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One constant in the events industry is that creating impactful, engaging experiences, whether it be virtual, hybrid or in-person, remains a top priority. Solutions and technologies to deliver these events and support these objectives must be adaptable to the current environment and audience expectations. Plus, as the in-person attendees will experience the event from within a premium hotel, the hybrid and virtual experience must also meet this professional experience online.

For these reasons, Encore Studios were launched to deliver a production quality result for live streamed or recorded presentations. The studios are fully equipped with the latest technologies and a team of experts to produce the event and guide you every step of the way.

Plus our team provides a clean, safe location for you to record or broadcast a message for your hybrid or virtual event. We achieve this via MeetSAFE, our health and safety protocols for protection during times of COVID restrictions to ensure the safety of your team and ours.

Start with understanding your virtual event requirements

Like with any project or event, knowing your constraints and requirements will help guide your decisions. Here are some thought-starters:

  • Budget and virtual attendee numbers
  • Speaker location (will they use the same studio or have to use recording studios in other locations)
  • Will the event be made available live, on-demand or both?
  • Production time as well as event duration.
  • Speaker experience: Are they professionals or will they have to be handheld the whole way?
  • Content delivery: Does your content need to be delivered with maximum impact or is it more about the content than how it as delivered?
    • For example, think about an event that is an economic recovery forum with speakers’ online versus an event that is showcasing the latest hybrid car model to a global or national sales team. The latter would definitely be geared towards a higher production value solution with a richer visual experience than the former.

Basic Virtual Studio Options

Encore’s Studio comes with a complete tech set-up so you can deliver your message via any online solution. Event planners can choose to use a physical stage look or a customisable green screen backdrop behind the speakers. Both options enable you to host a broadcast quality event using state-of-the-art technology and facilities for a wide variety of online events. The end result is a professional event in a styled environment ready for live or on-demand viewing.  

Green Screen in Virtual Studio

Our team will support you with all aspects of event production from planning to rehearsal, presenter direction and virtual stage management to execution and post production. If your speakers are in different locations, with over 2,100 locations worldwide, Encore will be able to replicate the stage look so it appears they’re all presenting from the same location. This also applies to hybrid events where the speakers are both in-room and online.

Virtual Event Recording Studio

Encore Studio is a versatile space for you to deliver your message virtually for a range of events and purposes. Examples of applications include:

  • Live streaming of events from gala dinners to AGMs
  • Recording events and presentations
  • Internal video messages and company announcements
  • Interactive webinars and ongoing virtual event series

Advanced virtual studios for maximum impact

Virtual Studio For Events

For next-generation virtual events, use Encore’s industry leading Immersive XR Stage. It enables you to create dynamic, live productions using the latest technologies and extended reality. It’s the future of virtual presentations.

Using Encore’s production studios and supported by our team of experienced technicians, we can help you deliver your event virtually with amazing effects. The 3D virtual sets transport your speaker to any location and lets them interact with visuals, animations, graphics, videos and more. These extended reality elements can also be added and seen by the presenters in the virtual stage, allowing more natural interaction than with traditional virtual sets.

Benefits of using a professional virtual studio

  • Enhanced engagement: Engage your attendees with a dynamic event streamed live or available on-demand.
  • Speaker and attendee flexibility: With our remote capabilities, bring other speakers and attendees to your event, regardless of their location and without having to travel to a central place.
  • Peace of Mind production: Our team will support you with all aspects of virtual event production, from planning to rehearsal, presenter direction and stage management to execution and post-production.
  • Custom branding: Each of our Encore Studios allow for various custom branding and stage set opportunities.
  • Leading edge technology: Leveraging our extensive experience in event technology, our teams can create compelling onstage moments using the latest in available technology.
  • Equipped with all the technology and staging you need: Delivering your message via any online solution, the best part is, you’ll have our expert team onsite to help optimise your production and manage the event so all your speakers can present with confidence.
  • Safe meeting practices and protocols: Encore launched our own MeetSAFE guidelines to ensure the safe and responsible delivery of events. This includes best practiced for hygiene and social distancing when using our Encore Studios.

Find out more about using Encore’s Studio for virtual events

Encore have helped thousands of brands continue to deliver engaging events by pivoting to hybrid or virtual. Backed by a global team of resources, coupled with Encore’s local team, event planners enjoy the peace of mind their event is in the best hands in the business. We’ve specifically introduced our range of virtual studios and stages to cater for the varying event requirements of our clients. Find out which solution is best for you by speaking with our friendly events team today.


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