Making money from webcasting is not a new concept, the real challenge is producing content that people are willing to pay for. Asking people to pay for a low quality video with little or no interactivity simply does not work.

Over the past year Encore has taken a new approach to monetisation in the webcasting market by offering consultative sessions with our clients. We start by addressing the key outcomes required from the webcast which are most commonly an extra source of event revenue, catering to a wider paid audience and a cost efficient way to provide an engaging archival representation of the event.

If the event attracts a fee to attend then a natural progression would be to charge for viewers to watch the webcast. The key is replicating the event in broadcast quality vision with a high level of audience interactivity to rival being there in person.  The plan starts with the monetisation options and which will work best dependant on the event. Options include a pay wall using PayPal for attendee viewing, webcast sponsor(s) to offset the cost of the webcast equipment in return for static and video advertising, in webcast purchase of products or services and affiliate marketing opportunities. A rising trend is the use of paid webcasts for CPE (Continuing Professional Education) as many professionals must acquire a set number of points per year to maintain their qualification.

The Encore webcast platform differs to others on the market and makes the monetisation task much simpler.  We start with a blank canvas and expertly design a HTML play page that incorporates all manners of monetisation opportunities. It starts with a branded registration page offering seamless integration to the pay wall feature. You are then transported to the play page where advertising loops in the video and slide windows surrounded by attractive branding with active links to sponsors showcasing their products or services that can be purchased directly. The page has a social media feed running and a chat room to keep everyone entertained during breaks with the chance just for the webcast viewers to win a prize in one of the pop up polls towards the end of the day. As the webcast draws to a close the viewer is redirected to information regarding the clients next event.

The viewer leans back in their chair at the end of the day having downloaded the conference notes, met some new people on the web chat who have now become contacts on LinkedIn and generally been impressed with how good the camera quality and slide integration were all making the investment as a viewer very worthwhile.

Want to know more about webcasting? Download our latest Event Insights white paper on Making Money from Webcasting

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