The Latest Trends in Event Technology

What’s it all about? We’re providing our valued site visitors with exclusive insight into the latest products in technological solutions for immersive events! An event approach that has increased in popularity in recent years as event organisers seek new and innovative ways to engage their attendees through interactive experiences. 

Get in touch today to see how Encore can utilise our latest products and creative strategy to transform your next event from ordinary to extraordinary.

Large Scale Mobile LED 

Deliver unforgettable visual experiences.

Encore is a leading supplier of LED solutions in APAC. We offer the high quality 2.9mm pixel pitch LED wall panels. Our ingenious modular LED options mean you can choose the size of screen to fill the space. They can be constructed on the ground or from the ceiling, flat or curved to create a custom solution to suit your event design and create an immersive experience for your guests. 

The advantage of LED video wall displays are the resolution and brightness that can perform under daylight conditions. Of course, a high-impact screen needs high-impact content. So, find out more about our creative multi-media and motion graphics services to entertain, help you celebrate or deliver a presentation with impact.

Mobile, Modular, 2D and 3D LED


Choose from a variety of modular LED shapes to suit your event design or content needs.

LED screens, walls and modular 2D and 3D configurations excel in brightness and vision quality, creating a stunning user experience in any location. Our portfolio of high-performance LED modules combine all the advantages of an LED screen while delivering flexible construction options in almost any shape. Construct into large scale 3D shapes such as a cylinder or cube and either build on the stage or rig from the ceiling for a dramatic stage look. Our industry-leading LED modules are completely seamless, making sure the image is uninterrupted.

Thanks to their high resolution and fine pixels, our new generation of modular LED walls can now bring the advantages of this technology to almost any venue. Use them to show video, multimedia, announce award winners, dramatic presentations and more!

The content on your LED screen should always look picture perfect using Encore’s industry-leading range for the moments that matter. So, find out more about our multimedia solutions to see how our team can develop creative content for your screens to add impact, celebrate or educate.

Mobile, 135 Inch LED Display

Convenient, high-impact, high-resolution displays for small-media

Nothing beats our fine pixel pitch direct view LED solutions for high-detail content viewed from closer distances. They are super-thin, adjustable-height and mobile, so you can use them anywhere for a innovative visual experience for your attendees.

The screens are mobile and pre-assembled for instant use. Plus, they are super slim and sleek and have the ingenious feature of being foldable, so you can move them easily between locations, then fold-out to their full, impressive width. Want more? They have a built-in stand with motorised height adjustment to suit your presenter and stage and include impressive audio speakers.

Use them for presentations, smaller conferences, meetings, exhibitions or just about any event you need a crystal-clear, professional screen option. Impress your audience everywhere from board rooms and reception areas to auditoriums, and other large venues.

Astera LED Titan Tubes 

Astera LED Tubes are the ultimate wireless LED lights that can be used for a multitude of different purposes for events. The tubes radiate powerful, ultra-bright, wirelessly controlled colour to match the design of your event,
mirror your brand or enhance the ambience. They can be used to illuminate a stage, frame a presenter or performer, or add impact to entrance areas and
more! Our creative team have used them to construct 3D shapes, set designs, and
even to build micro stages for performers. 

EK DiamondBacks

Encore offers a range of range of innovative lighting solutions and recently expanded the range to include EK Lighting’s DiamondBacks. This high-powered, motorised LED lighting fixture has many exceptional features including:

  • 205 degree tilt range
  • Two slim, outer strips of bright warm and cool white LED pixels to deliver a range of dimming and strobing effects
  • Central strip of sizable LED to produce all the colours of the rainbow
  • Tight focus to 3 degrees to create the infamous pencil beam look
  • Wide zoom up to 56 degrees for a lighting wash of the room


Encore’s DiamondBacks can be used in a wide variety of ways:

  • Rigged in the ceiling above performers
  • On truss uprights pointing out from behind stages
  • Placed on the floor or boxing in stage areas
  • Rigged above and below stage set pieces, or vertically, horizontally and diagonally
  • Used as captivating visual eye candy
  • Moving beams, strobe effects and intense blinders
  • Timecoded to run automatically on cue to audio tracks to create a fully immersive lighting experience


Our lighting designers are continually finding unique and impressive ways to show off the potential of the DiamondBacks and their creative minds and are constantly working hard to deliver high quality lighting experiences for your events.

Encore Diamondbacks

L’Acoustic Syva Mobile Speaker System

Our latest acoustic technology for small to medium sized events. These aesthetically pleasing speakers are a game-changer and deliver more with less without compromising on powerful crystal-clear sound. The ingenious column speaker design has a wide 140-degree sound coverage, with a throw distance of 35 metres. This means you can use less speakers to do the job, so it’s more cost effective, space saving and easy on the eye. Sound good?

Encore - L’Acoustic Syva Mobile Speaker System

L’Acoustic KARA Line Array Speaker System

Ideal for applications requiring big impact, clarity and long throw! Our modular line array solution gives concert quality audio performance to every event.

This line array is designed to be scaled, delivering seamless coverage and level over large audiences, front to back, providing excellent speech intelligibility from an ultra-compact system.

L’Acoustic KARA Line Array Speaker System


Eliminate room clutter and replace with convenience.

This technology not only expands your meeting capacity, but also creates a more visually appealing environment for attendees. With this consolidated setup, there is no cords or attendees scrabbling to physically change laptop connections, taking up space and distracting from your presentations.

Using ClickShare meeting rooms can be easily turned into hybrid events where knowledge is shared, decisions are made, creativity enabled and real collaboration comes to life. It’s the perfect solution for meeting technology that increases productivity and efficiency with the additional option for hybrid/remote collaboration. Empower in-room and remote participants to feel equally engaged as in an in-person meeting.

ClickShare offers wireless collaboration technology that is designed for you and your company. Discover how we can help you.

About Encore

Encore creates memorable event experiences that engage and transform organisations. As the global leader for event technology and production services, Encore’s team delivers award winning events through design, advanced technology, staging, and digital solutions for in-person and hybrid events. Encore operates in more than 20 countries across Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, throughout Asia, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Encore is the trusted partner of choice for over 100 leading hotels and venues in the region.


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