has the in-house creative, design, construction, and production staff to create the right backdrop for your event. We’ll advise you on the techniques, technologies, practicalities, and logistics that will ensure that your backdrop perfectly sets the scene, giving you and your event the platform for success.

Before you lock in a venue and start restricting your event design, speak to our expert team so we can devise a solution and venue that’ll best suit your needs. Encore delivers events in over 100 venues and across major cities in the Asia Pacific. Speak to our team today by calling 1800 209 099 or send an online enquiry and we’ll get right back.


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