Immerse your guests in a cinematic experience with our new LED Wall –  Crown Palladium Ballroom has been at the forefront of event technology in Australia for more than 15 years. It was the first Ballroom to use intelligent table pinspots, the first to use Meyer Sound’s award-winning horizontal array loudspeaker system and now features another stunning new innovation. The room now boasts 58m2 of VuePix E series Pro LED Wall permanently deployed by by our team with the express purpose of providing event clients with a truly stunning visual experience thanks to its impressive size, brightness and  colour intensity.

The impressive 14.4m wide and 4m high display is mostly in use as a backdrop on the proscenium stage to provide the perfect virtual set for event designers that want to create strong visual impact. Due to the flexibility of the system it can also be safely rigged or ground-stacked* almost anywhere in the space either as one complete wall or as a series of displays. Employing more than half a million individual LEDs with a rated brightness of 3500 nits (a home television is usually around 350 nits) your show content will display brilliantly and will have no issues competing with stage lighting.

“Once upon a time corporate Ballrooms used starcloths or cycs as a show backdrop. This new LED Wall takes the creative potential to an amazing new level. Anything is possible,” says Andrew MacColl, Director of Event Technology.

Use the new LED Wall to display corporate or club logos and branding, engage audiences with dynamic animated media backdrops, up the ante for band or dance performances with exciting multimedia or even customise the configuration to deliver a unique event that captivates your audience.

The sheer size and impressive luminance makes the LED Wall the perfect backdrop for all events. Being a blank digital canvas it lends itself to all types of events such as;

Our team of in-house multimedia designers can create custom content, both animated or still imagery, to leverage the power of the LEDs. The LED Wall was used at the Crown Melbourne Christmas Showcase to give the stage a more dynamic environment and allowed the event theme to carry across the stage set.

“The Event theme was the 4 seasons of Christmas travelling through different countries. This theme allowed us to cast the room in an array of different colours through spectacular on-screen content, supported by dramatic lighting. The theming of this event came to life through the vision elements with the intensity of the LED Wall giving more impact to the imagery,” says Kristy Richards, Crown Melbourne Venue Sales Executive for Staging Connections.

The LED Wall was the final piece of the puzzle that turned the event into an immersive visual journey for guests.

“The LED Wall was displayed in conjunction with all the other screens in the room.  It was the central feature, flanked by two 20ft x 11ft screens and lining either side of the room was two 30ft x 10ft screens.”

Throughout the event, the team utilised different applications of imagery to demonstrate its versatility and show how well the LEDs work against projection.

“We’ve been the in-house AV supplier to Crown Melbourne since it opened in 1997. During this time, we’ve helped the venue maintain its position as one of Australia’s leading event venues and it’s because of our relentless commitment to technological innovation,” says Mr MacColl.

The LED wall that was used for the Shared Tables Gala Ball in 2015 added that extra sparkle to the room and elevated the entertainment to the next level. A sensational addition to our event team, who have been designing and collaborating with Shared Tables for the past 14 years to ensure we have the best show in Australia for our guests.

Gerard Doherty, Shared Tables | Crown Melbourne

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* Please note there are additional charges for the rigging or moving of the LED Wall from its current position within The Palladium at Crown Melbourne.


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